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  1. I have bleached corolle bowls that had forgotten and moldy leftovers in the fridge. The above method works (wear gloves, put them in a bucket and soak in diluted beach overnight) - in my case, I have found that soaking them in a hot water bucket with Finish brand dishwasher pod also works the same way but with no fumes - the enzymes break down the moldy residues - I also add a scoop of Oxiclean if I remember. On the next day, rinse everything off with a hose, load them into the dishwasher and run once on a hot setting. It would help him learn good habits if he did all of the above. Some things that help with this situation: 1. Ban eating anywhere other than your kitchen table or dining table. That limits the areas to which the dishes can migrate to. In my house, I do not even allow my son to hold a banana in his hand and eat it anywhere other than the table because, he spills and I refuse to run around inspecting rooms for spills all the time. 2. Keep 2 sets of plates and utensils for your family out and put everything else in a cardboard box in your garage or storage room. He will soon find out that there is nothing to eat out of if he did not return his used dishes to the sink. 3. Paper plates as you said above. You can deal with building habits when you get into a better schedule. (could you compost the plates so that they seem less wasteful?)
  2. Call Crowden School and check. From what I have seen, they truly encourage musicianship within the community and they have educators who are passionate about teaching music to children. Another option is to call the SFCM precollegiate program to see if their theory teachers have any leads on where to take the exam for a homeschooler.
  3. One important reason that these rich celebrities choose to cheat and use guys like Singer is because Ivy leagues and the elite colleges will take your millions as endowments or donations, but will absolutely NOT guarantee a seat in return. They will only guarantee a seat to someone who donates in the $20+ million range (like Meg Whitman) and not to those who donated under $6 million. So, if a celebrity parent whose child had a not-so-stellar resume decided to go to Stanford, then they might have to donate a few millions towards an Endowment and then donate a similar amount to another prestigious school, say Yale, as a backup in case the first option did not work out. It seems like a sure bet to them to hire these consultants to open back doors to the Ivies through cheating. The tax write off probably sweetened the deal and made those consultants highly sought after. I have heard rumors that this is the reason why most cheaters used bribes (there are apparently thousands of multimillionaire businessmen overseas who also use other consultants like Singer for the same reason).
  4. Would you mind sharing what you are doing about it? I have a "tummy thing" going on as well ...
  5. They mostly adjust their prison term against any time "already spent" in jail during their initial arrest when charges were filed against them. So, technically, it could be less than 4 days. Perhaps even one day when she will report to prison late and get released after lunch! (I am being sarcastic). She is wealthy, conniving, got herself a good PR coach to look repentant, got herself a good legal team to strategize and she will be out and about in hollywood soon enough. What I would have loved to see is the judge ordering that her community service be to clean toilets in public parks for 250 hours (i remember some other celebrity being given that sentence before). That usually teaches them humility.
  6. Does a “standard” textbook help? Here is a link for History Alive that various local private schools (secular ones) in my area use: you can buy the online subscription for these at a cheap price. Another option is the older editions of these books that are easily available on abebooks or eBay. student edition of us history book is listed here:
  7. I drive to well used trails where there are rangers around all the time and walk there. My area has a lot of transient population, drug issues and mountain lion sightings. So, when I go on popular trails, I see at least one or two people passing me by at all times of the day and that makes me comfortable. I don't mind the drive because I feel more secure walking alone. I carry my cell phone always and make sure to take no cash or wear any jewelry while I walk. I am wondering if you could drive over to a county park with staff and walk alone there?
  8. I would like to search the currently active social groups (Clubs) in order to see if there are any that specifically interest me: let us say that I want to search for clubs that discuss a specific weightloss diet and recipes associated with it, could I search for it? Thank you.
  9. I agree with the above, that denominations of christianity are not the same as a "different religion". I don't think that it is an unpopular belief as I define Christianity as a religion with many sub-sects within it. As for your other issues, they exist in every single denomination of Christianity and other world religions as well (religious stories from many parts of the world have no proof that they existed, some religions refer to Karma collected over many lifetimes to explain why innocent babies suffer or die, there are hypocritical and controlling grown-ups in all religions, there is patriarchy in all religions etc). So, you may encounter the same stuff even if you were to move on to other denominations of Christianity. What you might be looking for is a more liberal and easy-going culture within your religious community, which is very common amongst suburbia in many parts of the country, but, may not be that accessible where you might live.
  10. I am an introvert and it baffles me that someone expects to drop in on my household at a time of their choice and for us to disrupt our activities and hang out with them. We have schedules that comprise of academics, music practice, driving for sports, both parents with long work days who are working from home depending on their work loads, running out for grocery and such etc. a relative or close friend who thinks that they could drop in for a chat and a meal is being inconsiderate. That being said, my husband’s family culture involves people walking in and out of each other’s house unannounced as well as people staying in each other’s houses for days and I tolerate it as it is important to my husband. I have had my SIL drop in unannounced at 11:39 pm once asking to sleep in my spare bedroom because she was living alone and got spooked by a bad dream or something! I have stuff to do most of the time and would appreciate notice if someone expects me to sit with them, cook and clean for them (my visitors always pass comments on the mess at my house!).
  11. Than you, all. The metal garbage can is looking like a good option and my local Lowe's carries it. I also found while googling that there are small sized metal garbage cans that can be used for storing birdseed etc. I have an old stainless steel indoor trash can that I got long ago from costco. Its step-on lever is broken, but I think that I can repurpose it for storing some things in the garage away from rat teeth. We already got the house inspected for rat access points during the precious rat episode and it makes me wonder if there are any new openings through which they are getting in.
  12. I would recommend the National Mythology Exam for a student who is taking these exams for the first time. D'aulaire's mythology book, Myths of Greece and Rome (grueber) and Bullfinch's mythology are the 3 books my son uses as references. There is no need for all of these books and you can make do with d'aulaire's and the internet, but, they are nice to have. There are a lot of resources for prep for NME and each year, they cover a different mythology (last year, it was native american mythology) which makes it very interesting to kids. My son also takes the Medusa exam, but, he has help from his latin teacher for it and he got a decent score last year, which I think would be hard for him without the teacher's guidance.
  13. I store as little as possible in my garage after a rat invasion a few years ago. I am now finding that the sealed plastic heavy duty rubbermaid bin (i even duct taped the lid on!) that was in the garage with organic fertilizer has been chewed with a huge hole on top and that the rats have been getting into the fertilizer, eating it, spilling it and pooping on it. After spending many hours sanitizing the area and throwing out the fertilizer, I am wondering if there is any rodent proof container for garage storage at all. I am sure that someone has invented a rat proof container (other than glass) that I can store large items in. Please share if you know how to keep rats out of bins in the garage.
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