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  1. I do a simple crew cut: i use a longer comb attached to the clipper for hair on the top. I use the shorter comb for the bottom-back. I use the left and right ear combs to clean up around the ears. Then I fade from the back to the top using an intermediate size comb. It looks close to this:
  2. oops .. here is the recent link: https://khn.org/morning-breakout/with-supporters-dying-republicans-swing-to-supporting-covid-vaccines/
  3. My sincere hope is that it stays that way!
  4. I have seen a few articles that talk about how the anti-vax stance of some politicians might be affected by deaths in swing states. I will link them to this post later if I find them .. And, there have been recent surprising pro-vaccine statements from GOP leaders and also some Fox news commentators who have millions of followers - which made headline news in the media because many were truly surprised at the turn of events. For now, my quick googling produced this link https://www.kff.org/policy-watch/in-the-middle-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic-how-have-swing-counties-fared/
  5. I agree with you and I have been earnestly trying to educate people whenever I can that if 100 million people have gotten the Pfizer vaccine and it offered 96% protection against hospitalization, the rest of the 4% are going to be badly affected. 4% of 100 million computes to 4 million hospitalizations just in one "season" or one "covid wave". I have used this reasoning to explain how contagious Delta strain is with friends who like to shop without masks and I have been told that this is "Sensationalism". And in recent news, my county (and every neighboring county) recommended masking in indoor settings.
  6. The hesitant within the less educated cohort are being fed misinformation. Cynical manipulation of the masses and political gain are all part of the picture. My DH says that most of the Senators and Congresspeople who are publicly opposed to vaccines are themselves vaccinated (I don't know his source, but he said he read it in on a news site like NBC or CNN).
  7. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/young-unvaccinated-people-are-being-hospitalized-covid-19-delta-variant-n1273998 You are very fortunate if you did not know any young and healthy people who have gotten seriously ill due to Covid.
  8. I don't feel comfortable saying this, but this is the reason that we see the "vaccination divide", in my opinion. Saying so has not earned me any friends IRL 😉
  9. I have been a member since it was Price Club and I live in an area where there are 5 within commuting distance and my DH or I go to one of them every week. Even when we take road trips, my DH finds the closest costco to fill gas and buy snacks and drinks! Organic produce there is the cheapest that i can find - so, I buy the staples for veggies and fruit that are organic and then buy the rest at Whole foods or TJ's. Amongst the staples that I always buy: carrots, onions, blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, avocados, green beans, mushrooms, broccoli, grapes, sweet potatoes, mandarins, garlic, lettuce, ginger - all organic. All our paper products (Charmin ultra, brawny, kleenex, wet wipes etc) - can't get a better deal anywhere else. Small appliances - vacuum, toaster ovens, blenders etc. Vitamins and supplements Cleaning supplies - dishwasher, laundry and housecleaning related Snacks - lots of organic options in my local stores. Deli - pesto, cheeses, hummus, freshly made noodles Yoghurt - Verka and Green Mountain organic yoghurts Drinks - Acai berry juice, cold brew coffees Frozen - organic: mixed veggies, mango chunks, cherries, berry blends, peaches, cauliflower crust pizza, Veggie Pizza made in Italy Nuts - organic: roasted pistachios, almonds, walnuts I will update when I remember more 🙂
  10. Happy birthday to your daughter. I ask my son to wear a mask and stay 6 feet away when playing with friends and to stay under direct sunlight (hoping the ultraviolet rays help cut down germs) and since it is outdoors, it has been OK for us so far. I think that this is a good compromise and if this will give you peace, then you might want to try it. As for Fall activities/co-op etc, things can change no matter what decisions you make because with COVID, things are evolving all the time - looking at it like that will help ease your anxiety a little. Hang in there and go and enjoy birthday cake with your family 😊
  11. I agree. The study of a Classical Language in high school is considered the equivalent of a Foreign Language study for meeting college admissions requirement.
  12. Thanks. He does fine with the recent papers if there were no time constraints. If he did the recent papers in 2 sessions, he can get most of it done. But, he spends a lot of time on problems 10-15 of the AIME. This is the recommendation from AOPS: "Students who consistently expect to score 8 or more on the AIME may instead wish to consider our WOOT program." and he fits this profile.
  13. @HomeForNowI am wondering if you could share how the WOOT course went since your DS has recent experience with it. I am considering enrolling my son for it - he has finished most of the AOPS books. As to his current problem solving abilities - if given unlimited time, he does well on older AIME papers, but if in a time-constrained environment, he is not be able to finish the paper. I have seen other contest prep classes offered by Awesome math and IDEA math and I wonder how WOOT compares to them and if you know more about these. Thanks!
  14. A 1000 times this! I simply don't answer my favorite narc's phone calls for 24 hours if I know that they are trying to start a confrontation or looking for narcissistic supply by creating drama in my life or they are itching for a fight. This is my way of controlling the narrative without being forced to participate in an unpleasant conversation. I use this as my main gray rocking technique. My narc usually has lost their train of thought in 24-48 hours and sometimes I return the call after a week if the situation is too stressful to me. If "Ann" is calling your landline looking for your DH, then don't pick up Ann's calls.
  15. You asked for main dish, but here are 2 easy side dishes with plain yoghurt: Cucumber Raita: there are several versions of it and you can modify it to suit the ingredients that you have on hand - here is one recipe: https://www.food.com/recipe/cucumber-yoghurt-raita-231041 Mango Lassi: again, several versions are available (including strawberry lassi!): I make it with frozen organic mango chunks: https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/mango-lassi-recipe/
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