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  1. @RoadrunnerComputational Biology is becoming a really hot area now and many local kids who graduated high school in the past 2 years in my circle of acquaintances are opting to study it rather than Computer Engineering/CS. So, for your son, maybe a course in Comp Biology might meet the requirements? I am not sure where to find such a course, but a quick search on Coursera brings up quite a few: https://www.coursera.org/courses?query=computational biology
  2. i do the 16/8 IF because my habits skew towards that style of fasting. I don't do it for losing weight - only exercise helps me in that regards. It is just that I am not a morning person and hate breakfast and even though I am awake and functional, I don't want to eat anything. So, I eat lunch as my first meal of the day. On one day of the week, I take my son for a half day of classes with a 2 hour commute - on those days, I eat my first meal of the day after 2:30 pm which is a longer fasting window on one day of the week. For me, the fasting keeps me in good health. I want to avoid diabe
  3. I guess that it is supposed to be the new member saying "hi!" by waving their hand. That was my interpretation of the hand symbol 🙂
  4. Things are not all that different for me since my child is too young to be vaccinated. I am cautious about the variants that are spreading like crazy - even if I develop some immunity to those variants due to the vaccine, I might be asymptomatic and I am not 100% confident that I will not pass it on to my unvaccinated child. So, I am wearing a mask for the long term and staying 6 feet apart from people until kids can be vaccinated. No eating out and socializing only in open spaces - thankfully the summer is almost upon us and I am glad! But on the bright side, when I grocery shop I need not ru
  5. Why? If the guidelines says that you wear a mask if you feel like it, what is wrong in wearing it? Do you think that you will be ostracized because of it? If so, are these the people who you want to hang out with? If you are sensitive to their judgements (which you should not be) then just say that you have some health issues and hence would like to keep the mask on. That should do it.
  6. My son is like your daughter - has too much of everything but enjoys new school supplies! since he enjoys getting new supplies, I pick up these in different colors each year and we have quite the collection going: https://www.amazon.com/Pilot-Frixion-Colors-Erasable-Marker/dp/B00F9MYPCS https://www.amazon.com/Pilot-Erasable-Highlighters-Assorted-46507/dp/B0027EJ0OY He is always happy to have more erasable pens, markers and highlighters.
  7. You could do water kefir or coconut water kefir if you want to avoid dairy. I would advise going slow if you are suddenly starting fermented foods. 15 years ago, I suddenly started making my own kefir, kombucha and also added miso into my diet - a month later, I had rashes on the inside of my mouth and got it checked - all the tests came back that I had probiotic overgrowth inside the membranes of my mouth and nose. I have always gone slow and steady with probiotics and fermented foods since then. If you like miso, just make miso soup a couple of times a week to start with. Once your body gets
  8. I hope that it is OK to post something less serious on this thread! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/real-life-professor-snape-goes-viral-leading-covid-19-vaccine-n1264083
  9. For the next 6 years, just let him explore math and learn it and feel comfortable with it to know that this is what he loves to do the most. For a kid with passion and motivation to pursue higher level math, exposure to complex higher level problems and familiarity with proof writing are an important aspect of learning math. The other thing that is also important is the constant exposure to mathematical thinking and concepts - one way to accomplish this is to attend math talks and math festivals. We have been attending math talks hosted by MAA for Middle and Highschoolers and math fe
  10. When NC is involved with any abusive parent, it is best to go completely NC if your DH is traumatized by their presence in your family's lives. Determined abusers (not using the word NPD, because I obviously don't know the backstory) will find a way to worm their way into the lives of their child who has gone NC. I know one controlling parent who hired a private detective to find the home address of their adult child to come and ambush them and create an ugly scene hoping that the child would talk to them in order to avoid the scene in front of the neighbors. Cut out contact with your MIL to s
  11. I agree. This is something that might be really helpful. There is curbside pickup and door delivery of grocery commonly available now, so they can pull it off with some instruction and guidance. You could make a list of things that are easy meals that anyone can make in their family. I would even suggest that you print out a list with those and drop off along with the food that you are sending them: - bagged salad, bottled dressing - frozen pizza with a bag of frozen veggies (peppers) as extra toppings - Buying pre-washed produce like green beans, baby carrots etc and microwavin
  12. Here is how I approached this: We did not move on completely from Alg1 after DS had done about 14 chapters in the AOPS Intro to Alg book mainly because I was worried that he had not done enough review problems, though I had no basis for this feeling. To convince myself that he had mastered all the topics, I pulled out extra problems per topic from other texts, problem books (Posamentier's problem books: https://www.amazon.com/Challenging-Problems-Algebra-Dover-Mathematics/dp/0486691489 ), AMC contests etc. I also set the difficulty level of his Alcumus to "Insanely Hard" and had him turn
  13. Do you have a toaster oven? My oven died at the beginning of the pandemic and I have baked everything in my toaster oven.
  14. I have similar family dynamics and there is NPD involved as well. People who don't want me in their lives want my DC to be very close to them. The silver lining that I see in this relationship is that I know now how they really feel about me and I don't have to waste time on superficial niceties with them. One thing I can say from experiencing a lifetime of this drama is that they are all ganging up behind your back and gossiping about you, what your motives could be, passing judgement on your character and then deciding that you are to blame for whatever the issue is. They probably decid
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