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  1. They look almost real (I play pokémon go and catch these guys a lot). Good job! Do you have patterns for these? I ask because I have non-crafty kid who might give this a try because it is pokémon!
  2. This is what I came here to post. Get her to try the Alcumus problems for Intermediate Algebra to see if she can turn the topics blue. That is one way to “pretest”. And then buy the book for Intermediate Algebra and have her go through it before you decide to sign up for an online AOPS class.
  3. We finally did this in my previous kitchen after our diy attempts at refinishing and staining didn’t work out as we planned. The painted cabinets turned out looking good but not the look that I was originally aiming for.
  4. One day, when my son was 5, I drove him to Taekwondo class in his swimming clothes and escorted him the floor before realizing my mistake because I was on autopilot and knew that he had to be at some class that day! All the other 5 year olds had a good laugh and he is still is offended many years later.
  5. This is what I was coming to post about. In my area which has thousands of indian people (hi tech industry) they put up strings of lights around their entrances and roofline on Dusshera, keep them on for Diwali and add more for Christmas! There are dozens of such houses just in my neighborhood.
  6. The curbside metal recycling guy took the participation trophies which looked at least part-metal. I have all the other plastic ones still. I too have Rubbermaid tubs full of trophies that my son forgot what he got them for!
  7. Tutoring? My son of a similar age is amazing with small kids and helps tutor them: it is interesting how much he can get them to do by just encouraging and saying “you did a great job”. Can he get an opportunity to be an assistant to a teacher?
  8. Shall we say that I am an “exception”, of whom there are millions, who has not directly benefited from British Colonization (actually the opposite) and hence think that the Royals should express gratitude for the money and privilege they have and act humble in public and quit whining. Charles actually gets the “humility in public” part correct many times!
  9. This is the reason that I am not a fan of any of the royals (including the much revered Diana). Most people don’t care about how colonialism and exploitation of 3rd world countries worked just a mere 100 years ago. People claim that the Queen is wealthy and that she supports her family. Her money has connections to colonies and their natural resources and taxation of suppressed people which is neither glamorous nor politically correct in today’s world. More reason for them to fly in commercial flights, take up regular jobs, act humble and be more “common” and quit whining.
  10. I don’t know anything about Morgan (other than the fact that he acts like an idiot) but my point is, why be on magazine covers, do PR events with invitations to world press, give bbc interviews about the hardships of life inside the palace (albeit it is the queen’s cottage, but still palatial with its multimillionaire inhabitants), ask celebrity friends to speak up on their behalf to the press, deliberately trying to reinvent one’s image by drawing comparisons to Diana’s charity work etc if all they wanted was to be unbothered and live out a life of service to the British people and African people? At the very least, they should lie low until everyone loses interest in them. I don’t care for celebrity gossip, but somehow my newsfeed gets clogged up with the suffering of the duchess when Elton John speaks up, which is annoying. This couple does a ton of PR and they remind me of the time when Angelina Jolie was doing heavy self-promotion a long time ago.
  11. This couple has a lot of hype surrounding them (whether they instigate it or the palace uses them as a tool to instigate the hype, I don't know): there are phrases used about them that sound manufactured to portray them as extra-special - just this one article gives them so much credit for "modernizing" the ancient and creaky old monarchy singlehandedly, calls the palace officials too "inexperienced" compared to them etc etc. What they need to do, if indeed they are so troubled by the media hounding them and if they really believe that their security is compromised by the paparazzi is for them to behave as normal couples in public service do, which would be to go about their lives and not give in to PR campaigns about them changing the world for the better. The world can judge for itself if Meghan and Harry changed the monarchy, changed Africa etc at a later date and they should cut out whoever is feeding glowing phrases about their uniqueness and specialness to the press, especially if they are "palace insiders". In other words, cut out the PR and focus on their charity work, their kid, their home life, their friends, their relationship with the other royals and worry about looking good to the public later.
  12. Wondering if there is a social group here for gardeners? I have gotten a lot of helpful tips here from experienced gardeners, so I know that there are many gardeners on this forum.
  13. You already knew what kind of a person he was, so, his reaction that he is doing you a favor should not be a surprise to you. If you issued the original invitation because you thought that your mom would be upset if he were left out, then, insist that your mom make up for his lack of contribution! Let her bring in extra dishes to cater to his GF and let her bring plates and silverware. If your mom has been in denial about your brother's non-cooperation, this brings the issue out into the open. Also ask your mom to help clean up because the GF, brother and his guests will not help. Other than that, cook whatever you were going to cook before this happened, just make more of the same dishes and let your mother deal with any special diet requests from your brother's guests.
  14. Go. It is just for a day and it is a good change for you. I have live music streaming apps on my phone. I turn on music when I am alone in a hotel room and keep working on my laptop. Otherwise, I go to the closest Peet's Coffee or Starbucks and work on my laptop if I felt like being around people. I also make phone calls from my hotel room, so that takes some time. Add in time for going out to pick up dinner and similar things, there is hardly any time to feel alone. If I were you, I would get an early night and enjoy the stay - maybe even go for a walk around that area if possible.
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