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  1. I recommend that you watch how this lady gardens in containers. I started watching her videos after she was featured in the media. She has a method of filling her containers and she has a lot of tutorials and most of her videos explain how to do that (and how to attract hummingbirds!). Since she uses huge containers, she does not need garden beds. You could try this if you don't have a raised bed.
  2. Yes. My potatoes are from store bought potatoes. I regularly buy the Organic Baby Potato medley bag from costco. Some of them sprouted and so I cut them into 2 pieces with enough eyes in each half and left them on a plate on the countertop. The sprouted part grew 1-2 inches long which is when I planted some in a grow bag and some in a trench in the ground. the costco medley contained purple, yellow, cream and red varieties of potatoes and all the colors sprouted 🙂 They are probably not sprayed with growth inhibitors because they are organic, so they are a cheap source of seed potatoes. My local high end nursery does not carry the purple ones, so they might be harder to find. I think that I saw them listed on Baker Creek's website, though. In a bucket or grow bag, make sure that the potting soil is very loose (add peat moss or perlite), put 2 inches of potting soil on the bottom, lay your seed potatoes (4 per bucket) and cover with 2 inches of soil. Keep adding more soil as they grow. You can dig out the potatoes early if you want baby potatoes, which is what I am planning to do!
  3. I am growing potatoes for the first time this year. They have just started leafing out. Anyone here a zucchini growing expert?? I bought 3 plant starts of Cocozelle Italian zucchini. Two of them are vining out like pumpkin plants do (which is very strange and is messing up my garden bed) but the 3rd one has a bush type habit and have white markings on the leaf. I am not sure if there was a mess up with the growers mislabeling them or if this is normal to zucchini plants. Of course, if they fruited, I would know what they actually are, but, I have only been getting male blossoms on them so far.
  4. @Matryoshka This the main reason, I think. Some have gained weight due to the shutdown and some have lost weight. Both are reasons for them to hoard new clothes! And if more businesses open up (as we are seeing locally) then people need formal clothes to show up at work. (most of the dentist offices in my area are open and so are several small businesses).
  5. dressy clothes ... She specifically mentioned women's tops, formal pants etc. I am not too worried about that as well because I have enough and I don't go out these days 😉
  6. You are on to something here. Most eating practices of each culture makes perfect sense if you think about why they designed their recipes that way: using vinegar, lemon juice, pepper powder, ginger, garlic, turmeric etc are all designed to kill microbes.
  7. A friend of mine who shops a lot is predicting that the next wave of shortage will be in clothing. She says that some styles and sizes are hard to find already.
  8. A lot of produce comes from china these days (onions, ginger, garlic etc) - I read the label to check for this before I grab any produce (and I read the label on the loose vegetable bins which indicate country of origin) - the reason this is important is because they use human waste in agriculture in china. I also read somewhere that Washington approved the use of human waste in agriculture. Which means that all it takes is someone not doing their job correctly for the produce to be tainted with e. coli. So, wash everything with cool, running water. If that is hard to do, buy the bagged salads, they are already pre-washed. If you are cooking the produce, even though it is best to wash first, at least the high temperature will kill the germs.
  9. I am growing a lot of tomatoes this year (6 varieties), a ton of peppers (I planted everything that sprouted because I could not give them away), Kabocha squash (japanese pumpkin), 3 types of cucumbers and 3 varieties of eggplant. My herb bed is not doing well: thai basil and mint look scrawny, my Sage, Oregano and Thyme survived the frost and it seems like they will make it, but the small Parsley, Dill and Cilantro already bolted when the temperature hit 95 🌞, so I am off to buy replacements. I have started summer greens: amaranth, malabar spinach, okinawan spinach. I am growing cooler greens like chard, lettuce and Kale in containers in the shade for cut and come again harvesting. My bush beans got fried last week in the heat but the summer peas that I am trying have hung on so far! All my citrus trees have slight yellowing in them and the organic fertilizers are very slow acting. I ordered a lot of grow bags from amazon because I am running out of space in my beds and I have to get soil for the bags. This will be my first season trying to grow in bags.
  10. Thank you. I bought my Specialized bike at their mountain view store, but my son wants a different brand.
  11. It figures: supply from China is low, people are looking to exercise in the summer while social distancing and lastly, many people want to avoid public transportation and go to work in bicycles when workplaces open up. I am waiting for a bike for my son from our local bike shop which says that it will take them until August to get new shipments in and the one I ordered is not even made in china (perhaps it uses Chinese parts which are in short supply?).
  12. @Spy Car Indian stores in Artesia carry the original Asafoetida (resinated lumps) for a couple of bucks - look for the LG brand. Here is my stash of both the resin version and the powder version: ETA: my german friend's mother says that in the olden times, they used asafoetida for rodent control 🙂
  13. I suspect that your boss not wearing a mask and also bringing in others into your workplace has a role to play in your son (who has stayed home) getting covid. From what we know about this virus, this is a likely scenario. I hope that he rethinks his position about masks and endangering others now. I wish your son a quick and complete recovery. I hope that he does not get too worried ... Good luck to you all.
  14. OP, in addition to the above, which I agree with, do you have plans for college for your kids and do you plan to support them if they need help as adults? That is a big part of the financial equation given that many families have their adult kids moving back in with them during the Covid pandemic and a lot of young adults need financial help from parents because they are suddenly unemployed.
  15. It says “Bishop weed” on the packet. This is the ajwain seed that is traditionally used in Indian recipes. Maybe this name is easier to search for.
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