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  1. I am guessing that with such a huge pandemic on their hands and the links between pangolins and the virus, the poachers killing pangolins for their scales are probably not willing to interact with the species anymore and will leave them alone.
  2. I spent all of last Saturday walking around the crowded Berkeley campus while my son attended a day long event there. There were participants there who traveled from mainland China and Hong Kong. Most of them wore masks all the time. We used hand sanitizer non-stop (after each hand washing session) and kept 4 feet away from anyone where possible. The weather is beautiful there now, SF is lovely and the homeless people are fewer in the touristy places with lots of traffic. Wear a mask on the plane, use hand sanitizers, don’t touch your face, go to the restaurants that are not too crowded and have fun! People are still going about business as usual in sf/Berkeley area.
  3. Yes. Not only japan, but for anyone who flew from an Asian hub. I recommended my niece who had a stopover in Singapore (did not get out of airport at all) to do the same. In a flight, even the air that we breathe is recirculated and also this germ is known to live on surfaces for 9 hours. Better to do it because changing in the restroom in an airport is such a small effort to make and would take only a few minutes.
  4. Wishing him a safe trip back. I agree with the above. If he could, maybe he could change clothes and bag his outfits at the airport to avoid bringing any germs home. And of course, take a shower as soon as he enters the house.
  5. @KungFuPanda, Thanks for explaining winter sowing. I have some pepper starts under lights. I am wondering if I should transfer them to jugs outside because I hate the mess indoors. The thing is, our daytime temperature is in the 60’s and 70’s but nighttime still hits 30’s and 40’s. Will this range of temps cook the seedlings inside the jug? Will they withstand spring temperatures inside the jug?
  6. I was told by a smart lady once that I could use the skills that I have to make the world a better place. I have followed that advice for 12 years now. I volunteer at my local public school once a week: I help in their computer lab for teaching k and 1st graders computer skills and how to use simple computer apps and do “Mathlab” activities where we play math games with manipulatives and board games. I also volunteer as a team parent for my son’s sports team and bring water and snacks every week ( most parents forget to bring water bottles and I am the water bottle lady). I tutor Algebra 1 and Geometry for free to a friend’s kid who has significant learning issues and all the local private learning centers don’t work for him. i moderate 2 forums online that is related to specific skill sets. i grow a ton of food in my small suburban lot: I have excess organic produce that I give to friends and coworkers on a weekly basis. They appreciate it a lot because I grow varieties that are hard to find in supermarkets. we do donate money to 2 worthy causes every year (we also get a tax break by doing so), so, not entirely altruistic on that one!
  7. Many american companies have warned that their earnings outlook is not good because of the virus (e.g. apple) and many company's stock have run up (e.g. Gilead which is working on a vaccine).
  8. I am a cynic, so this is not too surprising to me. Can you imagine any country that wants to deal with a mass panic by admitting that the virus is deadly, there is a pandemic, markets might crash because our supply chains are in China, the quarantines for the westerners were not well run and that there is no vaccine yet?! North Korea, by virtue of the kind of government it has, does not have any worries on that regard 😉 They speak the truth as they see it. They can control the population's behavior, social media posts, tweets, hoarding tendencies, published death counts etc! As I said, I am a cynic.
  9. Cruises are perfect for the elderly when they have the money to spend and the time and motivation to see the world (or what little they can through offshore expeditions from the cruises). My uncle and aunt went on a cruise and had the time of their lives (working class, not well off and old, so they did not get out much) with their son and grandkids. They both died soon after that, but, they got to do something exciting in their old age.
  10. The part where you said that they have to realize that there could be another nasty virus another year rings so true. We have had bird flu, swine flu and the recent covid one: it seems to me that each new flu virus originating from china is deadlier than the one before. I am worried about how bad the next virus to emerge might turn out. better not to exhaust them all and create permanent damage to them. I find it hard to believe that the chinese government is not deploying more military medical professionals to combat this issue after it has become such a big crisis to them. If the civilian medical professionals are overwhelmed and the situation is a national disaster, they should pull out all stops to fix this ASAP or swallow their pride and take help from whoever is willing to help.
  11. I am already doing kale, chard, arugula, mustard. I will replant more of those for spring. I have a lot of bare root strawberries to put in. Also adding beets, peas, carrots, radishes for spring. summer: starting peppers, squash and tomatoes from seeds this month. All my herbs survived the winter. I need to clean up weeds to see how much is left. I am slowly adding perennial vegetables to my garden : I have some and will add more this year. eta: zone 9b California. Perennial vegetables that survived my winter here are: tree collards, New Zealand spinach, 2 kinds of Asian spinach, multiplier onions, artichoke. My rhubarb seems to have died, need to see if it will come back.
  12. Read this story of the california woman who went walking all over the army base where she was quarantined. She was not supposed to leave her quarantine room. Many people are questioning what would have happened to the people at the army base had she not tested negative for the virus.
  13. No. The mayor of Wuhan said when the outbreak became known to the outside world that 6 million fled Wuhan just before the quarantine was enforced. If a chinese government official said that, I doubt that only 6 million fled. right now, how many people are left in the city is anybody's guess.
  14. I was making a list today. here is how far I have gotten on my list building: Boxed soups (Trader Joe's, costco) Canned beans (garbanzo, black and refried) Madras lentils and crackers (big packs from costco: Nut butters (4 kinds) Carrots (big bag in fridge, replace when it runs low so that there is always a supply) - they last a long while. Overnight Oatmeal with Chia seeds in a jar (using bottled apple juice) Pita chips, applesauce, Oranges, apples will last for a while. Milk powder, chocolate milk powder, boxed ultra-pasteurized milk, almond milk in boxes. Dry fruit: raisins, dates, apricots, dry berries, dry pineapple, banana chips, Kale chips Huge bag of leftover chocolate from halloween and bag of baking chocolate chips in the pantry.
  15. I saw an article somewhere where an epidemiologist said that the pattern of coronavirus spreading right now (the stage at which this epidemic is) is consistent with a virus that started infecting humans several months ago. I will come back to post it if I found the link in my browser history.
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