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  1. Hummus made from scratch with cut veggies for dipping dry fruits: Trader Joe’s has a lot of varieties Guacamole with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and cilantro added: apply on toast made from healthy bread plain Greek yoghurt with berries sweet potato fries made from scratch
  2. @kokotgWhat a small world we live in! Our family attended a Math Talk given by your FIL at Santa Clara University ("The First Function") just before the Covid SIP happened. It was one of the last public outings we undertook. He is a great speaker and we enjoyed his talk a lot! ETA: Just saw the news that Aaron has passed away
  3. We used Geogebra for all geometry constructions as well. But, it is a good idea to teach how to construct bisectors, use protractors and perform accurate measurements using a ruler. These things are important in the same way as you teach your child to use pencils, erasers, write in cursive even though in adulthood, I hardly ever write on a piece of paper anymore.
  4. I remember reading a commentary on racism (in sports) once where the author said that western media could manage to pronounce correctly the name of then Tennis Great Slobodan Živojinović while they fumbled to pronounce most names that are from “ethnic” or non-western cultures. I have never forgotten that comment through the years. To me, learning how to pronounce someone’s name is a form of respect to the person and their culture. It also signifies tolerance and acceptance.
  5. I was not watching because I believe that me not watching the inauguration might bring good luck 😉 I looked it up on youtube after reading all the praise on this thread. Wow, she has poise and even though her verse was not in a style that I am used to, she managed to pull it off with eloquence. Considering how short a time she might have had to compose and memorize (even though they might have had teleprompters) such a long poem, she did an amazing job. At her age, I might have stuttered, stammered and run away.
  6. I did not read all the suggestions, but, I am a night owl who used to sleep at 3:00 AM and wake up by 10:30 AM mostly because of my work schedule in my younger years where I interacted with people abroad in other timezones. Obviously that does not work with kids around, so, I was forced to fix the problem. I am also severely lethargic if I get up early for the sake of family unity and feeding others etc because my brain is blurry, my eyes are unfocused and my mind cannot put my thoughts together. The only way that I could reset my sleep cycle was to follow the method that @Homeschool Mom in AZ
  7. Yoga, exercise, a good multivitamin, Vitamin D3, Omega 3, a healthy diet with a lot of fresh vegetables and Netflix! I am a zero TV person and this year, due to some immense family pressures and stresses that screwed up my sleep, I have been in a permanent state of sleep deprival and unable to function well. So, I have started watching Netflix a little a day to get my mind off my problems at least for that time period. That helps me the most.
  8. If he finished all the Snell books, then I think that he might be ready for AP Music Theory and the undergrad level books.
  9. Snell Music Theory, Julie Johnson Music theory books and RCM theory books are in workbook formats and you can usually purchase an answer key at the same place that sells them. We have used all of them (as well as a book published by a local music teacher) in the past for the California CM exam preparation. I prefer Snell's because it is a professionally edited series with high standards and is available at many retailers. http://www.methodbooks.com/store/theory/fundamentals-of-piano-theory.htm Julie Johnson's books are great and very extensive and reviews older concepts at each level
  10. All the meal examples that you listed have heavy cream or full fat dairy products in them. Some people can not metabolize heavy dairy fat or greasy foods and get diarrhea. The Cracker Barrel meal might have cream in the apple pie, the Indian meal might have heavy cream in the curry base (very commonly used) and full fat yoghurt in the mango lassi if that is what you meant by juice, Chipotle meal has sour cream. Try to order something different from these places, preferably without the dairy fats in it and see if she responds better. That is a really easy test to do before modifying anything el
  11. It is easiest for you to make the meat as a side so that anyone can eat anything they choose. In all the workplaces I have been, the food that they order for group lunches and dinner is always designed to have meat as a separate dish with several other vegetarian components to pick from because there are a lot of vegetarians in my area (and a lot of gluten free, vegan, peanut free eaters as well). As a vegetarian, I can offer a list of what we might eat if we ordered from a restaurant that has very limited vegetarian options. Burgers: black bean burgers: you can either make your own
  12. It grew for 3 months (i gave it frequent haircuts to make it regrow) after which I reseeded. I currently started a new batch indoors and will keep it as a houseplant until March when it warms up in my area.
  13. My son could "mirror write" when he was a toddler. I noticed that he loved to write his name as a mirror image and then I found out that he was equally comfortable reading and writing words in any direction. He is very visual and to him a word is a word, no matter from which direction you looked at it: he used to say that a Dog is a Dog even if you looked at it from the side or from above it. I actually had to work with him until he was 5 to "remediate" his mirror writing and backwards spelling because he did not understand what the big deal was. As for me, I used to have photographic me
  14. Cilantro: Last year, I got the no-bolt variety as a plant from my local specialty nursery. I also grew the slo-bolt from these seeds: https://www.reneesgarden.com/products/cilantro-slowbolt . It turned out that the slo-bolt variety from Renee's Garden lasted almost twice as long as the no-bolt variety. So, I would highly recommend that one or this one: https://www.rareseeds.com/store/vegetables/early-spring-favorites/cilantro-slo-bolt . Just make sure that starting from June, the plants don't receive direct sun and the soil never dries out to stop the bolting. Every 2 weeks, cut the tops
  15. @MissLemonI have a similar hydroponics setup made from similar tubs. My friend got overenthusiastic and started several and did not want that many and passed them on to me. I am growing kale and lettuce outdoors in them right now.
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