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  1. Fasting triggers acid reflux in me. Does anyone else have this side effect when doing intermittent fasting?
  2. We used the Greek Code Cracker book for a fun introduction to Greek alphabet. Then moved on to “An introduction to Classical Greek” book. My son started this book after 2 years of Latin.
  3. Thanks. I don’t need to drive to Fremont to check out their open house, it seems!
  4. How about letting her self-teach Classical Latin or Ancient Greek (or both!)? My son is a lousy writer though he always had excellent vocabulary and love for words. He has been doing Latin for a while and this year, he started taking high school level latin and his word acquisition and his understanding of roots has increased exponentially. He also participates in several latin exams, certamen etc and his exposure to words is way more than what he would have acquired just reading books. The language also captures his imagination making it a good fit for a word lover. I think that learning the classical languages is a wonderful choice for a word nerd. There are gentle introductory books for Latin like Song School Latin and Getting Started With Latin which are great for self-teaching. For more advanced levels, there are online classes and perhaps local resources in your area as well. Good luck.
  5. This may be off topic, but if competitions are a turn off because of the aggressive parents and competitors, you may want to explore the competitions that are audition-based where you send in a video of the performance and the judging is based on the video entry and you never have to see another toxic parent who loads up a mini generator onto a pickup truck so that their genius can warm up just before the piano competition on a keyboard specially designated for this purpose (in the parking lot in front of a lot of people) and nail the first prize! (true story from the bay area!) There are many competitions that have gone online-only because of these complaints. Your music teacher might be able to point you in the right direction.
  6. I don't give chores or allowances. I ask for help when needed around the house and the child is expected to pitch in on his own to bring in groceries, do laundry etc. I pay for everything. He has a lot of money saved up from birthday money from relatives, but it is in his bank account for when he needs to access it. He gets expensive stuff like electronics for christmas and birthdays so he does not have to pay for it. He has no access to starbucks and other hangouts and hence does not need cash for those things. I guess that things would be different if he were to set out with friends for an evening at the mall or mini golf course, but, he does not socialize on that level.
  7. UCs, Stanford, SCU etc. But, what I said applies to non-music majors who are enthusiastic about learning an instrument. If say, a Computer Science major or Math major excels in an instrument at national and international competitions, then it is a different scenario and it seems that the professors would teach them and mentor them.
  8. In the local universities that have strong music departments, they allow any student to take music lessons with professors after an audition. The advanced level lessons have requirements for repertoire and musicianship skills, but the introductory classes have no audition requirement, obviously. The cost of lessons is much lesser than what it costs for lessons for my son with a highly qualified music teacher in my community! They charge per quarter and there is a nominal fee for practice room access which becomes very important depending on the instrument. Though their policy states that any student can take lessons with faculty, what I hear from parents with kids in those universities is that the top faculty always choose students who have very high caliber, have won various prestigious competitions, perform at a semi-professional level and are referred to them by their previous teachers. Most others end up taking lessons with grad students. There are endowments and scholarship funds that the students taking private lessons can apply for through auditions.
  9. Turmeric with a pinch of black pepper to aid its absorption is a powerful anti inflammatory food that can be included with most dishes like salad dressings, stir fries, soups, rice and curries. A lot of Indian curries and rice dishes use turmeric. You can steep turmeric into milk or almond milk to make golden milk and drink it every day. Turmeric comes in the form of tea bags as well. If it is not possible to include it in al of the above forms, concentrated turmeric is sold in pill form. I try to include turmeric every day in my diet as it is a powerful antioxidant in addition to being a powerful anti inflammatory supplement. Good luck.
  10. How exactly were the bribes channeled to Donna Heinel? Did she operate a tax exempt personal charity and the checks got deposited into it? Or did she launder the money overseas? Either way, how did the IRS miss these large sums of money being transferred to her for so many years?
  11. Cheating irs by funneling bribes into tax exempt charities is a crime. Impersonating another person could be a crime as well depending on what documents were signed for testing or applications.
  12. Thank you, Arcadia! This makes it so convenient. I got rid of one carseat to my curbside garbage collection company and they made a huge fuss saying that they will not take more than one carseat from me.
  13. Mine likes to tick people off by taking every single word's literal meaning on purpose and annoying people. If the instructor said "You can get a blue marker now", he will go and pick up a red marker. When the instructor reminds him that he should have a blue marker, he will matter-of-factly tell the instructor that the word "can" implied that the child can do it (if he wants to) or it was ok if the child "could not" do it. And he will argue that he was following the instruction verbatim. This goes on and on. It is a gifted trait in him and he feels gleeful in being able to verbally spar with learned adults even though he is just a kid. He also tries to invoke the Constitution and the rights therein which protect his freedom of choice when it comes to doing chores etc. I might tell him that "maybe its a good idea to hurry up eating his lunch if he wanted to go out" and he will pick up the "maybe" and sit there for a long time because I said "maybe". My child does not have any diagnosis which would require accommodation of this type of behavior . He is just challenging authority and tries to get away with it. I tell him bluntly that he is an annoying and antisocial kid and he would become friendless in his adult life if he keeps up with this. I also tell him that he has a civic responsibility to the class room full of people to cooperate and not obstruct the instructor from doing his job. I tell him that the purpose of communication is to get a clear message across to the listener and it is pointless if the listener tries to rip apart the phrases trying to poke logical holes in the communication. And finally, I tell my son that he needs to keep a mental note about all those urgent questions that crop up and to discuss them outside of class with parents and to count to 100 if he cannot control his impulse. And the final warning is that if he disrupts the class with more than 3 inane questions or arguments, he will lose the privilege of being amongst other kids and knowledgeable instructors. It works most of the time. My son became this smart mouthed and irritating talker when he turned 9. Some people tell me that it is a development phase that tweens go through and that everything will be fine in a few years.
  14. The name of the tipster is Morrie Tobin and he was investigated for Securities Fraud during which it was revealed that he paid an Yale coach hundreds of thousands of dollars:
  15. There are no excuses. My heart does not bleed for rich “social media influencers” who might lose their seat due to their scams being exposed. Many kids grow up in neighborhoods where crimes, drugs are violence is the norm - so many rise above it instead of treating it as their normal lifestyle and punishment is harsh for the 17 year olds who do not rise above it and adopt that as their normal. So, there should be no leniency when dealing with students who got into college based on bribery and cheating, even if they think that this is normal! Their degrees should be stripped, their admissions revoked. For every spoilt rich kid that got an undeserved seat in Yale, Harvard or Stanford, there is a poor, overachieving Asian male student who was rejected because these universities wanted “likability and courage” in the incoming student. If I screwed up the SAT exam at age 17 and I suddenly got into Yale or Harvard and my executive assistant called me to let me know about it while I was away partying in Fiji on a 100 million dollar yacht and I have never studied hard, I would know that cheating is involved and it is abnormal.
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