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  1. Here’s my list of steps: 1. Search AP Course Ledger to determine which schools have been offering the course in recent years. 2. Call College Board and ask for the AP Coordinator contact info for each school of interest: 888-225-5427. They should provide you with a name, phone number, and email address. It’s fine to skip this step and call the school directly, but I wouldn’t advise it. In some schools the front office staff tend to act as gatekeepers, and they may incorrectly claim that their school does not allow outside exam-takers. 3. Contact the school AP Coordinators directly. Schools are encouraged but not required to accept outside students, so be very nice about it! My email mentioned the test my daughter wants to take and asked if the school would be willing to host her for the exam. I also asked about the exam fee and deadline. (Host schools are allowed to charge a proctoring fee for outside students. Our experience: last year’s school charged $6, but this year’s school charges nothing.) Our school’s deadline is October 25. 4. After receiving payment, the host school’s AP Coordinator should generate an exam-only section code and provide it to the student. That code should be entered in the student’s College Board account. This is the step that auto-populates the documents that will be sent to the school, so there shouldn’t be any need to go in and pre-fill out stickers like my daughter did last year. 5. Our host school says they’ll be back in touch in April to provide final exam-day details. She’s taking an AM exam, so the school expects her to be there no later than 7:30. If we haven’t heard by May 1, I’ll have my daughter reach out to the AP Coordinator. Note that schools may be able to order exams for courses they do not currently offer, but most probably won’t. The school we used last year says they’re willing to order and proctor the AP Spanish Language exam for my kid, even though they haven’t taught the course in a few years (they switched to IB). However, the world language AP exams have a lot of moving parts (audio listening and voice recording), so I decided to arrange testing with another school that administers that exam every year.
  2. Pages 35-36 of this document detail the procedures for homeschoolers, independent learners, and students whose schools don’t offer AP exams: Because I went through Course Audit and was given a join code, my daughter has joined my class section in MyAP, the same way a virtual provider’s student would join the virtual school’s class section using the join code provided by the instructor. The AP coordinator at our test site will provide a second exam-only code for exam registration purposes, and my daughter will enroll in that class section in MyAP as well. (Crossing fingers this goes smoothly. We have the added complication of needing digital audio submission since she’s taking a foreign language AP exam. Considering prayers to the patron saint of homeschoolers — we must have one, right? The school seems confident, but they don’t normally offer foreign language AP exams. I may have to scramble to find another site if the coordinator turns out to be clueless about proctoring and submitting the recording. Eek!) So to sum up, my daughter will be enrolled in two sections: my class and the exam-only section at her exam site. The exam-only section will allow the AP coordinator to order her exam. My class will give her access to the AP Classroom materials, and it will also direct the score report to me.
  3. So far so good. I just logged in to my teacher account and created my class. That generated a join code that my daughter will have to use when she logs on to join my class. She’s outta town at the moment, so I’m still not sure if she’ll use my join code or her exam site’s “exam only” code to register for the actual exam.
  4. I can’t be entirely sure, but I suspect the new system that opened up today will prevent me from seeing other homeschoolers’ scores in the future. After logging in to my teacher account, I had to create a class for each subject, and a join code was generated. My daughter will need to use that join code to join my classes and get access to online materials. I’m not sure yet whether she’ll use that same code to register for the exam, or whether she’ll be using an “exam-only” code provided by the AP Coordinator at her test site.
  5. Thanks for posting this! I wonder if my having gone through Course Audit changes anything . . . Hopefully all will become clear after August 1, when the new teacher resources are supposed to be made available.
  6. Homeschooling parents don’t have the option of requesting a unique school code. When going through Course Audit, both last year and this year I had to register as [My State] Home School. The code is a homeschool-specific code for my state. I, too, am surprised that we have access to other homeschoolers’ scores. Personally, my kid and I don’t care if her scores are visible to others, but I completely understand that others may feel very differently. As it turns out, my daughter was the only homeschooler in our state who took the AP Computer Science A exam this year (or perhaps just the only one who took it without using an online provider code). I was relieved not to see other students’ scores.
  7. Students still have to wait for their designated score release date, but if you went through the Course Audit procedure as a homeschool educator and your student used the state homeschool code as their school code, all scores are available today. Go to and log in to your educator account to access them. 😁
  8. My daughter read both Lombardo and the newer translation by Emily Wilson. She really enjoyed Wilson’s translation. (She read Fagles and Lattimore for the Iliad, so she wanted to mix it up and give Lombardo a try for Odyssey.)
  9. The Spanish language courses taught by Bill Worden are quite good. I first checked the level 1 course out of our library, but have since subscribed to Great Courses Plus. If looking for supporting materials beyond the slim course workbook, the Vistas or Descubre texts from Vista Higher Learning are a good fit. (Not surprising, since Prof. Worden has taught from the Vistas text.)
  10. Definitely check directly with Ray if interested in the lower levels, regardless of what the website says. I think he runs a class if he gets enough interest. There was a Spanish 1 class of five students this year (2018/2019). I’m not sure when it was officially offered/announced, because my younger daughter joined late in September, after rejecting two other online Spanish classes because of disorganization and excessive class sizes. (I’d have considered Gamache for her, but the schedule was going to be awkward for us, and she prefers very small class sizes so that she can practice oral skills.) My older daughter transitioned from Spanish 1-3 with Gamache to Spanish 4 with Leven this year. That went super-smoothly, because although the texts Gamache & Leven use have different titles, they are 99% identical inside (Vistas is marketed to colleges; Descubre is marketed to high schools).
  11. I've decided we'll go with FundaFunda instead. I'm sure I'll add to the lab portion, and I'll beef up the plant, animal, and human biology I was already planning to do with my middle schooler so that my 9th grader can join us for that. By the end of the year I think my 9th grader will be ready for CLEP and/or SAT 2.
  12. I believe she's still teaching those classes. It sounds like the goal was to lighten her teaching load by reducing the number of preps (and class hours).
  13. Other options: Blue Tent Honors Biology $600 (confirmed by email that they have space) asynchronous, Holt McDougal text, prepares for either SAT2 test AIM Academy Pre-AP Biology $675 + $15 registration fee Tuesday 4-5pm EST, Campbell, must apply to instructor by email AIM also has a regular biology class $625 + $15 registration Tues 2-3pm EST, Miller Levine FundaFunda Biology 1 $383 (includes tax) asynchronous, Miller Levine, lots of detail in this thread:
  14. The new biology instructor's background does seem odd at first glance, but her graduate work was done in a biophysics lab, studying fruit fly development. It's hard to guess how much biology coursework was required and/or taken, given that graduate programs vary widely. Informal learning and gap-filling happens in the course of any graduate project, but it would typically be too focused to be of much use for teaching at the secondary level. I'm more concerned about the lack of experience teaching high school students and teaching general biology at any level. When I was a student teacher, I relied heavily on my ability to see my students' faces for informal real-time comprehension checks. I also had access to several veteran teachers; their doors, shelves, and file cabinets were always open to me. I can't imagine teaching a completely new subject online on my first attempt. At the very least, I'd find a homeschool co-op to use as guinea pigs!
  15. In the same boat. I don't fault the original teacher for needing to lighten her teaching load, and I wish the new teacher the best of luck. But this isn't the scenario we signed up for. A "give the new instructor a chance" approach seems risky, because if it doesn't work out, my kid is the one who suffers. 😕
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