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  1. Thanks! Now I can see what you mean. We have those guides with questions and answers for the Catechism. We were enrolled for one year, but we also did not want to use all the materials and so ended up not re-enrolling. But that was in grade 5, I believe.
  2. Did you look here for samples? I am not sure what you mean by "study guides for individual books." I thought that the lesson plans contain all that you need.
  3. I am using the first book in grade 7 with my daughter now. She likes it, but it is not so easy to grade. I have to read the texts/assignments carefully myself to be able to correct her work.
  4. P.S. My other daughter sometimes e-mails her brother, a college student, about math problems. That might work with this daughter too (they also use Instagram to "chat" and he has already offered to help his other sister too this way when we saw him over Christmas).
  5. We do it in the morning too, but sometimes add more time in the evenings.
  6. Sometimes they work for us and other days we are too tired 😁.
  7. We do split up lessons sometimes, but sometimes she wants to finish it all in one piece. For now, we will not look for a tutor (too complicated and expensive).
  8. No, she does not like science. She does not care so much about being good at something. She is good at art, she reads a lot, but still more or less children's literature, she likes to read the newspaper (sometimes), and loves to travel. Miquon Math was perfect for my two older children, who are very different. She also does not know what she wants to do after school so far.
  9. I think she does not like to figure things out for herself. There is a certain dreaminess about her. She does not like to sit down and get to work and work hard. Miquon Math is more for people that like to understand how things work.
  10. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. I do think that this daughter does better with somebody next to her and I do readings with her in the evenings. I might try and see if she can work next to her father on her math in the evenings. I like your 1 hour limit. I do have 1 hour assigned for math, but my daughter normally tries to work longer because she does not get very far during that time limit. Maybe really enforcing the 1 hour would be helpful.
  11. Oh yes, they exist, but as everything else here, they are very expensive and the way math is taught here is different enough that it bothers my daughter. Well, New York State wants to see standardized test results at the end of the school year, not doing anything might not be the best idea. This is our third time here (we always stay for a semester). We do school in the mornings, "educational trips" in the afternoons, and longer family activities on Sundays (when my husband does not have to work). That mix of routine and getting to know London and the surroundings has served us well.
  12. A friend just let us borrow those dvds. We will see if they are helpful.
  13. I like your tip for writing out the problems on paper! I agree, that is very important.
  14. My second daughter also was not the person to use Saxon, we used Jacob's for her. I do agree that Saxon is not for everyone and it depends on your learning style what works for you. The daughter I am talking about in this post claims to like Saxon, though! She is just not making progress and is making too many mistakes.
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