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  1. I think it is working well. She has made friends and is taking a class in Russian Literature this semester. All her other classes are dance related. She complained about a teacher (stage manager) teaching a stage practicum class. Apparently, he was not very organized, but that was last semester. She prefers Russian ballet (Vaganova) to American methods and Mercyhurst does not offer that. The professors seem to be very caring, though, and invest a lot in their students. They do get to do a lot of ballet, although she would probably prefer all her classes to be ballet, but she also has to
  2. I get a lot via Bookdepository and IBIS.
  3. Yes, those two are wonderful. There is also "Das fliegende Klassenzimmer."
  4. My daughter ended up at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA.
  5. Here is a bit about German Bibles. There are differences between protestant and Catholic Bibles.
  6. You could try "Der Schimmelreiter" (Theodor Storm), "Damals war es Friedrich" (Hans-Peter Richter), "Ich bin David" (Anne Holm), books by Hans Baumann, "Großer Tiger und Christian" (Fritz Mühlenweg), "Eine kurze Weltgeschichte" (Ernst Gombrich) -- there is also an audio book for this --, "Literaturlesebuch" by Manfred Mai (Manfred Mai also wrote history books for young people), "Die rote Zora" (Kurt Held), "Die Großen der Welt" (Georg Popp), books by Auguste Lechner, "Milon und der Löwe" by Jakob Streit, "Drei Tage und kein Ende" by Cili Wethekam, "Timm Thaler" by James Krüss, and books by Eri
  7. Thanks for the tip. My daughter is about to finish Saxon Algebra 1 soon and wants to do Algebra 2, but I am sure she will never reach the Advanced Mathematics book because of her slow speed.
  8. Did you use this? If so, how long did it take you to get through it? Is it helpful for the SAT in combination with Saxon Algebra 1 and 2?
  9. I am using the first book in grade 7 with my daughter now. She likes it, but it is not so easy to grade. I have to read the texts/assignments carefully myself to be able to correct her work.
  10. P.S. My other daughter sometimes e-mails her brother, a college student, about math problems. That might work with this daughter too (they also use Instagram to "chat" and he has already offered to help his other sister too this way when we saw him over Christmas).
  11. We do it in the morning too, but sometimes add more time in the evenings.
  12. Sometimes they work for us and other days we are too tired 😁.
  13. We do split up lessons sometimes, but sometimes she wants to finish it all in one piece. For now, we will not look for a tutor (too complicated and expensive).
  14. No, she does not like science. She does not care so much about being good at something. She is good at art, she reads a lot, but still more or less children's literature, she likes to read the newspaper (sometimes), and loves to travel. Miquon Math was perfect for my two older children, who are very different. She also does not know what she wants to do after school so far.
  15. I think she does not like to figure things out for herself. There is a certain dreaminess about her. She does not like to sit down and get to work and work hard. Miquon Math is more for people that like to understand how things work.
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