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  1. For the histories (at least APUSH), they do have test prep specific videos where they go over a sample DBQ, long essay, etc.
  2. We've used a ton of Khan for some things--world history and APUSH and art history. We haven't used it at all for math or science stuff.
  3. Mine got his vaccines at his college (1000 miles from home) and has always had his own card. Honestly, he's less likely to lose it than I am 😂 (I hold on to everyone else's in the family, because I'm the second least likely to lose them person).
  4. I've had 3 kids do APUSH at home now--my oldest mostly did it on his own using Pandia Press's US History (which they're not publishing anymore, although I think you can still buy a printed copy?) With my two current high schoolers, I was somewhat more involved; they read Jill Lepore's These Truths and then did Khan Academy stuff, plus we did a lot of primary source stuff. They want a particular kind of skillset for the exam--both for the multiple choice and the FRQs....just knowing the history will only get you so far; all of the multiple choice are "stimulus based" --so they give them a prima
  5. Manaus is definitely concerning and a good reason not to get cocky just because numbers are down right in the US right now (or to be too confident about natural immunity): https://www.thelancet.com/article/S0140-6736(21)00183-5/fulltext
  6. Re: tips...there's a place on the college board website to search for schools that are offering the test you need (I need to bookmark it; I have to look around and try to find it again every time)--although government is a common one, so most schools that offer AP classes at all will probably have it. I'd ask around on local homeschooling groups to try to find out what schools people have had luck with in the past--that could save you a good bit of time. Good luck--we've always found somewhere, but I think this is my 6th year doing APs and it's a PITA every single year somehow or other!
  7. I'd do it a few weeks after schools start up for fall near you, whenever that happens to be (but definitely by mid-late September). We've done public and private schools, and it doesn't really make a difference; I'd just start with wherever's closest to you.
  8. I think so. I use the admission requirements for my state flagship as a guide when I plan out what we need to make sure to get done. In general I've found that they're more rigid than private colleges and universities, so as long as we hit those we're probably good.
  9. This whole thing where they're a month later has its pros and cons for sure--mine definitely have made use of the extra time to prepare, but we normally would have been all done with school weeks ago (and we start back up beginning of August); it's rough having the school year drag on so long!
  10. My two high schoolers did APUSH online last week and both seem to think it went well (it was my 11th grader's 3rd AP history, but my 9th grader's first AP, so he was very nervous). 11th grader has Calc AB and Physics 1 back to back tomorrow--so 7 hours of math, basically. We need to get him some very good snacks.
  11. Incidentally, I asked DH, who teaches at a highly ranked, well-funded public high school, how it works at his school. They have 7 periods, one of them for lunch--no 8th period or anything like some schools do--so most kid there graduate with 24 credits. Some do DE, but it's not particularly common (a lot of strong math students do multi-variable calc and linear algebra senior year through Ga Tech, but it's online at their home schools--I guess that would get them to 25). They offer some special programs like a veterinary science track and an agriculture program, but those happen as regular ele
  12. Our church has gone to masks optional for outside services but still mandatory for everyone for inside. They have one of each kind of service Sunday mornings. I'm happy with this; it's cautious, respectful of people who are immuno-compromised or have kids who can't be vaccinated yet or whatever, but still provides an option for people who don't want to wear a mask.
  13. Yep--DH brought home our first cold in a year and a half after a week of end of the year socializing with teacher friends. All six of us got it in short order. I'd totally forgotten how miserable a bad cold can be. We usually pass around one cold a winter, so I'm a little annoyed that apparently we didn't miss out on it after all by wearing masks and staying outside; we just delayed it. Not fair!
  14. I always put "with lab" on the transcript for lab science classes so people can tell at a glance. We never have a ton of labs, though! You could give a half credit separately for the lab, like a college course might do.
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