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  1. I was watching the news about Disney reopening yesterday and thinking about how much safer I'd feel there right now than in a high school in my county (or in just about any Florida county, of course). Umm, not that I would actually go anytime soon. But there's no comparison whatsoever between the safety measures they have in place and the ones they'll have in schools.
  2. Also, I think the notion that there are a bunch of "keep schools closed indefinitely no matter what!" proponents out there is a straw man. I see a lot of people arguing that it may not be smart to open schools yet in areas where the virus is out of control, or that it doesn't make sense to open schools without taking precautuions to stop outbreaks, or that perhaps we should consider prioritizing opening for younger kids over high school or for special needs students first and to devote limited resources to those populations....I haven't seen anyone saying "keep all schools closed until there's no more coronavirus!" Have I missed that? Again, PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE WANTS TO BE ABLE TO OPEN SCHOOLS. Or are the people arguing in favor of schools reopening on this thread saying it should be done everywhere and without precautions? We simply don't have any precedent for reopening schools in areas where spread is as rampant as it is in much of the US right now. Other countries have done it (with mixed success) but not with the kind of numbers we're seeing here.
  3. But you said before that everyone is required to wear masks where you work, but not you because you work by yourself, right? If they're requiring masks, they're taking more precautions than many school districts where I am. And how can a classroom with 35 students in it practice social distancing?
  4. google texas day cares.
  5. Again, the school district my husband works at (which is a huge school district in metro Atlanta) says they will NOT be requiring nor providing masks for students, will NOT be social distancing (how could they if they're not limiting class sizes?), and will NOT be doing temperature checks or testing or any other health screenings. He'll be sitting in an air conditioned room with no openable windows for 50 minutes at a time in close contact with 5 different groups of 25-35 different students throughout the day. Please tell me which other jobs have these same conditions and have stayed open without major outbreaks right now. I'm certainly not saying that teaching is the ONLY job that presents challenges right now, but I am saying that we've already seen what happens when people are forced to work in unsafe conditions, that it's not good, and that it would be foolish to repeat the mistakes we've made before. And I'd also reiterate that IT'S NOT ABOUT WHAT WE WANT. Unless you're suggesting that teachers who get sick just keep on working and that students who test positive just keep on going to school, it's a fantasy to think schools in places with rampant outbreaks will be able to stay open, particularly without putting any real safety measures in place to stop spread.
  6. "Only" 56% here for 25 people. That's a fairly average class size; my math teacher husband just calculated that that means there's a 1.6% chance that NO ONE in any of his 5 classes will be positive. So there's only a 98.4% chance that he and every one of his students will be exposed every day.
  7. have people seen Georgia tech's new event planning tool? my county, there's a greater than 99% chance that a gathering of 500 people will have at least 1 positive it's likely that EVERY SCHOOL IN THE COUNTY will start the year with covid cases.
  8. My county has published a "school closure decision matrix" that says schools will close until further notice in a situation where there's high community spread (there is) and there are 5 or more cases in more than one location. I'm fairly certain, given how many cases we have right now, that they'd find that if they tested everyone on the first day of school and have to immediately shut back down. But of course they're not planning on actually doing any testing, and they claim they're going to open back up in a few weeks with no masks required, no social distancing, and no health screenings at all. I have no clue how they think they're going to stay open any length of time at all.
  9. oh look: the camp in North Georgia that had to shut down after a counselor tested positive now reports that 18% of campers and staff (all between 7 and 22--85 people total) have tested positive now. But I'm sure that opening schools with fewer precaution than the camp took (I know that all staff at least had a negative test before they started) will go FINE. Because kids can't spread the virus.
  10. Yeah, I think this is really what it comes down to. If we aren't doing anything to control community spread (and in my state we're doing very, VERY little) there's no reason whatsoever to believe that schools will be able to stay open. It's not about what we WANT. Teachers will get sick, kids will get sick, there won't be enough substitutes (subs are in short supply in a regular year; this year will be much, much worse)....eventually either the logistics of keeping schools staffed will fall apart or--God forbid--some kids die and people lose their stomach for it. To me the question is whether we want to let a bunch of people get seriously ill in the meantime. But even if we say trying to open schools is worth the risk....and I'm willing to say that it is in some areas and/or with some populations...why would you fight against basic, common sense precautions that might make reopening successful????!!! But that's what I'm seeing here. No testing, no mask requirements, no distancing. They're pretending schools are somehow magic bubbles where people can spend all day in close proximity to each other, and no one will get sick.
  11. An overnight camp here shut down when a counselor tested positive (after testing negative right before the camp started). Multiple campers he came in contact with have since tested positive. I have a friend with a kid in a day camp where one of the kids just tested positive, and now she's waiting for her (mildly symptomatic) daughter's test to come back. I don't understand how anyone thinks that's not going to happen in schools, particularly when many schools are doing almost nothing to stop it from happening.
  12. I'm staring down sending my oldest back to college this fall, and he's only THIRD on my list of concerns....behind my public high school teaching husband and my clarinet-playing, planning to major in music 17 year old. His professors and the other people who work at his college, though....wouldn't want to be them at all right now.
  13. Exactly. I double checked to make sure that was, indeed, what she meant.
  14. Is anyone arguing against responsible reopening in areas where cases are under control? If deaths (and hospitalizations) were down to almost zero in my state, my DH would be leading a parade back to school.
  15. Not here they won't. I got in an argument on NextDoor the other day with a woman who wasn't going to have her kids wear masks at school because it would be too hard for them to breathe in them when they have a cold. When she sends her kids to school with a contagious respiratory illness, it's really important that they be able to freely breathe and cough and sneeze all over their classmates. She didn't have an answer for how she was able to distinguish between cold symptoms and mild covid symptoms. And that right there is one of the many reasons I don't think schools will be staying open for long.
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