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  1. It really is a big mess. We've managed to find somewhere close the past three years, but this year two of the three schools we've used in the past have turned us down and one more hasn't decided yet if they'll allow homeschoolers. The college board is pretty much a cartoon villain, as far as I'm concerned. You might hear back from them, but it won't be with any actual help, I'm willing to bet. All I've ever gotten from them is outdated, incomplete, and/or just flat out wrong lists of schools to call.
  2. Thanks so much for all this, Angie! WRT to this point....we're likely visiting Oberlin and/or St. Olaf over spring break with my older son (who wants to be math or physics major, but happens to have applied to those two schools with conservatories) think it's not too early to schedule sample lessons for him? I mean, the schools are hundreds of miles away, so it seems like we might as well if we'll be there anyway, assuming the professors are open to it....also I'm thinking the more he sees right now about what a music major would involve, the better--so he can decide sooner rather than later if it's not really for him.
  3. Thanks so much everyone! He doesn't have a private clarinet teacher right now; I imagine getting that going is probably where we need to start, with the hope that s/he will be able to give us some direction about what else he could be doing.
  4. That's a good question--he has no idea. I know he doesn't want to give up either instrument right now, but he may have to do some prioritizing soon if he really wants to pursue this.
  5. My 9th grader has expressed interest in majoring in music in college, and I'm hoping to get some guidance about what he/we should be doing now to prepare for that. He's been taking private piano lessons for 4 years (with local competitions and recitals, nothing major) and just started playing clarinet last year (couple of years of guitar lessons before piano, but he doesn't play regularly anymore). He started clarinet on his own over the summer and auditioned into advanced band with the local homeschool band. He's also playing keyboards in jazz band at the same place. He's planning to add in marching band next year, and he'll likely start dual enrollment at a local university in 11th grade and can audition for assorted ensembles and marching band there. What else should we be looking at? This is all totally new to me, so any advice is appreciated!
  6. kokotg

    AP exams when have dual credit?

    I was thinking of it more in terms of what "looks good" to selective colleges than what they'll grant credit for. It seems like, generally speaking, most kids who have a good shot of getting into highly selective colleges are going to come in with more credit from AP classes and or DE than they'll actually be allowed to use.
  7. kokotg

    AP exams when have dual credit?

    So these are dual credit classes offered at his high school in coordination with a college? What I've gathered from the reading I've done is that selective colleges usually place more value on AP classes than on dual enrollment classes like that. Vassar's website, for example, has a section where they talk specifically about dual credit classes offered at high schools and how they "should be approached with caution." The thinking, as far as I can tell, is that there's no standardization with these classes and no way for the college to tell whether they're genuinely equivalent to a class taught at a college with other college students. So I would think that having AP scores to back up the grades he has from those classes and show that he's done college level work would be very helpful when applying to selective colleges.
  8. yeah, I'd say just #1, too. DS put down a deposit on his only big university but won't on any others I don't think.
  9. Nice--we can fret together come March 🙂 . We visited Hamilton and Vassar last summer, and he really liked them (especially Hamilton, but I think a lot of that is because he happened to have a tour guide with a ton of overlapping interests. Also because it was so pretty). Wesleyan was a late add because it doesn't have supplemental essays--but I do think he would probably have liked it if we'd made it there. It seems like a good fit on paper anyway.
  10. kokotg

    Last minute college apps?

    I mentioned this in the other thread already, but DS added Emory at the last minute and finished the app on NYE. I think he wanted another close to home option. He only has 2 subject tests, though, and they want 3 from homeschoolers, so we don't know if they'll even consider his application. Sounds like adding a couple more schools with higher acceptance rates is a wise move! FWIW, we went through the list of schools with no supplemental essays awhile back and added a couple more that seemed like good fits that way. It seems totally random which schools put a lot of emphasis on supplements and which don't.....some of his more selective schools don't have any (Colby, Wesleyan, Grinnell) and some of his less selective ones have several.
  11. Sure. Some of them got on the list specifically because they don't have supplementals 🙂 (and/or application fees): UGA, Hendrix, Knox, Williams, Hamilton, Colby, Vassar, Wesleyan, Grinnell, Carleton, St. Olaf, Macalester, Emory, Oberlin, Kenyon, Harvard
  12. We've got a lot of the same stuff going on here. He's in at his 3 safeties EA (and I think all of them are great options), but he's super nervous about all his RD schools. And I've never done this before, so I honestly have no idea how it's going to go down. I think he has a good shot just about everywhere (okay, maybe not Harvard) and will almost certainly get into a few of them, but who knows? He decided to add Emory to the list at the last second and finished that app up last night. I think he was feeling nervous about not having anywhere except UGA close to home. We'd cut it off the list awhile back because they "request" three subject tests from homeschoolers, and he only has two. But it very specifically says request and not require (it uses the word require on the same page about letters of recommendation from non-family, so....we figure the worst that happens is he doesn't get in and we'll never know if it's because of the missing subject test or not. Plus I'm cranky about the subject test thing anyway; he has a ton of DE, AP scores, and other test scores to prove that his homeschool transcript is legit. And Emory is the ONLY school he's applied to with that "request"; they're thinking a little too much of themselves, IMO. That said, I'm going to have my 9th grader take every subject test that makes sense so he has plenty to submit if he runs into something similar. Anyway, that makes SIXTEEN schools total, which is probably completely ridiculous, but he couldn't seem to stop once he started. He still has at least 4 more alumni or phone interviews, and he has to do a presentation at a scholarship weekend in February and fill out at least one more scholarship app that he was invited to apply for. It never ends!
  13. It's an actual W....he withdrew the day after drop/add ended 😞
  14. Another question: DS enrolled in a biology class at a community college this past semester (different college from the one where he's done his other DE classes), stayed in it for 2 classes, and then withdrew mostly for scheduling reasons (we're doing bio at home instead). That's the only class he ever enrolled in there, but now he has a transcript from them with the one "W" on it. Does he need to submit that transcript to the places he's applying? Should I stick that one in my pdf of assorted transcripts for the mid-year report and explain what it is in a cover letter? I've heard that there's some way colleges know if there's a transcript out there; I don't want them to think he's hiding anything.
  15. If you used the common app, the counselor section will tell you which schools require a mid-year report.
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