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  1. I'm generally a Nate Silver apologist, but I haven't been a fan of some of his covid takes.
  2. It wasn't rhetorical, but it wasn't something I expected you in particular to answer 🙂 More like, "yes, I agree that this thing you've identified is a problem. Now what do we collectively as a society do about it?" And....I don't know either.
  3. Yes, and....then what? I see a certain contingent on Twitter (Nate Silver, et. al.) who think the vaccines are being seriously undersold, and we need to tell people get vaccinated, and you can do whatever you want. And along with that there's an attitude that your personal responsibility is to get yourself vaccinated, and then, once everyone who wants a vaccine has had a chance to get one, they're on their own if they choose not to. But there are some big problems with that--kids can't get vaccinated yet, for one thing. And maybe the bigger issue is that the more covid keeps circulating, the b
  4. I looked into this yesterday after reading about it here, and Snopes has deep dived into the Biden ear mystery and concluded that, yeah, probably some plastic surgery going on there (which Biden has neither confirmed nor denied, I believe): https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/earlobes-biden-body-double/
  5. Is blogspot still a thing? Blogspot will make everything very easy for you. I use wordpress (.org) and it's fine and you can customize more, but there are costs involved, and it can be a pain if you need to do anything technical and don't really know how (that's me).
  6. oh, it says median age is 33 for pregnant women, and that the average rate is 20% for women who are 35. So it doesn't seem like we can conclude that it's higher based on the information they give.
  7. Does it? I'm coming up with 18.8% and then they have this footnote about the rate in the population as a whole: "The frequency of clinically recognized early pregnancy loss for women aged 20–30 years is 9–17%, and this rate increases sharply from 20% at age 35 years to 40% at age 40 years and 80% at age 45 years. Reference: ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 200: Early Pregnancy Loss. Obstet Gynecol. 2018132(5):e197-e207." So as I'm reading it, we would have to know what the ages were for the women studied to know if it was higher or not. (maybe that's in there; I looked at it fairly quickly)
  8. (and x-posted with like 3 other posts of course)
  9. I hope she's kidding and wouldn't really lie about it since, of course, that would be taking someone else's ability to make informed decisions about their health away from them. And this is one area where I think there really aren't any easy answers about how we all just need to respect each other's decisions. That's easy enough to say on a message board, but in real life someone's vaccine status might well impact how/whether you choose to interact with them. I can see that someone would feel defensive and maybe further entrenched in their position if a friend says they don't want to hang out
  10. If the usual pattern holds, it will happen right AFTER my husband's spring break, and the rule is that he can't take any personal days immediately before or after a holiday. I have been fretting about this preemptively since 2017. But we'll figure it out somehow! I just told him to e-mail the school board and put in his request for spring break to be the second week of April instead that year. Maybe I can get the whole county on board.
  11. Oh, I'll be there! I was not at all prepared for how amazing the eclipse was in 2017, and I was SO GLAD we made the effort to drive a couple of hours to get to totality. I felt a sort of religious zeal afterwards to impress upon people how important totality is. I was this close to selling everything to become a full time eclipse chaser 😂
  12. Weird that it's understood that employees have to be given reasonable accommodations if they don't want to be vaccinated but not if they don't want to....get covid. Although it remains to be seen whether there will be a ton of lawsuits about that in the future, I guess. I read about one where a family whose father had died of covid was suing Publix because they wouldn't ALLOW him to wear a mask at work (back in spring 2020). And there are plenty of school systems that dismissed everyone or almost everyone's requests to work remotely while refusing to follow any CDC guidelines about masking, di
  13. Sigh. I took the kids for cleanings in the fall, to the dentist we've gone to and loved for well over a decade...and two of the hygienists had their masks under their noses while working with patients. I was stunned. Then I went on their facebook page and saw multiple pictures of the whole staff out to eat together at indoor restaurants. So I guess we're not on the same page about either the pandemic or, you know, basic hygiene--since wearing a mask while you're inches away from someone's open, germy mouth for 20 minutes should pretty much be a no-brainer pandemic or not. So now I have to find
  14. I suspect we'll be dealing with the costs (both economic and otherwise) of long term covid complications for a very long time.
  15. First off, I messed up my math on the millions more deaths. It's true...I think the Dakotas might be the best places to look because they had pretty much no restrictions over the fall/winter and huge surges and tons of deaths--and later in the pandemic when everyone knew much more about what we were dealing with. So they're at around .25 and .2% mortality for the whole state at this point. I've seen estimates that close to half of their populations likely had covid, so that would indeed put the mortality rate at .4-.5% But, yeah, of course no one actually knows. If we took vaccines out of the
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