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  1. I've read that the surgical mask should go first to act as a filter and also to keep the reusable mask cleaner. ETA: although I also see people doing it the other way around, so I dunno. That's the way he prefers it.
  2. Yeah, it's not much different here (DH's county has been virtual since the break was over mostly because of staffing issues; they are supposed to go back Tuesday, but who knows?) But they CLAIM that this is a reflection of increased community transmission, not transmission in schools. I've run the numbers in our county and in the county north of us with no mask requirement, and there's a HUGE difference. The incident rate in our county is tracking pretty similar to the county overall. This isn't super comforting because the county overall is terrible (and the school community is, of course, pa
  3. Sock Fancy makes my favorite for most of the family who just does outside stuff or occasional quick shopping trips; they're 3 layers (cotton with a poly-fiber inner layer), filter pocket, and they fit well and have really good coverage: https://sockfancy.com/products/sock-fancy-mask. My husband wears a Happy Mask over a surgical mask when he's in his classroom.
  4. Well, again, it makes MORE sense to me to be more cautious in those circumstances to reduce the chance of passing covid along to people we come in contact with, given our relatively high level of unavoidable exposure through my husband's school. ETA: not that we haven't been in a store or socialized outside at all; for the most part we were pretty cautious before school started and we're pretty cautious now, but we do leave the house.
  5. ...it does seem to me that in-school transmission in schools with strong safety protocols in place is fairly rare (although at a certain point when community spread gets high enough no amount of safety protocols can overcome staffing issues. And then who knows where the new variants take us). I wish that people would emphasize THAT more rather than just yelling that schools are safe. I'm not sure people in parts of the country where such safety protocols are the norm realize just how many kids are going to schools that are doing pretty much nothing to control spread.
  6. oh, the terrible irony--if teachers aren't ACTUALLY at increased risk, but they THINK they are, so they go out and make themselves higher risk by hitting the bars after work! I have had fleeting thoughts that maybe we should just go ahead and book a Disney trip, because if we're going to get covid anyway I'd rather it was because we went to Disney than because my husband brought it home from math class 😂 The opposite is true for our family--we are MORE cautious, particularly around high risk family members, but also just in general--because my husband has a higher level of exposure. I gue
  7. I think a lot of it is that people very much WANT it to be true that schools aren't a problem. There's so little standardization of....anything that it's really difficult to draw conclusions. Every school system has different (or no!) safety protocols in place, every school system reports data (or doesn't!) in a different way, and every school system exists in a community with a different and constantly changing level of community spread. There's a new study out of North Carolina that's making the rounds here to show how super safe school is. But it's of I think 11 schools that all
  8. I'm sorry; that's awful 😞 . How's your school with precautions? Are they requiring masks?
  9. My mother and stepfather got their first doses today (Pfizer). They had appointments, but still ended up waiting around 3 hours--the first couple of hours in the car and then over an hour inside (not thrilled about that). That was this afternoon; when I asked how they're feeling tonight she just said, "fine." So apparently no significant reactions yet anyway. They can't even try to schedule an appointment for the second dose yet, so who knows when they'll actually get it...but one dose is better than nothing anyway.
  10. Yes. I think it's probably winter that's doing it to me (along with just how very, very long it's been going on, of course). I normally welcome cold weather and an excuse to stay inside watching movies or whatever, but, well...
  11. you should absolutely post it! the rest of us can live vicariously 🙂
  12. I did, too! It was supposed to be our late 20th anniversary celebration. I'll settle for a vaccine before our 22nd in August as a replacement 🙂
  13. I just got my mother and stepfather signed up for appointments this week at my county health center. They live one county over, but it let me sign them up anyway. I could see the appointments filling up while I filled out the form; I felt like I was trying to score Hamilton tickets 🙂
  14. We have a a big RV trip planned; currently we have two versions booked--one that goes into Canada if the border's open, and one that sticks with New England/New York. It's all tentative--I'm not ready to count on it actually happening--but good campgrounds often book up super early, so we don't have much choice but to plan ahead.
  15. My Dad, who works at a nursing home, just got his first dose the other day and reports just a sore arm. He did say a couple of people he works with had worse reactions ("flu-like" he says) and called in sick for a day). I'm very relieved he got it, but it sounds like covid's been tearing through the nursing home lately and that it took longer than it should have to get it to them.
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