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  1. I’ve switched from them but my kids were young. We held on to the K-2 enrichment and Bible for a while but eventually I dropped that too. I am using their preschool again and I do like it. I will not be doing their jr.k again.
  2. I noticed they have a new science course for 3rd grade. I looked at the samples, and the format looks like it would be a perfect fit for my 8 & 9 yo. I was wondering if one of the more experienced moms had looked at and if you had an opinion to share. This year we used CLE, which has not been particularly thrilling even with extra books and videos.
  3. Any must read inspirational homeschool or how to books? Parenting books? Do you read any Mother Culture type books? Do you pre-read your children’s books for the next school year? I’m in my winter reading phase. Haha.
  4. Re: copywork refusal. Letter magnets, stickers, tiles.. whatever. That is how we started when one my kids didn’t like the act of holding the pencil. Eventually we moved up to writing on a water board type thing with a water pen, and any other gimmicky kind of writing tablets. Idk we have a lot. 😂 I slowly started requiring one sentence a week done by pen and paper and moved the requirements up from there. Also I think it’s important to narrow down if he’s refusing to write because he can’t or because he doesn’t want to. What happens when he says no? Re: Spelling We use a procedure list I created based on SOR and workshops I’ve taken to teach spelling. Our word list comes from the Aldine Speller (vintage.)
  5. I would stick with Writing Games, especially if he likes it and you see progress with the activities. I have a reluctant writer. I always thought it was because he found the act of writing laborious, but now I actually think it was because he was not a confident speller. Once we started getting serious with spelling, his ability to write a beautiful sentence soared. I also began incorporating copy work. I don’t know how much the copy work has helped, but he is more willing to copy sentences than write his own. We use Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl and Montessori grammar symbol manipulatives. It’s not gamified but it seems enjoyable enough as none of the boys complain. It is very short, around 10 minutes so that they stay focused and engaged and I don’t lose my mind. We also like the Ruth Heller grammar picture books. This, along with some occasional variety from free internet games or apps seems to be enough. We listened to Mary’s Grammar on Librivox and I hope to listen to Grammar Land at some point before the year is over.
  6. Christmas books for the kids! Craft kits are always great too. Hopefully some Yum Earth candy canes because I shuddered at spending $7 for a box. Holiday coffees for me. I will happily sip gingerbread and peppermint until Easter. Last year I hit the clearance jackpot on holiday scented deodorant, soap, and hair products. I was using that stuff until August. 😂
  7. This is not super creative but you might like the simplicity…… We started making our own wrapping paper yesterday. It’s just brown kraft paper and the kids draw and/or paint it to make their own. We also started making a Christmas village with milk cartons and paper bags.
  8. I was looking at her Northern Lights Cards a few days ago! All of her things look lovely.
  9. Most our favorites have been mentioned! We also like The Great Spruce (Duvall) and Silver Packages (Rylant).
  10. Love It! This has been my Christmas school style in the past.
  11. Good points! Thanks for your perspective. He is in 3rd grade, so it’s possible we just need to move faster or even move up ILL. We did lesson 77 on Thursday and he said, “this is basically verb principal parts, right?” I guess he did learn something at CC. 😂
  12. @ScoutTN great suggestion! I’d forgotten about that book.
  13. @Ting Tang Pam Barnhill just came out with a new Language Arts Together program. I’m thinking of trying it. It sounds relaxing. I can get on board with everybody doing LA together and then just doing separate spelling.
  14. https://librivox.org/marys-grammar-by-jane-marcet/ We use the librivox version. I’m sure it’s on Archive . Org too if you prefer to read it aloud yourself. We’ve only been using Serl since July. I can’t put my finger on why I’m not all in on it. I feel like PLL has a busy work undertone to it. I might move over to With Pencil and Pen for my PLL student and then move up him to ILL, and then move to Bards & Poets. I don’t know! I just watched a Language Arts workshop today, it gave me a lot of ideas. But Cottage Press would be so much easier on me. Haha.
  15. I’m considering switching for all the reasons you listed. Serl’s books are wonderful but it doesn’t always feel like there is a lot of progress being made. We also use the Aldine speller and we’re reading Mary’s Grammar. I’m looking at Fable & Song and Bards & Poets. I’m wondering if I really need Fable to hold my hand through Aesop though. I’ve listened to every SCM podcast on narration, dictation, copy work, etc. I mean, I’ve got this… right?! 😂 But it just looks so simple & refreshing. I might order it from Amazon so I can have a look at it and still be able to return it if I don’t like it.
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