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  1. I loved Colonial Williamsburg as a kid. I begged to go every year. Any sort of factory, particularly one involving food. 😆 Glass-bottomed boat tour and/or scuba diving. Photography studio that develops their own film. We are going on a scenic railroad tour in the fall. I’m super excited about it. Relaxing for me, exciting adventure for the kid.
  2. Currently reading The Rose Code. I’ve just started chapter 4 and I’m hooked. @Kareni I read Eleanor Oliphant last summer. I got about half way through before trying to solve the ending. Totally agree about how sad and dark it is. I was so surprised to hear it labeled as a beach read.
  3. When IEW had the 12 days of Christmas they gave away a 3 month subscription to their premium content which has the Linguistic Development level 1 as a PDF. I would wait for a promo before you buy it outright. It was just ok, IMO. I mostly use Discovery Poetry.com and add in facts memorization from whatever we are studying. King things on YouTube has some CC stuff set to music which we enjoy even though we aren’t in CC.
  4. Starfall for phonics games. Michael’s Craft Classes & Art Hub for Kids Explorify, UK based, similar to Mystery Science We took a 360 virtual tour of Monet’s house and gardens during the pandemic. It was amazing. The link is on my desktop, I’ll try to remember to paste it here. Tumblebooks for animated picture books. TGTB has a free book channel too. The Homeschool Compass for printables. We love all the nature studies.
  5. I don’t think it’s a big deal to switch math curric at this point. Saxon K is a lot of playing with bear counters and unifix cubes. My kid didn’t write a single number in Saxon K. Did you complete Saxon 1 already or are you switching in the middle? Whatever you decide to switch too, I would work through it on your own first. We are switching to Miquon next year and I ordered doubles so I could figure it out first. I find it easier to teach when I actually understand what my child is supposed to learn. The I can adjust the lesson to reflect his learning style and rephrase as needed.
  6. I used level 1 at age 4 and level 2 at age 5. We really enjoyed it. I did skip the Charlotte’s Web reading because I planned to do a book study on that later.
  7. I sold a load of furniture. The house feels empty. But it’s less to move and it won’t all fit in the new place anyway. Purged the art supplies and re gifted a bunch of library craft kits we never got to. I had five math books for next year, finally narrowed it down to a main and a supplement. Trimmed down the math manipulatives. It was painful. 😆 Went through the containers of preschool age laminated stuff and tossed it all. If I have another child I probably won’t even do all that totschool malarkey. Finally completed our photo yearbook! Still need to purge the boar
  8. It reminded me too much IBLP. If you’ve never had a negative experience with any Gothard group it probably won’t bother you. I like MP’s Myself and Other. I keep meaning to look more into BeautifulFeet’s character study too.
  9. Obviously this is all just really dependent on the specific situation, dynamics and location. I skipped over a lot of comments so maybe I missed additional details outside of the OP. I know that when I’m in crisis mode, my reaction is to just survive as best I can. Grabbing my box of school would be the last thing on my mind when fleeing my home.
  10. My answer is unschooling. I’d use the money to fund zoo and museum memberships. We’d experience a theatre performance, the symphony, and the ballet. We’d volunteer anywhere and everywhere. We’d be at the library multiple times per week. We would make a bucket list to visit all the parks, nature preserves and historical landmarks in the area. I can see myself taking everyone out to walk the city and doing a city unit study. I’d hand them the public transit schedule and have them figure it all out. Assuming the hotel had a TV, we would watch documentaries and educational shows. We’d have meal pl
  11. I’d probably update my kitchenware. I would love a new set of pots and pans, nordicware cake pans, and Pyrex. Maybe a moderately priced espresso machine too! Then again, I’ve been meaning to replace my fleece pullover, snow boots and hiking boots for past three winters. I should probably do that first. Boring!
  12. We are moving in the fall and I know I need to start purging but I just don’t want to. DS has a lot of toys and books. I need to cut my kitchenware in half. I have a lot of free to me and hand me down curriculum that I hate to part with because he’s only 6 and “I might use it!” I want to be a minimalist but I want 12 different types math manipulatives too.
  13. I’m so tempted by Noeo science that Logos puts out. All those books! Easy science experiments all packed into those little kits. *swoon* I like that it’s on a 3 year cycle too. The Thinking Tree has some science themed journals now. They can be used with any book.
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