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  1. A little under 800 sq ft here, only 3 people. It’s not horrible. But my goodness, the neighbors are so loud and their cooking is so... fragrant. Our biggest issue isn’t necessarily the small space but that we don’t have the proper furniture to accommodate the stuff. Books in baskets instead of shelves. Toys in buckets and small bins that eat up floor space. Sigh.
  2. Coming back to suggest Outschool. You could outsource math once or twice a week and look for classes specific to what your kids are struggling with or focus on classes specific to conceptual or discovery math. You’ve already received lots of curriculum suggestions, but I’ll add one more. Apologia. I haven’t heard much about it from other homeschoolers, but I think it looks hands on and engaging.
  3. Since you mentioned your kids like math literature, have you tried the Sir Cumference series? What about Bedtime Math? Life of Fred might be a fun supplement. If you fall down the Amazon book rabbit hole there are loads of math storybooks. Do you guys like the outdoors? What about Wild Math? If you’re artsy, Blossom & Root has a math in art supplement that is really nice. My son like crafts, so we use Tara West’s math crafts. Maybe something CLE or BJU with some fun supplements would work. I think that is what we are doing next year.
  4. When I say the horizons TM doesn’t offer much help, I mean it literally says “teach subtraction.” That’s it. No elaboration, no strategies, nothing. It’s basically an overpriced answer key.
  5. I bought TGTB math 1 when it was on sale for $25. I like the math activity box, but the curriculum seems too easy. We are doing Horizon Math K and it is far more advanced than TGTB grade 1. It will be interesting to see their new math, although I don’t plan to use it. If you are not confident in your math teaching abilities I would pass on Horizons. There is not a lot of help in Teacher’s Manual. It wasn’t a problem for me in the K level, but I can see it being an issue for me in the next few years. Also Horizons is advanced compared to MLFLE, so that may be frustrating for everybody
  6. My dad read the series aloud to me when I was in 1st grade. I always thought I loved the books, but maybe it was just the memory of him reading to me. When I tried to listen to the audiobook with DS I had to turn it off. I was stunned at how horrible it was. We do like the Little House picture books. Everyone seems to like Farmer Boy, I may add that to our read aloud list next year.
  7. This is what I do too. It hasn’t been a problem.
  8. I like Print Path OT on teachers pay teachers. It’s similar to HWOT but cheaper and you have the freedom to print as many pages as you need. She starts with capitals, then numbers, and finally lowercase letters. There are add on packets you can buy if you want more variety. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/HANDWRITING-Begins-Here-Capitals-First-Explicit-Instruction-Uppercase-831529 My son also really likes the Fine Motor Journal. We use the print path OT methods, but do the fun stuff in the journal. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Fine-Motor-Journals-5187
  9. There was a push notification on my kindle app to sign up for a reading challenge. They have different “quests” to follow and earn book credits. There is a daily reading quest for January to unlock $5.
  10. Are any of you doing the Kindle reading challenge? I want those free book credits!
  11. I binge read Hope’s Highest Mountain by Misty Beller. I really enjoyed the fast paced historical. Some of the action was cheesy and the ending was predictable, but the characters were like able and the plot entertaining. I find most Christian historical fiction rather sleepy, so this was a nice change. I have two Hoopla books getting ready to expire, so I need to get on that. Still working on Joyce Meyer’s book. We’re reading books like crazy in history right now so it’s hard to find the energy after school time. A ThriftBooks order I placed in November(!!!!) finally showed up, yay!!
  12. Thank you! You are awesome! I may have drowned my progressive phonics disappearance sorrows on my Amazon book list last night. Oops!
  13. This is sad. I only have the a few of beginner level downloaded from when I was printing them. Then we just read off the site. The intermediate level was on my to do list. Womp womp.
  14. This week I finished up For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaffer McCauley. I found some of it interesting, but most of it I had make myself stay awake for. I think this book could use an update. I want to try Elizabeth Foss’s updated book on CM but it never goes on sale. Womp womp. I listened to the Christmas Table by Donna VanLiere. Sweet and fluffy book, although not as good as some of her other Christmas stories. It was nice distraction while scrubbing grout and cleaning drains. Lol.
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