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  1. OP do you have an evaluator? If so, I’d recommend checking with him or her directly. Mine has a list of do’s and don’t that really outline everything. I turn stuff in every 9 weeks so that I don’t have a big project at the end. It’s also cheaper that way.🤣
  2. I’m trying to bank some extra time since we are getting ready to move and will not be doing anywhere near 5.5 hours for several weeks. Its not hours of formal sit down school at all. It’s TV that happens to correlate (peg + cat) , it’s books that I frame as teaching time, it’s games and activity I deem as exploration (making cookies and playing using our senses), it’s a walk around the block and tallying up taxis we spot. It’s definitely high prep. He’s the only kid I homeschool so I have the time. The professionals (he has therapies for SN) in our life are definitely against homeschool so that adds another layer of stress, not knowing if and when the authorities may demand proof of education. As I said, a lot of proving your hours just comes down to knowing the educational jargon. Daily 5/5 E/ Workshops don’t have to be formal desk work , they are a code for plugging in whatever it is you are doing. If you were planning to clean the house together, plug it into a lesson plan. There are like 100 ways to make that sound academic and actually be academic. We all do what we need to do and what works for us in our specific situations. Maybe one day I won’t have to do all of this.
  3. I have a first grader and we are in a high regulation situation too. I am naturally a very scheduled and organized person, almost to a fault. I completely understand and respect the other posters saying they would count living life as school, but that doesn’t work here. There is a LOT of planning involved on my end. I tinker around with the activities to ensure we don’t wind up short on our requirements. I’ll post a pic of my daily plan. “The Daily 5” is straight out of the public school playbook, I had it in there last year and my evaluator said it was great. YMMV because technically it does have the adult reading aloud chapters. In my experience, the key is using the educator language. When I type this plan up for my official records I will denote that I used a 5E lesson plan for math. Math Lit is considered the first e, engagement. Miquon worksheet will be evaluate. I haven’t decided on the other aspects yet. 🤣 For testing, I just make up my own exit tickets that have the main themes from whatever we learned and then I grade it (not in front of my son because I think it’s ridiculous to grade a first grader.) We’ve also done projects at the end of our science and social studies units and I use those as our “test.” We use Miquon too, but I bought Red Bird math (computer) so I can print out the measured progress. He only does Red Bird once a week.
  4. Perhaps I just don’t have enough experience yet to plan with ease. Maybe if I front load vetting resources that relate to the general topic and familiarize myself with them, it will be easier and faster to work them into the puzzle when the need arises. That might be harder to do with books though.
  5. I like taking what is being taught in the curriculum and teaching it in a way that I think my first grader will find meaningful. I may completely skip over a lesson as written. I cover the same info, but with different sources. Or maybe I’ll add in things to a fill a gap. Do other people plan like this? How do you do it? Am I just overdoing it? When I try to find lesson planning help it tends to be about pacing or literal planners. It doesn’t seem to matter what curriculum I try. I just don’t like the way every single lesson is written, even if I like the curriculum overall. I spend at least 2-3 hours a week planning for the upcoming week. Is this normal? It just seems like I cannot get ahead. If I plan too far in advance I have to regroup because he’s already passed that level or needs extra practice. I feel like I need a workshop in lesson planning.
  6. I have an oil diffuser thing, a succulent, and a little framed picture on the top of my bedside table. Maybe I’m weird, but I just move things that land there at night back where they belong in the morning.
  7. My DS is in first grade now, but he has been in OT for years. Handwriting/fine motor is still a struggle. I find that it’s a slippery slope, knowing when to push him and when to relax expectations. I think that gaining wisdom in this area is a large part of the art of teaching. So, I’ve been working to develop that in myself. It’s not going that well but I’m trying. 😂 I use Print Path OT from teachers pay teachers. It is very gentle and systematic. You start with uppercase, numbers, then lowercase. All the letters are grouped together with the way you start them. We just wrapped up the “retrace rules” r,n,m,h,b,p. I highly recommend it. When he needs a break from formal handwriting, we focus on drawing lessons from Art Hub for Kids. If he’s not into drawing that day, I’ll let him pick a dot to dot or maze that appeals to him.
  8. We like it. I think it’s overpriced for the amount of content available, but they do seem to be adding more. DS likes to do the activities they show. So far, we’ve had everything on hand and they’ve all worked, but they are pretty basic at the K-2 level. He really likes the math videos and begs for the worksheets. Strange child. 😆
  9. I’ve used them. Overall, I was pleased with the service. I had over 1,000 pages I needed printed and they did a professional job. It was very affordable, however, it took almost two months for my order to hit the queue. I’ve also used Family Nest Printing. It was more expensive, but faster service. ETA: Office Depot was running a 40% sale for educators. I *think* it was running all month. Worth a try!
  10. Good for Beth Moore. I saw some sort of YouTube personality reaction in my feed but kept scrolling. I’m sure the backlash is unreal. I left the virtual homeschool conference Heidi St.John was speaking at after she went on and on about being anti mask and anti vax and pro using your brain. Then she asked for money towards her campaign. Yikes. That reminds me, I want to toss out her book. 😆
  11. I spent way too much time and money teaching my son. He started out eagerly and caught on to the letter sounds with ease. Once we hit blending, we were muddled down for at least year. He lost his zest in the process. In the meantime, we were doing loads of read alouds and he was listening to hours worth of audiobooks. All that book enjoyment backfired a bit when he refused to read “baby stories” to practice his reading. Eventually, I found Pinwheels by Rooted In Language and that was the ticket. I really like the program for DS. It’s lots of fun, systematic, and thorough. I dislike that it’s in a PDF and requires a lot of initIal prep.
  12. I’ve called the health department a dozen times and they just keep telling me there is nothing to be done but quarantine my family for exposure. I just wish management would put up a sign on the front door so all these unsuspecting delivery people might have a chance to rethink a mask. Maybe I’m wrong to assume people would care more if they knew they were walking right into it. I could go on, but the more I write about this horror show of a building the more unbelievable it sounds. It’s a nightmare here. 0/5 stars for the south.
  13. We are pretty much back to lock down mode. I don’t feel comfortable taking my can’t be vaxxed yet kid out of the front door with delta confirmed cases on our floor. (Apartment.) No one masks in the halls. We were pretty much back to normal, with the exception of masking in crowded indoor settings, and now this. This sucks. I think it is going to hit my family’s mental health a lot harder this time if it goes on for months again.
  14. We just discovered Generation Genius. It’s a little pricey IMO but we took advantage of the 5 free videos and then signed up for the 30 day trial. www.GenerationGenius.com/register-free-trial We also like PBS Learning Media. The videos tend to be older but there are some good ones. If your library has Kanopy access you might enjoy some videos on there. Notgrass has that new homeschool history website which was kind of cool to poke around on. We enjoyed a lot of videos during our trial.
  15. I don’t think people are stupid but I am frustrated by their choices. My counties vax rate is 15%. My neighbors have Delta. They’re not vaccinated and they don’t mask. One of them walks up and down the stairs/hall coughing and breathing heavy at all hours. They know full well they are sick and that our building is full of babies and young kids. It’s rude. I’m weary. It’s tough explaining mask burning, anti vax shirts, and bumper stickers that say “unmask the smiles” to my six year old. It’s tough trying to find food right now because in addition to being anti-vax, many are preparing for the end of the world. So yes, I may have said “I don’t understand these people” or something like that to express my distaste for their opinions. I’m still empathetic if they get sick and I hope they don’t.
  16. Have you explored Lightening Literature or Moving Beyond the Page Lit Units?
  17. That would be great too. Do you have a favorite?
  18. I’m thinking I’ll go for the book basket, post it’s, post it tabs, magnetic book marks, Frixion pens (my fav!), Avery binder bookmarks, chocolate, snacks, and coffee. Definitely the pencil sharpener, fun pencils and erasers for the kids. A couple homeschool picture books for the kids like “This is our home, This is our school” and “Charlie goes to School.” I don’t know if mom would be into a homeschool book for her. Maybe The Brave Leaner?
  19. Good idea! I think she would like that.
  20. I was eating a cookie while I wrote this. Goodie. 😆 Lord have mercy.
  21. A friendly neighbor has decided to pull out of PS and traditionally homeschool this year. They feel backed into a corner with this decision so they’re not all “Yay! We’re homeschoolers now!” I want to give the mom a little homeschool goodie box type thing but not completely overwhelm her with a lot of extra stuff she may not really need. What do you think? I was thinking coffee, for sure. Maybe a stash of mom chocolate. What else? What did you wish you had when you started?
  22. I just don’t understand the fear my fellow Christians have. So much “fear not” but it’s only being applied to getting sick. So what if it might be the last days? So what if the government is evil? We know Who goes before us. Christians know the Lord is coming back sometime. So what’s the problem? I’ll sit down now. I don’t usually say stuff like this but after being told 100s of times I’m not using my brain and not trusting God I just want to stomp my foot and say enough!
  23. Churches in our area held a prayer service to end COVID. Two days later they all refused to hold vaccine clinics. Every good gift comes from above. You asked, He answered.
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