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  1. This is incredibly helpful! You’ve hit the nail on the head I think. And the posts you linked were super helpful also. I’m actually considering Jann’s algebra class. I think it would be a good option. This is our first year to farm out math, but based on the past, I know that dd needs things explained very clearly. She won’t put anything together herself in this realm. Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. Thanks! Here is a review that I have read that made me start questioning Saxon as being a fit for my daughter. I’ve wondered if things are being introduced too quickly . “Saxon math employs an incremental approach that introduces a new concept every day (every lesson). Many students grow bored on it, or they can't get it when new concepts come along so quickly.”
  3. Thanks for your feedback. It really may not be a saxon problems but I’ve heard the way it teaches things isn’t great for all students. She seems to need mastery of a concept, which is why I think R&S worked so well. I will say that I have been nothing but pleased with WTMA. The teacher is great!
  4. I intend to do that, as I mentioned. And she’s had a human helping her - in class and on the side when needed. This issue is only about a week old. Until then, things were fine. I’ve only questioned potentially changing when I started thinking about her math history and how Rod and Staff helped more than any other. I’d like to ensure that she’s using the right type of curriculum for high school. And I can help, but only so much since I’m not a math person. That’s why we are farming this out. I suppose when i posted this, I was hoping more for responses on which type of student does well with Saxon, what the strengths and weaknesses of the program are, etc....
  5. Well, I hate that this is my answer, but I’ve been really hands off this year since it’s online. Her teacher has been great. This is really new (the problem) so I haven’t had a decent conversation with her yet or had an opportunity to sit down and work through it with her. We are on vacation but I plan to do that once we are home. She’d kept a solid A in the class so far but has started having the deer in the headlights look lately!
  6. I thought I’d also add, in case this helps - she did mostly CLE in elementary which worked decently well, but not great. Then she went to Rod and Staff 6 & 7. That was wonderful. It really made sense to her and helped her a lot with math.
  7. I think just basic solving algebraic equations. She says it’s solving for “x” with lots on each side 😂
  8. I would love for people to weigh in on how you know if Saxon is the right fit for your child? (Or point me to best posts on this) I'm not great at researching math and grasping which programs are best for which kids because I’m not a math girl myself. My daughter is in her first year of Saxon (prealgebra) and I’m trying to decide if I should switch directions for algebra and up. She’s hitting a wall but it’s hard to tell if it’s saxon or just math in general. (Her class is with WTMA) Thanks!
  9. Hmmm.....that doesn’t sound too appealing 😂
  10. Does anyone know if any other online providers teach from WWS?
  11. Hmm....interesting points. I wish they’d have a section or two for older kids just starting WWS.
  12. I see that this online class is listed for grades 6-8. My child has only done a little of WWS 1 and will be entering 9th grade. How do you all feel about this class for 9th or even 10th grade?
  13. Hi! Has anyone taken the Saxon algebra 1 class at WTMA? I’d love to hear some reviews. Thanks!
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