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  1. Hi - does anyone know what the differences would be between the MFW Jacobs geometry set with the Callahan DVDs and the newer Masterbooks set also with the DVDs? Both use the 3rd edition text. Thanks!
  2. Bumping this old thread because I’m curious about this also!
  3. Has anyone used the Dive videos along with Jay Wile’s Discovering Design with Chemistry text? I’d love to hear some reviews. I’m debating this vs an online class (which i would prefer to not do because of other online classes - don’t want many classes farmed out online) Thanks!
  4. Has anyone used Schole Academy for an online geometry class? I’d love to hear some reviews. Thanks!
  5. Yes, the 3 days a week isn’t ideal for us either.
  6. Did you happen to look at Schole Academy geometry?
  7. I’m especially curious if anyone has used Schole academy geometry.
  8. Do you have access to a live teacher/help if you need it? That’s pretty key for us to have someone for her to go to if she gets stumped.
  9. I know there is a thread with a list of online geometry classes, but I’d love to hear what people are currently using and enjoy. This is for a student who does pretty well in math but doesn’t like it. She will not be a math major for sure! It doesn’t need to be the most difficult out there but also don’t want to take the easy way out. Thanks!
  10. I can’t speak to that class, though I’ve been wondering about these lit classes. My daughter is in one of her composition classes this year and really enjoys it. The main thing I wonder about with the lit classes is that they seem mostly to use a chat box instead of the microphone for discussion. It seems like that would be so much slower and not as vibrant of a discussion than if the kids were actually able to talk with one another. I understand that sometimes limiting things to a chat box might be helpful (like in the Comp class), but for discussion of books, it seems like “real” discussion might be more beneficial and enjoyable. That said, maybe they talk in the classes more than I’m aware of by watching the sample videos on the website. My student does enjoy this teacher though - very much!
  11. Does anyone have any experience with the American lit class through Big River Academy? I’d love any thoughts at all about it.
  12. I did that this year also! I bought Biblioplan year one, but after about a week of it, I realized I didn’t like it. I sold it very easily on a literature based curriculum buy/sell group on FB. But that was August......
  13. Can anyone speak to these comp classes? Memoria Press Foundations of Comp (Arlene Roemer) Big River Academy - Intermediate Comp (Gayle Foley) Bright Ideas Press - English Comp using The Elegant Essay (fall) followed by Writing the Research Paper (spring) - both taught by Jamie Anderson)
  14. Any opinions on the new Beautiful Feet Ancient Guide for a 9th grader? We wouldn’t do every book and are using something else also but need a little supplementing.
  15. I ended up finding a local class but when I was looking for an online class first, I saw this one. I don’t know anything about it, but it’s worth a look.
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