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  1. My daughter is taking one of these architecture classes in the fall. The teacher has been great to respond to all of my questions quickly. We are super excited for her to try this out.
  2. Does anyone have suggestions for biographies that are available on audible? They can be for students or just for an adult listener. Either is fine. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. And no, we’ve never used Excelsior before. I’m seeing good reviews for the lit teacher but haven’t been able to find anything on this history teacher, so thanks for your thoughts.
  4. Any reviews on Excelsior for American Lit with Jess Woods or American History with Becky Frank?
  5. Can anyone recommend a Lit Only online class for 7th grade? I don’t need comp at all, though it’s fine if they have to write a few papers - we will just have the actual instruction elsewhere. I know about and am not interested in: Wilson Hill Memoria Press Angelina Stanford (due to wait list) Center for Lit thanks for any suggestions!!
  6. I’ve signed my daughter up for the American Lit class next year with Christine Norvell. The class looks great. Has anyone else taken a look at this?
  7. Which of these history texts are more enjoyable for a 7th grader? And why? A History of US - Hakim All American History - Rakes I would be supplementing with additional books either way.
  8. Has anyone had a student in the Veritas Press live online US history class? Any reviews?
  9. I’ve been considering TOG for next year. My hesitation is that the rhetoric level books all seem to be the same - and very dull at that. I’m assuming that hasn’t been your experience? Can you tell me about those books and why your kiddos have enjoyed them? I’m speaking mostly about the Norton history books.
  10. I really appreciate your honesty. This is really good info.
  11. Thanks! Yes, I’ve listened to the samples and he definitely stands out to me and I’ve read such great reviews of his teaching!
  12. Hi - does anyone have a favorite teacher for this class at WTMA? The two I’m deciding between are Jessica Otto and Thomas Hummel. If you have any general thoughts about this class, that would be helpful as well. My student is doing WWS 1 now but we’re only 5 lessons in. She did the placement test with WTMA and they recommended EW2. We’ll keep doing book 1 the rest of the this year. (I posted some of this on the logic board but thought it might help for it to be here)
  13. If it helps - the two teachers I am deciding between are Otto and Hummel. I’m also considering W&R at Schole Academy. Books 5&6.
  14. Hi - does anyone have a favorite teacher for this class at WTMA?
  15. Thank you so much for this! Very helpful. We’ve got it narrowed down to two options next year - one being My Fun Science with Bethany. This definitely helps me think things through.
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