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  1. Anyone use any of the Cornerstone curriculum recently? Specifically Starting Points or Worldviews of the Western World? Thanks!
  2. Ooh thanks! I’ll look into this!
  3. Hi - My daughter is taking a psychology intro class online right now (through My Fun Science) and is really enjoying it. Is there anywhere you know of (online) that has a next level class? She would like to continue studying psychology but I’m not sure where to find something. Any thoughts? thanks!
  4. My daughter took ASL 1 through Mr. D and is now about halfway done with ASL 2. She really enjoys it but I wouldn’t say it’s a super challenging class. That’s ok with us because she will also be taking Spanish to fulfill her foreign language credit and ASL is just something she really likes. In a good portion of the first year, the teacher signs a lot and the “tests” are based on your understanding of what she’s signing. Eventually this turns into the student videoing herself/himself signing and being evaluated that way, in addition to understanding the teacher. There is a monthly option to
  5. My 9 year old is taking the Young Scientist class at this online school: https://myfunscience.com
  6. Schole Academy Excelsior Classes Wilson Hill Academy Center for Lit Those are the schools we’ve had the most experience with and enjoy.
  7. I just wanted to pass along that Excelsior Classes has added Geometry for next year. My daughter is going to take the class. Just in case anyone is still looking for geometry. https://excelsiorclasses.com/product/geometry/
  8. Thanks. I’ll check out College of the Redwoods. I did sign up before the free trial of thinkwell. I think I’m having a hard time finding out where these two programs lineup in terms of thoroughness, rigor, and effectiveness. Are they similar to CLE, Saxon, AOPS, Math Mammoth, Teaching Textbooks, etc...... not in how the program works for but more how challenging it is. Do you know?
  9. Any opinions recently on Chalkdust or Thinkwell for 7th grade math or Prealgebra?
  10. Has anyone done the rhetoric level lit or comp classes at Lampstand Learning? We’ll be doing year 2. I’m considering that and Big River’s World Lit class. We’ve never used LLC. The history class doesn’t work for our schedule but we’d do that at home, but I’d like to outsource lit and writing. Thanks!
  11. Me too! We just registered this morning so I’m guessing we are one of the few last spots
  12. The teacher at Excelsior has been very quick to email me back when I’ve had questions. I have the syllabus and it says that weekly assignments are 20% of the final grade, tests and quizzes are 50%, and lab reports and projects are 30%. Is that what you’re asking?
  13. Oh bummer! I think I’m leaning towards Excelsior. We’ll have to touch base after and share how each one went.
  14. Did you decide about these classes? We are looking at these two options as well and I believe our DDs have been in class together before 😊
  15. I am curious how the homeschool communities are in Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. If anyone lives in any of those states, I would love to hear if you have a vibrant community and how you feel overall about homeschooling there. Tell me your city/area also 😊 thanks!
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