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  1. Ha! So true. I’ve opted for Biblioplan instead!
  2. Thanks! We are doing year 2. I ended up getting the Companion for the 9th, RTD for the 6th, and I’ll use SOTW for my 3rd grader.
  3. I liked the books ok but am not using the schedule since it doesn’t line up at all with the text I have. It would leave a lot of work for me to figure it out 😂
  4. Does anyone have any experience with Schole Academy’s Formal Logic class - particularly Mr. Lockridge’s class. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Has he ever done Starr Meade’s “Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study?” Or perhaps listen to sermons on particular books of the Bible - maybe Tim Keller, Kevin DeYoung or someone else. (Chose those since they are reformed Protestant - PCA) I used to teach a group of young women and I listened to Keller's sermons on the book of James and they were great. I took notes and formed questions to work through with the group but he could use it as a springboard however he wants. Maybe even add a commentary to read along with it since he doesn’t want much writing??? I also like Martyn Lloyd Jones books. They dig deep! For that matter - Keller’s books are super deep too but not all of them focus on just one book of the Bible. He has one on Jonah, Judges and I can’t remember what else but all of his books are great and certainly go deep!
  6. It looked interesting enough to me also and I ordered it, but just FYI - the link to the Guerber books (that I also ordered) were newer editions and the pages in the guide didn’t match the pages in the books at all. There may be a fix now, but make sure the editions match. I’m guessing it’s just not updated to reflect the newest edition of Christine Miller’s books. (That is what she sells on her website)
  7. I’m considering Biblioplan for next year. I will have a 9th, 6th and 3rd grader. I’m trying to simplify, do at least a little all together as a family, but also have additional work for my older two. I’m basically trying to decide whether to use MOH, Remember the Days (and let the other books be the harder reads for the 9th grader), or the Companion. I know a textbook is good to use from time to time, but we really love living books. So that makes me concerned that the companion will be too dry. I like that there are additional resources if you use the companion, but I know MOH has their own resources I could use as well. Any suggestions?
  8. Has anyone used the VP omnibus transition course for 7th grade? Thoughts on it? And does it come in the self paced program? I’m not sure why I can’t find this on the website. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! This is helpful! I think I’ve probably decided to use Language Lessons for a Living Education. Hopefully it will be just what we need 😊
  10. I suppose opinions on these at level 3 could help also......basically just trying to compare the two.
  11. Any opinions on Language Lessons for Today 4 vs Language Lessons for a Living Education 4? Thanks!
  12. A subscription to Mystery Science could work also. My kids love that!
  13. How about Veritas Press self paced history?
  14. Do you feel like your daughter is always on the computer for this course?
  15. I see the samples on the website so no need to take pictures, but I’d love to hear your opinions from looking at it. I always love to hear what you have to say 😊
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