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  1. Superfine #0000 steel wool works wonders. Moisten and rub. Rinse steel wool off frequently. Do a small spot first to be sure it doesn’t etch your door. I tried this as a last resort when getting my house ready to sell. It worked great and I now use this in my new home. It will also remove soap scum and hard water spots off tiles and fixtures.
  2. How about Christmas crackers? They are pretty simple to make. You can include the traditional paper hat and joke for everyone and then personalize the trinket. Everyone would get a cohesive experience, but you wouldn’t have to think of a gift idea that works for all. You could do something like nail polish/chapstick/makeup for the ladies, hair clips/necklaces for the little girls, matchbox car/action figure for little boys, keychain bottle opener or flashlight/pocket knife for the men, etc.
  3. My sympathies go out to you. Does he know how to play Simon Says? Playing Simon Says was my secret weapon when using public restrooms with little kids. I was able to control their movements, prevent them from peeking under stalls and unlocking the door. (Also helpful for privacy, “SS, close your eyes” lol) I probably sounded like a crazy lady in the restroom stall, but it was effective. Obviously wouldn’t work before surgery, but in other public situations would giving him a lollipop, or something he *could* lick help? I have even seem some with calming ingredients such as chamomile. When my kids have had surgery, they have been given some medicine upon intake or before the IV was inserted to help calm them. Perhaps you could request this? Surgery day is always difficult — little tummies are hungry, mommies are stressed, and behaviors are amplified.
  4. Check out — make a free account and then search “Highland games” or some variant. There are a bunch of similar organizations. You can view their 990 tax documents. There you will find their organization type as well as their mission statement. In my experience, most festival type organizations are 501(c)3.
  5. Do you have a little free library near you? You could drop off a book he has read and pick out a new one. It’s so sweet of you to do this for your husband. It’s always easiest to give up the extra work and thoughtfulness in stressful times, but is when it is needed the most!
  6. My son is the same height and 10 pounds lighter. Dickies flat front slim khakis size 18 fit. I think they have an adjustable waistband. Amazon carries them with free returns.
  7. I saw a parrot in Target the other day. Not perched on a shoulder or even on the shopping cart handle. Nope, it was chilling in the seat of the cart.
  8. Maybe a crossbody phone case would work for you:

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    ISO: Science Fusion Module B Teachers Edition (Diversity of Living Things)


  10. If you want to go the passive aggressive route, perhaps you can have a discussion with a extroverted friend ahead of time. At the designated party end time, she could loudly announce her exit, do a round of hugs and “good-byes†and “it’s-getting-so-lates.†Maybe it will cause people to glance at the time and follow her out the door. Or maybe not. In my experiences, most people leave parties after the first person makes their way out. But, there are always people that overstay.

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    Shar Music Violins (Click on photo to see all violins) 1/32 Size - Shar Music Franz Hoffman Prelude (bow, soft case) $130 obo 1/16 Size - Shar Music Franz Hoffman Prelude (with bow, soft case, Wittner chinrest) $130 obo 1/8 Size - Shar Music Franz Hoffman Prelude (with bow, soft case, Wittner chinrest, some wear on bow pad) $130 obo 1/4 Size - Shar Music Franz Hoffman Maestro (with Schmidt bow, hard case, Wittner chinrest, some wear on bow pad) $170 obo 1/2 Size - Shar Music Franz Hoffman Maestro (with Meinel bow, hard case, Wittner chinrest) $180 obo 3/4 Size - Carlo Lamberti Sonata (with Meinel bow, hard case, 2 Wittner chinrests - regular and center mount) $350 obo All violins are fully functional and in good condition. Minimal blemishes. Most strings are Dominant Strings. Flexible on prices. Make me an offer! Prices do not include shipping. ———— Books - $4 each I Can Read Music Volume 1 by Joanne Martin I Can Read Music Volume 2 by Joanne Martin The American Fiddle Method Volume 1 by Brian Wicklund (no CD/DVD included) Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 (stickers on cover) Suzuki Violin School Volume 3 (CD included) Suzuki Duets for Violins Suzuki Position Etudes Suzuki Note Reading for Violin I Know a Fox with Dirty Socks - 77 very easy, very little songs for beginners Ten Easy Hymns for Violin and Piano The Music of William Ryder - 24 Easy Christmas Carols Christmas Favorites for Strings All books have some cover wear. May have some pencil notations inside Prices do not include shipping. Free media mail shipping if you buy 4 books. ———— Accessories Everest Shoulder Rest, blue, 3/4-1/2 - $6 Everest Shoulder Rest, black, 3/4-1/2 - $6 Everest Shoulder Rest, blue, 1/4-1/10 - $6 Kun Collapsible, blue, 1/16 - 1/4 - $6 Kun Collapsible, red, 1/16-1/4 - $6 Tuner - $8 Tuner - $8 Bow Hold Buddies - $10 Rosin (slightly used) - $3 Rosin (slightly used) - $3 Rosin (slightly used) - $3 Note Reading Flash Cards - $4 Suzuki Review Cards - $4 Finger Maps Labels (14 Sheets) - $4 Virtuoso Wrist Brace - $5 Metronome - $8 Prices do not include shipping.


  12. Just be sure not to buy one with a vent on the top. Mine vents right under the counter. It's ruined the wood finish and is susceptible to mold growth under the countertop.
  13. If I want to use standard shipping, I always add a cheap non-book item (like a ruler or pencil) to my order so they can't ship it media mail.
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