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  1. From what I understand, a lot of these people have been telling each other that it's a violation of HIPPA (sic) because an employer can't ask what someone's disability is. So clearly that means that if you claim you can't wear a mask for a medical reason, the business requiring the mask can't ask what the medical reason is. And since a lot of people can't be bothered to even understand where a violation would be occurring, they just say it's a violation of Federal law to require a mask. Or something. The whole issue is convoluted, to put it nicely.
  2. A few weeks ago in Walmart I saw a woman walking around, talking on her phone, mask around her neck (masks mandated state-wide), completely oblivious to everyone around her. She didn't get close to me but for the first time in a long time, I thought about the stupidity of needing to be on the phone while you're shopping. I mean I get that sometimes you have to take a call, but this was clearly someone who was chit-chatting with a friend, nothing pressing. People on phones in public, in general, are rude. They're loud and discuss things no one else wants to hear about. But now, it's dangerous. Just wait until you're somewhere private to have your little chat. And get out of the way while I'm shopping please. Some of us want to get the heck out of Walmart! I'm sorry you got called a B. I've gotten in more FB fights than I can count lately. People are not able to think clearly or beyond themselves anymore, I swear.
  3. It sounds like your dad and friends take their jobs very seriously and always try to do the right thing. So I am confused about why you would be offended by this thread. Have you seen the news lately? There is a lot of evidence that many police officers do a lot of bad things to people of color. Terabith is wanting to do no more than to help prevent some of those bad things from happening by simply being present. I find it offensive that someone would be okay with allowing those well-documented incidents to continue.
  4. I opened a savings account with them earlier this year due to the high APR. It's a secondary bank for me, a place to leave some extra money and keep my hands off it. I haven't had any problems!
  5. I don't have a DH as of 2 years ago. So last summer I had to move to make life manageable as a single mom. These things have helped: -Smaller house to organize and clean -Smaller yard to mow -Dishwasher (did not have in old house) -Air conditioning (did not have in old house) -Fenced yard so we can let the dog out instead of having to walk him 6 times a day (did not have) -Robovacuum (a quarantine splurge) -Tension rods-Easiest way to hang curtains, no tools required! 🤣 -Block button on FB 🤣 -Scissors in every room ETA: Apps to order food. We only get takeout once a week but I love ordering food on apps. The kids can take their time deciding what to get, they can't beg to add on cookies or chips at the restaurant (we have plenty of those at home), the apps save your orders so it makes re-ordering easy, and there are usually great deals you can't get otherwise.
  6. I've used that brand of catnip (loose leaf) for years. I just sprinkle some near them. They love it.
  7. You might try this...If you get a notification about a comment, there are three dots to the right of it. If you click on the three dots you will have the option to remove that specific notification or to turn off all notifications for that post/notification/link. I have used this a lot lately. So I think it can be done but you will have to wait until you get a comment.
  8. We used that too. I think it was a sort of self-help situation, hoping the anxiety would resolve for the affected kid. It didn't, so we put that kid in counseling. At her first appointment, the counselor recommended that book.
  9. I learned that there is a police precinct in the CNN Center, and that also happened to be the location where the cops stopped the gathering protesters.
  10. My post was from this morning before I learned of today's protests. I saw many videos on Twitter of people quietly standing/protesting when the cops suddenly start in with the tear gas and rubber bullets. 🤷‍♀️ I think today's protests are awful. But I completely understand the outrage people feel to see one innocent person after another be murdered without repurcussion. Then they try peaceful protests. That gets them nowhere. The protests escalate, and then they're told they should protest peacefully to get people to listen to them. It never changes. It never ends.
  11. Have you seen the videos and photos of the peaceful protests this morning? They used pepper spray on the PEACEFUL protesters, who just happened to be black. But of course, it was perfectly fine for white people with GUNS to enter the government buildings. I can't with this.
  12. I just read about the debit cards. Why are they sending those out now instead of just sending out checks? A lot of people thought it was a scam and threw them away because they were expecting checks.
  13. When I was married, we lived much closer to MIL than my own mother. The ex would take the kids to see his mother on Mother's Day, which freed me of any parenting responsibilities or obligations for the day and I was free to do whatever. And it made MIL happy since she did not get to see the kids very often. Plus, she didn't have to deal with me on her special day and I'm sure she was thrilled about that. 😬 We'd send a gift card to my mom and call her. I usually picked out a card labeled to "Mom" so it was primarily from me, but I'd just have the kids sign it and draw pictures.
  14. True, I have done so many diet plans that I get confused, and forget that something that is healthy and encouraged on one plan may still have too many sugars/carbs for another.
  15. Oh I wish I had logged in on Saturday, I wanted to talk about this! I drove by a funeral home and it was PACKED. I live in a state that still has strict social distancing guidelines so it was quite the sight. But even before the pandemic it would have been double-take worthy. Naturally I looked up the funeral home to find the obituary. It was the funeral for a 38 man from the Republic of Congo who died in a car accident. He was working at a meat packing plant. The women there were wearing traditional Congolese clothing. I've seen women in similar clothes around town but I had no idea how large the local community was. The obituary stated that the funeral was supposed to be a drive-by only and no congregating would be allowed. But the parking lot was packed, nearby businesses had their lots packed, and the cars were parked all along local streets. There were many, many clumps of people gathered outside the funeral home. I suppose the local police had no way to effectively enforce the restrictions. I am glad the man got such an amazing send-off. But the meat-packing plant he worked at has experienced a Covid outbreak and I imagine some of the attendees were his co-workers. I hope this doesn't spike our numbers. Our county has a relatively high count for the region.
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