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  1. Ugh, my time in academia was filled with scumbags. One instance: A fellow grad student used the sign-up list for participating in research as a dating service, When we told his advisor, it was all "boys will be boys" with a little "you must have a crush on him" thrown in. He had no concern over how this guy was putting our entire research program at risk. Lots of other ick in that particular program. The next one had a professor who was found to be stalking a former student, a guy who was going through a divorce and accused every woman in the department of only wanting to have babies (includin
  2. I was about to post the same thing. Oh my, if I let my kids do the things she let us do back in the 80s I would never hear the end of it. But she has become more afraid of everything and negative as she's gotten older. It's made it hard to tell her just about anything going on in my life because she jumps to all the ways every little thing is dangerous or a bad idea. And I am a very careful person in general (especially after the experiences I shared upthread), but I suppose that's a different story 🤣
  3. Gilmore Girls. I'd want to live in Stars Hollow.
  4. Well, listen. I've been watching Stranger Things, and I now firmly believe that demogorgons are responsible for taking our kids.
  5. If you read my post you will see that it's not just outside caregivers. I was involved in my children's lives, we were a close family. My daughter was already in counseling for years before she finally disclosed the root source of her mental health issues. CSA happens within the home and you'd be amazed at the ways abusers will find to cover it up. But your post goes to show exactly how deep the problem is...even people who say "we know it happens" refuse to believe it can actually happen in their own homes.
  6. I believe child trafficking is real. But as the unsuspecting mother of children who were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of their biological father, I think there are many other issues that take precedence. Everyone claims to know that most victims of CSA know their abuser, yet no one really thinks it could happen in their own home. I think awareness needs to be raised on issues that are much more likely to affect our lives. Q Anon decided to make child trafficking their thing because who doesn't hate a pedophile? Too bad they didn't decide to tell people to look around them, rather
  7. What have you tried to address his behavior? Have you considered putting him in therapy? Maybe a therapist can recommend a group for him to join.
  8. My Aldi was great yesterday. I noticed that Aldi in particular can run low on items during certain times of the week in general, so maybe you went at a bad time? ETA: Last night I went to Target and I could not find about half the things on my list. I think it might have to do with the winter storms and shipping problems.
  9. This is interesting to me. I was the youngest in my family, and both my brother and I are quiet. I am afraid of confrontation, and I suspect he is as well. Then there's our older sister, who's never been one to bite her tongue. I tend toward passive-aggression because I am afraid to speak up. In fact, I recently tested the waters with my sister and when I came out and said what was bugging me, it blew up and became a huge fight. I don't have time for that sort of drama, and I've gone back into my protective shell when I deal with her. So I guess when you ask whether passive-aggression ca
  10. I am so sorry for your loss. I understand feeling hurt and betrayed by your in-laws. I don't know how to make that pain go away. But know that your pain is completely justified and I hope it will go away in time. (This is the part I keep writing and deleting because I can't say it right--just know that I am on your side).
  11. This is true for any big loss, I believe. You get the icky feelings and you cry until you can't cry anymore. Repeat over and over. And then one day you don't cry, but you cry the day after that. And so on. But generally the trend will be that you are recovering from the loss as time passes. An important thing to know is that there are peaks and valleys. One day you may realize you haven't cried for 6 months, and believe that the worst is over. And for the most part, the worst IS over, but that doesn't mean the grief won't return out of nowhere and knock you on your butt when you least exp
  12. I always knew when I didn't like someone, and it was easy enough to prove myself right for those people. (Referring back to the confirmatory bias). But I generally trusted people too easily before I learned the truth about my ex. Now, I do not trust ANYBODY. And if someone has been in my life and generally supportive, I am much quicker to call them out or cut them off if they let me down. A lot of it has to do with not having time to play games. If I'm not important enough for you to remember that we were meeting up for lunch, then buh-bye! But a lot more of of it has to do with "Oh
  13. OH_Homeschooler


    Yes, I very much agree with you.
  14. I was married to a pedophile for 15 years and had no clue. In fact, I thought he was swell. ETA: I was right about his family though. I always thought they were awful and when they chose to rally around my ex instead of his victims, I was proven correct.
  15. This looks about right (correct 😆). And I do know someone who has tendencies to watch it non-stop, as do some Fox News viewers. It is my mom. And while we are on the same side politically (left leaning), she drives me nuts because she drops "Trump this, Trump that" into every. single. conversation. It's like yes mom, I agree. Can you pass the bean dip? Because when I'm having a nice day I don't like to be reminded of that guy. I lived in a red state for a long time so I had many republican friends. I would always cringe when certain friends brought up politics because I don't like to rui
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