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  1. Not sure if this qualifies, but I purchased something from a seller on Amazon. It never occurred to me to read the reviews of random sellers (I do now!). So I got notification that my item shipped...then nothing. I checked back in a few times and nothing changed. It said that the shipping slip was printed, or something like that. By the time a month had passed I finally checked out the seller's reviews, and that was happening to a lot of people. Basically the seller had been reputable at one point, but then I guess they ran out of stock. They started printing shipping labels to make it look like they were sending the items, and that was it. The responses from the seller to inquiries were very vague. By now their rating had plummeted as everyone was catching on to the scam. I can't imagine how much they got away with though, just selling items they never intended to send. I had to deal with Amazon to get a refund (they guarantee all sales on the site, even for independent sellers). It was hard because all they saw was that the item was shipped so they kept saying to wait longer. They eventually issued the refund. The seller remained in business for several months, and I couldn't understand why Amazon was letting them continue. They were the ones who had to pay refunds when the scam seller refused. I think the business finally folded.
  2. I've been more conscious of this as well, and try to wait whenever I can. I hope that is enough to help the workers! I really need to cut back on my Amazon purchases, regardless. I also enjoy getting the credit for digital items when I choose this option. I recently got a kindle book for free that I'd been waiting on for a year. I noticed the price of the book dropped from $15 to $3 temporarily, and my digital credits covered that. I was very pleased with myself!
  3. Or use an oil-based primer before painting. I had to paint 3 rooms when I moved, and painting the paneling made such a difference.
  4. I got this cheapie for my Android a few months ago (in rose gold, it's not quite as pink as it looks). Cheap Smart Watch I love that I get a buzz on my wrist when I get a call or text. I don't miss nearly as many calls as I used to. I wasn't sold on the smart watch idea until I tried this one. I might get a more expensive one if this one dies, but this works just fine.
  5. I can't watch Ray Liotta for a similar reason--what his character did at the end of Hannibal. I think I was going through really bad insomnia at the time too, so that mixed with the really gross scene means I can't watch him again.
  6. (I'm from the midwest) I had an abrupt separation last year. I called my mom to explain what was going on. I specifically asked her to tell my siblings and to fill them in on the details. I assume she did that with her pwn siblings as well, so that they would get the news and understand what was going on before I was face-to-face with them and I would have to awkwardly explain why my husband wasn't at a family event or whatever. I'm sure my aunts also told my cousins, etc. I would expect that an aunt would ask the separated person's parent/their own sibling for clarification. If one of my aunts point-blank asked me what happened I would have told them but I probably would have cried a lot, because talking about it does that to me.
  7. I can't imagine anyone in my life telling me to quit my job as if that would solve all my problems. That sounds very strange to me. I can relate to just wanting to vent, and not to get advice. My mom always jumps right into problem-solving mode and it drives me nuts. I have told her so. It may be that I'm the baby of the family so I get defensive when someone tells me what to do. Or it may be that the solutions she offers are things anyone over the age of 10 would have already considered so I feel like she thinks I'm an idiot. I've tried to blow it off, or practice responses ("oh, why do you say that?") but in the moment I forget all of that. It makes me want to pull my hair out. Anyway, I'm sorry that you are experiencing some extra stress and I hope things resolve soon.
  8. I don't know, I grew up receiving gifts for Christmas and so that's what I do for my kids. It's just a part of my family's culture. Stepping down to four gifts per child is actually progress for my family, a move away from consumerism. But...if I wanted Christmas to be about consumerism, what right does anyone have to judge me for my beliefs? I actually celebrate Christmas from a secular perspective. I know some think that is an oxymoron, but it is possible for a single holiday to represent different things to different people.
  9. I've had to move a couple of times in the last few years, so I really learned my lesson. I spent so much time getting rid of stuff before each move. And it wasn't agonizing, most of it was simple to part with. That means the stuff really didn't mean much to me. And now, I want to be free of as much stuff as possible. (I bet military families would have a lot of great tips for you, since many have to move so often). One big change that should help this Christmas is I'm going to follow the 4 Gift Rule (plus stockings): Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. This will help with the budget as well. My kids are getting older and it's to find things they want. In the past I've killed myself shopping for gifts for them, but it was really for ME. I wanted to see the gifts under the tree. They didn't want half the stuff they got. It was a waste of money and space. I'm over it.
  10. I have a very small airfryer (I think it's the Dash Compact). I leave it out on the counter. I mostly use it for reheating leftovers, especially fries. Frozen snack foods are good in it, like fish sticks, mozzarella sticks, etc. I have picky kids who won't eat Mexican food, and it's really easy to make quesadillas in it if you use the small tortillas. Then the kids can eat those while the rest of us eat tacos or whatever. And it's great in the summer when I don't want to turn on the oven. I don't use it as much as I could. I think if I had a bigger version I would use it more, but I didn't want to commit to that at first. So if this one dies, I might upgrade to one with a bigger capacity.
  11. Someone mentioned kitchen shears, and I agree with that. I'd also maybe suggest a big set of scissors. I have scissors in every room of my house. I don't know if I'm just that lazy or what, but it really helps just having scissors nearby.
  12. I've noticed this too. A lot of times it seems like they run out of stock or run low, so they raise the price until they get more stock in. Maybe it helps comply with shipping deadlines better if they deter purchases when they can't ship right away?
  13. I'm sorry. I've had interviews I thought were great and didn't get the job. I know in one case I was down to one of two final candidates. They eliminated someone in each round of interviews and it was just the two of us, and they went with her. It was frustrating to come so close, but it made me feel like it is possible that I can interview well if I made it that far. I have terrible confidence when it comes to interviewing. 😞 So #2 is still on the table? The interview for the job I have now felt like the one you described. I thought they hated me, but I got the job. I wasn't sure I wanted the job, but I took it of course, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. Sometimes it is just too hard to read people during an interview, they have great poker faces or something. Good luck!
  14. This one is a bit heavy but there is a mini-series on Netflix called "Unbelievable." I could not stop watching.
  15. Oh, this reminded me of the time I used Pledge to clean the bathroom instead of bathroom cleaner. My kids were little and one ran into the bathroom and slipped right onto his bottom. That's when I double checked the can. Oops, poor kid! How many of these mix up are due to us needing to do too much and just not paying enough attention?
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