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  1. I remember that damn size 6 too. "They were a perfect size 6." I think some variation of that appeared in every single book. I believe I read that in recent reprints, the girls are now a "perfect size 4." As far as the debate about smartphones, I don't know that smartphones really make middle school worse. It was miserable when I was that age and there were no smartphones then. There were landlines, and kids could be every bit as brutal using them as they can be with smartphones. Or slumber parties, where some girls were only invited so they could be the target of ridicule all night. Or bullies on the bus, where kids were gathered without true adult supervision. But I suppose people are always going to put some blame on the technology du jour.
  2. I've switched between Zoloft and Paxil quite a bit. I went on Zoloft whenever I was pregnant, but my doctor preferred me on Paxil when I was not pregnant because as an antidepressant it is much better at treating anxiety as well. So maybe ask the doctor about switching the SSRI to Paxil or something similar. It is very common for depression and anxiety to co-exist.
  3. They do. I wake up to the soft rock station in the area.
  4. That's why I reacted with the laughing emoji, I thought she was joking!
  5. The "girlfriend thing" may have triggered a chain reaction or a never-ending negative feedback loop. It doesn't matter if he had previous girlfriends and got over them without a problem. Right now he is going through something. Sure, repaint the room but mental health is complicated and the sooner it is addressed by a professional, the better.
  6. I attended a Trivia Night fundraiser that was fun. I didn't even know anyone there but it sounded fun, so I went. It was at a hotel, I assume the hotel donated the space for the event but I don't know. There was an entrance fee, like $10. There was a cash bar available, and everyone was encouraged to bring snacks to share. You'd have to find a host, the one at this event hosts trivia events regularly.
  7. I'm 48. I stopped expecting birthday celebrations of any kind about 30 years ago.
  8. I use an app called Parrot Timer. You could probably hear it go off from another room.
  9. Yeah, that's why I just put the albums aside and I'm avoiding them for now. I will say, what he did was directly traumatizing to them and more of a secondary trauma to me. The divorce was a direct result of what he did to them. He is court-ordered to never see them again as minors, and I know for now they never want to see him. I wish it weren't the case, but it really is like he's their ex-father. Obviously my situation is extreme.
  10. I agree it will have to be on a case-by-case basis. My brother and his ex-wife actually get along really well. Their marriage ended due to incompatibility. They were both good people individually, but together it was like oil and water. She has remarried and she lived with my brother for a short time after the wedding before she could move in with her husband (she sold her condo and had nowhere to go because her new husband was out of state). They've been divorced for a long time though, and work really well together in raising their kids, Obviously that seems like a situation where it wouldn't be painful to share a picture of the ex. On the other hand, my divorce is fresh and involved a very traumatic situation for my kids and me. So no, we do not want to see pictures of my ex. It could be triggering for my kids. I still don't know what to do with the years of photo albums that contain such beautiful pictures of the kids but he happens to be in them. To be honest I can't even bring myself to open the photo albums. But I understand that not everyone might be aware of the situation that unfolded so if they posted a picture of him I wouldn't be offended. But if they did know about everything that happened I would have to mute/unfollow them, at the very least.
  11. She should try to call HR at the school district and see what they suggest.
  12. In my early 40s my PMS became unbearable. It was bad before, but I actually felt suicidal (even knowing it was PMS or PMDD). I was getting a migraine every month, on a Tuesday. I felt like the world was plotting against me. Everything looked and felt darker. I was exhausted, and sweaty, and I had to hide away from my family so I wouldn't scream at them. And I sometimes had URI symptoms and felt like I was getting a cold. So when I sought help I wanted to see someone as soon as possible, so I saw a nurse practitioner, instead of my regular doctor. She suggested the pill, so I told her the pill tended to make me just have PMS all the time. But she put me on Lo Loestrin, which has a super low dose of hormones. I guess my migraines were caused from dropping estrogen levels. So now I have steady hormones and I actually take the pills continuously. I don't get a period or have to deal with mood swings. My blood pressure actually improved! My weight remained stable. If I can I will stay on this until menopause (although I don't know how I'd know I was in menopause). It's been a literal life saver.
  13. I got a bill a couple of weeks ago for $31. I received a discount because I paid for the appointment myself. If I didn't self-pay it would have been $136, but I paid $105. This was the amount I paid at the office after the appointment, when the receptionist checked her book for the self-pay rate. I could understand someone thinking I simply didn't pay the full balance if they didn't know I self-paid. But right there on the bill it said $105-self pay. 🙄 I called and left a message with someone, never heard back. I hope they realized how stupid their bill was and just took care of my balance.
  14. This is what I've been doing. I try to plan 4 dinners per week. My older boy has Asperger's and a lot of food issues, so the meals I plan tend to revolve around his tastes. But since his tastes are so limited we have to deviate sometimes. Those nights, I have him try what I make but he can make a sandwich. (Fortunately he doesn't mind eating the same things over and over). I started using eMeals to help plan. I too hate planning meals, but I realized I hated standing in the kitchen trying to figure out dinner every night even more. eMeals gives you 7 meals a week on their basic plan, and I just pick and choose from those (I usually disregard their ideas for sides). I don't know a lot about Whole30 but they have a lot of specialty menus, like Mediterranean and Paleo. Once I've decided my menu for the week, I go through the recipes and put in an order on Walmart Pickup. I've been using that exclusively for a couple of months now. With some practice, I've found it barely takes any time to plan and get my ingredients for the week. I do my planning on Friday night and pick up groceries on Saturday morning.
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