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  1. OH_Homeschooler

    Help! What stores carry "squishy" toys?

    They are even at Walgreens if you want to avoid walking around a big store.
  2. OH_Homeschooler

    How upset would you be if a family member

    This reminds me of how my mom hijacked the plans for my DD's 1st birthday party years ago. It was just going to be a fun, simple thing with pizza and sandwiches (at our small house). Soon she was talking about entire hams, roasting a whole turkey just for sandwich meat, and loads of other food, including twice the amount of pizza we were going to get. We tried talking her down to just a turkey breast but she likes dark meat. 🙄 She annoys me, so I am annoyed by the OP's scenario. Twist ending: We had to cancel the party due to both terrible weather and sickness, which was just fine with me at that point.
  3. OH_Homeschooler

    Could you go one year without using a smartphone at all?

    Nope, not a chance.
  4. OH_Homeschooler

    Perimenopause and mild/moderate depression--what helps?

    I've had depression/been on antidepressants forever, but in perimenopause I started dealing with PMDD as well. It got to the point where I was tempted to drive off a bridge. Loloestrin has been a literal lifesaver. I'd always had trouble on birth control but not with this one. It's amazing feeling how I'm supposed to feel every single day of the month.
  5. OH_Homeschooler

    Has anyone ever given up their Amazon Prime subscription?

    I have given up Prime a couple times. It is super easy to just rejoin if you give it up but feel you can't live without it.
  6. It can take months to get onboarded, and once she is working there are some very arbitrary standards. She could be able to work a satisfactory number of hours, then suddenly be restricted to one or two hours per day based on low evaluations. These restrictions could take months to reverse. I haven't encountered this problem lately, but there can also just be a task shortage and you could be expecting to work that day, but there is nothing to do. Unless you are restricted or there is a task shortage, you must meet a minimum number of hours per week. These are real jobs rather than just a gig, and there are basic expectations as with any job. Taxes are already taken out of your paycheck and all that, which is nice. No worries about having to pay a big chunk at tax time (although I guess that could depend on the company?). The work itself can be tedious as others have pointed out, but sometimes you get a pretty good set of tasks and the work hours fly by. While it is nice to be able to work from home, it can be very difficult to complete your tasks if you have kids around. Tasks are timed and if a kid has a meltdown (for example) you could end up going over the allotted time for a task. That's not a problem if it happens occasionally but over time it will lead to repercussions. Sometimes you have to be able to listen closely to something, and again, that can be a problem with kids around. Overall I would suggest that it's worth it for your DD give it a shot, but to keep other options open as well (especially if she needs a steady income).
  7. OH_Homeschooler

    Need new TV show ideas

    I think you will love Call the Midwife. It's on Netflix (a BBC show, airs on PBS in US).
  8. OH_Homeschooler

    When you HATE a book a friend raved about on FB

    Different strokes for different folks. If your friend loved it, others might as well. I would not comment. Nothing can really be gained from it. You don't have to comment on every difference of opinion.
  9. OH_Homeschooler

    DD thinks she's ugly.

    No, I don't think it's a tic, although I know with her anxiety that is more likely. Our son has high functioning autism and I see some of these tic behaviors with him.
  10. OH_Homeschooler

    DD thinks she's ugly.

    You have all given me so much to think about. Thank you! I will start with reflective listening and some of those pointed questions I learned when I went through CBT years ago. Always so hard to see the obvious solutions when you're so close to the problem. I will look into counseling as well, but wait lists are long around here.
  11. OH_Homeschooler

    DD thinks she's ugly.

    She's 14. She's not ugly. In fact, she's quite pretty. She has self-esteem issues (obviously). She has so many amazing qualities. She's on Prozac for depression and social anxiety but she is between psychiatrists right now. Her appointment with a new one is scheduled for December. She's been in counseling for the depression but that didn't help much. I'm at my wit's end. I don't know how to help her. She'll say several times a day "I'm ugly." That's just what she says out loud but I suspect she has a constant inner monologue saying that. I've tried arguing with her and reassuring her that she's not ugly. I've tried asking what she thinks makes her ugly. (She is focused on occasional acne, but that's basically something she's going to have to live with, unfortunately. I've offered to get her cover up, but that seems to offend her). I've tried reasoning with her. I've shared compliments I've heard from others. I don't know why she's so focused on this. Perhaps it's because a former friend of hers stated publicly that she's ugly and it cut her deeply, especially given her social anxiety. But what can I do to help her? This can't be totally uncommon. I'm leaning toward just no longer acknowledging it as that may be reinforcing it. Or does she need the constant reassurance and should I keep playing along? Anyone BTDT? Any advice on how to approach this?
  12. OH_Homeschooler

    Premonitions on when a person will die?

    I agree with all of this. I also think it can just be general anxiety. When people have anxiety and don't know why they make up stuff like this. (Not in a conscious way, just an unconscious need to attribute that feeling to something).
  13. OH_Homeschooler

    How did this restaurant get my email address?

    Did you pay with square by any chance? I've gotten emails after using that sometimes.
  14. OH_Homeschooler

    MO duck boat tragedy

    I read something about how, due to the boat's canopy, people would have been pinned underwater (against the canopy) wearing the vests. And they would have drowned without the vests. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. The best bet would have been to jump off as early as possible with a vest, but in the situation, without proper forceful instruction from the staff, no one knew what to do. It's not like it's a situation people encounter often, and I think it's natural for a tourist to trust the staff to keep them safe in situations like this.
  15. OH_Homeschooler

    That song is NOT about what I thought it was!

    You can probably make an argument that every song ever written is about s*x.?
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