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  1. The thing that annoys me the most about people complaining about not seeing the recovery rate is the assumption that "people are hiding something." No, they simply can't say what the survival rate is yet. Stop assuming everything is a conspiracy.
  2. Where? I was mid-binge over the holidays when they took it off of Netflix.
  3. This is exactly my thinking. I loved Walmart pickup for months, and then in recent months (before the virus) I started getting fed up. They were booking too many pickups and running over an hour behind. Then the substitutions were so strange. I was frustrated but I felt bad because I know it wasn't the workers' fault that they were being over-scheduled. So I finally stopped using it and it has reduced stress in my life. I like being able to make the decision to pick a substitute if something isn't available, and that is especially important now. There's no convenience if you still have to go to another store to pick up what the first store didn't have, and ultimately you're not reducing your exposure to other people if that's what you have to do.
  4. Every grocery store around here is urgently hiring staff. I think they just don't have enough help to accommodate delivery right now.
  5. I'm hoping a lot more companies will offer the option to work from home to employees. I'm leaving one position that was pretty flexible--I was expected to be at work most of the time but my boss was fine with my working from home when I had a sick kid or whatever. This is an international organization so they were already adept at people working from a distance-videoconferencing, etc. And they had security procedures in place to allow for people to work from a distance safely. I think a lot of companies have had the ability to let people work from home but never allowed it for arbitrary reasons. Once we get over this initial transition, I hope companies can see it's not the end of the world if people work from home and let it continue to some extent.
  6. The thinking there could be that someone who handles pets would find it convenient to have hand sanitizer nearby, so a pet store might have some to sell. I've always seen bottles at the reception desk at vet offices. My biggest bottle of hand sanitizer is near the cat litter. I always wash my hands after cleaning the litter boxes but I just like to have it nearby in case I need to touch something before I get to a sink. Same after I pet my dog. I'm kind of impressed with someone thinking a pet store might have some TBH. And heck, now they sell horse hair conditioner in people stores, so why not? 😂
  7. This makes me wonder if there's a real correlation where people are assuming causation. Probably more populated areas have 5g, and of course more populated areas are going to be harder hit by the virus.
  8. Really silly. I'm a homebody. I love a good day at home, but I planned for a little day trip on Friday. This is during the kids' regular spring break, so I made the plans before the virus restrictions started. We were going to a city about an hour and a half away. We were just going to maybe check out their zoo (although it will probably be too cold after all) and/or a museum, and maybe eat lunch or dinner out. We never eat out. I was really looking forward to getting away, even though it's not that far. We haven't done anything like that since Labor Day weekend. On the positive side, I'm supposed to start a new job in a couple of weeks. My current job has no paid time off, but my new job will. So at least I can accrue some leave and maybe go somewhere with them over the summer, without guilt (if we are allowed to then).
  9. Gosh I hope not, I'm supposed to start a new job in 13 days in a different state. (I live on the border, the two states share this metropolitan area). I mean, assuming I'm supposed to go in to work in 13 days. 🤷‍♀️
  10. I'm sorry. I hope you get an all-clear. I have really crappy insurance too, and I have spent a lot of time calling my insurance company and doctor's offices. If you get a chance, can you ask how much the self-pay rate would be? And check with your insurance company to see exactly how much they would cover and what the out-of-pocket cost would be. There were too many times when I thought insurance would be helpful and it would have been cheaper for me to just pay up-front.
  11. The IL governor has declared that all schools in the state shut down from March 17-March 29. So that takes care of Chicago.
  12. I think it will be okay. My daughter is in drama and all the drama parents seem to be very supportive and understanding of production issues. Perhaps you could print a small disclaimer on the program stating that the play was selected and rehearsals began long before the coronovirus struck and no offense is intended (with better wording, obviously).
  13. Perhaps this is more worthy of a spin-off but I don't know how many other people are experiencing closed school districts. Do you know if they are addressing the fact that some kids may not have internet access/technology at home? I know that may seem silly but in the last school district I worked in, lack of access to technology was a real barrier in some areas.
  14. You'd be surprised what some people think they can get away with, and often do. Especially when their spouses feel secure and wouldn't think to question them.
  15. I like the idea of keeping quiet and playing dumb while conducting her own investigation. He will think he's gotten away with something and she can gather evidence. But I'm also the type who wouldn't be able to bite her tongue. I think she could ask, "Hey, the other day, I saw something strange on your phone, and it's been bothering me. Do you have a picture of another woman on your phone?" And see how he responds. Know that he will probably lie, and she will probably want to believe the lie.
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