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  1. It is not mutilation. It is corrective surgery.
  2. Does money really make resources materialize? Like, there are only so many workers and materials to go around, and it's not like her grandmother's situation is an isolated incident. And if AOC used her wealth to jump the line you'd sit back and be like, cool, she loves her grandmother? No, you'd call her a hypocrite. Admit it, in your mind AOC can do nothing right.
  3. It's great that you love your kid and all. And you are correct that it most likely doesn't matter most of the time. But to a kid who doesn't get that kind of support normally, imagine how it might feel to them to be acknowledged. It's a tiny wording thing that could make a world of difference. And I don't think you are correct that adults are the ones making it more complicated than it needs to be. My daughter, 15, is always correcting me when I use the wrong pronoun in reference to anyone. It matters to her friends as well. (And yes, I do slip up but I am very grateful when my daughter
  4. But how does the teenager feel about this? They were the patient here. In many cases, kids are going to be afraid to speak up to correct a pronoun, especially if they haven't come out to their parents yet. 14 is young, but old enough to have a gender identity different than what the parent prefers.
  5. One thing to consider is that even though you are the mom, and you are speaking for your daughter in this situation, the medical offices I've been in contact with start treating kids as autonomous beings when they reach around 12-13. For example, I still have to sign for my kids as minors, but I can't access my older kids' test results on the patient portals any longer. There are plenty of parents who deny the chosen gender identity of their children. So the person may have actually been trying to respect your child as the patient, rather than you as the mother. And since your child did
  6. My 17 year old cat has been yelling a lot more (always was vocal but it's extra now). She is deaf. And she is very demanding, yowling to let us know the water in her own special bowl is not up to the very tippy top and such.
  7. I think I had some issues with that as well. My first shot was back in January when I was getting over a couple months' insomnia and I think the shot made it worse when the insomnia was just getting better. But things did settle down again. I have found that sublingual melatonin seems to work better for me, and at times I've taken that along with a slow-release pill to help fall asleep/stay asleep. I think the worries over not falling asleep make it much worse, so hopefully after a night or two of good sleep things will get better.
  8. I have my work calendar on Outlook, and my personal calendar on Google. I have a small cheap notebook on my desk, where I jot down all the appointments and tasks for the day from both calendars. I actually do that at the end of the day for the next day. It's a lot nicer than the random pieces of paper and post-its I used to use. And I use the back side of the paper in the notebook for jotting down notes or numbers or whatever. I had to spend a lot of time today setting appointments and such. It feels like a lot of work but I know that now that I have it all organized, it'll take me about
  9. DD9 had a bad cold a couple weeks ago. It was the first time that I actually thought someone in my family could have Covid. But she tested negative!
  10. My 14 year old and 15 year old received their first shot on Saturday. No complaints except the sore arm! I gave them both Tylenol on Saturday after the shot, and my 15 year old needed more on Sunday.
  11. It is prescribed "as needed" so I think so. She usually requests it when she's feeling generally wound up. Another option that is great for dealing with stress from an event (commonly performance anxiety) is beta blockers, like propranolol. That might be worth looking into. My prescription specifically says to take 30 minutes before a job interview.
  12. My DD has a chronic vomiting condition that comes and goes, definitely triggered by stress. Unfortunately, Zofran does not seem to help much and it does make her sleep all day. She has also been on and off of different anti-anxiety medications. She used to take a benzo but her psychiatrist has switched to hydroxyzine (Atarax/Vistaril). It is an antihistamine so it is sometimes used off-label as an anti-nausea medication. So that may be worth looking into!
  13. Of course you are justified in feeling this way! I don't believe in "Family, no matter what." I can't recall off the top of my head your entire history but just based on the things you shared in your post, no one should ever be forced to live with someone who treats them that way. My relationship with my own mother has become complicated as I've gotten older, but she not abusive, as your mother has been to you. And I know that I could never take her in to live with me. It would be bad for everyone involved.
  14. Can this maybe become a spinoff thread and move it out of here? PLEASE?
  15. Well, he is Josh Duggar and never faced a consequence in his life. My ex was convinced while he was under investigation that he was going to be cleared. He said his defense attorney read the statements my daughters made and "nothing looked that bad." (You bet your ass I voted against him when he later ran for D.A.) After his arrest I found a journal where he had written about wanting to double his income that year, and wanting to take the family to Disney once the whole thing was over. Instead, he was arrested, lost his job, and went to prison. And none of us ever want to see him again.
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