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  1. Do you ever get mailing labels from charities? They send you a "gift," and then you're supposed to feel obligated to donate, to repay them for this gift you never asked for. I wonder if this is a similar ploy.
  2. The ceremony will probably be a bit different than a typical graduation. She will probably be hooded. It's pretty neat. I like Hilltopmom's ideas, like a professional-looking bag, or a monogrammed one.
  3. My twin nieces received $100 each for h.s. and college graduations. We're pretty close, and my sister has always been generous with gifts to my kids. (And I have to say, I participated in one of those birthday fundraisers on Facebook recently, and both girls donated quite a bit to it! I was so touched. Maybe that's beside the point.) I have a nephew who is graduating from 8th grade. I'll give him $25.
  4. I know some people who say "utilize" all the time, instead of "use." I once looked up the difference between the two, and came up with something similar to what wintermom said. IMHO, it seems like these people I know use "utilize" simply to sound smart.
  5. When I was planning a trip through there I was excited about the ketchup, but by the time the trip happened I totally forgot about it! Just saw Cahokia, which was cool. But I was kicking myself! Don't make the same mistake I did. 😃
  6. If you're interested in a little bit of history and taking a walk, Cahokia Mounds is about 15 minutes outside of St. Louis. Also in the same city of Collinsville is this.
  7. I've learned it through personal experience too. It is so hard to make sense of. Sorry for what you're going through.
  8. Sadly, I think this is how the mind of an abuser works. There's a major disconnect between what they did and their perception of how bad it was. They only see it from their point of view, which is full of rationalizations and minimization of the victim's suffering. This is the most sincere apology they can offer, because they never "intended" to cause harm.
  9. I have, uh, back tax, uh, debt, according to one of my admirers. And every time she calls, she puts the "uh" in the same places. 🤔
  10. L'Oreal EverPure is my favorite. It smells expensive to me, but it's a drugstore brand. Amazon
  11. We were at two different orthodontists because of a move. Our dental insurance did not cover braces. Both offices had payment plans where you put down a certain amount, and pay the rest monthly with no interest. They try to spread the payments out for as long as they think treatment will take. One kid had to have an impacted tooth removed before braces. That was covered by dental insurance.
  12. Depending on how flexible the place is, I would keep track informally and occasionally turn in a day of sick leave or vacation to make up for several days like that. In past jobs I would have to turn in forms accounting for missing either 4 or 8 hours of work. But not all places keep track that closely and they really don't care about every missed hour, I'd say go ahead and take advantage of it...but only when absolutely necessary.
  13. My youngest did that too, but at 8 she no longer does. It was interesting as she learned the correct way to write letters, because sometimes she would revert to writing letters backwards. She was our only child to do this, and she's our only left-handed kid. Do you know if this kid is a righty or a lefty?
  14. I know it can be dangerous, but you can google test results. Just copy/paste the result and you will find information.
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