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  1. Depending on how flexible the place is, I would keep track informally and occasionally turn in a day of sick leave or vacation to make up for several days like that. In past jobs I would have to turn in forms accounting for missing either 4 or 8 hours of work. But not all places keep track that closely and they really don't care about every missed hour, I'd say go ahead and take advantage of it...but only when absolutely necessary.
  2. My youngest did that too, but at 8 she no longer does. It was interesting as she learned the correct way to write letters, because sometimes she would revert to writing letters backwards. She was our only child to do this, and she's our only left-handed kid. Do you know if this kid is a righty or a lefty?
  3. I know it can be dangerous, but you can google test results. Just copy/paste the result and you will find information.
  4. I would say to use your middle name as your last name, and use a profile picture of a thing instead of yourself. Obviously don't send friend requests, especially close family and friends who are bound to have mutual friends.
  5. Absolutely. I've been going through a thing, and I can barely turn to my mom any more because she can't help but to respond to almost everything I say with advice. I've even told her that the advice comes off as criticism, when all I need is a sounding board and support. It's added an extra layer of stress to an already stressful situation.
  6. I wonder if this happens sometimes out of habit. You've always had to get a babysitter, and you fail to realize there's a point you don't need to do that any longer.
  7. A while back I read a Kindle book written by a physician about methods of diagnosing patients. A big chunk of the book was bemoaning how hands-off doctors gave become as more diagnostic tests have been developed. So no, it's not because OP saw an NP. It's just how things are going in medicine. All the NPs I've ever seen have been excellent, empathetic listeners. They have helped me solve problems after doctors failed me.
  8. They are even at Walgreens if you want to avoid walking around a big store.
  9. This reminds me of how my mom hijacked the plans for my DD's 1st birthday party years ago. It was just going to be a fun, simple thing with pizza and sandwiches (at our small house). Soon she was talking about entire hams, roasting a whole turkey just for sandwich meat, and loads of other food, including twice the amount of pizza we were going to get. We tried talking her down to just a turkey breast but she likes dark meat. 🙄 She annoys me, so I am annoyed by the OP's scenario. Twist ending: We had to cancel the party due to both terrible weather and sickness, which was just fine with me at that point.
  10. I've had depression/been on antidepressants forever, but in perimenopause I started dealing with PMDD as well. It got to the point where I was tempted to drive off a bridge. Loloestrin has been a literal lifesaver. I'd always had trouble on birth control but not with this one. It's amazing feeling how I'm supposed to feel every single day of the month.
  11. I have given up Prime a couple times. It is super easy to just rejoin if you give it up but feel you can't live without it.
  12. It can take months to get onboarded, and once she is working there are some very arbitrary standards. She could be able to work a satisfactory number of hours, then suddenly be restricted to one or two hours per day based on low evaluations. These restrictions could take months to reverse. I haven't encountered this problem lately, but there can also just be a task shortage and you could be expecting to work that day, but there is nothing to do. Unless you are restricted or there is a task shortage, you must meet a minimum number of hours per week. These are real jobs rather than just a gig, and there are basic expectations as with any job. Taxes are already taken out of your paycheck and all that, which is nice. No worries about having to pay a big chunk at tax time (although I guess that could depend on the company?). The work itself can be tedious as others have pointed out, but sometimes you get a pretty good set of tasks and the work hours fly by. While it is nice to be able to work from home, it can be very difficult to complete your tasks if you have kids around. Tasks are timed and if a kid has a meltdown (for example) you could end up going over the allotted time for a task. That's not a problem if it happens occasionally but over time it will lead to repercussions. Sometimes you have to be able to listen closely to something, and again, that can be a problem with kids around. Overall I would suggest that it's worth it for your DD give it a shot, but to keep other options open as well (especially if she needs a steady income).
  13. I think you will love Call the Midwife. It's on Netflix (a BBC show, airs on PBS in US).
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