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  1. Beaniemom

    Jayme Closs found alive

    I didn’t see this posted yet. Apparently she has been found and a suspect is in custody.
  2. We went to a luau tonight and while there I thought of The Hive and it’s obsession with kilts. I thought these might be as enjoyable.
  3. Beaniemom

    What's your house salad?

    I will admit to eating pre-packaged salad most nights. Dh likes the one that is iceberg, romaine, and purple cabbage. I prefer a larger mix of greens. I do add cheese and tomato usually. Dressings on the side.
  4. Beaniemom

    I feel like a terrible mother

    It wasn’t a car but I accidentally locked myself out of the house with my 6 month-old lying on the floor napping. We were between houses and “house-sitting” for a friend. I took out the trash not realizing the door to the garage was set to automatically lock. Luckily I was able to call DH at work and he drove 20 minutes to the house to let me in.
  5. Beaniemom

    I feel like a terrible mother

    but I know I’m just being hard on myself. Today I took DD1 to musical theater but completely forgot DD2 had cheer practice tonight. It was 3 hours late that I remembered. Cheer is completely new for dd2 so I feel like every practice is super important. Ugh! Share your stories of times you just blanked on something. It’ll make me feel better 😀
  6. We were always minimal cookie sellers and I would never expect cookies sold by other girls to be credited to mine. I always made sure the girls understood our limitations (no door to door selling neighborhood and no nearby relatives) and that others would likely sell many more than them. I would be the mom telling the leader that such a thing is not right even if it benefits my girls because to me it is not honest. You are misrepresenting the work each girl has done.
  7. Beaniemom

    And now her watch is done

    I was in your position last year. I’m so sorry for your loss.
  8. Beaniemom

    How about some puppy pictures?

    Winston is 5 months old tomorrow.
  9. A puzzle. A few people I know have a tradition of completing a puzzle on NYE.
  10. Beaniemom

    I think the word I’m looking for is irony

    An update of sorts....MIL is coming later this week for a 2 week visit so DH is going around telling everyone WE need to declutter and put things away. (This is true but not as dire as he makes it sound. ) This morning he asks me “Where does DS’s ear case go?” In this case ears means hearing aid and cochlear implant processor. Me: “Which case?” Him: “The blue one” (I knew this one had been put on the hutch as well) Me: “It stays in the pool bag.” (This is our waterproof otterbox) I later find it on the kitchen counter. I may lose my mind before this visit is done.
  11. DH just picked up the ziploc with sunscreen from the hall bench and put it on the dining room hutch while muttering about how people just leave stuff laying around and never put it away. Now I’m off to return the sunscreen to the pool bag where it belongs.
  12. Hawaii-Oahu $2.89-3.15 depending on where you go.
  13. Beaniemom

    Favorite presents (yours or someone else's)

    It is a Cuisinart Chef Classic set. Lots of goodies in this one and the saucepans have measurement marks inside.
  14. Beaniemom

    Favorite presents (yours or someone else's)

    The only thing I could think of that I wanted was cookware that was Not Nonstick. I ended up with 3 different sets but the winning set was picked by DH and my kids. It was the only one that didn’t have some type of nonstick coating on it. I was impressed by his listening skills.
  15. I got a Cameo3 for Christmas. This is the first cutting machine I have ever had. What are the Hive’s favorite uses for this machine? Any good places for a beginner to learn the ins and outs? I’m excited but feel a bit overwhelmed like when I got my Instapot.
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