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  1. IF only this were true and if karma would do her work in a timely manner! Unfortunately, my kids have met plenty of these goof-offs who make it through high school, college, and into the Real World just fine. They just ride on everyone else's coattails until it's time to take credit - then they are front of the line with a speech in-hand. It's disgusting, but happens alllll the dang time. 😕 Ugh. (Deleted the personal story) We hate group projects here at Casa Easypeasy. Because they are NOT easypeasy!!! OP - it sounds like your DDs prof is a generally nice guy, so he could be
  2. Fly. Good mask. Don’t eat or drink while on the plane. Avoid the bathroom. We’ve now had to make these decisions a few times and so we’ve now had someone in our family fly 3 or 4 times as recently as last week. We have another flight booked next month. The airlines we’ve used have done a good job and the passengers we’ve flown with, likewise. We’re still Covid-free over here. We’ve also driven when flying didn’t make sense, but flying is just so fast and retaining energy levels are very important to keep the immune system kickin’.
  3. I can’t even think of a coherent answer because *reading* the words “five years until...” caused me to literally cease breathing. Pausing to breathe in and out a few times... I’d have to personally loosen up. My kids are young adults and this is (for OUR family) the very worst possible time for this to happen. Earlier, we could have happily holed up and had all sorts of great conversations and fun together without feeling a permanent sense of loss of opportunities. But now? They are ready to spread their wings and fly. I hate this feeling that their wings are clipped before
  4. Ugh. I am so sorry. I do not get it either. Here, we have ppl screaming that requiring kids to wear masks is causing an enormous PANDAS outbreak in pretty much all schools across the country. Strep is rampant and alllllll these kids are so bad they’re developing PANDAS. Not to mention the suffocated brain cells from the extreme lack of oxygen. 😐😑😐😑😐😑 I cannot roll my eyes hard enough. Just cannot.
  5. Didn't read other replies so that my words are 100% my own-- ITA. If anyone's read Malcolm Gladwells book, the Outliers, they would readily acknowledge such as fact. It's not just hard work. It's smart work. It's connections. It's luck. It's timing. It's (in some cases) appearances. It's how you dress. It's luck. It's chance of birth. Its chance of birth order. It's how your tone of voice affects others. It's so many things. DH and I were both taught the hard work mantra. We believed it and worked out backsides off for decades. Workworkworkwork. Like beating your head against
  6. He's a genius!! If you lived Mistborn, you will love these other series!!!!! Also - did you know he wrote a sequel of sorts to the original Mistborn trilogy? There are three or four of them - the "Wax and Wayne" series (I can't remember the titles offhand, but they're good - VERY different from the original series - sort of has a Western feel to the whole thing. Very fun to read!)
  7. Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn trilogy (complete) Mistborn, The Hero of Ages, The Well of Ascension Brandon Sanderson - Way of Kings (three books out so far - they're enormous and amazing)The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer Brandon Sanderson - Steelheart, Firefight, Calamity (a trilogy set, but I don't know what it's called)
  8. We ran into this situation with both my girls. Very frustrating, but we found some creative ways to make it work!
  9. YESSSSS!!! My DH actually ensured that our kids learned this very important life skill and DD2 is very good at it 😊
  10. oh dear. Yes - that's exactly what I'm afraid of. 😅😂 I am also super pale - the red hair I was born with is exactly the right shade. DD said I better go in while I still have some of that original coloring left before it all turns paler - at least the stylist will have something to visualize. 🙄
  11. Thanks for the tip on the buy 2/3 deal! I didn't notice that, but just placed two separate orders for 6 books!
  12. I'm getting too much white mixed in with the red and my red is faded and sad. So I've decided that I'm going to go in and have it put back to 'rights. lol I've heard dying red hair can be tricky to get the correct tone/color. Is this something I should call ahead for and ask for a stylist with experience with red hair, or should any good stylist be able to tackle this for me? I've never had my hair really "done" before and usually cut it at home with whatever scissors I find laying around. My daughters say it's barbaric. 😁 My girls go to a high-end salon and spend hundreds, but
  13. Not going to read through the thread because religious-->government stuff triggers me & I stumbled in here on accident - but I'll answer this part: It's because many (not all, but many) homeschooling, evangelical (and other breeds) Christians are hypocrites. Giant, fluffy, dangerous hypocrites.
  14. (please do not quote) Both. 😂 Whoo. Those hard working, high achieving kids got a lecture the likes they've probably never seen before. Told them basically to suck it up, buttercup but in less nice terms. It was a literal slap in the face to most of them. DD wasn't cowered by it (she was incensed), but she's older than the other freshmen (gap year) and the others wilted like a flower. He makes most of them stammer if/when they have to chat with him. DD is another breed of cat he's going to have to deal with for four years, 😂 He's never had a well-prepared, highly independent, gap-yeared
  15. Please do not quote. 🙂 deleted this reply but want to say, again, thank you for the input and the assistance! Now that DD and I know we're at least not crazy for having some expectation of hoping there is an alternative plan that can be put into place, it helps her find her balance and footing. 🙂 It might not work out, of course, because #stupidCovid, but at least she can plan ahead for various scenarios as needed and we'll just keep our fingers crossed!! I feel so strongly because these trips were part of a scholarship package rather than a trip she could have opted to take, or
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