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  1. There are many, many of this type of filter available on Amazon now from many different sellers. Might be what you're looking for?
  2. It's just mind-blowingly awful. One of DD1's college friends had to wait over 60 days for a seat on a flight back to her South American country. It was an incredibly stressful process to go through and I can't imagine going through that with only 10-days. The prices of (the VERY FEW) available flights fluctuated greatly! Talk about making a sucky situation even worse... how does this administration so constantly get it wrong? The sheer financial impact of this alone!! (Excluding the emotional & logistical difficulties...). I think "draining the swamp" is being spread to destroying even the GOOD parts of the American education system! 🤯 (and a strong international population is definitely one of the GREAT parts of our system!!)
  3. Around 6.25" when measured completely unfolded. If you pull/stretch it a bit, it makes it to 6.5". When measured as I wear it (where it's not unfolded completely flat against my face) - it's around 4.5"-5" wide. Also - the ear elastic is SUPER SOFT. You can pull it slightly to stretch it if you need more ear wiggle room. I usually pull them from the washer and stretch them out flat and lay them to dry. hths! 🙂
  4. First, big hugs. We're going through this uncertainty with our second and it makes me soooo sad comparing it to dropping off our first dd!! We turned that into an end-of-summer 2-week vacation where we spent much of our time on a condo directly on the beach. It was fantastic. This time around, we decided to still all travel together to send her off. It'll be the last time we get to do this as a family. 😞 The drive is an "easy" day's drive for us. We'll have to stop 2-3 times max. We are staying at an Air BnB which, at this point in the pandemic, I feel very safe about. The host has "enhanced cleaning" and we will bring our own cleaning supplies to double-check that. There's at least a one day window between our stay and the one before us and we'll open allll the windows when we first arrive. There's a grocery store nearby where I can order our groceries and we'll have all our meals at the Air BnB. There are a lot of outdoor parks and areas for us to visit without being around crowds or a lot of people. DH and the other kids haven't gotten to see DDs campus, so we'll spend a lot of time moseying around the outside campus as well. For move-in day, they're only letting a couple people enter with the student, so our other kids will stay behind when we go to actually move her in, but the rest of the time we can be together. I fluctuate between being "okay" with this and knowing that the odds are very much in her favor to be perfectly fine. She's generally a super-healthy kid. Then I'll read something and my brain will just freak the heck out. I'm prone to anxiety and panic attacks anyway, so it's been constant vigilance to stay on top of that. Deep breaths for all of us. {hugs}
  5. not too tight on my face. The masks fit around really well, but when I first pull the pleats out (unfold them), I can "puff" the mask away from my mouth when I first "set it up." And it stays in place very well. I honestly don't have to adjust these for my face at all. Very comfortable. The inner layer sticks to the other two layers, so you're not breathing it in when you try to talk or breathe.
  6. Didn't read other replies so my opinion isn't colored by them, but maybe the future MIL is thinking that inviting her to call her "mom" is the inviting and welcoming thing to do? The thought of calling my MIL "mom" makes me want to vomit. Just. No. DH calls my parents both firstname and mom/dad. Depends on his mood atm, I guess? I've never asked When I have in-law kids, I'll invite them to call me whatever they're comfortable with. I'd actually prefer they call me by a nickname only my husband uses. I figure my in-law kids will be family, but might feel weird calling me "mom," so a shortened version of my real name might be a good compromise. But, OP, I'm with you in spirit. "Mom" is a hard-earned title sometimes and I can definitely share with you the possessiveness of that emotion. Someone else just breezing in and gaining that same title? 🤯 BUT, for the peace and well-being of my fragile dd, I'd "suck it up, buttercup" and encourage my dd to call her MIL whatever she feels comfortable with. When it's time for a baby, it'll be made clear who "mom" is, yk?
  7. I wonder if any of these who've made decisions for spring already would change their minds if fall goes better than expected OR if there is a vaccine/treatment that makes COVID less of a threat (a girl's gotta dream!! It might happen!!) ? Would they then allow freshmen and juniors on campus for the spring too, or would the school remain locked-in with their summertime decision?
  8. The Old Navy ones are my favorites and one of my kids' favorites! They're triple-layered, super-soft ear elastic and fit my face great! And they ship ASAP too!
  9. Unanimous, wow! DD will start contacting the few breeders she has researched and getting more information then!
  10. DD will likely be getting a puppy of her own within a year or so. Has to be a full-bred + certain-breed due to my allergies. Our last dog just fell into perfect place - we contacted a breeder when they'd just dropped an enormous litter of 12 puppies (others on her waitlist were waiting for another mama's puppies). We were far down on the list, but he was the one I wanted from the get-go and was still available when we were able to pick. He's utterly perfect. ♥ We won't be going through the same breeder because DD is getting a different breed of dog. This time, we want to plan ahead so that DD can plan adequately. I'm just not sure how far ahead that usually is?
  11. It all sucks so much. 😞 Just so, so much. My kids aren't young anymore, but they are trying to protect ME, so they've missed out on plenty of fun summer times with their friends and it just breaks my heart. UGH. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. It's just hard to know what/when the right thing to do is.
  12. Such a cute couple and what a great trip!
  13. Oh definitely. Big waste of time and $$. It was a PITA to get installed and then was rarely used and another PITA to help someone when they came to pick it up and get it outta my way! lol
  14. we. cannot. wait. Feels like we've been waiting/hoping for this for a decade!!!! So freaking excited!!! We've all seen it at the theatre at least once - but I pretty much sobbed through the entire thing - it was such a profound experience and I apparently just couldn't handle all those emotions. 😭 lol And when his son died? O.M.G. I could not cope. 😭 The kids are hoping I can hold my crap together since we'll just be watching it at home this time. 😅 But, getting to see the ORIGINAL CAST? Yeah. I don't think the odds are in their favor. 😆
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