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  1. DD just started a new gmail account for her applications/college stuff. I poked around their calendar app and am wondering if it's pretty easy/reliable to use? We usually use our iPhone calendar, but it is always SO full with her work/performance stuff, I think she needs another online calendar to keep track of college-specific information and deadlines. We are also keeping paper calendars (my preferred/trustworthy calendar), but want a digital calendar also. Has anyone used the Google calendar on a regular basis? Reliable? Easy? Is it easy to share between two people? Any other organizational app that has been helpful to you for the college application season? (My oldest did this 2015/2016, so it's a whole new world out there!!)
  2. ITA.The giant blanket people want to toss over ALL homeschoolers irks me to no end. Homeschoolers cover all walks of life. In our region, 15-20 years ago, most homeschoolers were either a) very religious or b) had a genuine prodigy on their hands and the local schools couldn't deal. 10 years ago, a more varied group began to appear. And now? Oh, geez. We have public-school-at-home families who call themselves homeschoolers, a MUCH higher percentage of kids who were expelled from their public/private schools and are "forced" to either homeschool or public-school-at-home, a lot more students with learning disabilities at home, a lot more wealthy families who form exclusive co-ops and class structures, private school/homeschool hybrid models (which cost a fortune!)... and still the very religious and the prodigies and the rest of us. There is no way, no how you could make any blanket statement about a group as diverse as that - not about their likelihood of success at college or anything else.
  3. Ugh. Score Pending for dd. Hopefully they’ll appear later today!
  4. Dog food stresses me out. We were buying Blue Buffalo Freedom dog food until someone told me we should change (I've forgotten the reason). Switched to Diamond Naturals for the big dog and Nutro for the little dogs. Then the Diamond-brand stuff happened. Neither little dog loves the Nutro.... So I just ordered three different types of Purina Pro from (one of the little dog eats grain-free... otherwise she is miserable with itchy skin). Then, I think to myself... the only reason Purina hasn't been embroiled in all the recent dog food drama is probably because they simply have better, higher-paid publicity folks out there managing the brand... *sigh* When I was a kid, my parents went into Sam's, bought whatever dog food was there, and we went home. Our family dogs lived to be 17 and 15 years old. I'd say they were fine.
  5. I think that today, with GoFundMes being sent out for, literally, every tiny thing... that asking for $ for funeral expenses is becoming a relatively common thing to do.
  6. DD was just certain she was flunking, or nearly flunking, a class. A upper-level math course that is essential for her degree and MUST be taken at that university. A class that she does NOT have time to 'squeeze in" during her senior year because her senior semesters are already way too heavy (she changed majors right before junior year began, so she has zero wiggle room). All of the tests were excruciatingly difficult, were something like 80% of the final grade, and she was sure she bombed all of them, but she'd received only one grade so far (she got an 89% on that first test). The stress this has added has been insane. She's talked to the prof a couple of times with no learned information regarding her grades, and the further the semester went, the more withdrawn she became about it (she struggles with anxiety, so no way, no how could I convince her to talk with him about her grade after the point she was certain she was truly dead in the water - and yes, she's working on gaining the upper hand on her anxiety). Her final grade was just uploaded into her account today. She has a B. B!!! After all this stress and struggle, she has a B. 😅 We're thrilled, of course, but also frustrated!! 🤪 I had secretly already started researching transferring closer to home, just in case! lol Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. I hope all her professors next year are reasonably fast graders! This kind of thing zaps her (and me, by default, because I am the person she vents to)!!
  7. I didn't enjoy it either. It has ALL the parts of a movie that I should love... but I was completely underwhelmed. I didn't even have particularly high expectations (a friend of mine whose movie taste is pretty much 180 of mine LOVED it... so I was already wary, but still hopeful, going in). It's been a few months since I watched it and can't honestly remember one distinctive thing about it - except there was a fire or something at the end and that most of the characters weren't even based on real people, which was really disappointing.
  8. Wow, we're not allowed to start college classes before 16 here! I've known of one exception, and I'm still not quite clear on how she was allowed in. I know of several with qualifying ACT/SAT scores who weren't allowed to enroll. 😕 I drug my feet for the older two kids and one didn't do any dual enrollment at all (many regrets there), second didn't start until senior year (many, many regrets here... this kid could have accumulated a ton of hours if I'd have gotten around to getting her registered...). And, in DD2s case, they only allowed her to take 9 credit hours this semester, which was frustrating. DS wants to start in the fall. He'll be 16, so our youngest by far. He's enrolling at a university, not a CC, due to the specific courses he will be taking there. I'm asking them about the possibility of him also being enrolled at the CC to knock out Comp I,II, and Government alongside the music classes at the uni. If that's allowed, then he'll do that as well (it's much cheaper at the CC). We go in next week for the appointment to get all this stuff sorted out. He'll still take science, Math, and Music Theory here at home (online classes for Math and Music Theory - at-home for science).
  9. This might change everything 😂 We’d never thought to consider that the gap year gave her more time for testing. Off to rescramble those eggs! 😊
  10. Does anyone have experience with Julia Reed's AP Comp Politics class at PA Homeschoolers? Or have you had experiences with other providers for this class? Or have you completed it on your own? Looking for recommendations (less-than-stellar reviews are equally welcomed! Just PM me if you don't want to post here!)
  11. Ohhhh, yesssss. DD1 graduated high school in 2016. Then, we had a nice break because DD2 decided to take a gap year after high school, so she's graduating in 2019, but won't be applying to college until 2019/2020 and beginning college in 2020. That sounded GREAT and the break WAS nice until I realized that DS1 will be a senior 2020/2021, which means I'll have two applying to college back-to-back. So while DD2 is finishing up her ACT/SATs now (late in her senior year), DS has decided he wants to take his first one this summer because he's going to do dual enrollment next year and has decided he wants to give the PSAT/National Merit a shot after all. 👾 ☠️
  12. We're now looking at SAT dates - - - are we correct in that it appears she can take SAT tests during her gap year? Because, if so... well, that fixes everything easily enough. The school-in-question requires three SAT IIs, so giving up that last testing date doesn't do her any good if they insist upon it. But, if she can take two in August and one in October, then all is good. From what we're finding online, it seems that is allowed?
  13. Well, this is very encouraging, thank you! She thinks she'll retain her last SAT date as a regular SAT and will just roll the dice with this school, since so far it's the only one she's looking at that requires those subject tests. If it's meant to be, it'll work out in her favor... 🙂 She has a strong shot at both the uni and the music school so long as they don't insist on those subject tests, so we'll see what happens. (strong shot meaning as strong as anyone else’s chances... she knows it’s a long shot and a good sprinkling of luck will have to fall onto her application & audition!) Thanks! 🙂
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