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  1. I loved it all. The signed Pledge and the woman doing it. The coats (🤤). The swearing-in of Harris had me sitting there, tears streaming, & a huge lump in my throat. Only wish I could have watched that moment with my daughters. Loved Gaga’s Anthem. Garth was great and I sure hope it was just an oversight when he shook Pence’s hand intentionally & only responded to Harris when she put her hand out. I guess since he came in from the back, it’s understandable. The station I was watching sort of laughed at zbrooks completely forgetting about social distancing at the end! lol He ev
  2. Ha! Same! My kids hid almost all extended family members almost as soon as they joined fb. The crazy aunts and conspiracy-theory cousins would post THE weirdest stuff to their posts, but once they were hidden, the posts stopped (because they'd have to visit their actual page to see their posts, and they'll never bother doing that). During COVID, I thought it might be nice to reach out to some other extended family members I'd ignored when I first joined fb (I keep my friends list purposefully tiny, but was feeling magnanimous and yearning for family). Well, I popped into their public
  3. YES! And we have - a few times in late fall/winter. Many air bnbs specifically state that they're doing additional cleaning. We did book it so that there was at least a full day between us and the people before us - but some air bnbs are scheduling that already, so you might ask before paying for additional days. We just go in, unlock the place, with everyone having their own clorox wipes container. We just descend upon the place, wiping down every surface in sight that we are likely going to into contact with (including the inside of the fridge). lol We open any/all windows that we can.
  4. LOVE them so far! We've washed one, but not the other. Neither had the curling-on-the-corners issue that I'd read some of their rugs have, so maybe they've improved the design Or maybe my rugs just weren't problematic in that way? I dunno. They're thin (not thick, plushy rugs) but super soft, which worked great for the areas we needed them: under a desk (so the chair glides right around on the rug) and as a runner down a hallway (didn't want anything trip-hazardy in the dark hallway). Installation was suuuper easy. Very pleased and have plans to order more for some high-traffic
  5. My guess is that she was most likely dumped. It is super common where we live for ppl to dump their dogs near our house. They almost ALWAYS have a collar-but-no-tags. 😞 We have taken soooo many stray dogs and puppies to the shelter or rescue over the years. Makes me soooo sad.
  6. *snort* The best part is that DS goes by himself and pays, using our credit card. I didn't even realize it cost that much until he'd had two haircuts! I was like, "Kid? Why didn't you tell me it was SEVENTY-EIGHT DOLLARS?" He just blinked and said, "Um, is that a lot for a haircut?" *shrug* It takes the stylist maybe 20 minutes! 🥴 Back when I went to salons frequently, you just picked a girl and were stuck with her so long as you went to that salon. Now, there's "Level 5, 4, 3, etc" and each one costs $20+ more than the previous level! DSs stylist started as a 3, but keeps getti
  7. lol, I went through this same scenario a couple years ago. We'd always made his appointments when his sisters had theirs at the same salon they went to. It was easy & they did a great job & would barely charge anything because they would just tack him on to the end of one of the girls haircuts. Then he started needing/wanting haircuts more frequently and it added up! So, I switched him to a barber and they butchered his beautiful hair. Tried another barber and again - it was a no-go. He has suuuuuuper thick hair that goes in every which direction and they didn't seem to know what
  8. Find an air BnB in the snowy mountains that has a pool table and/or football. If you play family video games together - bring one with you and hook it up! Bring warm layers and sleds. Bring board games you haven't had time to play in years!
  9. It is SUCH a tedious process. 😴 I pretty much think it's designed that way - survival of the fittest and all... but for those who proceed, it does pay off! But it's not a lot of fun, lol. Hang in there!!
  10. Our kids have a few tentative plans for 2021, including a few trips out of the country. We have all our fingers crossed that those trips can happen! We aren't sure about family or DH/me trips... we did have a couple getaways this year (saaaafe traveling and around no one) that gave us some outdoor, get out of the house weeks. I'm sort of looking forward to staying home voluntarily! 😂 We are going out of the country again in 2022 and if things look good, we might do it in 2021.
  11. okaaaaaay. Huh. Looks like I need to make a phone call. 😂 Thanks!
  12. We had a deposit placed into our account yesterday, but the amount is more than what I was expecting. So now I am confused. How much was that payment supposed to be? We are married, filing jointly if that matters?
  13. Last thing I expected tonight was to have Jack Black + orgies foisted upon my imagination. I need brain bleach now. 🥴😂
  14. There are TONS of sales for Fiestaware - might be more in your budget than you're imagining!!! I don't think I've ever paid anywhere near full price! My Fiestaware collection was built relatively inexpensively. Department stores frequently have huge Fiestaware sales. Amazon is another good source for heavily discounted FW. (especially for someone like me, who has ALL the colors. Often, Amazon will list 5 colors at/near full price, but 2 colors are super-cheap. I'll scoop up that super-cheap one happily!)
  15. Been on both sides of this. You've gotten good advice. Talk about stuff as feels normal to you. Learn to read a room, lol. Definitely listen to Quill's advice up above (none of this, "I have this new, expensive thing and it sucks so much, poor me!" business). Bring up renovations minimally. No one wants to hear your dilemma of choosing this-hardware-over-that-hardware, yk? Unless they are really into interior design and ask for more details. The biggest thing is to KEEP LISTENING AND ENGAGING with your friends. I've had friends who would talk all day about the stuff they were having done
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