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  1. Agreeing with everyone else. Super common issue. So common, in fact, that it seems professors wait until the reminder is sent before doing anything about it. My dd has, thankfully, one tried-and-true recommender. DS emails this person and they have the recommendation sent and a reply to dd within 12 hours. Every other LOR? Multiple reminders. Every time. Same for my son. And their LOR-writers LOVE each of them and know them well. And still... it's almost a part-time job just keeping track of the needed LORs and their deadlines! (As of keeping up with the student's own deadlines weren't enough!) my kids keep it short and sweet. Similar to katilac's suggestion above. We always include the link (if applicable) or any other pertinent info so the writer doesn't have to go digging through their emails to find it. best of luck to your dd!!
  2. I dated guys who were way older than me when I was in high school (oldest was 22/23 when I was 15/16). Honestly, they were the LEAST pushy guys I ever dated. They were super respectful and mindful of the age gap and never once did I feel pressured. (and, bonus, they weren't broke like most of the high school aged boys I knew! lol) The younger, high school aged boys, though? Holy cow! lololololol Constant one-track-mindedness! 🤪
  3. OK, I'm a mom on the other side of parenting (my "baby" is 17+ years old) - DO NOT SKIP THE CLASS. GO! Put 'em in the bleachers with Disney + and do your class! Seriously - when we sign up for things and we want to do them - it's a slippery slope to putting those things aside forever due to our "responsibilities." Talk to the kids beforehand. Explain that you need to focus for 30 minutes on your swimming and that they will be set up in the bleachers with Disney +. They are to be chill for 30 minutes. They are not to climb on the bleachers or to leave the bleachers. Make a bathroom trip before you get to the pool. Make it sound fun. Tell them that, if they are good, you'll stop for ice cream on the way home or let them swim for 30 minutes while you watch (or whatever bribe-you-can-live-with that will work for your kids!). It's good for kids to see mom doing something for herself. It's good for them to do her a solid and behave themselves so that she can do a thing she wants to do. Especially if you have any daughters in that mix. I sure wish I'd learned this when my kids were 11, 9, and 7. I was the "Giving Tree" for farrrrrr too long. Once I snapped out of it, we were all better-balanced. (If my kids couldn't behave themselves for 30 minutes after I'd asked so nicely, there would be privileges revoked for the offending kid(s)... if they aren't going to respect my time, then I'm not hauling them around to do their things for a little while...)
  4. Congratulations! Wow - what a beautiful baby she is!! Hope all is well with your SIL and baby!
  5. Not yet. CC overwhelms me. 😵 I'll give it a whirl right now, though!
  6. What a beautiful sweater! She did an amazing job!
  7. DD has a competitive scholarship interview coming up. She's passed the first couple of rounds and is now approaching the final one, which includes two days on-campus. They are flying her (and I) out and will have two days of "activities and interviews." I'm wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom or personal experience with this sort of thing? DD1 was almost to this point for a similar scholarship interview at a different university, but opted to go to another school beforehand, so she withdrew her name. Now I'm wishing she'd have gone just for fun and experience! 🤣 For instance, the letter insinuates long days. We are guessing there will be individual/personal interviews, group interviews... and that everything in-between is basically a test. lol There is a big dinner as well where, again, she's being tested. 😂 But - what about sleep? Like.... if they are officially "Finished' with the assigned activities, but some of the current students of this program are going to hang out together with the applicants... should she go? Or get some sleep? lol Sleep is important to this kid, but she isn't sure what the best thing to do would be... hang out and risk not being as sharp the next day, or possibly appear anti-social and get some shut-eye? She's currently hoping there's another early-to-bed amongst the candidates and if she can just outlast that one person, she'll be free to make a run for it! lol (it's like running from zombies! lol) (eta: she'll be staying on campus) And what about me? It sounds like (she doesn't have a true schedule yet) there are parent-involved events and QAs, etc while we are there. I am not sure, but parents might be at the dinner as well. Am I being judged too? Do I need to break out the heels and earrings and practice the chitchat (my least-favorite thing in the world)? Her people skills are stellar, she'll be "herself" easily, and she's actually got a real shot at winning this thing... but we are afraid we're missing some obvious competitive component that will stump her at some unfortunate moment. lol What should she be aware of that we aren't thinking of? Read our minds!! 😀
  8. Ew. That would have devastated me when I was a kid - even throughout high school. Heck, college too! (I was a stellar student, and teachers using my work as a GOOD example mortified me. I cannot imagine if they'd have made an example off something I'd done wrong) I've seen teachers use examples from previous classes/years before and I think that is okay but really think the teacher should have pre-made examples (her own, perhaps using the same "types" of mistakes the class was repeatedly making) to show the class herself. To use examples from the class itself seems needlessly cruel to a sensitive child. This is why kids like that stop even trying. If their hard efforts are going to wind up the joke of the classroom... why bother trying? Then, at least, you could tell your friends that you didn't "bother."
  9. My friend's daughter did the program and was a lifeguard for a semester. She LOVED it. She got to visit the parks after hours and a few other interns-only sort of experiences.
  10. We have reached the midway point! DD has been accepted into every university she applied to (unsurprising because she didn't apply to any truly academic "reach" schools). The conservatories give no response until post-audition. She's got more essays to write for honors college invites that have trickled in as well as a couple competitive scholarships and programs she has also been invited to apply to. It's all very exciting! Luckily, DD2 isn't as adverse to writing essays as DD1 was. Not that she's super thrilled about it or anything, but DD1 reached a point where she was D.O.N.E. and refused to write a single word more. Unfortunately for her, she never applied to the honors college at the university she wound up attending. 😕 I believe she'd have had a much more fulfilling experience in her college years if she had only written that additional essay... So, DD2 learned a lesson from DD1's experience, I suppose! lol (And, it's easier because she's in a Gap Year, whereas Big Sister was super busy with sport/senior year...) She's become masterful at twisting an already-written essay into something that will answer a not-quite-the-same-but-similar-enough essay prompt for another school/program. She just has to keep track to make sure she's not borrowing from a previously-written essay for the same school! 🤣 She has actually received... five? six?... very personal responses from academic advisors and/or department deans and/or presidents regarding her application and essays (including one handwritten note attached to a mailed letter invitation). Even from large universities! Some have personally encouraged her to apply for specific scholarships/programs before she's received the generic email invite. So, it appears that she touched a good nerve with those essays. She loved the personal responses and that definitely plays to her Big Fish/Little Pond preferences. Hopefully it will equal more scholarship $$$! She's already been awarded a great deal of scholarship money - it's making all that ACT Prep time worth it!!! Auditions start next month and go through mid-March! (although, honestly, if she wins one of the competitive, full-ride type, non-musical scholarships at one of the universities she's applied to, I think she'll kick the conservatories to the curb and call it good. She'll really be very happy at any of these schools, I believe. It's all about the $$ at this point & if she can earn it without even needing to bother with a music scholarship, she'll be a happy camper.)
  11. First, poor kid and poor grandparents who have also lost a child and in-law child. What a set of tragedies. 😕 Second, I wouldn't assume that all/most people living in a retirement community live there primarily because they want to live in a child-free setting. My parents considered such a place when my mother was having health problems because the houses were specifically built for people with mobility issues (Wide doorways and driveway, etc). There was a very nice clubhouse and emergency staff nearby at the retirement center that was also on the grounds of the neighborhood. The lack of kids, for my parents at least, was just a side-effect of living in a retirement community. (Eventually this one opened up to families as well if at least one parent/child had mobility issues or similar health issue). With that said, hopefully the grandparents could rent out their current home while they move elsewhere for a few years if an exception cannot be made in this case. In an ideal world, the community could vote and so long as the kid wasn't a little punk, he could live there for the next three years so that he would have a stable household situation with lots of neighbors looking out for him.
  12. I've added Howard's End to my queue too, because of this thread! It looks gorgeous!!
  13. Schitt's Creek. LOVE this show. It's adorable, funny, sad, sweet. Catherine O'Hara's Moira is a masterpiece. There are zero gratuitous scenes of anything. Dumplin'. A-freaking-dorable. Funny. Kim's Convenience. A Canadian Show. LOVE. The Good Place North and South. BBC at its very best, imo.
  14. I like the second color on the cabinets/drawers. I'm going to ignore every single one of you who said that gold/brass is on its way back, though. Nope. We made it through the shag carpet resurgence, going to ignore the brass/gold fad as well! 🤣 In fact, we're still going through the house adding oil-rubbed bronze to everything. I love it unabashedly. Luckily, we aren't in a highly-fashionable housing area, so I am unworried about resale value because of my cabinet pulls. 😁 If your appliances are stainless and you have lighting with brushed nickel, why not get brushed nickel or black stainless drawer pulls? I'm imagining silver stainless/brushed nickel/champagne brass/dark woodgrain all mixed together, and it's not sounding coherent in my brain. You're the one there, though, so maybe in person it all ties together better than I'm imagining? Either way - have fun with your big project! I undertook a similar project last year and it took FOREVER, but I'm so pleased now that it's finished!!
  15. Thank you all! We're a family of mostly-adults at this point. My thoughts were to doodle the top area with monthly decorations and use the lower area to keep score for games we're playing or for little notes for each other. (it'd just be the top half of the wall because we have wainscoting below) We'd probably use a damp cloth to wipe it off vs an eraser (it's what we do with our giant slate board in the front room, and so far, dust hasn't been an issue there. I just wasn't sure if the paint would hold up to a slightly-damp cloth, but sounds as if it should!) we were considering re-sheetrocking that cubby and re-texturing it. So now, maybe we'd re-sheetrock it and leave it smooth for the paint surface instead. 🤔
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