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  1. Not rude. But I’d really prefer you didn’t. 😂
  2. Oh, I prefer to celebrate on my non-birthday. Birthdays stress me out for some reason. I'd rather ignore everyone's birthday on the day-of and celebrate a week or so later. 😄 Due to super-busy-and-conflicting schedules, we are always celebrating holidays and birthdays on alternate dates. The grandparents either deal... or we don't get together for their special day at all. Unfortunately, our jobs and kids' activities don't take days off for birthdays, so... it is what it is.
  3. What perfect timing! My dh was just in our attic today, came down, and said, "Why do we still have car seats in the attic?" I honestly have no idea. Our youngest is almost 17 years old. 🥴 Now I can get $30 for each! I think there are 3, so I'll give one to my mom to take in. And I will continue to ponder why I have three Britax carseats in the attic and why on earth didn't I pass them on to someone when they could have been genuinely useful! 🤔
  4. But last year, Irma was heading straight for him! 😶 We have family in all parts of Florida and these last few years have been Crazyville. So many large, slow-moving hurricanes! Hurricane season coinciding with the beginning of the school year stinks. 😕
  5. Yikes! Where do these transactions show up? Is it on the app itself, when you are using it/ sending money to someone, you can see their previous transactions? Or does it post it to facebook or something as well? Either way, no. Yuck. Nope.
  6. Fingers crossed for your update! Hopefully Round 2 (3?) with this professor smooths things over a bit. I'm livid for her - what a frustrating situation to find herself in after years of hard work and dedication! Some humans just like being difficult - and some of those humans wind up being professors, unfortunately. Best wishes to your dd!! To make your dd feel a teensy bit better (maybe?), know that athletes "getting all that time off" is not always as easy as it appears. When a lot of athletes are majoring in sports med, psychology, business, etc... yes - it does appear that they easily take off and have understanding professors. When the athlete is majoring in biology, chemistry, math, etc... whooooooo boy. Those professors are NOT impressed with a student athlete one little bit and those athletes have to jump over hurdles. The professors "have to" let them attend, but the strings they attach and the hoops they create and the speed bumps they put out are innumerable. My athlete daughter has had so many "extra" projects, "early" deadlines, etc saddled on her because she had to miss a class due to her sport. Not fun. Meanwhile, yes, many of her teammates breeze through without a problem.
  7. Is my daughter the only one who just blindly fills in that extra section? 🤪 She has a low energy output, and the first time that 5th section popped up she stressed out. She came out of that testing facility, white as a ghost and was terrified that she'd just blown her score because of that 5th section. I told her that it wouldn't count against her score and she cried with relief. Next test... another extra section. Next test? Another one. Next test? Yep. Whether the ACT or the SAT, she has been saddled with that extra test every. single. time. The 2nd one, she at least attempted to answer the questions, but by the 3rd, etc, she just filled in random bubbles and laid her head down on the desk. She was done. If my kid were taking the essay and had to take the extra section BEFORE THE ESSAY, I would be livid and calling the College Board and/or ACT to complain. Loudly. My kid with her low energy levels... by the time they actually BEGIN the test (ALWAYS LATE), they are usually an hour off-schedule. If she had to do a "freebie" for the CB/ACT before finishing what we had PAID for... nuh uh. Nope. She is a kid who eats about every hour/hour and a half (she's a grazer) - adding that time onto the test nearly does her in. She is in that building from 8 am til 1-2 pm with only one small break in between. That. is. ridiculous. One of the testing facilities didn't even let them have their water bottles with them for the test. Ridiculous. When dd1 took the tests with the essays, they put them in a different room and they never had to take that 5th section. It's beyond ridiculous that they do now. Beyond.
  8. Ugh. I am so sorry. Now that my dd has had a couple roommates from hell... my heart really hurts when I read about anyone else's kid going through the same thing. Being trapped on a plane next to an untrained, furry ESA is my nightmare. I break out in hives and my throat closes up when I'm around certain types of animals... the thought of being trapped next or near to one that isn't trained to be still on a plane is enough to keep me off planes as much as possible. I can't imagine being forced to live with a cat (and I love cats!! But can't be near them anymore! lol).
  9. I have wanted to try their jeans since they came out, but forget about them every time I buy new ones! lol My current favorites are Hudson skinny jeans. Sooooo soft - they go on like butter. 💛 My second daughter owns approximately eleventy-billion jeans and the ones she consistently pulls out are her True Religions and her American Eagle jeans.
  10. My kid and most of his friends live in Patagonia. But, they're outdoorsy wildlings and most of their coats have been patched - badly and proudly! lol They like those "war wounds." 😄
  11. Yes!! AND - there are no annoying/disruptive school bells ringing! Even though the test is on a Saturday, some of the high schools my kids have tested at have still had their school bells ringing throughout the day. (Although, it's good to be prepared about those bells since AP exams are usually only given at high schools....)
  12. IMO, with academic stats like hers, I would find a LOR writer who knows her well enough and can vouch for her activities. Perhaps in the counselor's letter, explain why dd did not have two "academic" LOR writers. Emphasize her differences - they're a GOOD thing!! I think the "boxes" are there to help them sort out between the 1,000 students with nearly identical applications. Students like your dd are in a different pile entirely. Run with it!
  13. Oh, I hate that and had forgotten that it was set up that way (we still haven't started this process yet!!). With dd1, we just averaged it out and plugged stuff in "close enough." For the "big" volunteer activities, dd1 was able to explain more about it through some additional essays. In our experience, they never cared about the "exactness" of it one whit. So, for dd2 and ds, we're ust plugging in numbers and not worrying about it.
  14. In my 3 kids' experience (one is a senior in college, but the other two have been attending colleges for the past few years for various endeavors, and have spent a lottttttt of time with the college students there) - a male, young adult who does not drink, vape, and/or smoke pot is extremely rare. Extremely. Even those amongst their friends/acquaintances who are majoring in religious studies and proclaim to "be" teetotalers! lol It's not even that they party (none of these colleges have a huge Greek influence) all that much. It's just hanging out - drinking or smoking weed. It's just... what they seem to do! I find it interesting. I have a feeling that, perhaps, college aged men who are in their graduate studies would have a higher percentage of teetotalers. I think undergrads are often just pushing that "college experience" to its fullest potential and that they "grow out of it" by the time they're getting their master's degrees.
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