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  1. easypeasy

    Asking for exceptions

    Didn't read the other posts so my reply wouldn't be influenced, lol. But I used to be exactly like this! Taught my kids it was rude to ask for exceptions and we played by. all. the. rules. exactly. as. stated. Their friends got to do all kinds of cool things because they'd either a) just DO them, or b) they would ask if they could have an exception. I started to change my ways pretty quickly as I saw that people either a) gave those kids what they asked for, happily!) or b) said no, but the sky didn't fall on anyone's heads We also used to hold 100% FIRM to ANY previous commitments. I've also eased up on that a ton as the kids grew up. We started prioritizing things - and sometimes... they have to back out of a previous commitment when an amazing opportunity opens up elsewhere. It just is how it is. We've managed to not hurt anyone's feelings thus far, and the kids haven't been kicked out of anything thus far. 😄 But, they no longer have to sit politely and watch others just walk right in front of them and take what they want!! They've learned to prioritize what they want - and take the very direct steps to get exactly that. (ok, I just peeked up at some previous replies - and no, my kids would never, ever ask for something else to eat at someone else's house or if someone else took them out to dinner and ordered for them UNLESS allergies for one of my kids was involved. But, they've all been around a wide variety of people from other cultures who eat all sorts of things we don't eat and have gotten to try some amazing dishes either at those peoples' homes, or while traveling with other families. If it's put in front of them, they're gonna eat it. Just the way they are. Not picky eaters.)
  2. easypeasy

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    It's hard, because I *try* to be interested. I really do. But none of the words she uses make any sense to me! She might as well be speaking fluent Portuguese! I do not comprehend! She does know a couple programming languages from her robotics days... and the professor herself doesn't know the particular language they have to use for this whatever-it-is. So the prof said that they will just learn it together! lol The programming is only a part of what the project is, so I guess they'll be doing the other parts alongside. I dunno. But, she's happy! 😄 So, yay! 🙃
  3. easypeasy

    Cleaning chemicals and asthma--

    Absolutely. Yes. (edited to add: We didn't switch to ALL all-natural products or anything either. Just stopped using certain products that seemed to trigger the asthma symptoms and tried something else. I also started buying the wipes version of a cleaning product for a lot of things. We tend to be pretty environmentally conscious here, so I hated to try it, but the tradeoff was worth it. We spray less "stuff" into the air, which causes fewer flare ups.)
  4. easypeasy

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    Updated in the OP 🙂
  5. easypeasy

    Gymboree is closing

    😮 Oooooh. Sad. My kids lived in Gymboree for the first 3 or 4 years of their lives! I haven't been inside a store in a decade - but had just sort of assumed I'd buy grandkids' stuff there too one of these days! Guess that's not happening!
  6. easypeasy

    I'm just saying...

    That is beautiful. ♥ I'm hoping that we'll have a similar story, but I have an aching feeling that our kids are going to wind up at the four corners of the country. Each of their needs/preferences are so very different from one another... 😕 Hopefully we'll all find some nice middle-ground to settle on, though! 😄
  7. easypeasy

    Another weighted blanket question

    I recommend Their blankets are made of lots of fabrics. We prefer the cotton fabric blankets over the fleece or Minkee. They are cool, so they don’t over heat (then you can add a blanket for warmth when needed and not always be overheated). DDs is over a year old and looks perfect still. They make custom sizes or have in stock blankets to choose from.
  8. easypeasy

    Where to take AP exam???

    Do try some of the schools who aren't offering the test and ask if they would consider ordering it separately for your student. Here, out of the bazillion high schools that are relatively "local' to us... two will order most tests (unless the tests need special equipment like the languages or music theory...) for homeschooled students. I only discovered this this year! For my kids, the HG test credits would have just filled an elective, so they technically "did" the class (I LOVED teaching it), but didn't take the test. Same with Enviro Science. Got the syllabi approved, and it's on their transcript. If any universities wondered why dd didn't take that AP test, they never asked. This was the first year we've ever had a problem finding AP testing sites because one of DDs tests this year is an oddball AP. Finding the AP Englishes, Sciences, Psychology, etc has always been found on my first phone call!
  9. easypeasy

    What's your house salad?

    What a great thread! I just read through, gleaning ideas --- but does no one else add apples or raisins to their salads? Our salads are usually enormous and full of enough veggies, nuts, etc to make a meal - but I didn't see anyone mention fruit other than strawberries (which I also love!). We add cranberries, raisins, blueberries.... whatever's on hand. yum. I buy bagged lettuce mixes, but have been prewashing them lately (all the lettuce recalls have me a bit icky about lettuce that I haven't at least tried to wash first myself) - I think, after reading this thread, that it's time to invest in a salad spinner. I've always done it the hard way (using tea towels and lots of patience) and never thought to try a spinner. Off to amazon!
  10. easypeasy

    Rice paper/spring rolls?

    Yummmm. My daughter lives off these and has a zillion ways of making them. She really tosses together stuff we happen to have at home and creates them on the spot, most of the time. Veggies, rice noodles, bean sprouts, rice, any kind of meat... it's all been tested at some point! I make the same old stodgy ones, but I love them. I just use shredded chicken, add enough greek yogurt to sort of hold it all together, chop up some walnuts and celery and toss in some raisins to make a chicken salad sort of filling. Sometimes I'll add in some crisp lettuce when I roll it all together... sometimes not.
  11. Ugh. I HATE bluetooth and car connections!! We've paired three phones with dds car and it drives us crazy, but her car doesn't let us delete the phones (we think it's because it still has two "open" slots available?). I turn my bluetooth off every single day. The phone TELLS me that I'm turning it off for a solid 24 hours. (lies) Then, we'll hop in dds car to go somewhere, and within a minute, some random song starts blaring from her radio. We all scramble to figure out whose phone connected first. Often, it's mine - the car seems to signal to my phone to turn the bluetooth back ON, despite my earlier order to turn it offfffff. UGHHHHHH!!! Hate it, hate it, hate it. FWIW - since this is a new car to you - be aware that, if you're talking on your phone inside the car, through the bluetooth/radio - that oftentimes that conversation can be heard OUTSIDE of your vehicle. It happens with all of our vehicles and I often hear other peoples' conversations when they are inside their car in a parking lot (having what they think is a private conversation!). I guess it's because of how the speakers are positioned, or something. But, with our cars, we can have the radio playing and no one outside can hear it - but the phone conversations are clear as a bell from the outside!
  12. Definitely beef up on the musical theory part of learning - ear training, sight reading/singing, all that jazz. And, if planning to be a performance major, practice, practice, practice, and practice to build endurance.
  13. easypeasy

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    LOL, the theoretical math classes she’s had so far (only a couple) have been her favorites. She has looked (earlier) through upper-level math classes and read the descriptions and was fascinated. I think those are they types of things she has to talk to math people about to gain some perspective, so I’m hoping the professors can help guide her there. She just can’t (right now) envision what she’d do with it - so she’ll start taking to more people and hopefully they’ll provide her with some good feedback and guidance. 😊👍
  14. easypeasy

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    The things she's sure of: 1) She doesn't want to do anything computer-science/math related. 2) She doesn't want to do "financial" math. Other than that - she's open to a lot of possibilities. She's got great people-skills and loves to research. She loved the psych classes she took freshman year (reading further psych textbooks for "fun" afterwards), loves the concept of pursuing neuroscience, and would love to work for NASA one day. She "sees" things in three-or-more dimensions (like her dad... I'm a straight 2-D kind of visionary, lol) and can "build" complicated structures in her head before sketching them out in perfect detail. Teaching appeals to her because she'd like to teach young kids/people math in a clear, concise way and not make it "scary," which is why she loves tutoring so much. She also looked at school counseling, but I told her she'd be a great mentor and could do that without getting a confining degree... She's always been one of those naturally "good at most all the things," super-smart kids which has made it incredibly difficult and anxiety-inducing for her to narrow things down in her life (hence switching majors at the verylast moment possible to do so...). I'll pass along the note for her to contact programs now and ask questions. I bet they would point her in a great direction to understand exactly what she needs to do over the next year and a half to ensure that she's properly prepared! It's exciting to have these options and ideas opening up for her! And great motivation to keep her grades tip-top! lol 😄 Thanks for helping out a Never-Before BTDT family! 🙂 I keep telling her - just THINK how much easier all this will be when YOU have kids! lol
  15. easypeasy

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    She's going to meet with her favorite professor next week sometime (she doesn't have classes with this professor this semester... but has had two classes with her already, so this is the prof who would know dd the best) and ask some specific questions to get some perspective and input and ask about what other opportunities the school might have to present to an interested student. She says she'll also make an appointment to talk with the head of the department (who she has met with in the past, but she was just switching majors and very unsure 'what she wanted to do" at that point, so he told her to come back when she was ready). She did find that one of the classes she has this semester has an SI option, so she will apply to SI next semester for this class, so that's made her very happy for the time being. 🙂 I'm fairly certain that this school doesn't offer higher degrees for this subject (hence the undergrads leading the SI classes...). She now shares a major with 18 students in the entire university. She's only met a few of them. Most of her math classes thus far have had lots of computer science majors, or students who were minoring in math. Someone asked what level of student she wants to teach. Her current plan was to teach middle or high school. BUT that was when our plan revolved around "You'll need a job while you work through getting your master's degree and post-grad degree." She thought she started in math too late to really DO anything much with it since she's not coming from a strong program (if she'd originally planned on a math degree, she would have gone to one of her other options where they have a strong math department...) - but it looks like with good grades and good test scores and good recommendations, she might be able to make it in to a solid program and plan something entirely different. So, this just unlocked some options she'd thought were closed doors and she's starting over again as far as research and planning goes. That's why she hadn't really bothered researching math programs - she figured she needed to get the "teaching stuff" done before she could really look at anything else. Thanks again for the thoughtful insight!! I've made notes and passed them along to dd and we're both starting to research the new options! I'm wondering if taking a year after her undergrad to come home to the local public uni (with a decent math program) and take some classes there while she applies to the grad schools might be a good idea? So much to think about!
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