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  1. So cute. My kids in middle school talked/texted/SnapChatted with boys and girls alike around that age. Even if they were flirtier with some than with others. But, they really weren't interested in dating anyone, so it never became much of an issue. Plus there was lots more face-to-face talking time available, so their whole relationship wasn't based on texting (ugh, pandemic!). That's a whole other level of confusing. I feel for your son! lol I LOVE that he's wondering about doing the right thing, though, and talking to you about it!! ♥ What a fine young man he's going to grow up to
  2. Anti-masks, anti-vax, anti-pandemic-acknowledgement here. The local co ops have blown my mind, tbh!
  3. Oh, yes. I also thought after the election, I'd have more spare brain-room - but old brain cells aren't as quick to bounce back, I'm finding! lol My brain is all over the place. I used to have a scattered-and-yet-very-productive way of getting things done. But now I'm home - and everyone else is also mostly home (DH is working from home a LOT) and I'm struggling. I have no relaxing parts of my day when DH is home. Since he's home working, I feel guilty if I want to sit down and read a book. Nevermind that my "work day" is longer than his (because I stay up really late at night and ta
  4. I'd go back in May when you're 2-weeks past if the numbers/variants look similar to today's mostly-good stats in your area. Mainly because I'm starting to feel like - if we have the vaccinations and they seem like they're mostly working - at SOME POINT we've got to start living life again. I can't help those who chose to not get the vaccination (I realize there are some who can't get the vaccination, but there are ALWAYS those who can't participate in every activity based on various restrictions) and if a vaccine that appears to be working isn't enough to start living life again - then wh
  5. Bring water to boil and add the eggs gently. (I use a big slitted spoon and just lower them in) Boil for ~12 minutes. Put lots of ice cubes in a big bowl and add cold water. Scoop eggs out of hot water and into the ice bath. Peel. This process is foolproof!! Works every single time!
  6. YES! That’s exactly what it feels like right now. Everyday, mundane things are so exciting!! I’m a homebody to the core, but seeing my kids and husband feel safe enough to start making plans with friends again just warms my cold heart! ❤️ This has all sucked for everybody for a whole host of reasons, but socially I think it’s been hardest on those late-teens / early adults. Their wing-spreading years just lost a LOT of traction. I’m just so happy they are starting to return to the start of normal life.
  7. This was me after the second Pfizer. Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot/cold! Lasted about 36 hours and then - poof! I felt normal again!
  8. Since I first replied to this thread in January, things have opened up for the kids quite a bit. So, everyone has a few summer trips tentatively (and hopefully!) planned! Everyone in our house is vaccinated now and they are raring to go! It's so nice to see the kids making plans with their friends for some summer stuff. I have missed that!!! (and I, secretly, am hoping to plan a week-long outdoorsy getaway that everyone in the family will be dying to do - and then stay home myself. A WEEK ALONE IN MY HOUSE ALL BY MYSELF WHATTTTTT???!!!!! It'll be my favorite vacation in a decade if I can
  9. My girls have found that, when there's enough reviews to detect a pattern, the negative reviews are pretty accurate. You can usually tell the difference between a truly bad review and someone who was lazy all semester and whining about their grade. When there's a pattern of "rude," or "inconsistent," or "unorganized" it usually holds true.
  10. My husband planned to wait, but after the entire rest of the family decided to get the vaccine, he did too so that we'd all be in the same boat immunity-wise (for however long it'll last!). It's funny because I'm usually vaccine-cautious. Kids were all on a delayed schedule (two of them reacted very strongly to vaccines as kids, so we went slowly) and I avoided the new ones. But, after a year of this combined with the fact that all my kids are full-fledged adults now and each have plans to travel internationally within the next year - we all pretty much showed up on the first availab
  11. There are absolutely people in my pre-COVID life that I will never voluntarily have anything to do with ever again. It's not about forgiveness, in my mind, it's just that I don't need that kind of energy around me, so I am moving right on. I have read some statements and seen some things that I can never un-see from people that I previously thought were considerate, caring people. I'm not just saying these were people questioning the mask restrictions or something - but they said and did things far beyond simply questioning or not always wearing a mask. Life is too short to spend my
  12. Interesting thread - thanks for all the information (and thanks, OP for posting in the first place!) We have a puppy who is just about a year old now - we've had him for 6 months. He is super well trained when in a bubble or indoors anywhere (even if there are other dogs around, he'll listen like an angel) - but out in the wild, he's a bolter. Inside, he'll do anything for a treat and a belly rub. Outside, he could not care less about all his skills he's learned - he just wants to runnnn. We want to take him outside more often, but want him to use that training he's received over the past
  13. This is the oddest thing to me! How are there no one-way car rentals between two enormous and relatively close cities such as Austin and DFW airport? Maybe because of the weather, other peoples' flights were canceled earlier and they already scooped up all the car rentals to drive to DFW? Good luck to your kids getting home! Airline re-routs are just the WORST.
  14. I'm going to answer before reading other responses. I have two daughters. They got to wear makeup whenever they started expressing an interest. We went with the principle that the approach was to start with a little to give the girl and her skin time to adjust. Also, by starting slowly, you can more easily tell if her skin will have a reaction to a specific makeup product (if you throw all of Sephora on your face at the get-go, it'll be trickier to figure out what's causing a rash or a breakout!). Today's makeup makes it so easy to find good-for-the-skin products that don't clog pores. At
  15. You're probably right and this is the way of the future, but mannnn, it makes me sad. I love choosing wedding presents. I love the idea of setting a couple up for their new beginning. There's just something so satisfying about it. I still have gifts from our wedding ages ago and every time I light candles in the candlesticks my now-deceased uncle bought for us, I smile. When I use the goofy cake stand my FIL bought us, I grin. When we toast with the champagne glasses that weren't tagged so I never sent a thank you note, I feel a little guilty. lol! I LOVE having those kinds of memories at
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