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  1. I will say that THIS is the one topic that makes it nice for our family - having two musicians and one athlete in the family. DD1 visited all her schools on her official visits (where she spent around 2 days on campus at each) - and the next two will have to visit in-session for their auditions. So, they'll have visited everywhere they're considering before acceptances even come in. Figuring out how to fit all those visits in after late-March acceptances during April, and before May decision day... makes my brain hurt! Good luck to you sorting it all out!! 🙂
  2. oof, I'm sorry. It sounds like your daughter will still have a lot of wonderful options, but I do understand that pang of pain when things she's worked so hard for seem to be handed over to someone else who barely tries, notices, or cares. Similar things have happened to us several times, and it's incredibly frustrating, and I commiserate with you. Soon enough you'll be able to focus on that silver lining (because it does sound like your dd's hard work has provided her with quite a thick silver lining!), but I understand the raw frustration right out of the gates.
  3. Yup! Copy SKL's wording, paste it into an email, hit SEND. Do it tonight. Be done and move on without guilt. Life is short. (as a leader-of-many-things, I would MUCH prefer to get the above email sent in a timely fashion vs. an angst-ridden, tortured-over email weeks later, leaving me short on time to find someone else to do The Thing that needed done. Just send it and move on with life. She'll understand and move on with life as well. It's all good. Just send it now and don't wait any longer)
  4. I keep seeing this thread pop up to the top of the list and it just reminds me that I posted in late January with absolutely no idea what we were doing for ds's junior year... and here it is near the end of March, and we still have no idea what we're doing for ds's junior year! 😄 I do have a meeting tomorrow with someone who will likely bring a lot of clarity to the picture which will help me immensely and help give ds and me a solid direction. Hopefully.
  5. Not firsthand experience, but when my oldest dd applied to schools, we were impressed with the honors programs (on paper, at least) at Alabama, Boston University, and UMass Amherst. She was accepted into all of them, but did not attend any of those schools (and the school she DID attend, she never filled out the paperwork for their honors program... *sigh*).
  6. OMgosh! I read this, had zero idea who Rachel Hollis was... went to amazon and searched her name. As soon as her face showed up, I gasped! I am legendary for HAVING to finish any book I start. It's a sickness. I started this book because it kept popping up on my "recommended' lists, and it was astonishingly awful! I thought I was the weird one, because she's obviously so popular, but it was offensively, eye-roll inducingly, awful. At some point, I realized that I didn't have to put myself through this nonsense and I stopped the audio book. It was the only book I didn't finish last year. I'm not alone! (and definitely not wanting to read anything else she's written - ever)
  7. Ugh. February is always the worst. This February was THE worst of them all. Glad to see it go. Good riddance, February 2019!!!
  8. Housing usually doesn't require acceptance before you can put down an early deposit (just be sure to read all the fine print - some housing deposits are nearly 100% refundable... others are nearly 100% NONrefundable!). One university with notoriously few housing options required a $500 deposit - and none of it, as I recall, was refundable. 😶 So, you either had to be okay with losing a chunk of $$$, or had to risk living on the streets. lol Some schools require a somewhat early acceptance to accept a scholarship (one of dds schools was peculiarly early - she had to turn them down very early in the process due to the scholarship acceptance date). Other than that - I can't think of a reason to accept any earlier than when you/she are 100% ready to do it! We were surprised how difficult some schools made it to turn down the acceptance - where DD had to hunt down email addresses and/or phone numbers. DD emailed one uni specifically to free up space on the wait list, and they were just "*shrug* - just let the scholarship date pass and it will automatically show as though you've turned it down...." Three others had nice little buttons or links to click on from the portal - one of those sent the funniest/snarkiest "fine, but you're going to regret this decision" email while the other two sent very nice, positive "maybe we'll see you again for graduate school' type emails.
  9. So. I saw the headlines, and talked with people who were talking about this girl's story. Everyone was talking about this evil, dead-eyed, monstrous creature, so I googled and went to find her interview(s?). This child/mother-of-three gave birth mere hours before her interview. Yes, she's dead-eyed, and disinterested, and probably waaaaaay more honest than she would have been otherwise... but I am pretty sure we have similar footage of myself hours after giving birth to each of my children. (Thank you post-birth pain meds... you made me appear wholly stoned and uninterested in my beautiful newborn babies because my neck was suddenly the size of a pencil while my head grew to the size of the moon and my eyelids gained twenty pounds each.) I felt very uncomfortable watching the videos - and didn't at all get the same impression as anyone else I know who watched the videos. She didn't look heartless to me, she looked plumb overwhelmed, distraught, exhausted, confused, disoriented, drugged, exhausted, out-of-ideas, desperate, detached, exhausted... So. Question. Putting aside the big, complex question of whether or not the UK should allow her to come back home - Isn't it morally and ethically slimy to interview a woman involved this type of politically explosive/controversial/no-easy-answer sort of situation in the condition she was currently in? Hours after giving birth? Weeks (?) after being starving and homeless? Weeks after her two children died of malnutrition? Weeks after being separated from her husband (upon whom she was apparently 100% dependent) and left to fend for herself with one (or two at the time?) living children in tow and pregnant with another? I'd have preferred some radio silence to give her a few days to recover and then a solid, clear-eyed interview to gain some true insight. Right now, I just feel sad.
  10. Rainbow here!! We have enough plates, bowls, etc so I add new colors in serving dishes, plates, pitchers, etc. Barkeepers Friend IS AMAZING
  11. LOL. This is a problem I never expected to have! I have a place I go for meetings 2-3 times a week. There are eternally long, marble hallways with open-door offices with attendants at the front desks of every office (or worse, the bigwigs who work deeper into those offices...). It is usually quiet as a church. Except for one pair of my darn shoes. Omigosh. I only have a couple pair of shoes dressy enough - and really don’t want to have to break in another pair if I don’t have to.... But I cannot squeak up and down those hallways one more time (it’s only been twice - first time I thought the heel inserts I’d used were causing the problem, so I yanked them out. Tried again today - and squeak squeak squeak AND a heel blister!!!!). Any ideas? They don’t squeak at home on our hardwood floors. Just when I want to be quiet. Of course.
  12. I was a different major, so when I went to the office to change to this major, they’d just made the switch - so I was under the new requirements. At least, that’s what I am assuming? Maybe I need to ask that specifically - maybe there’s a chance they’ll umbrella me under the older requirements (the new ones are ridiculous - my humanities gen-Ed credits have to be degree-specific instead of... well, general! lol) I’ll stop by her office tomorrow and ask. Hopefully I saved a copy of the old requirements on my computer.
  13. This went higher up the food chain - and they’re sticking with the degree audit version of things. 😑 So. Wondering why, exactly, I was sent to the advisors who apparently have zero idea what they’re talking about? Not the end of the world in my case - but I’d be livid if this happened to dd at her university. Too much $$ at stake for this nonsense! (Part of the confusion is that they changed the degree requirements right when I declared the major - so I think everyone was unsure of what, exactly, was going on...)
  14. Don't they ask the question when the kids register for the SAT - specifically for seating purposes? It seems like I remember something about that on dd's recent registration... We found one testing site that tested at two-person tables - but the room is so large (and so few here take the SAT) they only put one person at each table. We try to always use that same testing site - but we only found out about it by accident. I'd advise choosing a high school instead of a university - at least there you're pretty assured they won't use those microscopic lecture hall "desks." I can't imagine taking an SAT on one of those! Most of the high school testing sites here use regular classroom desks, or they test in the cafeteria at large tables - spread out. Either of those are much better than a lecture hall!
  15. All. On. Paper. Very small (very nearby) college to get as many classes as I can before transferring to a much farther away university. Finishing an associate’s degree plus some additional transferable classes. (So I’m trying to ONLY take the classes that I know will transfer...) Lots of room for human error and miscommunication. I’m just crossing my fingers that it works out in my favor...
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