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  1. Check Vandyโ€™s homeschool requirements. A LOT of schools that are test-optional for everyone else are NOT test-optional homeschoolers.
  2. That's how it was last year for DD. This year is totally different - tons of stuff is happening. So much, in fact, that DD is sort of having whiplash and feels that everything she applied last year regarding time management/friendship management/ etc is moot and she has to start from scratch. She's frustrated but happy that things are "happening." She took on/was elected to a lot of leadership roles last year that felt totally doable - but this year they're having sooooo many meetings in person and scheduling tons of events (that she *has* to attend) that she's overwhelmed. ๐Ÿ˜• DSs school is back and forth like a pendulum! lol He's still trying to find a place for his feet to land. It's been online/back in person/maybe back online already and they're only several weeks into the semester! ๐Ÿฅด
  3. I'd base that decision solely on the academic competitiveness of the schools he is applying to. If his first ACT score is "in the range" of acceptance - then go for it and update that score later! If that score is low for that university - maybe hold off? Then, at least he could get a look at the music school apps for some of the schools he is applying to right now and focus on those first.
  4. I'd say black, since you're selling - but if that picture above of the Deep River Green is close to your shutter colors, it might make either the door or the shutters look off-color (since they'll be *so* close, but not quite the same). So, I'd probably opt to paint it that same color of green or a dark, rich brown or a dark orange.
  5. Stalk the girl's and her friends' public instagram accounts from last year for ideas! lol Homecoming really seems to vary by region/district. My homeschooled ds went to two homecoming dances and the only guys there wearing tuxes were the homecoming court escorts - everyone else at one wore suits, basically and the other group wore sports coats and khakis. The girls, in both cases, went with him to the florist and picked out what sort of flowers they wanted because he told them upfront that he had no idea. ๐Ÿคช He just paid the bill. One group split the cost of a limo (good thing because most of those kids got smashed before and after the dance) and the other, he drove his date to the dance and to the after-dance stuff himself & they met up with her friends there. Girls at both were all in short dresses with teeteringly tall heels they discarded as soon as they walked into the dance. ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. Between all of us in our family, we have each had to fly multiple times over the past year. I would go with zero hesitation. Bring an n-95 mask, keep it on. Aim the air thingy up above your head right on your head (they are filtering the air in that plane super fast, so the air thing is pushing freshly cleaned air right onto your head). Like I said, we've flown multiple times through pretty much ALL the stages of Covid. Never once had even a Covid scare after a flight. (Depending on our travel reasons, I've sometimes viewed the people we were going to see on the other side of the trip as more of a Covid risk than the flight itself!)
  7. We all loved Ted Lasso!! We just watched it with dopey smiles on our faces most of the time. ๐Ÿ’› Canโ€™t wait for Season 2! More Ted Lasso positive energy! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Here, all schools are planning to open in person in the fall - community colleges and four-year universities.
  9. I'm replying before I read the entire thread - but it would take a LOT for our family to lock down anywhere near as tight as we did the first time 'round. I honestly don't think the other 4 adults in our immediate family could handle it. I think it would take people bleeding out of their eyes with symptoms of this disease before we'd be able to muster up the energy to lock down that tight again. It'd be worse this time around because - the first time we didn't *know* what it would feel like. But with hindsight now - oof. And with having full freedom to go pretty much anywhere right now... I don't think we could manage another season of holing up. Especially if the vaccines are still basically working for the most part.
  10. When I'm out nowadays, I see maybe one masked person per 200 unmasked people. We don't wear masks anymore, but carry them with us so if a store has "masks required" or "please wear a mask" posted on their door, we'll pop our mask on before we enter their store. Other than that, we're trusting in the vaccine (while still washing hands like crazy and giving strangers plenty of space around us).
  11. Oh, wow. I haven't heard of this happening - but it is certainly not okay!! ๐Ÿ˜ถ If you ever figure out the problem and solution, please post it here for posterity's sake in case it ever happens to others!
  12. My daughter is a college freshman, but she and most of her friends wear either no show socks or knee high socks. LOTS of mostly-white tennis shoes, most commonly Adidas or Nike. Also Converse. Iโ€™ve attached two photos to sort of show the knee high socks and the tennis shoe style most of them have (diff colors, of course, but this genera style).
  13. Oh, sure! But my kids are all grown adults whose schedules are all over the place, coming and going all the time (or, during pandemic, holed up in their rooms doing schoolwork and coming out for breaks). They're a bit old to tell to stay in their room. ๐Ÿ˜… It's now me "alone" with one or two others all the time. So it's not that they are bombarding me all at once - it's just that when any of them are alone in the house with me, or there's only a couple people home, they want to chat while they have the time. They do take the dogs all the time - for walks, to the park, etc. But, there are a lot of hours in the day, and we have a lot of dogs! Someone is always in need of something. Maybe I need to set up office hours. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm just mainly focusing on the fact that things are opening back up, the kids are starting to move forward with their life plans after being stalled for a year, and one day I'll be wistful, sitting in a quiet house wishing one of my busy kids would call me on the phone. ๐Ÿ˜… DH will always be needy, but we'll find a new normal once the kids are on a regular out-of-the-house schedule again.
  14. Thanks, everybody. I feel better knowing I'm not alone in being initially confused by this. Your explanations helped tremendously; I do appreciate it. We had a long conversation today and I think this kid has a spark after all... There are a few complications to his application: a paid off house and $$$$ in the bank (that will be used next year to buy a new house... but the CSS won't know that. I'm trying to convince them to buy sooner, rather than later, if the market chills out soon...). They own their own business, never went to college, and are super busy, which is why I'm helping him out. The good news is that he's really not a super picky/school-snobby kid. He has a pretty basic engineering major in mind and a few location-specific requirements (for his sport) and he really does want to go out of state (I don't blame him) - but has to remain close to a coach/team/training facility (there is potential for the next Olympics, if he makes up his mind to do the work). It's a new learning experience for me! I ran away from understanding the financial calculators as long as I could and each of my kids started to get big scholarship offers before we had to get down to the nitty gritty of actual costs of college, so I'm woefully inexperienced on this particular aspect. He has a 33 ACT right now and is taking it at least two more times. At home, his practice tests are in the 35 range, he told me today. Not that that'll make much difference over a 34, but... ๐Ÿ™‚ (And color me shocked. This kid is sweet, but comes off as quite an airhead. lol! Just shows you can't judge a book by its cover! He's just always been sooooo chilllllllllll. My son says that information just soaks into his brain and he never forgets a thing. But... soooooo chillllllll about it. I've "known" him as a friend of ds's for years and had no idea he was smart (DS goes camping & boating/skiing with him a lot - he has a lot of friends I only sort of know, lol). I just thought he was the Chief Party Dude and Chick Magnet (which he is - both...). ๐Ÿ˜… DS says when he shows up for Honors Society/AP student stuff the other students are always surprised to see him there, but they find out that he has highest GPA in the class & is apparently in line to be valedictorian of his very large high school without anyone other than the hs counselor realizing it. Last year, a teacher wrote him up for suspected cheating at the beginning of the year (pre-Covid - so over a year ago?) and he had to stay and take a new short-answer test alone with the teacher and the principal in the room plus write an essay from scratch. He aced it and the teacher said it was probably the most thoughtful essay he's ever read. He wrote the kid a letter of apology and complimented him on his writing and has mentored him since, encouraging him to enter essay competitions that the kid hasn't bothered to do, lol. I guess the kid isn't quite as white-bread boring as he makes himself out to be. He'll have to work some of this into his essays - he might have a hook after all! I'm going to have to sit down with him and ask him more questions since there's more than meets the eye. I have a feeling we're just scratching the surface. Olympic training, effortless valedictorian, and suspected cheating proved wrong doesn't equal "no hook, I'm boring" to me. And I think that teacher or principal should be who is writing his LoR if he hasn't asked him already...) (also - realizing that none of this will necessarily help him attain a huge merit/competitive scholarship since he really hasn't "done" anything other than his sport - but it should help ensure his acceptance at most schools he'll apply to... but if it came down to an interview, he's a pretty darn good conversationalist)
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