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  1. More than I'd like to admit, though we're doing better than we did a few years ago. I recently stopped my produce delivery service because we were throwing too much away, even when I ordered their smallest box. I've gone back to my early pandemic plan of curbside grocery pickup. That way I can choose the fruits and veggies we eat, and ones I need for upcoming planned meals.
  2. When I saw the title of your post my first thought was stand mixer, then I saw she has one. I would suggest either All Clad or Le Crueset cookware.
  3. We had Aetna for many years until a few years ago when dh's work no longer offered it as a choice. I also had them in the 90s when ds was born and I was still teaching. They were the company that covered my pregnancy and his birth. Despite the many complaints I've seen online, we never had a problem. They covered more for less than Cigna, which we had for the last few years. We no longer have Cigna and are happier with our current choice, but if Aetna was still offered we'd probably choose them. Of course it depends on what kind of deal the employer makes with Aetna or any other insurance comp
  4. Same here. We were cautiously beginning to do a few things - go grocery shopping instead of curbside pickup, one or two outdoor, distanced, masked social gatherings with a small number of people. Still no dine-in though. Then our governor said "Open up! Open it all up!" and we backed off. We're back to doing less now that we can supposedly do more. Nope. Not happy with my state (Florida). Nor are most of the people in my circle. Nor are least a few of my fellow Floridians on this board. I see this was already answered. Walt Disney World in Florida has been open since July, as
  5. I've only recently started going to in-person doctor visits and those are limited. Up until a few weeks ago I only did e-health. No movies. Nope.
  6. Zero here too. Other than my age, my risk factors are very low. It said I'm as much at risks as 41% of other respondents. Whatever than means. I have not eaten inside a restaurant since March 3rd. I remember the date because it was a book club meeting. Dh and I were scheduled to go out to dinner for our monthly date the following week but we decided against it as things were ramping up. I think it was sometime around late July that we finally began to order curbside pickup. I just couldn't stand cooking anymore lol. I have not been to a movie theater since last December, but I rare
  7. The same thing, as you know, our governor is saying. We need to protect the vulnerable. In the meantime people who are supposedly not vulnerable are going out, getting Covid, and either dying or passing it on to someone who dies. Sigh.
  8. In Florida, hospitalizations are increasing, as are deaths. For the past six weeks there were almost 100 deaths per day. Our positivity rate has been fluctuating between just over 3% to almost 8%. As of Friday it was 5.21%. Sources: https://www.tampabay.com/news/health/2020/10/16/florida-coronavirus-cases-rise-again-as-death-toll-continues-its-climb/ The first county listed at the end of this article is where I live (they're in alphabetical order, nothing to do with numbers). https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/10/17/florida-health-officials-report-4000-new-cases-8
  9. I say err on the side of caution. When ds was 11 he fell at a skating rink and broke the fall with his hands. His situation sounds similar to what you describe and when he kept saying it still hurt I took him to the doctor. I felt like bad mom for blowing him off and waiting a week. It turned out he fractured the scaphoid bone, which is a common fracture but shouldn't be ignored. He ended up with a splint for a few weeks. I know it's all different now with Covid but from what I've seen most medical facilities are taking precautions and are probably safer than going to Walmart. Okay, mayb
  10. I love that book! I also love the musical but it leaves so much out that anyone who only sees the musical misses a lot. There's a PBS Masterpiece series that's very good and gives you more background than the musical. It's worth watching imo. https://www.pbs.org/show/les-miserables/ I haven't made meatloaf in ages but I use my mother's "recipe" which is basically a loaf of her Italian meatballs. There's no actual recipe but I use the same ingredients as in our family's Italian meatballs. We've never done any kind of glaze or added things like shredded carrots or other hidden vegg
  11. We live in a new subdivision so we have cluster mailboxes. They're not even on our street but on the street behind us so I don't usually see the mail truck and have no idea what time it comes. I have Informed Delivery so I can see what we get, but unless there's something important in our box we check it about every other day. If a package is small enough it either gets stuffed into our small box or put in a parcel locker within the cluster (the key is left in our mailbox). When it comes to larger packages that have to be delivered I haven't really paid attention to a difference in time betwee
  12. That makes sense since Florida building foundations are all basically concrete slabs. You don't often see hardwood here and I always assumed it's because of our humidity, plus the sand that calls itself soil. It's become more popular in the last 10 -ish years but most people around here who have hardwood have engineered hardwood.
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