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  1. That's wonderful. I'm glad to hear he's doing so well. I'm a sucker for any video with baby laughs. It doesn't matter if I know the baby. Baby giggles are the best!
  2. As many of you might remember, my granddaughter has Down Syndrome and had open heart surgery at the age of five months. She had her two year "heartiversary" last week. Although many of her therapies had to either stop or go virtual, she's an amazing little girl and is making great progress. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is Emma giggling on the day of her heartiversary. That's her aunt (ddil's sister) you hear blowing big kisses. ETA: OMG I'm sorry it's so big! emma giggling.mp4
  3. Sweepy does. The stupid name annoys me but it seems like a helpful app.
  4. You could try Sweepy. You put in the tasks and how often you want to do them, then it shows you where you are in terms of them needing to be done. It can also notify you when it's time. I just downloaded it last weekend and haven't played with it much but it sounds like what you're looking for. https://sweepy.app/
  5. A literal dumpster fire! Apparently it made national news, even if it was just a very short piece. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/04/us/florida-dumpster-fire-trnd/index.html The area is just up the road from me about 2 miles. Local story - https://www.wftv.com/news/trending/last-call-2020-was-literal-dumpster-fire-florida-firefighters/HESXS4H2NBHL7B6V7IEGNPJ2IU/
  6. Thanks, @Robin M I look forward to our readalong.
  7. I hope 2021 is a better year for you. I found that the quickest way for me to get behind in these threads is to not post until I read the whole thread first. I have good intentions of posting after I catch up but then I don't catch up so I don't post. Then another week and another and another goes by and I get more and more behind. This year I'm just going to post. I'll plan to go back and read the thread but if I don't get to it, at least I'll have posted.
  8. First, good thoughts for your daughter's surgery. Did I miss a posted schedule or proposed schedule? Should I have started reading it? I knew we would be reading it this year and I thought I was keeping up on the threads but maybe it was posted last year? This will be a reread for me and I have two Kindle editions. One is a free public domain edition that doesn't seem to be available anymore and the other is a Penguin Classics edition. Amazon says I read the Penguin Classics one. I have a feeling the public domain edition was poorly done. I read it in 2012 and back then there were a
  9. I love smart bulbs, especially if they work with both Google and Alexa (we're a mixed home lol). I love Google Home and being able to control the thermostat, see who's at the door (or watch for a delivery person you know is on the way), turn lights on and off. There's more but we haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do. I love our Chromecast. By plugging the Chromecast in to our tv we can use the tv as a digital photo frame. I just go to Google Photos and choose which ones I want displayed. I like our Nest doorbell camera and that I can tell Google to "show me the f
  10. I just bought one recently thanks to a thread here (was it you?). We love it! We love that we can each have our own sign in so the others in the house don't know your info unless you choose to share it. 😄
  11. I finished my first book of 2021 - Murder on Mulberry Bend is #5 in the Gaslight Mystery series. I love this series but only gave this one three stars because the murderer and method were pretty far fetched. I suppose they all are but this one more than the other four I read so far. Still, I enjoyed it, especially because the victim and her family were Italian immigrants living in NYC's Little Italy. This is where my great grandparents and their families (both came here as teens) settled and is even set during the same time they were living there. My great grandmother's family came in 1888 and
  12. She and her husband are both rats on a sinking ship. They've both enabled him but now are saving their own arses.
  13. I think it was Sen. Ben Sasse last night who said he and others had to help octogenarian members as they were all hurried to safety. We have quite a few elderly members in both the House and Senate, the third person in line for the presidency included. Don't forget gerrymandering that the courts only sometimes ordered fixed. Some of us are in such gerrymandered districts that it's almost impossible for things to ever change with our elected (and future elected) officials.
  14. Thanks for sharing that @Corraleno. For some reason, this in particular made me tear up. It's something about the idea of Duckworth trapped and Klobuchar sending her that message to let her know it was safe. The fact that it was necessary made me angry but the fact that it worked made me teary.
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