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  1. My mother waitressed at the Sambo's here in my city in the 70s. The building still stands and has been a Village Inn restaurant since Sambo's went out of business.
  2. Neither I nor anyone else said the term is racist. Mammy is the song he sang in blackface. I asked if she heard of the song because she said she never heard of Jolson.
  3. I've been out all day and am trying to catch up in this thread I"m starting to see a trend. In general (and someone will probably say "not me!") most of the people who never heard of blackface or didn't know it was offensive grew up in less diverse areas. I too grew up with a single mom trying to make ends meet. We lived in the projects and often lived hand to mouth. There were whites, blacks and Puerto Ricans in our housing projects, and as kids we all played together. When we moved first to south, then central Florida I attended schools with large populations of black students. I wonder if this is the difference. My friends and I never talked about each other's cultures like that because we all lived close together in the city and we knew those stereotypes weren't true. As for Prince Harry, yeah that was stupid and someone should have said something to him. He was however, about ten years younger than Trudeau was during his stupid moment(s). I must not be much older than you. I graduated in the late 70s. I was in education so yeah, maybe I had more humanties and more sociology classes than a STEM student would take. Mammy? "I"d walk a million miles for one of your smiles, my Mammy". I'd link a YouTube video but it's offensive and I don't want to post it. Look up Al Jolson Mammy if you;e curious.
  4. After my post asking about those who never heard of blackface, some people said they heard of it but didn't know all blackface was offensive. However, looking back over some posts there were some people who said they never heard of it at all. I guess I could see this. Also, my grandparents generation saw blackface from their entertainers so maybe I grew up hearing them talk about it. I don't know how I know about it or that it's offensive, I just knew. I'm also a history buff so I might have learned on my own about this. Still, I can't imagine anyone in my FOO dressing up in blackface or thinking it's okay.
  5. Thank you for explaining. I guess I was reading such posts as having never heard of blackface at all.
  6. I'm going Monday with some girlfriends. Can't wait!
  7. I have a question for those of you who never heard of blackface until a few years ago. Sincere question. Have you never heard of minstrel shows? Vaudeville? Al Jolson?
  8. I'm from the previous generation - the first one that was given a name - and I knew it was wrong when I was in my 20s in the late 1970s - early 80s. No way did someone from such a modern, Western country not know it was wrong in 2001. I have to say I'm so disappointed that he did this, and I've never even been to his country. But a certain group (to which I belong) in the U.S. held him up as an example of what a good leader is supposed to be.
  9. I just grabbed a link and was coming to this thread to recommend that one. So OP, I second the book 8 Minute Meditation. Actually, there's a newer version that also has a Kindle edition. I have the earlier one that @daijobu linked so I don't know what, if any, differences are in the newer edition.
  10. Yes, these are both true. Actually it was my grandparents who held their noses and voted for Democrats. They were on board with FDR's programs/projects but were not fans of segregation. I think they told themselves that since they lived in the Northeast it didn't apply to them, that they weren't like those Southern Democrats. My parents Democratic party was the one that made a major shift and embraced the Civil Rights movement.
  11. Her show had be laughing in every episode but I didn't know she wrote a book. I just looked it up and see that she wrote several. Which one are you reading?
  12. After the outcry any studio that would consider the remake might now be rethinking it. If they're thinking the remake will appeal to younger audiences that doesn't make sense. Younger people were introduced to it by their parents so if they're fans, they're fans of the original. The outcry might tell them the remake will be more than a flop - it might in fact be boycotted by all the PB fans - and we are legion. While I agree with you about interchangeable male leads, to be fair both Cary Elwes and Robin Wright were young (early 20s) and green when they made the movie. He talks about that in his book As You Wish, about the making of the movie. I recommend it to any fan of the movie. The audio book is especially fun because besides being narrated by Elwes himself there are guest narrations by several of the other cast members.
  13. Yes to all of the above. I mentioned upthread that my family and our family friends - all cradle Catholics going back to the old country - were liberal and voted strictly Democrat. They were also all working class immigrants or descendants of recent immigrants. My cousins and I are the first generation on both sides (Irish and Italian) who moved up to middle class. It must have been around the time I left the Catholic church that it started becoming more conservative, as my peers and I became upwardly mobile. Although, not everyone who moved up in economic class changed political beliefs. I certainly didn't. Some of my cousins did, some didn't. I separated this from the other quoted part of your post although it does go along with the Catholics becoming more conservative discussion. It goes farther back than the 2016 election. Back in 2004 a friend whose children went to the local Catholic school said they experienced something similar. They were yelled at and told their mother wants to kill babies because she was actively working to elect John Kerry. They came home crying asking why mommy wants all the babies dead.
  14. That reminds me of something I saw years ago. I don't remember who said it or the exact wording but it went along the lines of "Many who call themselves Christians are actually Paulians".
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