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  1. I was going to post that saying so I'm glad I read through the posts first. Think globally, act locally can apply in numerous ways. I think starting close to home is a good way to make things better. IIRC, the saying was originally used in giving people ways to help the environment but one can act locally to help battered women, the homeless, senior citizens, veterans, animal shelters, and on and on. And you can also act locally to help the environment as @Murphy101's post below points out. +1000 All of the above.
  2. I reread the first one and want to reread Bring Up the Bodies before the new one comes out. I guess I'd better start soon.
  3. My husky mix used to do that. She didn't care if they were used or not. She'd take used tissues out of the wastebasket (and other used female items that would gross you out). She eventually learned how to pull just one tissue out of the box. She'd just carefully pull on the one sticking up. It was funny to watch her gently try to get just one tissue. Dss has an honest to goodness dog ate my homework story. We had an alarm system at our old house and we all would go in the side garage door then run to the keypad and turn off the alarm. One afternoon dss put his school books and notebooks on top of the outdoor a/c unit while he went in to turn the alarm off. He forgot to go back and get his school stuff and one of our dogs who loved paper got hold of it. It had a paper that was due the next day. I taught at the high school he attended and fortunately his English teacher was a friend of mine. She knew the dog. She knew he was quite capable of eating homework!
  4. I finished 3 books since my last post. A Murder by Any Name - This is the one I complained about in terms of accuracy. She did explain some of her choices in the afterword but using current slang in historical fiction still annoys me (and she didn't even mention that part). Henry IV Part 1 Sword Song - I started this some time last year. Apparently I didn't add it to Goodreads because the only date I can find for it is when I added it back this time. It looks like I read it in 2 days but I started and stopped repeatedly over several months. I had an Audible credit and thought I'd use it on one of the Edward Rutherfurd books. After listening to a few samples I decided on Sarum. I'm absolutely loving it and will likely use future credits on some of his other novels. Thank you @Negin and everyone else who made recommendations on where to start with his books. I started The Water Dancer for book club and so far I'm not impressed. I loved the two nonfiction books I read by Ta-Nehsi Coates and think maybe he should stick to essays and nonfiction. I've abandoned The Custom of the Country. This is the first Edith Wharton book I can say I really don't like. I don't like or care about any of the characters and the plot doesn't interest me either. True story. When Dennis was about 3-1/2 we went to the beach with some playgroup friends. Walking on dunes is illegal because it disturbs the sea oats. Florida kids grow up knowing you can't walk on the dunes, however there was a smaller dune closer to the water that didn't have sea oats growing on it. Dennis looked at me and asked, "Is it okay if I climb that mountain?" 😂😂😂 My poor Florida boy thought a 3 foot sand dune was a mountain. 🤣 I'm going to miss my backyard here. I have many year round birds as well as migrating snowbirds that come to both the feeder and the native plants I planted. It's also a nice big yard for the suburban neighborhood it is. Our new house will have us much closer to our neighbors and will take some getting used to. One of the first outdoor things I plan to do is start trying to attract birds. We'll be just a few miles from a wildlife refuge so it shouldn't be too hard. This is partly why I just went to every other month. I can't bring myself to cancel, though I have put my membership on hold a few times over the years.
  5. I meant to reply to this part of your quote. I was going to cancel my membership and when I went to cancel they offered me a different level - a credit every other month and a lower cost. I decided to try it and have been on that membership for about a year. I might still cancel eventually but for now the every other month level is reasonable for me. You still get member deals and the free originals, though like I said previously I don't find many of the originals worth it. I do often take advantage of the member sales though.
  6. There is a similar meme for Florida but change Road Construction to The Pollening and Fire to Hell's Front Porch. The rest is the same. We are currently in The Pollening and it's brutal this year. Considering that the closest mountains are a 9 - 10 hour drive I'm going with coast. 🙂 I can be at the beach in 10 minutes. If I wanted to stay at a beach resort that would be 30 minutes. In fact there's no place in the state of Florida that's more than 60 miles from a beach. There aren't many things I'll miss about where I live but there are a few. One is that I'm just 10 minutes away from one of the few totally unspoiled beaches in the state - Canaveral National Seashore. I'm not going that far (we're moving about 40 minutes south) but far enough that I'll have to think about going there instead of going on a whim. And I'll have other beaches close to our new house but none without condos, restaurants, etc.
  7. Bringing these over from last week's thread. I was enjoying Rhys Bowen's Her Royal Spyness on audio until I reached Queen of Hearts (the one on the ship to the U.S.) I don't even remember why it annoyed me but it did. I didn't finish it and never went back to the series. I think I was getting annoyed with Georgie the previous few books anyway and that one was just the last straw. I'm starting to feel that way about Agatha Raisin and am not sure if I'll keep going with that series either. I got both of those books as my free Audible Originals for February. I normally don't find the originals worth even the $0.00 price and in fact didn't even get a second Feb. book (Break Shot came free on top of the 2 monthly choices). I thought both were mildly interesting but nothing more. They were quick listens. I think Caffeine took me two days because of what I had going on at the time and I finished Break Shot in one listening session.
  8. I never snuck out but it was fairly common for my friends and I to each tell our parents we were at one of the other friends' houses when we weren't. Most often when that was the case we went to a party that we knew our parents would say no to. On the kids question - dss snuck out a few times, ds never did. Most of dss' were sort of innocent. He snuck out because he was grounded, not because he was going somewhere/doing something we wouldn't approve of. Of course we found out or I wouldn't have checked yes. 🙂
  9. Oh (((hornblower))) I'm so sorry to hear this latest news. You're in my thoughts.
  10. Confession time: I've never read Little Women and never wanted to. Even when I began, as an adult, to read the classics I didn't read at a younger age I still had no desire to read that one. I've read three Atwood novels and liked only one. I first read The Handmaid's Tale in the mid 2000s and both loved it and was afraid something like that could really happen. Someone at the time told me if I liked that one I should read Oryx and Crake. Meh. Didn't care for it. Last year I read The Testaments for book club and didn't like that one either. I think I posted here at the time that it felt like she wrote what fans wanted to read instead of what she wanted to write. She also admitted in the afterward that she was influenced by the series. I watched the first episode of the first season but just couldn't get into it. It probably doesn't help that neither dystopian nor speculative fiction are favorite genres of mine.
  11. He's spending your money before you even get your first paycheck. That's why the suggestions for a separate account, at least for part of your pay, are important.
  12. I filtered some people out of my political group even if I know they agree with me but I know they don't like political posts. It's too bad your friends didn't do the same. Again, I want to recommend the Social Fixer extension. You can filter out all political posts, just those with names of politicians you don't want to read about, or certain political parties. You can really customize what you filter out and you can always change it back if you want.
  13. Yes. The same thing happens when I post to my set of friends allowed to see my political posts. I have to pay attention next time if I'm posting something to my whole friends group. It defaults to the last privacy setting you used.
  14. I neither understand nor like facebook's algorithm for choosing what posts you see. I often found myself commenting on days old posts and missing the latest because facebooks chooses "top posts" for me. Now I always look for the most recent posts. On the app I go to the three lines on the right (on Android) and choose Most Recent from the list it brings up. On my laptop I use an extension called Social Fixer that allows me to permanently set it to Most Recent. Social Fixer has a lot of wonderful features like hiding sponsored stories (which are really just ads), allowing you to navigate comments more easily, filters, and more. With filters they have some ready made but also allow you to customize by keyword. It's free but they periodically ask for donations. Your privacy is protected and they don't share your information. It's available for all the big browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even MS Edge. The only thing I don't like is that it's not available on mobile; they explain why not in the FAQ (spoiler: it's facebook's fault).
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