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  1. I was wrong. It wasn't ding dongs I saw on sale, it was devil dogs. 😁
  2. Lady Florida.

    Community college inappropriateness vent

    Thanks for the update but...Wow. It's a shame it had to get to that point but and I'm sorry for the student who was harassed, but at the same time I'm glad it was all caught on video (I almost typed caught on tape lol). At least it's over and hopefully your dd and the rest of the class can get on with the business of actually learning something about the subject.
  3. Lady Florida.

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    It's the opposite around here. Many places jumped on the Apple Pay bandwagon early but have only recently started offering Google Pay and/or Samsung Pay. It doesn't make a difference to me anyway because my small local credit union (which I love most of the time) doesn't have either one. They're so stuck in the 20th century and were one of the last local CUs to offer mobile deposit. Someday I hope to use Google Pay without having to switch banks. I can dream. 🙂 Me too! We don't actually use a can opener that often but I swear I need that one. 😄
  4. Oh, I did think of 2 things As a kid I liked raw carrots but hated cooked carrots (it probably didn't help that I grew up in a time when vegetables were cooked to mush). Now I like both. On the opposite front, I liked cooked onions but not raw onions, and now I'll eat them raw - just a few in a salad or on top of tacos - but I used to not even like them a little bit.
  5. Lady Florida.

    Meals for after gall bladder surgery

    Asking for meal suggestions to make for someone who had just their gall bladder removed. I signed up for a meal train and am trying to come up with two different meals. The surgery was today and my days for the meal train are this Friday and the middle of next week. When I did a search I mostly found how to change your diet after gall bladder removal though I was hoping to find more information about specific meals right after the surgery. I know fat, dairy and spicy foods should be avoided. As far as I know she is okay to go beyond clear liquids after tomorrow. I thought of either minestrone soup or a regular vegetable soup. Minestrone has beans - are beans okay? Our version of winter is basically over and our temperatures are back up to the 80s with lows in the 60s. I know not everyone can eat soup in hot weather but it seems like a good idea for my friend. Someone else on the meal train is bringing chicken soup this week so I don't want to repeat that. Her husband is somewhat picky and not good at cooking, but he told us not worry about him. Still, we're bringing meals to feed two. It's just the two of them as their daughter is away at college.
  6. They do! I walked in to Publix Monday night and they were front and center - buy one get one free! I didn't like ding dongs but I liked ring dings. Anyone remember those? And the commercial with the kid saying "Boy I wish I had a ring ding" ? 😄
  7. Lady Florida.

    Pawn you ever shop at them?

    I've never been to a pawn shop but my brother used to always buy tools at pawn shops. He usually got great deals on good tools. He's in construction and back when he didn't have much money for tools but was expected to bring his own to a job, that was the way to go for him. It sounds like you got a good deal, and it makes sense since you didn't know if you'd even like snowshoeing. The bonus is you lived to tell the tale of both the pawn shop experience and the snow shoe experience. 😄
  8. I can't think of any major differences. I grew up on pasta and now it's my downfall, as is ice cream. 🙂 I always hated fat and still do. If I get a piece of meat with fat on it I gag. I can't help it. I know fat gives meat flavor and keeps it from being dry but I don't eat any meat that doesn't have the fat on the outer edges so I can cut it off. Marbling, to me, is the most disgusting thing ever in a piece of meat. I also won't eat barbecue out anywhere because there's usually fat that's hidden by bbq sauce and I don't know it's there until I feel it in my mouth. 🤢 🤮 I guess coffee is something I didn't like when I was younger. I moved back home to my mother's house when I was 27. Until then I didn't like coffee but she was the type who always had a pot of coffee on to offer when someone stopped by. I decided to try it again and discovered I liked it. Beets, turnips, and kale are the only vegetables I can think of that I don't like. I never did like them and still don't. My mother used to try and hide turnips in mashed potatoes but I could always tell when they were there ruining the potatoes. Other than those, I've always loved vegetables. 😄 My mother never forced us to join the clean plate club or to eat something if we didn't like it. It actually surprised me to realize it when I got older because we were poor and wasting food was not a small thing. But she also grew up poor and was made to eat what my grandmother served whether she liked it or not, so I'm pretty sure that influenced how she handled food issues with her own kids. She always had us try new foods and if we didn't like them that was fine. She wasn't one to offer kid-food either. She just cooked meals and we either liked it or didn't. I can't say for sure but I think her attitude towards food with us - try it, if you don't like something don't eat it - helped my brother and me to actually not be picky eaters. By knowing we didn't have to eat something we didn't like, we were always willing to give new things a try.
  9. Lady Florida.

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    My bed is under a window so the only thing hanging there is a window shade. 🙂
  10. Lady Florida.

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    I was at Target last night and while they didn't have Oxo brand, they had their own brand so I bought it. Is it sad that I wish I hadn't just vacuumed so that I could try it out? 😂
  11. Lady Florida.

    Current movie thread

    Dss and ddil gave me a Fandango gift card for Christmas. Dh and I were torn between A Star is Born and The Crimes of Grindewald, but chose A Star is Born. We're both old enough to have seen the Barbara Streisand/Kris Kristofferson version in theaters and we both liked this new one better. Bradley Cooper is very talented in addition to being so easy on the eyes. From what I understand he wrote and directed the movie as well as starring in it. When we eventually rented The Crimes of Grindlewald we were glad we didn't waste the gift card on that movie. We found it so disappointing, and we're among those who thought the previous Fantastic Beasts movie was really cute. Two other movies we saw and liked were Mary Poppins Returns and Bohemian Rhapsody. Mary Poppins holds up on its own but it's also pure nostalgic fun. There were a number of nods to the original Mary Poppins movie that were fun to catch as we watched. Some were so quick you almost weren't sure you saw it (we looked it up when we got home). Bohemian Rhapsody will appeal to anyone who likes Queen and/or Freddy Mercury. We really liked it. It would have been nice to see on the big screen with movie quality sound but it was still good to watch at home.
  12. Lady Florida.

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    My two most recent favorite items weren't cheap but I love them. Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation. I didn't need a new one but there was a sale, I had an Amazon gift card, and the new model has a number of features I found hard to pass up. It has Audible and connects through bluetooth so I can listen to my audio books, it's waterproof, has much more storage than previous generations, and the bezel is flush rather than raised. At the time it was $119 for the version with wifi only and with special offers and I had a $50 gift card so I couldn't pass it up. When I was getting the link I saw that the one I got is now $159, and I paid $69 for it! I've been a Kindle fan for years and I love my new one. I also love this Starry Night cover that I got for it. I had the same one for my old Kindle but the new generation is slightly different in size so I needed a new case for it. I get more comments about the cover than about the Kindle when I'm reading in public. My other favorite new-ish item is my Fossil smartwatch. I love this watch so much. I had a Samsung Gear watch that I hated. It was "free" with my last phone upgrade and I talked myself into it because I wanted a smartwatch. Free is in quotes because it required a two year contract and an extra $10 a month, plus those ubiquitous fees and taxes we all hate. When the contract was up in November 2018 I couldn't cancel it fast enough. The Fossil watch does everything I want it to do without the problems the Samsung watch had, and without a data contract. It works with my phone's bluetooth which means it's not a standalone device but that's fine with me. Being the sale shopper that I am, I got it for 30% off during Black Friday weekend. I'm going to have to show this to ds. He has long hair that's thick, frizzy, and curly/kinky. He uses a flat iron to straighten it and to take some of the frizz away. This might be good for him. I put it in the save-for-later wish list I use for items I want to look into more closely another time. Dh keeps saying we need that kind of umbrella. I keep meaning to look for one but I always forget. I need that! I like having a broom handy for quick sweeping up when I don't want to vacuum, and the dustpan is a plus. The real selling point though is the teeth. I'm always stopping to remove cat hair from my bristles while sweeping a room.
  13. Lady Florida.

    Anyone ready for some grandbaby cuteness.

    What a cutie pie! I"m always up for grandbaby cuteness. Or any baby cuteness for that matter - your baby, your niece/nephew, your grandbaby, etc. 😄
  14. Lady Florida.

    New Tax Law Impact

    I knew about the bolded but wasn't sure if the proceeds from the sale of the (paid for) house are taxable or if that counts as part of the estate, in which case we wouldn't owe taxes on it. I don't know anything about the stocks other than that he had a fair amount and BIL sold them off when the time was right. We trust BIL completely. He was the middle child until youngest sister was born many years later, and he's one of the most detail oriented, fair minded people I've ever known. Not that dh or his other siblings wouldn't be fair but I think FIL knew what he was doing when he chose BIL as his executor. I think he knew no one would question BIL's methods or motives. Funny thing. After posting this I had an appointment and some errands. I came home and dh said we got another check from BIL. In the "for" space it says final disbursement of estate, so I'm assuming that means the sold stocks as well as the balance of the bank account.
  15. Lady Florida.

    kids of antivaxxers grow up

    We fully vaccinate but we were inconsistent with the flu vaccine. Some years we got it, some years we just didn't make the time. Then one year all three of us got the flu. Ds was 5 or 6 and he got it first on New Year's Eve, then me, then dh. Dh was supposed to go back to work after taking time off during the holidays but he ended up needing another two weeks off. Since ds got sick first he also got better first. At this time his ADHD was still undiagnosed and untreated. If you have any idea what a 5-6 yo with ADHD is like you can imagine how it was when dh and I were both still sick. The tiredness lingered for months. After that year we always make sure we get the vaccine every year. Unfortunately it took a bad case of the flu to remind us how helpful it is to be vaccinated.
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