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  1. Because it will prove there's a body double in the WH? That he had plastic surgery? Both? It's hard to even know what the issue is with Biden's (or someone's) ears because she won't actually tell us what it's supposed to mean. Which means that regardless of what you said @Pen you actually didn't understand the explanation. So there's our answer to that one.
  2. Exactly. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And if you don't think the claim that an actual human was replaced with a body double is extraordinary then I really don't know how to respond to that.
  3. WTM solar eclipse party at Chelli's house in three years! 🤣
  4. Wasn't that supposed to happen on March 4th? March 4th came and went and Trump still didn't become the real president. Do they have a new date?
  5. We've watched her go from someone who was or at least seemed online to be "normal" to someone who can't even hear reason anymore. It's been sad to see this play out. It's also important to know how it happens so if we see it happening to someone IRL we can maybe save them. I'm sad we couldn't save Pen. Many here have tried over the past few months. I hope someone in her offline life can help her eventually. 😢
  6. Ds loved that show when he was a preteen. He had a crush on Carly. I think that was his first and only celebrity crush. 😄
  7. I'm trying not to be political as well but my thinking on this (and I saw it posited elsewhere) is that the QAnon believers think the child sex trafficking they're fighting against is being done by a particular group with specific political views. Not their views. Not Gaetz's views. Therefore Gaetz deserves defending. This secret sex cabal is using Gaetz to distract from the "real" trafficking.
  8. We tried it and didn't even finish the first episode. We wanted to like it but it just didn't click for us. We're thinking of giving Wandavision a try.
  9. This isn't politics it's fact, so I hope it's not breaking any rules. Our previous president negotiated contracts with the major vaccine manufacturers that make it impossible for us to donate any extra vaccine. It was called America First and is the epitomy of selfishness. We will literally have leftover vaccine doses going to waste unless those contracts can be renegotiated. https://www.healthleadersmedia.com/welcome-ad?toURL=/covid-19/we-are-hoarding-why-us-still-cant-donate-covid-19-vaccines-countries-need The contracts the Trump administration signed with the vaccine manufa
  10. That's where I learned it too. 😄
  11. Showing my age here but when I saw the path a song line started playing in my head. 😂 "Then you flew your lear jet up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun". ~Carly Simon, You're So Vain. https://eclipse2024.org/eclipse_cities/total/ns
  12. Dh and I saw that this morning. It's sad but not unexpected. We were talking about him here not long ago and it was mentioned that he'd be 100 in June if he lived that long. He almost made it. Queen Elizabeth might be all about being queen but he's still been her companion for most of her life. My in-laws were married 67 years though they knew each other longer, and FIL was devastated when MIL died. He lived 5 years longer and not a day went by that he didn't miss her terribly. The queen and duke were married even longer than my ILs. My first thought when I saw the news was how the queen
  13. As is often the case, we won't see it here. Dh will be retired by then so maybe we should plan to go where we can see it.
  14. In my state it's called Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and is a large umbrella term. It includes students with intellectual disabilities, a number of different physical disabilities or impairments, full or partial vision or hearing impairment, students on the autism spectrum, students with ADHD, students with mental illness, with speech impairment, with a traumatic brain injury, and students who test as gifted. (I was an ESE teacher before becoming a sahm. My intent was to go back to work when ds started school - at the time we had no idea we'd end up homeschooling.)
  15. True but when I found my health records that had a list of my childhood diseases Rubella wasn't there. Just chicken pox, mumps (both sides) and measles. I grew up before there was a vaccine for any of those.
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