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  1. And there's this. My mom had the Italian goodbye perfected. You had to put the car in reverse and start inching out of the driveway. 😂
  2. Yep. Ddil says they're overwhelmed. The hospitals have asked people not to go to ER if they can help it. Dss has to transport people to ER but sometimes if they can stabilize a patient in the ambulance they just sit outside and wait until the ER can fit them in.
  3. I remember coming back from the beach with friends and all of us going into a convenience store barefoot to get snacks and drinks. The thought of going into one of those stores barefoot now makes me shudder but back then I never thought twice about it. We were Florida girls and we were barefoot. I also remember the rumor about it being illegal to drive barefoot but never found any evidence it was true. My mom used to tell me it was illegal to drive in flip flops but I knew that was just a thing she said because she hated flip flops and thought they were dangerous to wear.
  4. Me too and I'm not ashamed. 😁 I try not to post too many at once on Facebook.
  5. This is our 13 year old cat. We got her from the shelter when she was 3 months old and she's always been a cuddly sweetheart. Sometimes though, I just want to read my book! 😄
  6. I'm on gabapentin for sciatic pain. My surgery helped but I'm always going to have some nerve pain. I thought gabapentin wasn't doing anything until they started to wean me off of it and the pain came back. Apparently it works better than I thought. I'm able to handle it well. Like I said previously, YMMV. Others in this thread can't take gabapentin or it doesn't work for them. Some find Cymbalta gives them relief. I recommend working with a pain management doctor until you find what's right for you.
  7. My doctor gave me a sample years ago for my chronic back pain. I took the first dose and literally sat on the couch all day unable to make myself get up. It's possible that once I got used to it or if the dose was adjusted I'd have been able to handle it, but I didn't want to even try. I just threw the rest away. YMMV, as it works well for some people.
  8. This is my situation too. Everyone we closely associate with, including family, takes Covid seriously and those who could get vaccinated got the vaccine as soon as possible. Ddil is a nurse in the Covid wing (not ICU). She said everyone there on oxygen is unvaccinated. She said they're seeing young people - people in their 30s and 40s - come in very sick. There are people there who refuse to get vaccinated even though they can't see their dying loved ones unless they've been vaccinated (hospital rules). It just boggles my mind. Some of the people on her wing go home but most end up in ICU. Dss the firemedic does most of the paramedic work at his station. They have to ask everyone they respond to if they've had the Covid vaccine. No one he has transported has been vaccinated. He recently transported a dad to the hospital who later died from Covid. A week later he had to transport the mother. There were young children and he didn't want to leave them home alone so he brought them to the hospital until a family member could come and get them. The mother also died. Both were unvaccinated. 😪
  9. I don't know anyone personally who died or was hospitalized. As was pointed out, it's possible there was someone in my circle that I don't know about such as a cashier, a server, or someone I pass on my walks. I do know a number of people who got Covid. One was before the vaccination became available, an 85 yo woman in a nursing home who survived polio as a child. Her family joked that they need to study her. 😄 The others were all vaccinated except for two children under 12 who can't get the vaccine yet.
  10. Midsomer Murders and Murdoch Mysteries on Acorn TV. The final seasons of The Last Kingdom and The Expanse, though I don't think either is coming in the fall. Maybe late this year or early next. Everything we watch is streaming and most is older shows that already finished. We do watch a few that have new episodes each week, usually on Hulu. Yeah, I didn't realize fall tv season was still a thing.
  11. When I first read about it I didn't think he'd be right but for a weird reason. I imagine Gamache with a deep voice and Molina's voice just didn't fit the voice in my head. Then when I saw the promo photo of him as Gamache I started to change my mind. I think he looks "right". We'll see. I'm looking forward to the series.
  12. I do have 3 that I rotate but I wear this one the most. It's dark blue and goes with just about anything I wear. Thanks everyone. It looks like I just hit the end of this mask's life. My other ones that I don't wear as often are fine. I'm sure we were all expecting/hoping not to still be wearing masks at this point, but it doesn't look like that will end anytime soon (at least not the way thngs are going in Florida). I'm going to order one more that way I'll still have three.
  13. If you wear your Happy Masks regularly are they still in good shape? I wash mine very carefully and use a soft toothbrush to get makeup off as recommended. I've had them for almost a year (was using disposable before). My favorite one, a neutral color I use most often, is showing signs of wear. The metal nose clamp is starting to poke out of the material on the outside and the ear elastics are getting stretched out. I haven't contacted the company yet. I wanted to find out first if anyone else is experiencing this or if maybe I'm just too hard on my masks.
  14. Yep. Ddil is a nurse and when each of their 3 kids were little she went to per diem so she could have more time at home. She didn't make anywhere near the California income but she made enough for them to have the extras they wanted. She's back to a regular part time schedule now (on the covid wing no less!) but she said she wants to go back to per diem in a few years.
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