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  1. And Billy Joel's It's Still Rock and Roll To Me
  2. I don't want to live in a lighthouse because the stairs would terrify me every time I had to go up or down. Plus I'm at the age where I just want to live in a one story house. That looks like the treehouse hotel where Princess Elizabeth was staying when her father died and she didn't yet know she was the queen. It was in Africa of course.
  3. I think I heard of this but I don't remember where (maybe here?). Both of our vehicles are Toyotas - a 2004 Sienna and a 2016 Camry. Both came with donut spares.
  4. It goes with everything. Most food looks good on it. You can dress it up with a pretty tablecloth, napkins, glasses, etc. And if you move you never have to worry if it will match your new kitchen.
  5. I use inexpensive white dinnerware from Gibson. I've had it for years and have no idea where (or even when) I got it.
  6. Dh swears by Brooks but I've long been a fan of New Balance (recommended to me by a podiatrist years ago). I don't know anything about Vionics sneakers but if they're anything like the sandals, you won't be sorry. I have several pairs of Vionics sandals and can walk around all day in them without my feet getting sore or tired. I have ASICS, Brooks, and New Balance walking shoes. I can wear either the Brooks or NB to a theme park all day without complaint, but can only comfortably get a few hours from my ASICS. ETA: I strongly believe it's a YMMV situation with any of these brands. I tend to over supinate, which isn't as common as over pronation. Your gait, weight, arches, etc. will all contribute to any problems you might have, and will also determine which type of shoe is best for you.
  7. Yep. The theoretical leader has business ties to the theoretical country committing genocide. It's definitely a conflict of interest .
  8. I'm still catching up on this thread but wanted to respond to a few things before moving on. Yes, and maybe just leave the room so you don't have to see what he's doing. Just accept that he does things differently but they get done nonetheless. I loved my mother and I miss her terribly, but I still recognize her faults. One big one was that she believed there were two ways of doing things - her way and the wrong way. It's a philosophy that leaves you with no one doing anything to help because they don't want to be criticized for doing things differently. I too rearrange the dishwasher as we start using more dishes (I run mine every other day) it makes sense to rearrange. When dh called me on it once, I pointed out that I also rearrange the items I put in. Sometimes you just need to make room for dishes that weren't dirty when you first loaded it. So do I. There was a time when washing in hot water was necessary because detergents didn't work efficiently in cold water. Those days are long gone but we hold on to the belief that hot water = cleaner than cold water.
  9. Go! I did that once when I had to bring ds to a camping event. I loved it.
  10. Absorbent and yellow and porous is he?
  11. I love all these pictures. Will post mine shortly. Love the pose! 😄 This is just too cute. ❤️
  12. Ds uses Windows 7 and we've been telling him for a while to upgrade. The problem is he won't get security patches and is on our network. That's a big deal. We bought him a bigger hard drive the Christmas before last and he never installed it. I'm frustrated over that - it wasn't cheap but we gave dss a fairly large gift that year and wanted to match it for ds. Every time there's a new os for Windows people complain but other than Vista I've never had issues with any of the upgrades. There's a lot to like about Windows 10.
  13. Piggybacking on Danae's comment: The only reason a considerate partner would be asking if you took your meds should be in a caring, I love you and worry about you sort of way, and maybe if the partner is normally forgetful about taking meds. He should not be using your mental health as a weapon.
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