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  1. That was my first thought. They have the BEST holiday commercials.
  2. It would be a mushy mess to have one still out. In fact, it's common to wait until Halloween to set carved pumpkins outside because they can't take more than a day or two.
  3. I wear either Skechers sandals or New Balance walking shoes to theme parks, depending on the weather. I hate wearing closed shoes (fortunately I live where they're rarely necessary) so I've spent years trying out different sandals that I can walk in all day. Birkenstock sandals work for me too. These are the Skechers I wear. We have Universal passes and go often. I wear them all the time and they help keep my back, legs, and feet from hurting after a day at the park.
  4. Ours in temporary too but 60s and 70s are glorious. In fact, 60s are a bit chilly. 😄
  5. For us this little cold snap means our record heat finally broke. It's currently windy, cloudy, and 69F. We already hit our high of 70 for the day. The next week is going to be beautiful. It's going to be the reason we love winter in Florida - highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s, lows upper 50s to 60s. We might get back to upper 70s late next week but hopefully we're done with 85 -95 until March or April. We slept with the bedroom window open last night. It was wonderful. Windows open today and I had my coffee on the screen porch.This is our time of year to get outside after being cooped up in the a/c for months (unless near water for swimming/cooling off).
  6. I've tried all kinds of things but mine are both allergy related and hereditary. No lifestyle changes will get rid of them so my best bet is to try and minimize them plus conceal them. I'm currently using Bye Bye Under Eye (I think I heard about it here) as well as a concealer by Benefit that I bought at Ulta. I went in and told them about my dark circles, and that's what they recommended. It has good coverage but I don't think anything will totally make them disappear. Bye Bye Under Eye I just got this 2 weeks ago and am starting to see a difference. I use it morning and evening Cakeless Concealer
  7. No, that's too far south. I can't find it but it's possible it's not a BP anymore. I'll have to ask dh, though he left for work already. If you're going east on 528, get off at U.S. 1 north. It's a ratty looking gas station and towing service just north of the exit on the right. It's by that road that goes to the hotel (the one on the hill that keeps changing names/owners). He hasn't been there in ages so I wonder if they closed the gas station part. I'll ask him and let you know.
  8. Next time you visit your family in Merritt Island - There's a BP station in Cocoa that sells them, on U.S. 1 right off the Beeline. Dh gets them there and says they're really good.
  9. We have one gas station on the way home from dh's work that has chicken livers. He'll sometimes stop there and get some, He knows he only needs to buy enough for himself. That's not something he ever needs to share with me lol My grandmother loved turkey and chicken necks. My friends and I used to use chicken necks when we went crabbing. You tie a string around the neck and when you feel a pull, you gently bring it in, hopefully with a Florida blue crab attached. That, to me, is the only good use of a poultry neck. 😄 I'm with you there!
  10. Yep. Liver from the turkey gizzard pack. My mom always cooked that stuff up and gave it to our dog. 😄
  11. It was tradition in my family to stuff the bird. We always had both stuffing (cooked in the turkey) and dressing but the reason was because we all love it and the amount in the turkey was never enough. Hence, we always made extra on the side. These days it's only dressing, but it's only been about the last 10 years or so we stopped stuffing the turkey. Yeah, I"ve never heard of it as referring to the Gulf Coast states. I always think of it as the coast of the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland. Having lived in Florida for 50 years and all of them on the east coast, I've never heard it referred to as being part of the Coastal South. This. The host gets to decide what she/he is providing and asks people to bring other dishes. @MaBelle I agree with others that you don't have to lie, but sometimes holidays are about trying not to hurt feelings. If sil is proud of her stuffing then your plan sounds like the best way to handle it. I've heard of oyster dressing but never tasted it. I hate dressing or stuffing with liver in it. Blech! Some people say you can't really taste the livers but those of us who hate liver will respond with "Oh yes, you definitely can!" 😄
  12. I always heard and followed the recommendation of 1/2 lb. per person. I haven't heard 1 - 1/5 pounds, but @happysmileylady's post makes sense. My mom, later I, and now dss, always got/gets a bigger turkey than needed so there will be leftovers. So really, I don't know how closely we actually followed the 1/2 pound rule. 😄 I'd recommend the 25 pounder for you. As for ham, my first thought is that it doesn't go with Thanksgiving but then I remembered growing up we always had and antipasto, eggplant parmigiana, and Italian meatballs in addition to the traditional turkey and trimmings. Who am I to say what you should or shouldn't put on the menu? lol If you offer everything the traditionalists want though, there's no reason you can't also have a small ham on the side. A ham isn't a lot of work and you shouldn't have to cook for that many people and still end up with a meat you won't really enjoy. If you want a ham and you're the main cook, go for it. Just be sure to have turkey for those who want it.
  13. I agree that it was obviously a cautionary tale but it was sold to us as being a real diary. I was 16 when it was published and so was definitely in the target audience. I read it. My friends read it. We thought it was hilarious, which I'm sure wasn't the author's intent. That's how teens at the time reacted to it. Adults OTOH, thought it was a serious cautionary tale. ETA: I think if adults want kids to read and react positively to a cautionary tale, it needs to be a realistic and well told tale. Go Ask Alice was neither. ETA again: I'm not trying to argue. I'm just trying to help since you asked for recommendations. I recommend staying away from that book and looking into something else if you want to give your kids a good cautionary tale.
  14. There are many, many articles about it. I only linked those two. It's pretty generally accepted that the so-called editor is actually the author and that the book is fictional. There seem to be a number of better books available that are either true stories or fictional ones that are much more well written than that one.
  15. We will very likely have the hottest Halloween on record. Those poor kids in their costumes will be dripping with sweat. It's not uncommon for people to hand out bottles of cold water along with the candy and treats Record heat possible on this Halloween but our first in a series of fronts arrives tomorrow! I'm tracking the cooler outlook, on Channel 9 now. Good Morning
  16. Although I'm not familiar with current books on the subject, Go Ask Alice is definitely not the book I'd choose. It's fictional but presented as a true diary and we weren't told it was fictional back when it came out. For another, it's on the level of Reefer Madness in terms of scare tactics. I was a teen when it came out and my friends and I thought it was laughable. We weren't into drugs but it was the 70s and we knew plenty of people who were. The book is just way off base about a teen girl's life at that time. Here's a long review on it - Oh, this one actually gives recommendations for better books instead of that one. I'm not familiar with any of them, I'm just passing it along in case it's helpful.
  17. Yes, even in states where recreational use is legal (it's not in mine), it's only legal for adults. The fact that dad is an law enforcement officer is disturbing. Whether or not to report it is a tough one. If I did report I'd want to do it in such a way as to make it clear the dad is well aware of what's going on. I wouldn't want him to be able to plead ignorance.
  18. Yes! Either taking a nap or curling up with a good book are the two best "activities" that go with thunderstorm.
  19. I can't do white noise either and even the barely noticeable hum of a ceiling fan will keep me awake. OTOH, I love the sound of real rain and a good thunderstorm. Fortunately I live where both are common all summer.
  20. He might have seemed fairly happy and cheerful but apparently he wasn't. More than a year before he got married he opened up about his struggle over his mother's death and his mental health issues. At that time his engagement to MM was only a rumor, so the press didn't know anything for sure about their relationship. “I can safely say that losing my mum at the age of 12, and therefore shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years, has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life but my work as well,” he admitted. “I thought that thinking of her was only going to make me sad and not going to bring her back. So from an emotional side, I was, like, ‘Right, don’t ever let your emotions be part of anything.'” And so, he explained, during his 20's he "ran around going ‘life is great’ or ‘life is fine.'” That was a period when he was creating significant buzz as “Crazy Harry," regularly making headlines for smoking pot, getting wild at drunken parties, attending a costume ball in a Nazi uniform, well-oiled evenings with a series of beautiful young women in revealing outfits. “And then I started to have a few conversations,” he said in the podcast. “And actually all of a sudden, all of this grief that I have never processed started to come to the forefront and I was, like, 'there is actually a lot of stuff here that I need to deal with.'" There's also a history of the younger royals having a wild side - Princess Margaret, "Randy Andy", and others, going back a long way.
  21. Yes, and in all the interviews before their wedding they both seemed not only in love but to genuinely like one another. She had a career in a popular tv show here and could have gone further once the show ended (or she left). I don't think his title or money was a factor for her.
  22. Something I read this morning said that when camera flashes go off it especially brings him back to his mother's death. Now they're hounding him and his wife the way they hounded his mother. The guy went through years of undiagnosed mental health issues because of his mother's death and just because he's been diagnosed and (presumably) treated doesn't mean all is well with him now. Yes, Prince William and Kate deal with it too (Kate has her own set of haters as well) but I suspect he's had more training in dealing with it because of his position in the line of succession. Plus they're different people and it apparently affected Harry much differently (I don't want to say more or harder because they both lost their mother in a horrific manner).
  23. My Sept. 97 moms group decided to move there.
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