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  1. My social circle has a wide age range from right at 40 to early 60s, with most in their mid 50s. Sex life isn't discussed. I don't think it's something that's been discussed among my group of friends once I passed my 20s.
  2. I agree with this and you should do it soon. Once he turns 18 you won't be able to do it. I have no other advice, just a lot of virtual hugs.
  3. My roommates and I were very excited to watch the world premiere of the Thriller video on MTV. We also watched a "making of" documentary about We Are The World. I'm old enough to have had roller skates with a key. These With HBO's new Chernobyl miniseries and a book that came out recently dh and I were talking about how it was the Swedes who first detected the radiation and how the Soviet government was first denying it happened, then denying it was serious. I came across this (11 Modern antiques kids today have never seen) when looking for a good picture of the roller skates and key. I remember all except the milk chute. We did however, have a metal milkbox on the front porch. You put your empty bottles in it the night before delivery day and the milkman would replace it with full bottles of milk in the morning. I hated milk. Still hate it.
  4. Everything you said except for the parts about Asia (I've never been there) fits how I feel about flying. It's interesting that many of you who hate it aren't afraid of flying - you just hate the crowded plane, the hassle of airports, etc. None of that bothers me. It's the actual flying and a (mostly) irrational fear of crashing that makes me hate it.
  5. I loved it when I was young now it scares me. Take off and landing are the scariest to me. Rationally I know how safe it is, and I will fly when going somewhere where driving isn't an option due to time restrictions or where we're going. It's one of those things I don't avoid but don't like doing. I'm always relieved when we land and it's over.
  6. I have this Thermos brand bottle and I love it. It keeps water cold for a long time. It's not pretty but it's insulated stainless steel.
  7. I'm 17 years older than you but none of those first 4 quoted experiences were mine. I was raised in a city so no matter how old I am I would not have seen those things. Yes to candy cigarettes (pretending to smoke them first 😲). Also, as others have mentioned, I used to get sent to the store to buy my mom's real cigarettes. I have watched a sitting U.S. president get assassinated and watched his funeral on tv. I was home from school sick that day and remember when my grandmother called my mother to tell her. She told my mom "turn on the radio" because in those days you got breaking news from the radio, not the tv.
  8. Aw, I love Dickens. But I'm also old enough to tell people there are too many books and too little time. Unless you're in school and have been assigned certain books, read what you want and don't worry about what anyone says you "should" read. (I won't touch Hemingway, Faulkner, or Woolf and I don't care what anyone thinks about that).
  9. Speaking of black and white televisions, this happened to a friend of mine in the early 2000's. Her family was visiting her mother. She and her husband stayed in her old room and their kids stayed in one of the bedrooms that once belonged to one of her siblings. The kids were excited to find a tv in the room but they came running out to tell her "We can't get Busha's tv to work". She went to investigate and realized it was a black and white tv. The kids thought it was broken. 😂😄😂
  10. We got our first color tv in 1970. When I was a kid one of my aunts was the only one in the family who had a color tv (they also had no kids). Every year when The Wizard of Oz came on tv my and my cousin's family would go there so we could watch the second half in color. I'm old enough to remember when tv stations would play the national anthem and then go off the air until morning. I'm old enough to remember when Ted Turner's channel, then known as Channel 17 (a uhf channel) went national. That was what is now TBS.
  11. It's been more than 20 years but when I got on an old tractor at a friend of a friend's family farm I couldn't remember when my last tetanus shot was, the doctor gave me one without a second thought. She said it was best to be safe. My mother actually had my childhood disease records (the only vaccines available then were smallpox and polio). When I was trying to get pregnant she said she thought I had everything. The doctor had me tested anyway but she did eventually find my records and it showed I never got rubella (then called German measles). So for something like that they would likely test you. For tetanus I've always known people to get one just to be safe if they can't remember when their last one was. That is one of my pet peeves. I hate it even more when I end up having to do it for them.
  12. I'm sure a blood test would tell but you'd likely have to pay for it yourself depending on your insurance plan. I think that's unfair. They should still have records plus you signed up for that database. Between the two they should be able to find out for you.
  13. I quit teaching for a while to try and figure out if that was what I really wanted to do. During the five years before I realized teaching really was my calling and I went back, I held a number of different jobs. One was as a bookkeeper for a small one-owner company. I did payroll on the new computer, a Trash 80 (officially called a TRS 80). I also remember when WYSIWYG became a thing, and I remember using Netscape to access the internet. I think many of us are old enough to have used floppy discs, actually floppy 5 inch discs. Although I'm old enough to have used Prodigy and Compuserve I wasn't into computers then (other than my classroom's little Apple IIe that my students and I learned to use together). Dh however, was an active participant in message boards on both of those platforms. I only learned about them some time after we and I found out I'd fallen for a computer nerd. 😄
  14. You've had a lot of good responses on the rest of your post but this has me wondering. Is it possible that even though you gave permission the records were never added by your old practice? I would think that even if you give permission the office still has to enter it in some sort of state database. It sounds like they never did. If that's the case I'd be pretty upset over it.
  15. Eleven years ago I was already old enough to vote someone younger than me into the highest U.S. office. And I did. Twice. it's not that hard really once you get used to how old you actually are. 😂
  16. I'm old enough to remember watching a human first set foot on the moon. (watching on a grainy black and white tv) I'm old enough to not care what others think yet old enough to know that sometimes it matters what others think. I'm old enough to collect my teacher's pension but not yet old enough for Medicare. I'm old enough to remember watching the coal truck deliver coal down the chute and into the basement of my grandparents' house. I also watched my grandfather shovel the coal into the furnace. My grandparents had a party line. My same age cousin and I used to listen when our grandmother was babysitting both of us. We'd get caught and get in trouble because the people on the other end would think it was one of our grandparents listening in. They would have to keep apologizing and saying it was their grandkids.
  17. They're even more expensive if you live in a state with a tampon tax (also called the pink tax). My state (Florida) only eliminated a tax on menstrual products a few years ago and most states still have such a tax. Last I recall there are only 9 states without a tampon tax.
  18. All of ours match but we've had our same numbers for about 10 years. However, it's normal now to see area codes that don't match so I don't think much of it anymore. On a related note, when you give out your number do you say the words area code? Most people don't, they just give out the 10 digit number. My dh still does and I keep telling him it isn't necessary anymore. He'll say "Area code 123 <pause> 456-6789." He's an old dog who only seems to be able to learn a limited number of new tricks. 😄
  19. I taught high school. I left in 1997 when ds was born, two years before the Columbine shooting. If we hadn't decided to homeschool I would have gone back once he started kindergarten. There are a lot of reasons why I'm glad I didn't go back to the classroom but I never thought this would be one of them. Also, high schools aren't the only schools to be concerned about. Two words. Sandy Hook.
  20. Well of course that's a correct answer. I think that's something we can all agree on regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof. Or, as my dh used to say when ds was little, "Mommy is always right." 😂😂
  21. I love hazelnuts. I'm not crazy about peanuts but those are usually the most plentiful (are the cheapest?) in a can of mixed nuts.
  22. No being raised an atheist doesn't make it difficult. I have friends who were raised as atheists in multi-generational atheist families (I sought out like minded people after I gave up my beliefs). Their parents didn't need a religious background to teach right from wrong. Scandinavian countries are among the most atheistic places in the world. They manage to teach their kids right from wrong just fine. My family was Catholic but not religious. We went to church on Sundays and holidays and came home. There was no religious teaching happening in my home. We were Cafeteria Catholics (pick what you want, leave the rest).
  23. As a cradle Catholic who went to Catholic school until 4th grade, I have to say I had more fear of nuns than of God. 😂 Seriously though, I agree. God, at least in Catholic teaching in the 1960s in my area, was taught as loving - not angry and vindictive (even though there's plenty of evidence for that in the bible). Funny how when I let go of all belief in a god I didn't become a debauched, immoral person. In fact, my life didn't change at all other than the fact that I stopped going to church and church related activities. And stopped praying. I'm just as boring as a heathen as when I was a believer.
  24. Huh. Then I guess I'm glad I bought Passport. I also enjoyed Mrs. Wilson. It was fascinating - I ended up reading a bunch online about the real story. I too thought it was pretty cool that the actress who played her is the granddaughter of the real Mrs. Wilson. Since I have PBS Passport for a year I'm finding a lot I want to watch (Indian Summers seems interesting - I watched one so far). I found some for me to watch when dh is at work, and some I think we'll enjoy watching together. I figured I might as well take advantage of it since I have it now.
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