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  1. @MercyA or @Seasider too would you pm me? Or someone else who sees this. I didn't see any of it so I can't even begin to guess who this is or what happened, other than someone got doxxed. That makes me angry. This is supposed to be our safe place, even when we strongly disagree with each other.
  2. I'm with you too. Raised partly in northern NJ and then Central Florida. A pot plant is a marijuana plant. A plant in a pot is a potted plant. I will pot a plant or repot a plant. I have many potted plants (also called container plants) in my front yard but I don't have any pot plants anywhere. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. What a great thread! Thank you for starting it @Liz CA. Congratulations to both of you! Grandchildren are a special kind of joy. ❤️ Aw, it must be sad to see all the flooding there, knowing it was beautiful just a few months ago. Now I feel bad (kind of). We complained that we were an hour away and we moved to get closer to our grandkids. I'm happy for you that you're so much closer to yours now. I agree. Being close to grandchildren is heaven!
  4. Hmm. That's hard to say because there are shows on both that we like. If it's British mysteries you want, probably Britbox. Acorn has more international mysteries and noir than Britbox though. I like the documentaries on Acorn better. ETA: You could probably browse through the offerings on the website of both and see what you think.
  5. Thanks. I thought that was probably the one but then I started seeing others with the name Happy Masks.
  6. I'm seeing more than one Happy Mask when I search online. Would someone link to the one being discussed here please? Thanks. We use something similar that I ordered from Gear Best. I can't find the exact one now when I search or I'd link. They fit well and it's easy to breathe because of the space between the mask and your face. Supposedly you can reuse them up to 5 times but I'm a little leery. Mostly we decide based on where and how long the mask was worn. We also have a pack of disposable surgical masks in a common area of the house. With our house being brand new constr
  7. I confess I was getting worried, especially every time I heard she went in for some kind of treatment. Yes to both. I'm still reeling and feeling devastated but I know what RGB would do. She'd get to work! I've already been doing GOTV texting and have signed up for more. It's been hard for me to get out and about lately due to a few issues so I'm doing all I can from home. In addition to texting and calling, I prepare flyers and stickers for those who are actually going door to door.
  8. Neither of us (dh and I) have found much on Netflix lately. We're almost through with the first half of Lucifer Season 5 and haven't heard when the rest will be available. We're considering Ozark because we keep hearing so much about it. We love Britbox! Between that and AcornTV we get our fix of British police/detective/amateur detective series. We're currently watching Jonathan Creek and have already watched the other two on your list. Have you watched The Mallorca Files? We enjoyed that one.
  9. I'm going to have to count out loud so I can figure it out. The short answer is: A lot. As a kid - I lived in 7 different houses so that's 6 moves. I don't remember the first move since I was under 2 years old, so the second place we lived is the first place I remember. Our 5th move was from NJ to Florida and the 6th move was to the city where I ended up living for most of my life. Do we count various moves during college/university years? I lived in 4 different places then - dorm, sorority house, then 2 different apartments. As an adult - 5 when I lived in GA where I got my fi
  10. I'm also not a big recipe follower when it comes to soup, but this white bean chicken chili is good. I got the recipe from my dil, and it's a hit here with my guys. When ds was a teen and had friends over he often requested I make it. I've made it a few times as my meal train contribution and have actually had it requested by a friend who needed a meal train again a year later. It's mild but you can fix that with seasonings or hot salsa if you want it spicy. Also, dil doesn't brown the chicken first but I do. It probably isn't necessary. White Bean Chicken Chili - can be made on the stov
  11. Yes. I often cook noodles separately in pasta based soups. If it sits in the refrigerator for a day the broth is absorbed by the pasta and you end up with a very thick stew-like thing. It's no longer soup.
  12. There haven't been any announcements about this new update but most of us woke up yesterday morning to an all new look. All seemed fine until this morning when I tried to upload a photo in a social group. It looks like it's going to upload but then it doesn't. There's no error message, no message that says I've used my allotted space. Just no photo after it appeared to upload. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. I came here to check. It does look different, both on the desktop website and on my phone. I would have thought there'd be something in the announcements, but no. It's quite a minimalist look.
  14. I'm sorry. It sounds really hard. No. Unfortunately we're going in the complete opposite direction. Our governor is allowing bars to open at 50% capacity starting today. Yep. I wish we had gotten that serious from the start.
  15. I had a small close group of friends. There were 4 of us who were inseparable. We've moved to various parts of the country over the years but all are now back in Florida. One is in my hometown, which I just moved away from in May. The other two are within a few hours driving distance. We've more or less kept in touch and two or three of us have been able to get together on occasion. Now and then all 4 of us are able to get together but that's rare. Only one other plus myself is active on Facebook so we aren't able to keep in touch that way. The funny thing is, I now have a small, close gr
  16. I'm in the market for a new robot vacuum and I. Cannot. Decide. My first one was a Neato in 2013 or '14. It wasn't wifi connected because that wasn't a thing back then. It was a workhorse until it wasn't. Once the battery stopped holding a charge it was never the same. By then newer types had come out, including wifi connected, so rather than get a new battery I decided to get a new vacuum. Instead of researching like I usually do before buying an appliance, I made an impulse buy. I bought a Roomba e5 at Sams for a steal. I got what I paid for. It's the dumbest smart device I've ever
  17. It sounds like normal curiosity behavior, but at six it's definitely time to teach him what's appropriate and what isn't. As for the 12yo brother knowing it's wrong, well yes. He's 12. He apparently has been taught what's appropriate and what isn't. And at 12 he's probably horrified even more because he "knows things". Or thinks he does, which is why I put it in quotes. I wouldn't be worried that he's a future pervert or sexual aggressor. I would however, start teaching him that he can't do those things. And because he's six, that will mean he'll have to be taught again and again and aga
  18. Don't even get me started on empty tote bags. 😄 How did they get into my house to take a picture of my bananas?
  19. I don't like being scared but I also don't believe in ghosts or spirits or demons or whatever, so I don't find them scary. I find the gory chain saw type stuff stupid. I don't like being startled either (which is all the haunted house things do anyway). The only kind of scared I like is rides, and those are limited. For example I'll go on a mild roller coaster and be mildly scared but will not go on the big ones that I find terrifying. Yes, this is the Halloween I like. Unfortunately I gave birth to a child who loves the scary stuff and I had to hold off as long as I could befor
  20. No. Because when the emperor has no clothes people need to speak up.
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