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  1. Does anyone know anything about Anderson University in South Carolina?
  2. Has anyone had a student take prealgebra or algebra through Schole Academy? Particularly with Dr. Fransell Riley as the teacher. Thanks!
  3. Hi - I am looking at adding this class last minute through the potter’s school. Can anyone tell me how your kids like the interaction in these classes? Is it only chat box or do the kids actually talk on microphone? Does a teacher usually lecture most of the time or is their class discussion? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for responding to this. I’ve actually still been considering this. I only have two years left with this particular student. Did they happen to say if you can just cover the last two years of the worldviews of the western world curriculum?
  5. Has anyone had a student take this online class? If so, do you have feedback?
  6. I am looking for recommendations for a new cookbook or two. I really enjoy 100 days of real food. I’m looking for something similar to that. No processed foods, no sugar, etc…. But also not super restrictive. I like gluten, dairy, and natural sweeteners. 😂 Any suggestions?
  7. To be quite honest, I’m not sure why I prefer excelsior, but it definitely felt a bit more professional and put together. Also many more offerings. I also really like the director of excelsior. Every teacher was fantastic in class and out of class. The Big River class we took was really good. Excelsior was just a better experience overall. Have you looked at the Biology class at True North? I wish I had known about it when my oldest did biology. A friend of mine has a daughter signed up for next year and I have heard fantastic things about the teacher.
  8. Hi! So I know your kids have done classes at Schole Academy, so I will start by saying that the classes at both of these schools (Exc. and Big River) aren’t much like that. The kids don’t talk as much, they don’t dig as deeply (in my opinion) and most kids aren’t on camera using microphones. My daughter has only done Writing ER at Big River. It’s a very basic writing class that covers a variety of things. She was only in 9th grade when she took it but I think there were older kids in the class taking it more like the title suggests…an ER class. Catching up on what they’ve missed over the years. My daughter had a fantastic experience though and really solidified her writing a lot that year. The teacher is delightful. between two of my daughters this past year, we had 5 classes at Excelsior. I was pleased with all 5. One of my daughters took life science and if I am correct, the same woman is the biology teacher. She was great as well. I’ve also heard good things about Advanced Comp at Excelsior. I personally like excelsior more. I’m attempting to not outsource as much anymore, but when I want a class where rich discussion needs to take place… like logic, history, literature, etc….. I choose Schole. Math and science - I lean towards Excelsior. Or if I need composition that’s separate from literature. I’m not sure if that helps, but I wanted to at least chime in and say that we felt really good about the Excelsior classes this year.
  9. My daughter took this class in high school and grew a lot as a writer that year. She really loved the teacher. It covered a lot of basics and wasn’t too overwhelming. https://www.bigriveracademy.com/course/writer-er/
  10. I wonder if the Memoria Press classes are just as good. I know they also use the progymnasmata method of teaching writing but perhaps the books just aren’t as fun. Maybe the class would be fun though!?!?!
  11. Thanks for those suggestions. I will look into all of it. The main reason for outsourcing writing next year is because I’m trying to have a really concentrated humanities year with my oldest and I needed to get something off of my plate for my youngest. But since she’s really motivated with writing, I wanted to give her something challenging and fun. And she does love the peer interaction. Honestly, she hasn’t done much formal writing. She’s working on the 3rd Writing and Rhetoric book and she’s done WWE and narrations. Schole Academy has tons of sections of W&R and long waiting lists. I tried to get her in a section that fit our schedule and she’s 19th on the list. So…..I’ve been looking elsewhere. She is taking Latin at Schole and they are my favorite online provider but apparently those writing classes are quite popular!
  12. Thanks for your response. Yes, Veritas uses Shurley and IEW. The Potter's School doesn't require you to purchase any resources for the class. The instructor provides what you need. As far as grammar, I really don't mind the classes covering it. I am just fine teaching it myself if I find a great writing class that doesn't include the grammar component. Bravewriter isn't for us but thanks for the suggestion. This particular child is a really strong writer for her age so a more demanding class isn't a bad things I suppose..............
  13. Has anyone used this? Did you find that the readings were too difficult or just about right for an 8th grader? Thanks!
  14. Hi ladies! I’m trying to outsource writing for my rising 5th grader next year. Grammar included is fine but not necessary. I have narrowed it down to the Veritas Press Scholars Academy grammar and writing 5 class, the potters school writing fundamentals 5 class or BJU English 5 or 6 distance learning videos. Can anyone speak to any of these? Thanks!
  15. I have a student enrolled in that class as well!
  16. I know the course exists this year but this may be the first time it’s been offered.
  17. Has anyone had a student that took Anatomy and Physiology with Kristin Moon at True North? If so, any reviews?
  18. What are your thoughts on an Algebra 2 class that only meets once a week for an hour and a half? This is our first run through high school math and someone recommended Alg 2 through My Fun Science. It just meets once a week. Thanks!
  19. Has anyone used both of these and have an opinion of which they enjoyed the most? Simply Charlotte Mason or Beautiful Feet Books - Modern American and World. This would be for an 11th grader with an 8th grader sitting in on some of it. Thanks!
  20. At least one of my kids has taken a CFL class each year for the last 4 years. We absolutely adore the Andrews. But our experience has been that the classes are quite large and you can very easily be a “wall flower.” It’s also hard for my kids to stay alert and engaged for 2 hours. We will continue to take classes here and there with them because I really love the way they teach and what they are depositing into my kids. Aside from CFL, we’ve enjoyed Schole Academy and Excelsior Classes.
  21. Has anyone taken this course at Schole Academy? If so, thoughts?
  22. Had anyone had kids take Algebra 2 or Anatomy and Physiology through VPSA? If so, any feedback?
  23. Thanks so much! Great review and very helpful!
  24. I know this is an old post but I was curious if you ended up going with this class. I just started looking into it also.
  25. Thanks! And I should have clarified. I’d like a live class.
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