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  1. I read some research suggesting it isn't education levels but cognitive styles which influences people to believe in conspiracy theories. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/09/180925075108.htm I suspect that the closed, suspicious, fearful type of personality/cognitive style is a result of trauma. And so societies with more trauma, due to poverty, lack of a social safety net, gun violence etc are more likely to have children growing up believing in conspiracy theories.
  2. There's something similar in Australia, where they calculate the average socio-economic status of kids in a school (you fill in a form when you enrol) and they fund disadvantaged schools at a higher rate. But of course, the local parents can and do run fundraisers which can be enormous and can even fund extra teachers, such as a music or language teacher. There are also other disadvantages which are hard to tackle with money, such as isolation and small numbers. The federal government chose to spend a lot of money on school buildings in the last GFC, to inject money into the economy. Whi
  3. I've seen a lot of scientists just calling it the B117 strain. I assume there will end up being lots of different strains from UK and other places so giving it a number will be more accurate. A friend gave me a pile of New Yorker magazines and there was an interesting overview of Covid in the USA, with an interesting few paragraphs about mistakes made in the development of tests at the CDC in Feb, and how that basically led to uncontrolled spread. Some really basic errors compounded by inflexible institutional decisions. My sister was in a meeting with the communicable diseases perso
  4. Thanks everyone. Yeah, my husband isn't happy about it, and it would make things tricky re the kids. Also yes, I'm already exhausted. The idea of adding another full day to my load is not a happy one. But as I say, it sounds like it won't be any time soon, so I will think about it further.
  5. There's no public transport - it would have to be a 1.5hr drive. To be honest, I don't know what I'll be doing workwise in the future, but in the near future I wouldn't be looking for any further work. The current job is the family business, so I'll be doing that until we sell it in a few years. I might try the drive one day and see what it's like, as I don't know the area well. If it's tricky with highways or scary roads or something that could be a big issue - I don't like driving that much!
  6. I had a job pre-covid which was about 45m from where I lived. There's a possibility it may start up again when covid settles down, either in six or twelve months time. However, I've just been told the location has moved so I'd have to drive 1.5 hrs each way. It's only one day a week but the idea of driving that far has really put me off. I did say to them (when we knew the location would have to move) that I'd be happy to drive an hour, but no further. They haven't been able to tell me which day of the week, either. I currently work 4.5 days short days a week in job which is kind of like
  7. No plans to go interstate this year, the borders open and close here with very little notice! A friend has a holiday house a few hours up north, so we may stay there for a few days when we can. I'd like to go camping for a weekend, too. But I wouldn't book anything that wasn't in my state. I just don't know how things are going to play out with the UK mutation and the vaccine. We shall see.
  8. So, as someone outside your country, I find this thread interesting. A big hug to all those feeling very anxious - I am so sorry. I actually had thought the fact that the people were stopped and are being arrested would be making you feel more reassured than previously. The fact that all the rats seem to be fleeing the sinking ship would make you feel that a certain decency would finally be embraced. I hadn't thought what it would be like to be surrounded - including in your own household - by people fearful and mourning and angry. It sounds incredible stressful. I'm sorry.
  9. Do it while you can! I went on boxing day to see WW84 (which I liked); there were about 5 other people in our local theatre, and I sat right in the last row, so there were no breathers behind me!
  10. Just saw someone using a kids' soft toy as a 'mask' wrapped around his face! People are really struggling to remember to wear masks here in Sydney, but someone locally did get fined so the police are taking it seriously at least.
  11. Thanks Ausmum, I saw Scomo for 2 secs on TV and thought something was up. I am glad they're doing something. I'm quite concerned that this new strain could overwhelm contract tracing here. There are people streaming out of the cities into country towns for camping and so on - it could cause serious issues. I wish they'd lock down Sydney to be honest, or at least say stay within Greater Sydney - it's big enough, after all!
  12. Takenoko sounds nice, I'll look into that one.
  13. Sorry if this thread's already been done - wondering how people went with board games this year? I can recommend Herbaceous. Very simple game full of prettily coloured cards with herbs on them. You 'grow' them and then you 'pot' them. You add up your score and that's how you can win. I could see this being a good game for an elderly person, as you can play on your own and it's quite relaxing. I play with my kids and it's nice and quick with basically no set up - that's my kind of game. Apart from that, I picked up a cheap game from Aldi which is a series of cards with 'mysteri
  14. Well I just bought myself Ringfit Adventure (my kids got Nintendo for xmas) and it is so fun! You're running, doing sit and stand type gym exercises (squats etc) and I got quite sweaty but really enjoyed it. I really loathe going to the gym/boot camp, because it's so boring. But when you're trying to beat a big monster or run through really pretty landscapes, all good! I remember years back I did a boot camp and we played some of those 'tag' type games and it was lots of fun. It made it social, and made you laugh; so much better than 'just enduring' which is what the usual exercise is al
  15. When I read the thread title I was imagining you as a Jane Austen character, pondering a proposal, but in a supermarket.
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