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  1. I think people are basically saying capitalism doesn't work for everyone. I agree.
  2. The robots are going to come no matter the outcome of the minimum wage discussion. They'll be cheaper long-term - no sick leave, for example. This whole thread fits in with the recent UBI thread quite well, I think. Minimum wage jobs may well disappear altogether - so what happens then? I thought this was an interesting article: "He concludes that factors like higher minimum wages, the presence and strength of labor unions, and clear career pathways within local industries are likely to play more important roles in facilitating a poor child’s ability to rise up the economic ladder when they reach adulthood."
  3. Interesting, I hadn't thought of that. That's a question in itself! Still, if there's preventative things you could do, that'd be useful.
  4. If the government just brought it a law "from today, you have to pay $15 an hour instead of $2" or whatever - yes, I don't see how that would work. But surely the government subsidising businesses by giving welfare to people who are working for companies making enormous amounts of money makes no sense. Surely it makes more sense for these companies to pay their workers more and therefore the workers have more money to spend, and pay more tax, and the government doesn't have to pay out welfare? Companies aren't doing this voluntarily, which is why the government has to mandate a decent wage, increasing slowly over a few years, so that they can build it into their business models. Honestly though - I feel like I should never reply in these type of threads. Surely everyone wants a world where you can live decently? I'm no economist to be able to map out exactly how the system should change, and I doubt most of us are.
  5. You're right, all that is true. If you're raising a family, even if you're on a middle-to-high income, you get a payment for each child. If one parent is on a low wage, the other parent is eligible for a parenting payment to care for their children at home until they're age 6. So the minimum wage alone wouldn't be enough without wider changes. It is true that it's expensive with housing in Sydney - but that's a separate issue.
  6. What do you mean? Surely most western countries have a minimum award wage? We certainly do in Australia. It's $18 an hour.
  7. Wow, I'm surprised by most people's responses. Other western countries seem to manage paying people a living wage. Why is the US so different? The whole automation thing isn't going to be prevented by lowering the minimum wage. That's going to come anyway - hence the UBI discussion.
  8. Yes, of course. Increased poverty leads to increased crime. Pay people properly and you'll have reduced poverty and reduced crime. And if you treat people as if they're worth something, then stuff like Flint, where a whole group of people were treated like they were nothing and poisoned, is less likely to be acceptable and therefore less likely to occur.
  9. You need to sign up as a teacher and then add your child's account as a pupil. You can then set it to whatever grade you like as well as what country's curriculum you like. They don't have NZ I don't think but I think they now have Australia. They do have Canada - not sure if Canada is metric?
  10. Haven't posted for a while as have had some medical things happen. Still in the midst of it all. However, did make one major change, which was replacing meat with beans for the main meal. I have been trying to eat beans most days. This has definitely resulted in some weight loss. Apart from that, was reading some interesting research on the importance of not losing a lot of weight, but losing a bit and staying at that weight for a while, so your body treats that as the new normal. Then losing a bit more and staying there until your body treats that as the new normal, and so forth. The idea being that your body likes to know what your normal is and will keep you there despite variations in eating/exercise. Interesting, because when I look back, I definitely had one weight I stayed at for ages, then another weight I stayed at for ages.
  11. yes, for medical history, and I prefer things to be out in the open than big secrets. Life happens; it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  12. I really hope your friend can find a better daycare placement. It isn't her fault - as I've said before, it's developmentally normal. My boy bites. He has bitten all year long at preschool. I always apologise to the parents of the kid bitten - who then apologies to me for their kid pushing my kid leading to being bitten! We all understand what kids are like. There are only ten kids with two teachers, and they still can't seem to jump in between the kids in time, and even when I say, "Don't sit him next to X for snack time or group time", they'll say, "Oh, but they're friends" or whatever. He's certainly improving over time. And he doesn't bite at home. It's just when kids get in his face repeatedly - they both need to learn ways to deal with that, which is the whole point of going to preschool. Another child there has a habit of hitting and pushing. They called in an outside expert to observe and give them ideas. We all know who the kid is, and we all feel sorry for the parent. It's no one's fault. However, we're not in the USA, which means no one is going to sue or anything I guess. And the quality of childcare overall is higher and more regulated.
  13. Have you tried Khan Academy for teaching concepts? I think it's good. Not as fun as Mathseeds. If you want to give it a go a bit longer for free, just use a different email address and add some imaginary children.
  14. Well, the extreme weather (hurricanes) and the tumbling heat records (here in Australia too) are linked - it's called global warming. I read today that our dry spell here in Sydney is about to be broken by a series of huge storms.
  15. The kids get a mix of cheese and/or fish, frozen veg and/or frozen berries and a carb (rice/pasta/toast) most nights, because it covers the bases and I am over food battles. Partner likes meat & veg (last night, chicken schnitzel, potato salad & green salad). I am trying to eat legumes each day so last night was black beans & rice.
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