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  1. Just one more depressing decision from the current govt. I can't bear to think about the sheer waste of money and the irony, oh the irony, that people vote them in over economics. Basically their reaction to the climate crisis is that it'll cause war so we need to be ready. Not that we should prevent it by reducing coal mines and planting trees. I really hope they get voted out . . . but I know all they'll need to do is wave tax cuts in front of people, and they'll win.
  2. wow that is huge - just calculated it for australia - if we had 1/500 dead it would be 52,000 people. Instead it's just over 1,000. cannot imagine the impact.
  3. yeah I don't have it on my phone, just my pc. I do wonder if the explanation above - ie looking stuff up re covid - is the reason.
  4. I am finding (locally) more and more people getting vaccinated because they have to, not because they've been convinced. They've made a rule here that certain places such as pubs can open up when vax rate is 70% - but only vaccinated people can work and only vaccinated people can attend. They've hinted that for more workplaces to open up, you'll have to be vaccinated. There will probably be some legal challenges, but for the average person, they need to work - they're going to just go ahead and get vaccinated. And then I'm noticing that once they're done, actually it wasn't such a huge big deal and they're not so concerned any longer . ..
  5. Yeah it isn't specifically anti-vax - so this morning it was 'the military has become too woke' from some page called Conservative Weekly. Again, it's American, and I'm not. It's that sort of thing I'm getting over and over. Yes, that code I put down makes it most recent and that definitely works. I do think it's weird that these suggestions (which are all mostly negative to the current us govt) have popped up over and over in the last week.
  6. So, after googling, I read that if you change your newsfeed to chronological, it can reduce the dodge suggestions - I used the link below to do it and I think it's working? Worth a try. I have put it below with some spaces so you can see the code. https// www. facebook.com/ ?sk = h_chr
  7. Funny, a friend suggested it might be covid research related - she's been getting similar results.
  8. You know how FB pushes posts on you: "suggested for you"? The last week I've been getting post after post suggested with lots of anti-vax, covid is a hoax, blame Biden type pages - all of them are American, and I'm not! I keep pressing the 'don't show me any more' but they just keep coming up. I have very few friends and am part of very few groups, none of which are American or anti-vax, so I'm not clicking on anything remotely similar. They're not 'ads' so there's no way of turning anything off in the ads section. Any other ideas about a) how to stop it and b) why it's happening?
  9. Someone I know working in a Sydney hospital reckons he's seeing people every day coming in with covid and asking to be vaccinated because they're feeling so ill. I think there needs to be a really basic campaign based on 'it's too late to be vaccinated once you've got covid'. Because evidently lots and lots of people don't understand that.
  10. Chia seeds are the only thing I've ever had a mild allergic reaction to. I soaked them to make a kind of pudding - but had the tingling round the mouth and the thumping heart when I tried them. This happened twice, so I haven't tried them since.
  11. Interesting, I was just looking at measles + covid, as a few studies suggested measles vaccine helped against covid. I also hoped that all the covid lockdowns had helped reduce measles . . . probably true for Australia and NZ (which rarely have measles anyway), but for the places who really need it, covid has been worse because a lot of kids haven't been able to get vaccinated against measles etc, esp in places like Pakistan.
  12. We have decided not to do messenger kids - so many issues in our local school with this (bullying etc). My tween uses google meet to chat to her friend each week (I ring/text her mum to say she's on). But she 'chats' daily with a bunch of friend using google docs, as they're all writing group stories on the same google doc - they can 'chat' through commenting on the doc.
  13. Haven't taught, but my kids have done a number of different courses. The good ones are fast-paced with really enthusiastic teachers, have kids who are super interested in the topic, and are really well prepared. Haven't noticed much in terms of interactive whiteboards etc. The poor ones have long periods of silence because the kids aren't really interested and won't respond to the teacher at all. You don't want to pay for your kid to sit there waiting for other kids to do something . . . anything!
  14. We would say chemist or pharmacy, but mostly chemist (in Australia). You can get little gifts, soaps, perfumes, candles type things there as well, but that would be a small part of the place. Definitely no comic books - don't know nowadays, but I used to pick up Phantom comics at the newsagency.
  15. Thanks! Just showed my kids (and husband!)
  16. Can you wrap something in a newspaper front page? That'd be interesting to find.
  17. Thank you! Both kids were like 'huh?' to the drugstore thing as we don't have an equivalent here in Australia. You can occasionally buy high end sweets in a chemist store, but that's about it. I do remember the scene from Noel Streatfield's The Painted Garden where the British family are introduced to a drugstore and they have something like an ice cream sundae. I just wasn't sure what else they sold, and whether it was still like that. We had 'milk bars' in Australia up till about 20 years ago, where you bought milkshakes and so on, now the equivalent would be hamburger shops, where you can often buy milkshakes (as well as hamburgers and fish n chips) but a lot of them are takeaway rather than sit in like they used to be. I believe in NZ they're called 'dairies'?
  18. We're listening to Charlotte's Web at the moment (which, if you haven't listened to with your kids, is great. Brilliant language, deep ideas). Anyway at one point it says "like boys hanging around a drugstore" or something. I remember reading in another American book that you get milkshakes/ ice cream sundaes at a drug store. But what is it exactly - is it a pharmacy or is it more of a candy store? Do they still exist, considering CW was written in 1952?
  19. That's fantastic - don't feel bad about posting it! I always feel vindicated reading that, and knowing so many people over there are safe and not having to go through what we are going through.
  20. Yes we have that in Australia too, which is fair enough. They also made it that you couldn't get a certain payment if your child wasn't vaccinated. Apparently vaccination rates rose a lot after that. I just asked a friend who is a nurse in a large Sydney hospital about vaccination - she said there are 3 nurses out of the whole lot who have refused vaccination, and they are not allowed to work. I read today that at least 50% of jobs will have a similar rule - I guess that's health, education, other government jobs.
  21. If you mean that various studies show the exact opposite of what people expect they show - that was our first lecture in psychology at university! The guy (actually, he was an American) listed a whole lot of studies which found the exact opposite of what 'common sense' suggested would be the outcome. His point was that studies and research are important, because of all the assumptions we make. On the other hand, you might mean that studies are reported to show that medicine X fixes disorder Y, when the study shows the exact opposite - yes, I've seen that too.
  22. I'm curious about places that require vaccination for schooling. What happens if they don't get vaccinated? In Australia, you can't attend preschool if you're not vaccinated (which I think is unfair on the kid), but they can't require them for school, because you have to go to school. The only time I've had to be vaccinated has been for overseas travel - there were certain vaccines you needed to show on entry to certain countries.
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