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  1. From Business Insider “The bug is a security flaw that makes it possible to access a device's contact list without unlocking the phone first. It was first uncovered in the public beta version of iOS 13 that was released to developers by Jose Rodriguez, a tech researcher who demonstrates the bugs in this video. In the description of the YouTube video, Rodriguez claims he notified Apple of the flaw on July 17. He posted a video of his method in August, and just about a week ago, circulated a new video that garnered widespread news coverage. ... Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider, and has not made any public statement on the bug. However, Apple has already moved up the release of iOS 13.1, which will roll out next week on September 24th and include a number of bug fixes — and a spokesperson told Ars Technica that the 13.1 update will fix the problem. The presence of bugs in iOS 13 has already been widely documented. Earlier this week, the US Department of Defense instructed its employees and contractors not to download iOS 13 and to instead wait until the release of iOS 13.1, Inc. reported. Outside the public sector, users have reported running into their share of bugs themselves.”
  2. My kids have not needed lamination for their cards since we don’t expect them to last longer than a year. We use the normal hole puncher and align the card edge to the same edge. It’s a pain to punch holes through thick index cards so I would buy prepunched if my kids want to use index cards again for vocabulary flash cards. I would also opt for two hole punched cards versus one hole. It was hard to flip for my kids with one hole punch. e.g.
  3. FYI. In case insurance doesn’t want to pay for MRI or Ultrasound right away. “Like MRIs, ultrasounds are better at detecting early signs of erosion caused by RA compared to x-rays. Ultrasound results can reveal areas of joint inflammation, which can help support a RA diagnosis. The ultrasound’s ability to detect inflammation levels is also important in detecting disease progression. RA patients can sometimes show signs of remission. This means that patients and their doctors may decide to reduce or pause treatments. But if an ultrasound reveals that there is still inflammation present despite symptom remission, then the doctor knows to continue treatment. The use of ultrasound in monitoring joint deterioration in RA patients is becoming increasingly common. However, x-rays remain the gold standard that doctors use for monitoring RA disease progression.”
  4. Get a copy of your test results because you are entitled to them and your rheumatologist would like to know what tests were run already. I second getting an appointment with a rheumatologist. You might need a referral for insurance purposes so you would want to find out if a referral is required. From Mayo Clinic “Blood tests People with rheumatoid arthritis often have an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR, or sed rate) or C-reactive protein (CRP), which may indicate the presence of an inflammatory process in the body. Other common blood tests look for rheumatoid factor and anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP) antibodies. Imaging tests Your doctor may recommend X-rays to help track the progression of rheumatoid arthritis in your joints over time. MRI and ultrasound tests can help your doctor judge the severity of the disease in your body.”
  5. That’s weird (or maybe not). I had X-rays to rule out juvenile RA as a possibility when I was 17 (12th grade) together with lots of blood tests to rule out everything else. I had weak muscles on the underside of my kneecaps so straightening my legs fully cause my face to turn pale. My mom had X-rays for her hands because her finger joints were the first to be affected.
  6. “Negative RA factor with a diagnosis if RA February 28, 2013 By Victoria Ruffing, RN Question I was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I have a high SED rate and c reactive protein level, but a negative RA factor. I have had symptoms of joint swelling and pain in my wrists. I also have pretty significant joint damage already (by X-ray and MRI). Can I still have RA with a negative RA factor? Thanks Answer You most likely do have rheumatoid arthritis. In 2010, new diagnostic criteria were established. A point system is used; with the points awarded for which joints are affected, elevated and ESR, positive rheumatoid factor and Anti-CCP. People suspected of having RA do not have to have points in all areas. By using this system, we believe we can diagnose and thereby treat people earlier in their disease than previously. An important note to this system ; anyone displaying a joint erosion on x-ray, will automatically receive the RA diagnosis regardless of the number of points achieved.”
  7. My mom’s RA year was negative for two years after symptoms started. Her rheumatologist said it’s quite common to have a negative for a year or two even with symptoms. If OP wants to try food source while deciding on supplements, salmon fillet baked with turmeric, black pepper and ginger is not bad (yummy and nutritious).
  8. My uncle and cousin died of heart attack. My cousin was out of town on an international work trip when he pass. It was worse actually on their immediate families because there was no chance for that “final goodbye”.
  9. My elementary school classmate had leukemia and had monthly blood transfusion so she missed school regularly. Her cousin was in my class so she had family in the classroom. My late down syndrome cousin died of leukemia in his 20s. There is a higher risk of acute leukemia for people with down syndrome. My aunt’s husband died of leukemia in his 40s and my aunt died of colon cancer in her 70s. Her children are scared of course. I used to volunteer at the children’s ward for cancer and kidney failure patients. Many have their wishes granted by Make A Wish foundation. Leukemia patients need a lot of platelets. Hospital does run low at times because they have to get as good a match as possible. A few of my buddies donate regularly. So the more people able to and donating blood the better for the patients. Bone marrow match is more of a lottery chance.
  10. Double shot espresso Ice-cream (preferably green tea or red/adzuki beans flavor) Dark chocolate or Ferrero Rocher Rearranging furniture Rock music My mom’s “remedy” was to go back to work as a hospital RN. Hospital drama was always more drama than teen drama from me or my brother.
  11. Both are mine 😂 One is taken in Feb, and current one was a few minutes ago at the library. My hair is black, grayish white and with red streaks. ETA: My husband’s fringe reach to his eyebrows. Our kids have longer fringe.
  12. They are useful for covering up “railway tracks” (forehead wrinkles). It would probably take at least a year to grow back my bangs from before chemo. My fringe/bangs was chin length. Deleting photos later (ETA:deleted). ETA: The photo wasn’t showing the bangs clearly since I flip mine up so only wisps are showing. Not Æthelthryth the Texan’s fault.
  13. For vegetables, I have different vegetables in Rubbermaid containers e.g. cut carrot, cut cauliflower, cut celery, tomatoes, pepper strips, shiitake mushrooms. DS14 stir fry whatever vegetables he want with olive oil in a small pan. Then he plates it on a disposable plate and top with teriyaki sauce and/or sriracha sauce. If we have slices/strips of meat in the fridge, he can just add those into the pan for stir fry.
  14. My shopaholic husband realized that if he wants to find decent fitting clothes for our kids, it takes him weeks and not being able to find anything on the sales/clearance racks 🤣 Now he just pay up if it’s around $30 per piece. DS14 in CK Slim shirt, DS13 in The Children's Place polo shirt. (ETA: deleted photo)
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