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  1. It was hard for my friends in Singapore to find hand sanitizers and Dettol on store shelves. Now it’s back on store shelves. So fast stocks replenishment isn’t guaranteed. Sambucol syrup is also hard to find there.
  2. From CDC “All U.S. hospitals should be prepared for the possible arrival of patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). All hospitals should ensure their staff are trained, equipped and capable of practices needed to: Prevent the spread of respiratory diseases including COVID-19 within the facility Promptly identify and isolate patients with possible COVID-19 and inform the correct facility staff and public health authorities Care for a limited number of patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 as part of routine operations Potentially care for a larger number of patients in the context of an escalating outbreak Monitor and manage any healthcare personnel that might be exposed to COVID-19 Communicate effectively within the facility and plan for appropriate external communication related to COVID-19 The following checklist does not describe mandatory requirements or standards; rather, it highlights important areas for hospitals to review in preparation for potential arrivals of COVID-19 patients. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Hospital Preparedness Tool [2 pages]” Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or Persons Under Investigation for COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings Updated February 21, 2020 Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control FAQs for COVID-19
  3. They need a medical social worker. Ask them to email Kathy. She is my ex-neighbor and her son died of a rare childhood cancer. She might know who to ask for help. She actively advocates for childhood cancer research and funding.
  4. Large supermarket chains might have to earn from home deliveries. This article on the financial impact for Singapore is quite well written
  5. I am at the cancer center infusion clinic. One nurse per patient. One standby nurse. One nurse for phone and clerical, like paging the doctors for confirmation or clarification. Internal Pharmacy also has at least a nurse prepping all the drugs. So more nurses than patients. When friends were in ICU, it was three nurse to one patient in one shift. So about 8 nurses in a day. The NICU nurses need to eat and go restroom too.
  6. From CNA “TOKYO: Japan's health minister apologised on Saturday (Feb 22) after a woman who was allowed to leave a coronavirus-infected cruise ship docked near Tokyo tested positive for the virus. The woman in her 60s disembarked the Diamond Princess in Yokohama on Wednesday following a two-week quarantine on board, but was found to be positive following another test in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo. Health Minister Katsunobu Kato told a news conference in Tokyo on Saturday evening that 23 people who had disembarked on Wednesday and Thursday had not undergone tests since before Feb 5, and the ministry was trying to reach them for retesting. "We deeply apologise for the situation caused by our oversight," Kato said. "We will take all necessary measures, like double checks, to prevent a recurrence."”
  7. from CNA “SEOUL: South Korea reported 123 more coronavirus cases Sunday (Feb 23), taking the nationwide total to 556, as well as two additional deaths which brings the toll to four. The fourth death was a man at a hospital in Cheongdo, a southern city connected to a religious sect, where around 100 cases were reported. ... Among the latest cases, 75 were connected to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in the southern city of Daegu, the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement. Hundreds of members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus have now been infected, starting with a 61-year-old woman who developed a fever on February 10 but attended at least four church services in Daegu before being diagnosed. Daegu - which is South Korea's fourth largest city with a population of 2.5 million and Cheongdo - the birthplace of Shincheonji's founder Lee Man-hee - were designated as "special care zones" on Friday.”
  8. At the entrance and exit of supermarkets and big box stores, there are wipes for shopping carts. My husband use those on the way out.
  9. From (10 hrs ago) “The Iranian Ministry of Health announced that the fourth batch of test kits, special for diagnosing the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has been delivered to Iran with the assistance of Christoph Hamelmann, World Health Organization (WHO) Representative in Iran, IRNA reported on Friday. Iranian health authorities reported one fatality on Saturday and two fatalities on Friday, adding to the two elderly patients who died on Wednesday. A further 18 people tested positive for the virus.”
  10. When your childhood is spent under the spectre of detention without trial ( the psychological feeling is different.
  11. They use to have two boxes next to the entrance so people could take one when they enter. It’s a high visibility area so no one has grab a bunch. Now it’s at the counter so people have to walk a distance to take one for themselves. There aren’t any mask available on the shelves at Target, Safeway or Costco so it’s not like I could buy my own if I have hay fever. Everyone has been required to wear a mask at the waiting area from more than 6 months ago due to California flu season.
  12. @Pen This Reuters article is well written and already quite “politically correct”. “As a sovereign state that has been ruled by the same party since independence in 1965, it also maintains tight control over the movement of people into and out of the city and has strict laws to keep potential virus-spreaders in line. When the first cases of infected Chinese visitors to Singapore surfaced in late January, a 140-strong team of government contact tracers set to work interviewing patients and identifying and quarantining those close to them. A close contact is defined as anyone who has been within two metres and spent 30 minutes with an infected patient. Finding these contacts has involved asking airlines to hand over flight manifests, tracking patients’ movements on security cameras and roping in police investigators for the search, health ministry officials said. To date, Singapore has quarantined nearly 2,593 people. “There is an acceptance of that intrusiveness in Singapore,” said Chong Ja Ian, political science professor at the National University of Singapore. “The public response to these sort of demands tends to be quite ready, so that helps with the ability to trace.” It is an offence for individuals to withhold or provide inaccurate information to a contact tracing officer. Moreover, people who breach quarantine orders can be fined up to S$10,000 ($7,137.76), jailed for up to six months, or both. Authorities have also enforced 14-day confinement of workers who have recently traveled to China, with more than 1,000 calls and visits made a day to ensure compliance. Breaches have seen work passes revoked and employers lose their rights to hire foreigners ... Its methods may also not be sustainable, especially if the epidemic worsens. “We can’t keep doing what we are doing forever. We can’t keep all elective surgery canceled, we can’t stop everyone going on holidays,” said Dale Fisher, an infectious diseases expert in Singapore who chairs the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network coordinated by the World Health Organization. “Eventually this will have to be undone a little bit,” said Fisher. ”
  13. @mathnerd Mask are no longer self help now when I went for my oncologist appointment yesterday. It’s issued by the counter staff. They are giving out a mix of earloop masks and N95 masks to the patients and accompanying guests.
  14. It’s definitely been a concern for a long time regarding spread of diseases, before COVID-19 even started. The BART trains usually smells bad. The view from UCB’s Lawrence Hall of Science is one of the nicest on the East Bay side. Quark’s son is at UCB.
  15. From CNN “10:32 a.m. ET, February 22, 2020 A joint mission working on the novel coronavirus arrived in Wuhan -- the city at the epicenter of the outbreak -- on Saturday, World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson Dr. Margaret Harris told CNN. The WHO-led team has previously worked in Beijing, Sichuan and Guangdong, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a Friday press briefing. Ghebreyesus said the team on the ground in China includes experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US National Institutes of Health, as well as experts from Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Germany and Russia. The team includes experts in epidemiology, virology, clinical management, outbreak control and public health.”
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