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  1. How easy is the cleanup if hand wash? I was thinking of getting the instant pot air fryer combo but your Breville model is tempting.
  2. My pots and pans are all WMF but they are from two sets for pots and single pieces for skillets/pans. Some are made in China and some are made in Germany. My wok is a Zwilling/Demeyere though and is made in Belgium. All my pots, pans and wok can be used on gas, electric and induction stovetop. What I like is that the handles are welded and not bolted/riveted so the cookware is easy to clean up. No need to worry about dirt or soap residue being stuck at the rivet area.
  3. I prefer colored pencils over markers generally because of the thickness of the paper and the bleed through effect of most markers.
  4. The Christmas tree is at an outdoor mall. First photo was outside Lowe’s Second photo was outside REI, Best Buy
  5. Chinese too. Giving the person gifting the knife a penny/cent makes it a business transaction so nullifying the superstition. We aren’t allowed to give scissors or anything with blades. The blade part signify a cutting of relationship (一刀两断 meaning relationship is ended)
  6. Asians tend to mask during flu season every year and the local Asians I know are generally apolitical. A lot of them also stockpiled N95 every year because of California’s annual wildfire season. Last year whenever my husband accompanied me to medical appointments, he has to mask up when inside the medical centers because of flu season. The medical centers I went to all provided masks during flu season for many many years.
  7. If it’s through WhatsApp or SMS then I might not respond until 24hrs later because I don’t usually have my cellphone beside me. Skype would be fastest because I can respond on my laptop or iPad. Facebook messenger and Slack would be slower as I only have those on my iPad and iPhone. So basically the slowest response by me is for any messaging app that is tied to a cellphone number.
  8. I put my coffee into my Yeti insulated rambler or Kleen Kanteen insulated tumbler and sip throughout the day, better than downing cups and cups of coffee. I like my coffee warm so an insulated tumbler works better for me than an insulated mug. I also drink my coffee black (no sugar, no milk) so it’s just hot strong coffee. Starbucks Frappuccino is definitely more tempting than plain coffee black. I had insomnia since I was born. Sleeping pills (prescription) did not work. Melatonin (store bought) doesn’t work. Hot chocolate before bed works somehow for me to get a good night sle
  9. Friends were asking so I look up the statistics for my county
  10. Beer bottles - I haven’t seen any reduction at Safeway, Cost Plus World Market, Trader Joe’s Pyrex - there are two Pyrex outlets near me and their inventory seems to be the usual level I don’t buy glass pitchers so I have no idea on inventory levels. Plenty of OXO glass containers and Snapware glass containers on shelves.
  11. During very busy times of my life, I eat to live because gastric attacks are horrifying. The pain is terrible and there is the fear of gastric juices burning a hole in my stomach. When I am free to cook leisurely or to eat out, then I am definitely live to eat. To have time to “waste” on savoring food is so relaxing. My husband eats to live. He doesn’t get the “fuss” of picking food and would just eat whatever we cook or buy. Since I am not a good cook, it makes cooking for him easy. My teens on the other hand live to eat so they cook.
  12. When my kids go for dual enrollment classes prior to COVID19 taking all classes online, we would have lunch on campus before taking public transport home. When my kids go for tennis lessons weekly, we used to go to Panda Express or other Chinese food places to have dinner before going home. We don’t really want to do takeout if eating at the place is possible. Firstly, our dining table is used as a study table so we actually have a more proper sit down meal at a restaurant (even the Panda Express kind). Secondly we like Korean hotpot and BBQ which is messy to do at home so we pay up a few
  13. There is quite a few free testing sites where I live but I am near to San Jose which is very densely populated and has a few hot spot zip codes. We are surrounded by hospitals and healthcare centers. The less densely populated areas in my county like Gilroy and Morgan Hill has less testing sites available.
  14. - Bryan Adams, Canadian, one of my favorites - Chris De Burgh, UK - Celine Dion, Canadian, one of my husband’s favorites - Sarah McLaughlin, Canadian, one of my husband’s favorites - Michael Bublé, Canadian, one of my favorites Annie Villeneuve and Nikki Yanofsky because of the bilingual official song of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, I Believe/J'imagine.
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