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  1. Here one state university system (CSU) accepts CLEP but not the other (UC) so my teens Saturday German class schoolmates has taken or are taking the AP German exam. My teens opt to take two years of dual enrollment Japanese as that is accepted by both state university systems. Besides the fact that my teens rather do two years of foreign language at community college than do four years of foreign language in high school.
  2. There are also some features (menu items) that are not available on the iPad version of Adobe products so the finishing touches are still done using my laptop. DS16 would love the Cintiq but the price tag is much higher than the Intuos Pro. We spent slightly under $300.
  3. @Lucy the Valiant@fourisenough@JennyD@Farrar 100 page AP digital exam guide for coordinators https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-digital-testing-guide.pdf attached photo is a screenshot of page 8
  4. I used a Wacom Intuos Pro small for my community college graphics design class. Now DS16 is using it for his drawing hobby and also as a computer mouse replacement. I use Adobe illustrator on the iPad and it syncs to the Adobe Creative Cloud (free student license) so it was convenient.
  5. Here plenty of land is being used to build rental apartments. Here inventory of homes for sale are still low so we are waiting to see what happens when the mortgage forbearance ends. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/02/16/fact-sheet-biden-administration-announces-extension-of-covid-19-forbearance-and-foreclosure-protections-for-homeowners/ ” The actions announced today will: Extend the foreclosure moratorium for homeowners through June 30, 2021; Extend the mortgage payment forbearance enrollment window until June 30, 2021 fo
  6. When the sneezing starts. My husband would just wash all the blankets. Otherwise we wash the blanket if the person think their blanket stink.
  7. I guess grocery shopping annoyances are more tolerable for me as my husband is the only one not picky about food. DS16 only likes Trader Joe’s brie. He won’t complain if it’s sold out but he won’t eat Costco brie. I have had “stockpiles” of our picky eaters favorites for years. Ever since shelter in place started, my husband would ask if I need to do grocery runs almost daily. He does enjoy grocery shopping but he is not picky about food so we go buy groceries together else there would be food wastage.
  8. DS15 has a W. He realized a certain programming language isn’t his cup of tea. The community college my kids are taking classes with has extended the withdrawal deadlines for this quarter and allow students to ask for grades to be converted to pass/fail for last quarter. They are extending more grace due to the local COVID situation. Last summer everything was online here so taking a cc class in summer was great for DS16. He had classes four days a week and all the time in the world to dedicate to that one class. However, if your twins are having competition swim practic
  9. We opened them. The community college that my children are doing their dual enrollment at wants CollegeBoard to send direct. So there is no point in keeping those score reports we received before my kids turn 13 years old sealed.
  10. No. I can just ask my kids to print their own score reports. If your child is under 13, CollegeBoard and ACT do mail the score report to your home.
  11. I have had two serious burn outs as a child and probably two serious burn outs as a parent. What help was having some wants, to be a little “selfish” (do some self care). For this pandemic, what helped was going on car rides. I like the convenience of living in a metropolitan area but it’s nice to drive through more rural areas and see cows and horses “suntanning”. When my husband needs to go back to office, I just tag along and enjoy the landscaping at the office complex since the outdoor areas usually has very few people around if any. Academic wise, my kids are both high school
  12. I didn’t because that was one of those areas where they can learn to fail with little consequences. Alcumus does adjust accordingly. My perfectionist has a pile of scrap paper for any homework. He scans and submits the nicely written tutorial assignments. His maths scrap paper has doodles, Chinese, Japanese and Korean sentences on them (besides the maths rough work). Kind of resembles collage instead.
  13. Drums 🙂 Ukulele can still sound off. My boys have tried the violin and the cello. Cello sounded a lot nicer but also took up a lot more space. DS15 and I have played the flute. My husband plays the clarinet. The thing with wind instruments is that its harder to practice with a cold or chapped lips. I am looking into buying a music keyboard because with majority of my neighbors working from home, it is not so nice to play on the piano during office hours. My husband also have conference calls in the evenings sometimes. At least with a music keyboard I could listen to what I play with hea
  14. Yes. As well as paper clips if you don’t want to staple your papers.
  15. Dry skin abrasion at your wrist area from rubbing against your pillow when sleeping? Even when I put Aquaphor, I still have to wrap/cover the affected area before sleeping while it’s healing.
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