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  1. Strangers (parents) ask about my DS13’s height when they know his age and he is only 5’11” (181cm) so not really that tall. DS13 was mistaken for a kindergartner when he was three, and then as a 2nd grader when he entered kindergarten. He got used to the age and height question only last year. OP, School started back last week for my school district and the neighboring school districts. Many people asked because it is back to school season. The questions stop after the first two weeks because friends who want to know have asked and strangers who tend to ask have settled into school in full swing mode.
  2. CAHSEE was suspended. CAASP isn’t. Private schools don’t take those. Our main reason for going the PSA route for DS13 is because of dual enrollment. I can just sign off the school authorization form and attached the PSA. I don’t want to have to negotiate with a public charter on which dual enrollment classes DS13 can apply for. We didn’t look at private online schools since DS13 wants mainly brick and mortar classes.
  3. 11th grade is the state standardized testing (CAASPP) year. CAHSEE is taken first in 10th grade and then retake until both portions are passed. Has your daughter worked out a four year plan? My friends’ kids who just started 9th grade a few days ago had their four year plan done in spring of 8th grade with the high school counselor. One friend’s child had the four year plan done with the public school counselor in February and then the private high school counselor after he was accepted to the private school and completed their placement tests. DS13 hasn’t work out a four year plan but he has a plan to satisfy the a-g requirements as well as have four years of English, Math, Science, History & Social Sciences, Foreign Languages by the time he finish 12th grade. ETA: I would be tempted to call this year 9th grade and then skip to 11th grade next year if she is ready for PSAT in 2019.
  4. Is your daughter also going for the get an associate degree before graduating high school then transfer to UC path as your son is? UC and CSU counts 10th and 11th grade for their GPA computation, ignoring 9th grade. So if your daughter is applying as a freshman instead of a transfer, I would be weighing on whether this year’s subjects would give a good weighted GPA score. My city isn’t academically competitive but many cities in my county are. My DS13 doesn’t want a grade skip and we (parents) are thinking of a gap year if he doesn’t want to go to college at 17 years 8 months old.
  5. We went with PAH because of cost since kids have no interest in DE for Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Physics, Chemistry and lab kits is $2,405.75 for DS12 and was $2,349.24 for DS13. The local community colleges DS13 is looking at do give credit for AP scores but not SAT subject test scores. Since DS13 has no interest in DE during middle school, AP exams was the easier way to get high school credit and also skip the community college placement tests when he wants to DE in high school. Our highest cost is actually sports and music. Recreational tennis which I count for PE is already costing us about $3k per kid for 36 weeks.
  6. EF skills is what comes into play if online. My kids does chinese with a local tutor and we can be flexible with workloads so basically light on exam weeks and heavy during Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and long weekends like Memorial Day weekend. However for DS13’s online AP Chemistry and Physics classes, he had to follow the teacher’s schedule for assignments, labs and quizzes . He could be ahead a little but not behind. On the other hand, the Edhesive AP Computer Science A online course was individual based and didn’t have hard deadlines so my kids did miss the suggested deadlines a few times due to being too sick to do anything but sleep. I didn’t plan when kids were in elementary and middle school. DS12 just declared last month that he wants to finish physics and chemistry in 8th grade just like DS13. DS13 decided he wanted to do AP Calculus exam in 7th to do AP Physics C in 8th, so he did intermediate algebra, intro to geometry and precalculus in 6th. DS13 wants to pick “fun science” for high school which was why he wanted to finish physics and chemistry in 8th. He hasn’t decide on science for 9th grade but we have a few feasible possibilities. Where I help my kids is in printing, punching holes and filing. Our printer is shared and it loves to complain way before toner is low. So since I have nothing to do, helping them with once a week printing of notes and assignments saves my kids “swearing” at the printer. Our HP printer is wonderful other than the toner low warnings that I have to bypass every time I turn it on. I could get hundreds of pages printed after the toner warning comes on before the printing starts to fade. My kids like to file their own german and chinese files but like me to file their math and science files. ETA: DS13 likes brick and mortar class or asynchronous online classes. He doesn’t like online classes on a fixed schedule even though he enjoyed Clover Creek Physics class and Roy Speed Shakespeare classes. He also prefers text heavy class versus video heavy class.
  7. For workspace, my kids have a 6ft collapsible picnic table and two 2ft foldable table. All three tables are closed and tuck against a wall if they temporarily need a space bigger than the 6ft table. 2ft 6ft
  8. Generally no if kids are willing to put in the effort to preread before the AP class starts. DS13 is willing but DS12 isn’t. DS13 did Clover Creek Physics in 6th grade for the social aspect and really enjoyed Jetta (MorningGlory) online sessions. Social aspect was why we signed him up for that class. He didn’t take physics in 7th but did spend two weeks on self study test prep for sat physics test (together with sat math 2) in June. Then he read through the Giancoli Physics for Scientists and Engineers textbooks in Summer 2017 once he confirmed he wanted to do the AP Physics C courses (PAH Jeff Lanctot). DS13 didn’t do any formal chemistry class. I paid for Thinkwell Chemistry for him but he did less than half of it and I can understand why as the pace was nice for DS12 but too slow for DS13. He read the Chang textbook cover to cover in Summer 2017 and did the PAH AP Chemistry course in 8th grade. DS13 has read Campbell Biology AP edition cover to cover in elementary school and just has no interest in Biology as a academic subject. He is interested in genetics but not interested enough to take a Biology prerequisite. DS12 has not taken any formal physics class. He tried Khan and gave up, read the algebra based Giancoli textbook and gave up. DS13 did a crash course revision for SAT Physics for DS12 three days before the June exam and DS12 scored an 800. DS12 has however watched most of the Physics Girl YouTube videos, Crash Course Physics YouTube videos and Veritasium YouTube videos. DS12 did a high school chemistry class in summer 2018 at a brick and mortar school for the social aspect and the labs. He loves labs and labs every week of chemistry class makes his summer enjoyable. I choose to pay for Chemistry rather than Physics because Chemistry labs make more mess and is more fun with classmates. I don’t know how DS12 will do for AP courses but he has DS13 to help him from time to time and DS13 has BTDT experience.
  9. From FDA “Westminster Pharmaceuticals, LLC is voluntarily recalling all lots, within expiry, of Levothyroxine and Liothyronine (Thyroid Tablets, USP) 15 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg, 90 mg, & 120 mg to the wholesale level. These products are being recalled as a precaution because they were manufactured using active pharmaceutical ingredients that were sourced prior to the FDA’s Import Alert of Sichuan Friendly Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which as a result of a 2017 inspection were found to have deficiencies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Substandard cGMP practices could represent the possibility of risk being introduced into the manufacturing process. To date, Westminster Pharmaceuticals has not received any reports of adverse events related to this product. ... Because these products may be used in the treatment of serious medical conditions, patients taking the recalled medicines should continue taking their medicine until they have a replacement product. The products subject to recall are packed in 100-count bottles. To best identify the product the NDC’s, Product Description, Lot numbers and Expiration dates are listed below. These lots were distributed nationwide in the USA to Westminster’s direct accounts. ... Customers and patients with medical-related questions, information about an adverse event or other questions about the Westminster’s product’s being recalled should contact Westminster’s Regulatory Affairs department by phone at: 888-354-9939 Live calls are received Monday-Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST with voicemail available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week or email Adverse reactions or quality problems experienced with the use of this product may be reported to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by regular mail or by fax. Complete and submit the report Online:”
  10. Arcadia

    Lanyard ID holders for swipe cards??

    There are lanyard card holders for swipe cards e.g. However if he carries a smartphone everywhere, I think a cellphone credit card holder would be more convenient e.g If he prefers his card on a lanyard but doesn’t want the the half card holder style, he might just want to punch a hole and put a lanyard through. That’s what many people did when I was working in the mid 90s and the office doors needed a swipe card to unlock since the magnetic stripe is off centered.
  11. Arcadia

    choosing an SAT date

    Nope. CollegeBoard does the assignment of test sites apparently from RootAnn’s link ( “Get the Student Registration Booklet for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests from your high school counselor. Enter the number 01000 for your first-choice test center code and leave the second choice blank. Include the signed letter from your religious leader with the registration form. Mail your registration and payment by the late registration deadline (for mailed registrations). If you’re testing outside the United States, your documents must be delivered by the deadline for international registration. ... If a Sunday Test Center Closes If a Sunday test center must close, the SAT Program arranges for a makeup and notifies the registered students.” However if you want to know which are the probable test sites, try calling the religious high schools especially if you foresee having to travel long distance to a test site. For example my local Seventh Day Adventist high school has the SAT listed on their events calendar e.g.
  12. Arcadia

    choosing an SAT date

    What I know is that my local Seventh Day Adventist high schools are the ones hosting the Sunday testing dates. I could go to CollegeBoard website and see which schools are hosting the Sunday dates. (ETA: Nevermind can’t see the Sunday test sites now) You would need to use the mail in registration option for an 8th grader though.
  13. I see it as similar to deciding the breakeven point on whether it is better to rent or buy. I didn't count commission and interest in the value of a house, I count those as cost factors. Similar to property tax being a cost factor when deciding which house to buy and whether renting makes more sense. Obviously house value is market driven so I don't know how the misunderstanding come about.
  14. Well, I interpreted OP’s original question as how much actual profit she would have if she were to sell the house being discussed with her friend. Not the capital gains profit that IRS cares about. So my reply was with regards to that.
  15. Realtor commission is at minimum a flat rate of $5k and the norm was 6% of sales price which would work out to be $56k for us based on units with same floor plan as ours that was sold last year (housing prices are still rising). Mortgage interest is over $100k for us. I didn’t include capital gain tax on selling a primary residence as there is a $500k profit buffer there for married filing jointly.
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