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  1. Unfortunately the news article tallies somewhat with what you said in this thread about Disneyland passes.
  2. A friend’s uprising 10th grader wants to major in marine biology. Below is from U of W page and is a nice reference for minimum requirements (other than there is no AP Marine Biology so I assume it’s a typo). I assume he has done chemistry. My oldest has found doing statistics and economics together a good combination as one is more computation and one is more theoretical, but both require common sense. Another thing I would look at is balancing the overall academic load with college applications. “ Math Courses Pre-calculus (preferred) Calculus (preferred) Statistics (optional) Science Courses – At least one unit each: Biology (preferred) Chemistry (preferred) Physics (optional) Writing Courses – You may be surprised how important writing is to both college success and careers in marine science. Seek out opportunities to write whenever you can. Writing classes are one way to develop this skill, but writing for your school’s newspaper or blog or keeping a journal can also help to improve your writing. Optional Courses – Some high schools offer specialized courses in environmental science and marine biology. These courses are a great way to explore different fields of interest. Some that we recommend: AP Marine Biology AP Environmental Science OCEAN 101 – Oceanography of the Pacific Northwest (available in certain Washington high schools through the UW in the High Schoolprogram) ESRM 150 – Wildlife in the Modern World (available in certain Washington high schools through the UW in the High School program) In addition to coursework, an important part of preparing for a degree in marine science is getting out into the marine environment and getting your hands wet! Get hands-on experience early through volunteer work or internships in the field. If you live you live miles from the nearest ocean, consider volunteering at your local aquarium or getting involved in other environmental/biological opportunities closer home.” If your son learns well by videos, get him to check out this link
  3. They should. SOHS is an online private school after all. DS14 isn’t interested in writing application essays for the SOHS single course application and the price tag for SOHS single course is high since he isn’t aiming to be a math major.
  4. It is more of a self study mode. The math class has a weekly 1hr 15mins session with the lecturer. The physics class is a weekly drop in study session and sometimes the lecturer cancels if he can’t make it. So for physics the student has to treat the class as self study.
  6. Early departure is normal if everyone is checked in at the boarding gate and the runway is cleared for takeoff. Early arrival depends on runway and gate availability at the arrival airport.
  7. Some local public schools offer multivariable calculus after AP Calculus BC. Those that don’t let their students do dual enrollment at community colleges for higher math classes. DS14 isn’t interested to start dual enrollment yet so he did his multivariable calculus class online. The course provider has 6 more math classes he could possibly do so he wouldn’t run out of classes if he decides to stick with this provider.
  8. A bit outdated but still relevant.
  9. If the person meeting him is going to be very late, better to wait at the international side of SFO. Just take the air train from domestic to international. Plenty of atms at SFO
  10. Some want to reach calculus by 11th grade but was not in put in the algebra 1 class in 7th grade. California used to have algebra 1 by 8th grade so the faster track becomes algebra 1 in 7th and/or 6th grade. Calculus in 11th grade means students could do AP Physics C concurrently in 11th grade. For school kids, having AP calculus BC and AP Physics C might boost their class rank and weighted GPA. My district puts about half of the cohort on the faster math track. So indirectly, half the cohort won’t have taken the most rigorous classes offered for math and probably physics as well. Our summer is too hot to enjoy other than hiding in an air condition location like the library or bookstore. Some of my friends’ kids are on vacation to their kids’ grandparents in other countries. However, many would take vacations during Thanksgiving and Christmas break when the weather is much nicer for road trips.
  11. My first choice would be AP Calculus BC if it’s available, then AP Calculus AB if that’s the only option. My kids took AP Statistics as a summer class last year. Both my kids wanted a break from calculus but wanted to get a math credit done over summer. Another factor was that both my kids are interested in business as they hope to be self employed after gaining job experience working for MNCs. I do think statistics is useful as an elective if a student has the time to do it. What is he planning to do for science? If it’s Physics, then AP Calculus AB would be much more useful than AP Statistics.
  12. My husband did a semester as an exchange student there for electrical engineering in the 90s. We visited in late 2016 and the surrounding neighborhood has changed (more urban) and the campus is growing. The engineering school has so many Asians my kids blend right in when we were looking around at the labs. They are also very open to early entry though the visitor center staff did say they prefer at least 13 years old for early entrance. ETA: DS14 was 5’6” and DS13 was short then. Everyone was friendly and helpful. A student we asked directed us to the most convenient visitor parking for math department.
  13. My city search results shows 5 brick and mortar schools and UCScout; 4 public, 1 private and 1 private that caters to homeschoolers. I did keep the AP course audit authorization email from CollegeBoard just in case.
  14. MRI and CT scan tomorrow. Would appreciate prayers and positive thoughts. Had my 6th round of THCP chemo on Tuesday. I opt not to have a port so all 6 was through IV. Next up is MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound mammogram, pre-surgery appointment, surgery then tentatively a year of Herceptin. ETA: Both the recent echocardiogram and the first echocardiogram three months were okay. Next echocardiogram in three months time.
  15. Merrell jungle moc slip-on shoes are comfortable. It’s abit pricy but I have the luxury of waiting for sales as I wear a men 7 or Youth 4/5. We found many Nike Air Monarch sneakers for $24 at Nordstrom Rack last week. My husband bought a black pair as they are comfortable. He wears size 11.5
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