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  1. Arcadia

    Setting tutoring fees

    My kids’ tutors break it down as hourly rate and driving surcharge. So if we go to the library nearby their homes, we pay only the hourly rate. If I need them to come over to my home, I pay the driving surcharge to compensate for gas and commute time. For driving to my home, the tutoring would be two hours instead of one hour per session as we get massive traffic jams here making a short 8 mile commute take 40mins one way at times. We didn’t pay for online tutoring as both my kids don’t ask questions during online one to one sessions of online courses. In person is just easier for my kids.
  2. Arcadia

    SAT score pending

    My friend’s daughter had that message in the early morning for August 2018 SAT results release and her scores were in around 5pm pacific time that day. DS12 got his within a week but that was two years ago.
  3. Nunn Bush has wide sizes and they lasted many years for my husband. The shoes have survived day trips to make snowmen.
  4. How is the student’s test taking skills even for class tests? My DS12’s standardized tests scores has gone up not so much because of ability but because of test taking skills in English (knowing what the question wants and not overthinking), and Math (pacing himself instead of forgetting about time). My husband is much slower in mental math than I am, and he also needs to ponder instead of making snap decisions. DS12 is similar to my husband and is thinking of majoring in mechanical or computer engineering. The thing is both fields of work do not necessarily require speed so my husband is happy in his job and DS12 has a high chance of finding a suitable engineering job that is not fast paced. I was thinking of working in R&D until I realized in high school I thrive on speed and fast moving environment. I don’t have my husband’s patience for projects that has no short term results to spur me on. DS13 who is more of an overall fast worker, is slow on math proofs and reading articles on things like quantum theory. He enjoys AoPS WOOT class ( and had fun at a commuter math camp last summer.
  5. Arcadia

    Cultural Appropriation

    There are levels and intensity of annoyance. The guy who started the social media backlash said he was angry because it is a chinese gown. There are many people who see modernized qipao as a tourist souvenir. What I am saying regarding the color and traditional purpose is that there is a subgroup of people who won’t be offended by anyone wearing a modern qipao because the wearer likes it, but would be thinking twice when the qipao is in a more traditional design and color and worn in a social event. For example Hollywood stars have worn the “modernized qipao” over the decades. The photos in this NY Post link (easier to read in reader view) illustrates that stars wear the chinese gown for the attention they get and people expect stars to dress for attention
  6. Arcadia

    Cultural Appropriation

    Keziah Daum did know it is a chinese gown even if she didn’t know it was traditionally used mainly as a bridal gown. Chines faced racial discrimination in US. From PBS “The only ethnic group in the history of the United States to have been specifically denied entrance into the country, the Chinese were prohibited by law to testify in court, to own property, to vote, to have families join them, to marry non-Chinese, and to work in institutional agencies. ... Reacting to the America's fear of the "yellow peril," in 1877 Denis Kearney organized the Workingman's Party with the rallying cry, "The Chinese Must Go!" which led to the looting and burning of many Chinese businesses. More than thirty anti-Chinese legislations were enacted during the l870's at both the state and local levels. (See legislation section) The result of this codified racism was to exclude Chinese from many occupations and to deprive them of full participation in a society they had helped to build. Culmination of this discriminatory legislation resulted in the Chinese Exclusion Act of May 6, l882. This act suspended the immigration of Chinese laborers for ten years. ... Angel Island, the immigration station on San Francisco Bay, opened in 1910 to enforce the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, is where two hundred fifty thousand Chinese immigrants were processed. The average detention was two weeks, the longest was twenty-two months.”
  7. Arcadia

    Cultural Appropriation

    She wore a red qipao which is commonly used as a bridal gown. This link explains most of the significance of the gown If she has opt for a color other than red or gold, the people who were annoyed may not be as bothered. I read that she thinks the gown is pretty and she just wanted to wear a pretty dress for prom. Due to being very petite, I had my bridal qipao tailor made. Besides even daily wear qipao used to be all tailor made and mine cost about $300 and up due to quality of materials and labor costs. I also think it’s the occasion. Wearing a chinese traditional clothing during a Chinese New Year celebration at school, recreation center, temple is likely to be interpreted as joining the festivities. A much older child or adult wearing a chinese traditional clothing as a Halloween costume would have people wondering what’s the motive. Prom tends to be associated with the western style prom dresses. People who won’t offended were also thinking that it is not cultural appropriation but an attention grab. There are so many prom dresses to choose but she wanted to stand out. So while the first guy to kick a fuss about her wearing a qipao on social media might have been over the top in his annoyance, it isn’t hard to understand that someone might be annoyed that a traditional costume gets regarded as a suitable prom dress just because it’s pretty. While I am chinese, there are some traditional chinese clothing that is not my culture and I can be seen as doing the annoying tourist thing of wearing their traditional clothing to look pretty or as a souvenir photo shoot. ETA: Panda Express is seen as a fast food franchise selling American style Chinese fast food. It isn’t regarded in the same category as a small family owned ethnic food stall.
  8. ACT is a timed test with less time per question than SAT. My slow worker DS12 finds the SAT less stressful time wise. So I won’t base math ability on a timed test. My husband has no academic strengths. Through hard work he finished his bachelors in electrical engineering in four years, his PhD in electrical engineering in three years (skipping masters). He slog through the equivalent of calculus AB in high school. His work is in the quality control arm of R&D and he has honestly forgotten most of his calculus from high school and college.
  9. Arcadia

    Shoes and different sized feet

    I have to pad the toe area of my Børn ankle boots because the ankle area is soft and my smaller left foot will slide forward. I don’t have to do that for my other mid calf or ankle length boots as they are stiffer at the ankle area so my foot doesn’t slide forward. I am hard on my heels though. I’ll ask Børn since you are looking for a particular model. DSW has mismatched shoes on their clearance racks sometimes.
  10. Arcadia

    Tell me all about school funding

    Title 1 funding ( and Free/Reduced School lunch program ( is Federal. My school district is funded by property tax almost 100% when the state gives a token amount and 100% when the state claim to be broke/over budgeted like during the Great Recession years. It’s the Basic Aid model ( There is a cutoff limit so a school district funding status may change if property tax collection drop severely.
  11. Arcadia

    YouTube Outage

    It’s working now for my friends who experienced outages in the states and other countries.
  12. Arcadia

    YouTube Outage

    Saw the news on Facebook and lots of people complaining. My YouTube is still working as in streaming loud and clear. So outages are not everywhere.
  13. There isn’t enough information provided by the question on how bias the sample is e.g. how many of the potential callers are males and how many are females, as well as total number of potential callers. 43.75 is (6+1)/(15+1)= 7/16 don’t know why they compute it that way The 100th callers having a 50% chance could be due to 100 being a decent sample size and the probability approaches an unbiased sample probability.
  14. I would still think that it should be 50% for the 16th caller and 100th caller because of unconditional probability. Kind of like a coin toss situation where given what we think is an unbiased coin, the probability of the next coin toss being a head or tail would still be 50%.
  15. Some of my friends’ moms would take away gifts for common use or to regift. We give personalized (engraved, embroidered) gifts if we know the person would rather keep than have their parents happily regift it to someone else or put it into common pool. Things like cross pens, stainless steel insulated coffee mugs, swiss knives, Leatherman tools.
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