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  1. I bought this last week and found it useful. Those suction cups type don’t work for me as they keep dropping into my sink. I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond with the 20% off coupon. Umbra Sling Flexible Sink Caddy, Non-slip – Holds Sponge, Scrubbing Brush or Dishrag
  2. I wear ladies size 5 or kids size 3 for UGG booties. Sometimes I just buy a pair of booties and use as indoor shoes. I buy UGG Tasman slipper to use indoors but I do have a UGG factory outlet nearby
  3. Apple might be next. From Business Insider “ Apple rolled out a new app Thursday called "Research," which allows iPhone users to participate in years-long health studies that track data from their phones. The app is currently promoting three open studies on women's health, heart and movement, and hearing. Apple's first health study, published this week, collected data from users and concluded that Apple Watchescan help detect heart problems. Smartphones and wearable gadgets are capable of gauging an unprecedented amount of health data from users — now, Apple wants to harness that data for medical research. The new Apple Research app, which rolled out for iPhone users Thursday, lets people sign up to participate in years-long health studies. The studies gauge data ranging from the number of steps a users take to the volume of their headphones and share it with research teams Apple has partnered with. Apple successfully completed a similar study earlier this year, which tracked data from Apple Watch users. The study was published this week and found that the Apple Watch's sensors are capable of detecting heart problems. The method of recruiting study participants from a huge pool of iPhone users is unprecedented in the medical field, posing its share of unique benefits and challenges. While Apple's previous study was effective in providing detailed biometric data about a range of subjects, it also faced a high dropout rate — 79% of people selected for the study either didn't complete it or dropped out.”
  4. Related article from MarketWatch “Technology giants are showing a heightened interest in the financial-services industry as they see Chinese tech companies succeeding in payments, an area that could be lucrative for data collection. The latest foray into financial services is Alphabet Inc.’s GOOG, +0.39% GOOGL, +0.41% plans to start offering checking accounts to consumers next year, in a partnership between Google, Citigroup Inc. C, -0.49% and a credit union. That news followed Facebook Inc.’s FB, -0.74% rebranding of its payments offering, which is separate from its ambitious Libra initiative for payments, and Apple Inc.’s AAPL, -0.72% move into credit cards in a deal with Goldman Sachs while continuing to expand its Apple Pay offering. Inc. AMZN, -0.13%recently announced the addition of bill payments to its expanding set of payment offerings, which extend to other websites beyond its own. All four of those large tech companies are already under extreme scrutiny from federal and state governments for potential monopolistic actions and accusations of misusing consumer data. Experts said that their willingness to dive headfirst into financial services despite the regulatory spotlight already shining on them is due to the potential rewards on the other side. “If you know what someone spends money on, you know everything about them,” said James Angel, a finance professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. The deepening focus on payments serves multiple purposes for Big Tech players depending on the scopes of their businesses, according to MoffettNathanson analyst Lisa Ellis. For companies focused on commerce, in-house payments capabilities can offer more control over the shopping process—and an additional revenue stream. For ecosystem-oriented companies, management teams are looking to drive user engagement and time spent on their platforms. The possibilities are being exhibited every day in China, where tech companies are a routine part of most purchases. “Maybe, at some level, the broader ambition is they have envy of the Chinese super-apps,” Ellis said. Brands like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA, -0.06% affiliate Ant Financial, which is best known for its Alipay wallet, and Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s 700, -2.32% WeChat offer an array of services within their apps so that consumers can get things like insurance and wealth-management advice without heading to a separate destination. “Google and maybe Amazon are trying to replicate a bit of that concept, trying to tuck more day-to-day abilities within that umbrella,” Ellis said”
  5. My in-laws has been haggling forever because that’s normal in Asia. They feel like they overpay if they don’t haggle. I go shopping at malls because I hate haggling. My husband would haggle a little at places that haggling is normal practice like car dealerships, new homes showrooms. I am more of a this is the price I am willing to pay person so sale people are usually nice to me and will try to match my price and needs.
  6. DS14 is sensory avoiding and would pick out the softest cotton onesies and tops from Carter’s and Oskgosh Bgosh as a under 2. He like the made in Egypt and made in Jordan ones. He would sit in his stroller, feel the material and pick the ones he feels are good enough like a quality control inspector. DS13 got all the hand me downs and they were great for his eczema prone skin. We bought some new baby clothes for DS13 when he was a toddler but got DS14 to do the “quality check”. We had a children’s museum annual membership for $150 which is for three adults and kids. My mom was helping me so the three adults option was great since my mom and/or my husband could come along. Names were on the card so we paid admission for my dad when he visited.
  7. If your wall is textured try double the weight you need to hang. Think this might be the heaviest workload hook Stick the strip to the wall and I usually wait a few hours. Then stick the hook to the strip and wait 24hrs to use the hook.
  8. Half Price Bookstore. There are a few in the Houston, TX area e.g.
  9. My state has a link+ catalog search page;jsessionid=6AF5D329CF731B7CE7938D619D16C773?lang=eng Participating library listing I don’t drive so interlibrary loan is wonderful for me as I usually don’t need the books urgently. I don’t have Amazon Prime membership so ILL is usually faster than buying from Amazon.
  10. We have no space for books literally which was why we always live a short walk to the library. The ones we kept are the foreign language ones because those are hard to get even with Link+/ILL. The English ones are much easier to borrow from the library so we only have a few classics that my husband got for free from the library free books collection and he wants to keep. I am a voracious reader since childhood. My childhood home was a 850sqft two bed one bath apartment. My parents have the money but not the space so we didn’t buy books. I easily went through 16 chapter type books (Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys) daily in lower elementary school days.
  11. I am waiting for the temperature to be about 69degF at around 1-2pm to take my daily walk to the supermarket. My refrigerator is small and I like it uncluttered.
  12. From WSJ Business Insider link “Google will soon offer checking accounts to consumers, becoming the latest Silicon Valley heavyweight to push into finance. The project, code-named Cache, is expected to launch next year with accounts run by Citigroup Inc. and a credit union at Stanford University, a tiny lender in Google’s backyard ... Google is setting its sights fairly low. Checking accounts are a commoditized product, and people don’t switch very often. But they contain a treasure trove of information, including how much money people make, where they shop and what bills they pay. The company will have to convince a public that is increasingly wary of how tech companies are using personal data that it can be trusted with people's finances. Federal regulators are examining whether the user information Google gets from its search engine, home speakers, email service and other apps gives the company an unfair advantage over competitors, the Journal has reported.”
  13. My slightly overweight cousin (ETA: he is 59) has “panda eyes” whenever he is stressed. It fades away after the stressful period is over. I’m underweight and I rarely get eye shadow or eye bags. My DS13 gets eye shadow when he didn’t have a good night sleep. Once DS13 catch up on quality of sleep, it disappears by itself. My aunt uses chilled used tea bags (after brewing Lipton tea) or chilled cucumber slices for eyes. She gets eye bags but not eye shadows. It’s relatively safe compared to commercial eye moisturizer lotion.
  14. From “New South Wales still has "a long way to go" before the bushfire threat is over, with one particularly dangerous fire still covering 150,000 hectares on its own, and another wave of bad weather on the horizon. Today the focus also shifts to Queensland, where increasingly windy conditions and temperatures in the mid to high thirties will make firefighters’ job harder. 83 fires are burning in NSW, 50 of which are not contained; One blaze west of Coffs Harbour covers 150,000 hectares, with a perimeter of more than 1000km; At least a 50 homes were damaged or destroyed yesterday; The wind change that caused havoc in NSW yesterday is now moving into QLD; More than 60 fires are burning across the state. As late as 10pm on Tuesday, there were still 11 fires burning at emergency level. That figure dropped dramatically overnight, and by 7:30am there were none.”
  15. I wear winter attire when it hits 60degF. I was wearing hoodie, down coat, long gloves, scarf, winter boots when walking to the train station at 6:30am last week. I wear a windbreaker in summer so I really pile on in winter.
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