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  1. Nail polish remover smell would make me check my Isopropyl Alcohol 70% and Isopropyl Alcohol 90% bottles to see if my bottles’ cap are not screwed on tight.
  2. I saw that. Another university was saying to use the university’s Student Google account to link to Canvas instead of their personal google account. There is nothing important in his Google Drive so we aren’t worried enough yet to create another google account just for outsourced classes.
  3. Lanny, Not sure if you have read this Dec 3rd news Apple removed scam apps that used a devious trick to steal from iPhone users — and it reveals a growing problem with the App Store
  4. I use WiFi strictly for Uber since we are on prepaid phones with no data. Apple has been sloppy with OS updates since OS 10. I turn off OS automatic updates so that I can wait for other people to report bugs after updates. It’s really once bitten twice shy for Apple OS 😞
  5. DS14 received this email from Google about Canvas. I am assuming that Canvas only has access to whatever folder is used for collaboration but the email seems to imply his entire Google drive account. “Canvas now has access to your Google Account ********** can: See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files You should only give this access to apps you trust. Review or remove apps connected to your account any time at My Account. Learn more about what it means to connect an app to your account.”
  6. Arcadia

    Ipad, Tablet, or Netbook for casual surfing and streaming?

    Kindle because it’s the cheapest that fits your needs, then iPad, then netbook.
  7. My boys both have that course in 8th grade because of the time commitment. Assuming a non-lab high school class takes 10 hours a week including class time, lab would add at least 3 hrs more for every lab to do the lab and report. DS14 takes less time only because he is a fast reader. He read the Chang textbook over summer as prep because I asked him to. DS13 did a summer chemistry class at a private center to prep. We do block out a day weekly for DS13 to do his chemistry readings, videos and quizzes. AP Physics PAH Jeff Lanctot was a hit for DS14 last year and still a hit for DS13 this year.
  8. In DS13’s case, it does mess up his account in the sense that it marks what I read (homework assignment PDFs which I help print) as read. DS14 doesn’t care as long as I help him print his homework assignments. Our printer is wonky so I help my kids print once a week their weekly class assignments.
  9. Arcadia

    Our power is out.

    Good thing it’s at night and not noon time so whatever is in your refrigerator should survive. My kids were amused by our hand crank flashlights but we used battery powered ones since it takes a lot of hand cranking to operate those manual flashlights. Have fun. I do have enough dry rations for earthquake prep and the longest power outage we had so far was three hours. At least you have internet access 🙂 We have no data plan on our phones so would have to walk over to nearby Starbucks for WiFi. ETA: The model of hand crank flashlights we had is now being advertised as a fidget. It’s noisy though.
  10. Arcadia

    Where to people who work at Tesla live?

    The HQ is at the hilly part of Palo Alto rather than the downtown area. Commute would be a pain, much worse than if it was at downtown or Stanford university area. It would be hard to get affordable rental near there because of the Palo Alto school district and Los Altos school district. ETA: The HQ is at a car dependent area. Link is rather accurate for how walkable the area is Also if you are renting, guidelines is 3 people max for 1 bedroom, 5 people max for 2 bedroom, 7 people max for 3 bedrooms. Most landlords are strict about that because rental market is still in landlords favor.
  11. Arcadia

    S/O People forgetting an adult's birthday

    My husband’s siblings has Facebook and messaging apps reminding them to send my husband a birthday greeting. My in-laws usually remembers my husband’s birthday by sending a WhatsApp text message but not our kids birthdays, they didn’t remember this year for my husband’s. My parents and only sibling remembers to call and/or text for my birthday, my husband’s birthday and our kids birthdays. My kids can’t remember the exact dates, just the month that my husband and my birthday falls on. They are like my husband and forget their own birthdays. All three have to think when filing out their own birthdates on official forms.
  12. Arcadia

    Where to people who work at Tesla live?

    If your husband is going to be stationed at the Fremont factory or offices (new ones near the Dumbarton bridge), bear in mind that the wind blows the sewage smell into that area. The factory and offices would be very near to the Fremont label (warm springs) on page 5 of the link
  13. Arcadia

    Where to people who work at Tesla live?

    I assume the salary would be adjusted for COL. One of my kids outsourced class is in Fremont. Tesla HQ is in Palo Alto. People who work in the Fremont factory tend to live north of Fremont unless they want their kids to attend Mission San Jose (top high school there) in Fremont school district. Rents are generally cheaper the more north you go. However if you don’t mind apartments instead of duplex, townhouses, single family homes, then there are affordable rentals within the city of Fremont. Lots of new apartments and homes being built near Tesla. Palo Alto on the other hand would be more costly to rent. People rent depending on school district if they can afford rentals anywhere in the South Bay. If not then they rent where they can afford to rent. I am about 20 miles south of Tesla’s HQ and rents for a one bedroom condo has already reached above $2.5k. There is toll on the Dumbarton bridge going from Tesla factory in Fremont to Tesla HQ in Palo Alto. The Palo Alto end of the bridge is near to IKEA. To avoid toll, people just go south and then north (I880 to CA237 to US101) when going from Fremont to Palo Alto. The cost of living also means many around my age (40s) are paying Alternative Minimum Tax and Medicare surtax because what is considered middle income pay is high enough to trigger both taxes. So you might see a bump in Federal tax brackets. California has state income tax. ETA: We are likely to owe federal tax based on the last payslip. Looking at how to top up for December to minimize the underpayment.
  14. Arcadia

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    My cousin who is twelve years older than me bought me one when I was in high school or college. My mom bought my oldest kid one when he was a toddler. Photo is mine but the strap has been replaced at the Swatch store decades ago. The original strap was dark chocolate color. The two nearest Swatch stores at San Jose and Stanford have both closed.
  15. Arcadia

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    A harp. It was around $4k for a student harp when I wanted one. We didn’t have the space for one in my childhood home. I wanted Legos, Playmobil and soft toys. My parents and relatives happily bought me plenty for birthday and Christmas presents. They think books don’t count as presents and they bought me books too. I never liked dolls and I hate pink. I had a doll from a relative when I was a toddler as a “been there done that” but it just sat as a decoration somewhere. My soft toys collection however is more than enough to cover a king size bed. ETA: My brother’s daughter wants Legos but he can’t afford them. We are sending some back when my husband goes back for his dad’s birthday.
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