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  1. Does your doctor go by the standard range of the tests or is there an optimal range? My next appointment is in 19 days time and Google results seems to suggest these are tests for mold exposure and for Lyme.
  2. I don't drive so I was told I was a burden to their son for having to drive me around. They only stop that comment when my husband keeps getting lost even with a GPS and I have to be the GPS. As for my spending habits, my husband partially defended me. He is too polite to defend totally and he also don’t think his parents need to know how much fun money comes from my parents and my relatives, and how much from him. His parents did try to pry the amount. I know that my in-laws prefer their oldest son’s wife so I wasn’t surprised that I could “do nothing good”. My parents only defend if my husband does nothing. When my parents are annoyed enough to defend, it also carries the undertone that my husband isn’t up to their standard of care for taking care of me.
  3. My oncologist visit was on Wednesday but the blood tests results just came back today after three weeks. Also my results are in ng/ml so Google isn’t as helpful. Both results are within the standard range, just impatient and curious. I have joint pains which was why the tests were ordered.
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    My parents put all those stuff in their master bedroom and close that door. They tell the cleaning team not to clean the bedrooms. For my parents, the living/dining room windows, kitchen and bathrooms are what they need the cleaning team to help clean on a once a month basis. My mom’s medication is stored in the fridge.
  5. My oncologist who is the one ordering my echocardiograms would tell me more about my reports including explaining, but would expect the cardiologist to do follow on care and plan the treatment if reports are abnormal. Do you enjoy window shopping? I find Christmas decorations shopping relaxing as I am just window shopping and not buying yet. I usually go to Macy’s to look at their Christmas decorations for sale.
  6. Click on the three bars on the top right hand corner. Then click on accounts. Then click on account settings. Then click on settings area. Then click on signature
  7. I had edema (water retention) on my feet. I just wear my one size too big boots during that time. That could be the swelling. Definitely elevate your feet when sitting and sleeping. How is your platelet count? No idea about itch but I got red dots appearing on my skin that was a chemo side effect. I also needed more moisturizer than my usual. ETA: While lymphedema typically affects the arm the lymph node removal was done, maybe yours affected your legs instead?
  8. We have been looking for more than five years and now DS14 thinks we would never be able to buy before he goes to college or even after he graduates from college. He is so upset over it though mentally he understands. Prices are crazy here for convenient location (public transport and nearby medical care) and my husband doesn’t want anything too old as we are bad at home maintenance work.
  9. Saw these on the way home in San Jose, California. Not going to pick them. Just wondering what they are.
  10. I would ask (ETA: if there is a spare tire compartment when shopping) for a sedan. I think Corolla still comes with the spare tire compartment, just that the donut is bundled in for the LE and not the actual spare tire. My neighbors’ newer SUV (Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4) doesn’t come with a spare tire mounted at the back like the older models but it should be easy to mount one. Canada’s 2017 Honda CRV has a spare tire under the cargo mat If you think you might need to change a tire in the middle of nowhere, maybe buy a cordless wrench to bring along (together with a spare tire) to remove the lug nuts. It would probably be safer to call for roadside assistance but you would have the tools and spare tire needed.
  11. That’s the same link I found 🙂 1st and 4th picture
  12. When we bought our Toyota Corolla in 2006, we asked about the spare tire because I was used to having one in each of my aunts’ cars/trucks. The dealership says we have to buy because they no longer bundle a spare tire with the cars. From Consumer Reports “Carmakers are skipping the spare because of regulatory pressure to squeeze more miles out of every gallon of fuel: Ditching the 40 or 50 pounds that a tire and jack usually add to a car’s weight helps to increase fuel economy slightly. (It also incidentally increases automakers’ profits because they don’t have to pay for those parts.) The problem is that a sealant kit won’t help drivers if a tire’s sidewall gets sliced or if the flat is caused by more extensive damage than a tread puncture. If you want to be prepared for any type of flat tire, some retailers and car dealers offer spare-tire kits, including a tire, jack, and lug wrench, starting at about $150.”
  13. From CBS SF Bay Area “POLLOCK PINES (CBS SF) — An autopsy has concluded the death of a man dependent on oxygen was not caused by the power shutoff by Pacific Gas and Electric as part of a massive effort to prevent fire. El Dorado County Fire Chief Lloyd Ogan said Friday that fire personnel responded to a call in Pollock Pines that came in after 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, about 12 minutes after PG&E cut the power to his area. ... But late Friday afternoon, the El Dorado County cororner’s office said the cause of death was severe coronary artery atherosclerosis, and the power outage was not the cause of the man’s death. The patient also had a clinical history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the coroner’s office said.” From PG&E “Learn about Vulnerable Customer requirements Households with one or more individuals who have self-certified that they have a serious illness or condition that could become life threatening if their electric or gas service is disconnected for nonpayment receive an in-person visit from a PG&E representative before disconnection. Our representative posts a notice within 48 hours before or at the time of disconnection for nonpayment. Vulnerable Customer status remains on your PG&E account for 90 days. If you believe that you or your household member's illness or condition will extend beyond 90 days, you must complete the Vulnerable Customer Application to request a one-year extension.”
  14. We have the hot weather issue here too. Would a stationary bike next to your elliptical trainer be feasible? That way she gets to bike on the stationary bike while you are on the elliptical trainer. I find it easier to exercise when my kids are exercising and I make them take exercise breaks when they have been sitting down for hours. I sign my kids up for weekly tennis lessons because I know we will slack otherwise. My husband does not exercise at all and the bulk of his walking is shopping as he is a shopaholic. So it is up to me to ensure our kids exercise.
  15. From CNN “California island offers $130,000 for new lighthouse keepers Francesca Street, CNN • Published 8th January 2019 (CNN) — New Year, new you, new job -- looking after a lighthouse in California? On an idyllic island in the San Pablo Bay, the East Brother Light Station, a lighthouse-turned-inn, is seeking a pair of new keepers. San Pablo Bay is part of the larger San Francisco Bay. The position offers $130,000, split between two people. For the money they'll be expected to keep this historic tower up and running.”
  16. There are two lighthouses I won’t mind staying in, especially if I am paid to stay there for a year or two as the “resident matron”. The first link is a Santa Cruz lighthouse that is near to Santa Cruz Beach Broadwalk and is probably bigger than my current home. The view is lovely The second link is a lighthouse hostel so people do stay there. It is more rural but still near enough to healthcare and groceries by a long drive. That would require a lot more planning regarding doctors appointments and stocking up groceries.
  17. That sounds more like something we would say to a new babysitter, tutor or first time my kids are left with a relative (grandparents, aunts, ...). For BGR, that’s too much monitoring and rules to ask for. For a study group hosted at your home, I would be willing to accommodate some of the “rules” requested like no blankets and common areas
  18. Thank you. I finished 9 out of 15 of my radiation treatments so far. Glad you have a great time with your daughter.
  19. Bumping because thinking of you and hoping your recovery is smooth and you have a wonderful weekend.
  20. My kids think it’s weird and my DS14 thinks the ladder is still there because the “structure/sculpture” is still a work in progress.
  21. Saddleridge Fire, San Fernando Valley, LA/Ventura County “The fire started Thursday night in Sylmar, northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Fueled by dry conditions and wind gusts of up to 70 mph, the Saddleridge Fire had consumed more than 4,700 acres by 7:30 a.m. Friday, fire officials said. It's one of eight active wildfires burning in California days after power was shut off to hundreds of thousands of people in an effort to prevent fires. The Saddleridge Fire broke out after 9 p.m. along the 210 Freeway and jumped the highway. Flames also crossed the 5 Freeway. The highways were closed because of heavy smoke. Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas told reporters Friday morning a man died of cardiac arrest Thursday night and a firefighter suffered a minor eye injury. Authorities ordered mandatory evacuations in the Porter Ranch and Oakridge Estates neighborhoods, affecting 100,000 people in over 20,000 homes, according to Police Chief Michel Moore. At least 25 homes were damaged. The cause of the fire had not been determined. A blaze also ripped through a mobile home park in Calimesa, a city about 65 miles east of Los Angeles, destroying dozens of residences. The fire began when a trash truck dumped burning garbage into dry grass, CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett reports. Firefighters were working to contain the flames more than six hours after they began as erratic winds blew embers into more structures. Seventy-four were destroyed. ... Hot, dry winds sweeping into Southern California raised concerns that the region's largest utility could widen power shut-offs Friday to prevent its equipment from sparking wildfires. Southern California Edison turned off electricity to about 20,000 people in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino and Kern counties but warned that thousands more could lose service as Santa Ana winds gained strength.”
  22. Southern California Edison shut off webpage
  23. From CalFire Twitter “ #SandalwoodFIRE UPDATE 3:50 P.M. - 500 acres and 0% contained. Multiple structures destroyed, numerous medical emergencies inside the Villa Calimesa Mobile Home Park. Threat to railway/power grid. CAL FIRE/RCOFD in Unified Command w/Calimesa and Redlands Fire Depts.” There are a few fires going on right now
  24. From Texas A&M (TAMU) “Power lines have caused more than 4,000 wildfires in Texas in the past three and a half years. Power lines can ignite wildfires through a variety of mechanisms. Downed lines– Just like homes and office buildings, power distribution systems contain protective devices (e.g. fuses, circuit breakers) that detect short-circuit fault conditions and operate to limit damage to the system. These devices are intended to clear faults quickly, but in as many as 30% of cases in which a single energized line conductor breaks and falls to earth, surface contact resistance causes the resulting fault to draw too little electrical current to blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker. Such a condition is known as a high-impedance fault, sometimes abbreviated as a HiZ (pronounced “high zee”) fault. A line with a HiZ fault can remain energized on or near the earth for an arbitrarily long period of time, often multiple tens of minutes, during which it produces high-energy, high-temperature arcing. The image below shows a downed-conductor, HiZ arcing fault on a 7,200-volt power line. It is common for a downed line conductor to remain energized and arcing until a customer calls the utility company to report a lights-out condition, which may occur only after several tens of minutes. An arcing downed conductor readily ignites proximate vegetation and other materials, particularly if it occurs in an area of elevated fire risk. Even if conventional protection finally operates, the period of arcing already may have started a fire. Vegetation Contact – Trees and other vegetation intruding into power lines can cause fires in multiple ways. A tree falling across a line can tear the line down and result in a downed line. A branch spanning two line conductors for a sufficient period of time may ignite the branch and also may produce high-energy, high-temperature Jacob’s Ladder arcs multiple feet in length. If the branch remains in contact and arcing, it can cause progressive damage that eventually breaks the line. ... Conductor Slap – Power lines are designed with sufficient clearance between conductors to keep them from contacting each other under most operating conditions. Certain unusual circumstances, however, can cause line conductors to slap together. Conductor slap creates high-energy arcing and ejects hot metal particles capable of igniting ground-level combustibles. In addition, where line conductors are made of aluminum, the ejected particles may burn as they fall. ... Repetitive Faults – Each power line fault creates some risk of fire. Most faults are isolated events (e.g. animal contact, etc.) that do not repeat. Some faults, however, will occur multiple times unless a utility takes corrective action. Repetitive faults can be caused by vegetation, conductor slap, or equipment that is in the process of failing, such as a cracked insulator. TEES intelligent monitoring detects repetitive faults and notifies utilities, providing them with information to aid in locating the underlying problem. Apparatus Failures – Many power line components (e.g., switches, insulators, transformers, …) provide trouble-free service for decades. A typical circuit may have hundreds or even thousands of components, making it impractical to inspect or test all components on a frequent basis. Components eventually fail. As they do, they often go through an pre-failure period, during which they continue to serve load until progressive deterioration causes complete failure. Pre-failures often involve arcing and sparking at levels too small to be detected by conventional technologies. Over time the arcing and sparking may increase in intensity and, under the right conditions, can ignite proximate combustibles.”
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