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  1. I don’t know how high your cholesterol is but diet changes did help my dad and my relatives who have marginally high cholesterol. My dad is a hepatitis B carrier and that can cause liver complications. He didn’t know he was a carrier until we were all screened for hepatitis B. Hopefully your medical issues are all easily resolved and nothing serious.
  2. My community college instructor for this quarter says that all his tests and exams would be open book and mainly problem solving and/or hands on since they are all online. Since it is online there is no point giving questions that test on memory and worry about kids cheating. Might as well make the tests and exams open book.
  3. https://thewoksoflife.com/wprm_print/25865 I use mirin instead of Shaoxing rice wine. ETA: did not use food coloring either
  4. I am baking char siu (chinese style roast pork) for lunch while procrastinating on homework.
  5. Glad your daughter is home 🙂 Much as I dislike the Cengage online textbook monopoly, it is useful when USPS might not deliver physical textbooks on time.
  6. They can be extraordinary lazy though 😂 If you look through the past year FRQs that CollegeBoard posted on their website, you would realize that AP statistics can be easily done either as a crash course and/or as a fun hands on course. The Moore, Yates, Starnes book is a rather dry textbook. My kids teacher only used the textbook for homework assignments. He just teach by writing on the whiteboard. Statistics is pretty much a concept thing and useful when reading research papers. We are going the dual enrollment route for foreign language since my kids rather take two years at com
  7. Foothill doesn’t accept AP CS A for credit but since it counts towards the National AP Scholar award, the admissions did allow my kids to go for three dual enrollment classes per quarter. The score report that I ordered in December from CollegeBoard did not reach them yet but they accepted my kid’s copy. Dual enrollment is free for high achieving public school students, so family income isn’t a factor.
  8. My teens need the outside nagging so took a 6 week (3.5hrs x 2) summer class and did well enough for AP Statistics exam. It depends on the teacher. Both my teens did AP Macro/Micro economics in the same summer format and they have different teachers but both teachers made their classes fun. Economics if the student understand the concept, there is very little to memorize for the AP exams.
  9. I would use tiny little in informal conversations as “tiny little thing” for a small young child (that I am very familiar with) because the little would mean young in age rather than small in size. Little tiny would sound like redundancy to me somehow. Soda. Cola 😂
  10. I use teensy weensy or mini usually. I’m from asia and currently live in Silicon Valley. For cooking, we use “a pinch” or “a tiny bit” or “a sprinkling”.
  11. Announcement link https://blog.collegeboard.org/January-2021-sat-subject-test-and-essay-faq
  12. Process Engineer’s job can have hands on components, it depends on job scope. Linked article has an explanation https://www.processindustryinformer.com/process-engineering-everything-need-know
  13. Analyst is a broad title and doesn’t describe the job scope. Due to COVID-19, the only people who are doing hands on stuff in my husband’s department are the lab technicians and even they have to work in shifts. My husband used to pop into the lab whenever he needs to but now he needs to get a lab time slot due to the COVID-19 measures. I find that for engineering, as you climb the ranks, things get more managerial and less hands on even if it is in a field like construction or surveying or manufacturing.
  14. Mine are a year apart and I do agree to your sentiments. I just need to make sure I am editing and sending the correct high school transcripts to the community college for dual enrollment purposes. SAT subject test likely isn’t as profitable as AP exams for CollegeBoard and now is a convenient time for them to use COVID-19 as an excuse to drop SAT subject tests.
  15. I get a lag only when Comcast is acting up or I have a weak hotspot signal when out and about.
  16. My husband’s company IT has such a big problem with keychains that all those MacBook users who are willing to take a Surface Laptop were given one. My husband is happy to put up with windows as long as work runs smoothly and he gets to finish work earlier. I am taking classes at community college for fun now and there is more tech support for Windows and Linux issues just because majority of classmates are on either or both platforms and can help troubleshoot. My kid who has a Linux laptop also has a windows 10 laptop. I just bought a new windows 10 laptop for $650 because my old laptop
  17. I have numerous iPads from the mini to the pro. I have a iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus. The MacBook in my home is converted to running Fedora Linux because no one liked the MacOS. Our laptops are all on windows 10.
  18. I use a long pillow, and I sometimes roll until my head is resting on my husband’s pillow. A bolster pillow is useful too if you have the entire queen/king bed to yourself. I toss and turn so much that I nearly unhinged most of my childhood bed frames. I sleep better in moving cars/trains/busses anyway.
  19. All my gold plated stuff are matte gold and they still look as good as matte stuff looks. I have earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They are 18k or 22k, the 18k are better for necklaces while 22k are better for earrings.
  20. https://thehill.com/policy/finance/534490-irs-says-start-of-tax-filing-season-delayed-until-feb-12 “Tax filing season, which normally starts at the end of January, will begin on Feb. 12 this year, the IRS announced Friday. The agency said the delay was necessary to allow it time to incorporate changes from the year-end COVID-19 relief and government funding bill, which President Trump signed into law on Dec. 27. "This programming work is critical to ensuring IRS systems run smoothly," the agency said in a statement. "If filing season were opened without the correct programmi
  21. I sound like my mom but look very alike my maternal cousin that is 8 years older. While OP’s sister is being unreasonable, I can understand how someone can talk and text a person but not see the person in person (or in photos). Since OP’s sister is hosting, it would likely be better for OP to not attend and just have a separate birthday celebration for her mom with her daughter. If OP’ sister does not mind OP hosting instead, at least her sister can leave if she gets upset.
  22. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=B0881YRVH7|B0872FV1BN|B0872GBRQT|B0872FZ3RQ|B086H4QSBG|B0881YSJNM|B07HXNLGM7|B0872GBG16|B08D9T73YQ|B086H5YG5H&i=digital-text&ascsubtag=2c5eee98553d11ebb9732ab9d51e9d180INT English Language Statistics Calculus Psychology Biology Chemistry European History US History World History Computer Science A
  23. Where I am from, citizens are not allowed to go to private schools but are allowed to be homeschooled. Parents still resort to after school tuition for their children in public schools.
  24. I come from a small nation which has a national curriculum and national exams. Its so small that its easy to standardize education. However the government there can only control the minimum. Schools with generous alumni are going to have better building facilities and resources, as well as more volunteers. Teachers were assigned to schools but quality of teachers would naturally vary. Even if all middle school math teachers are math majors, some would still be better at teaching than others. Here public schools get their students mainly based on residential addresses. There is less inc
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