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  1. First We Have Coffee by Margaret Jensen
  2. I know a family that saw a big turnaround from a yearlong residential setting. It's critical to match the person up with the right program.
  3. We had this situation. My daughter simply had outgrown this teacher. I didn't want to burn any bridges and I wanted to be sensitive because she had started her on the instrument and dd had been with her for years. First, I had my daughter take some trial lessons with the teacher she was interested with. We also made sure she had time in her studio schedule to add my daughter. When all that was in place I called the original teacher and had the conversation. Thanked her profusely for all she had done to help my daughter develop as a player. Explained that she'd reached a plateau and felt like she'd really absorbed what she was going to and was at a point where she needed lessons with a new set of eyes, ears and voice. I shed a few tears, because it was genuinely hard to "break up" with someone who had been in our lives for years. I told her up front who the new teacher would be, because they all know each other in our town and play together at events. We left her with a heartfelt thank you note and a cash gift. In our case all was well, and the original teacher later even reached out to offer free lessons when we had a family medical crisis and were facing a huge financial challenge.
  4. dd danced from K-12 and her studio was nothing like you describe. Yes, costume fees were high. The older girls sometimes had an extra rehearsal during the week. The day of all groups were scheduled a slot for dress rehearsal and pictures. The venues they chose always had plenty of seating for families, extended families and even walk ins, and in the years they were in smaller venues extra performances were planned in advance. It was sane and manageable.
  5. I'd also recommend buying used or new from a reputable music shop. We went the used from a personal sale for my daughter's first flute and regretted it. It needed a lot of $ put into it to replace pads and springs, and the darn thing was by nature pitchy. Four months later we forked out for a better flute. BTW, years later the original klunker flute is still going strong. 🙄 My daughter left it with the flute section at school and it gets used whenever one of them has their flute in the shop for repair.
  6. My daughter always favored the spray. One of my boys was much more likely to use it if he had access to the small travel size tubes because those he could easily carry along in a pocket.
  7. Also I replaced shoes with the same model fairly frequently because when they started to break down, my feet would start flaring up again.
  8. Stretch before leaving bed in the morning, and whenever possible before walking around before inactivity. Custom orthodic from the podiatrist. Buy/wear only shoes that the orthodic will fit in for the first months until over the flareup. Never go barefoot!!! I kept shoes at my bedside to put on first thing in the morning. Expensive shoes with good support. Most of the time I wore running shoes bought at a reputable running store by someone who understands gait. Expect to pay $125 and up. The best shoes for someone's else's plantar facitis won't be the best for you as it really depends on your gait. Iburprofen. Ice multiple times a day. I followed this religiously--no cortisone or PT and it settled down. And mine was bad--at times I felt numbness running up towards the knee.
  9. Overcooked, dry, salty meatloaf was standard fare at my house. Now rum balls are another story. I loved those, as do my kids.But I'm the only fruitcake eater.
  10. Liver was really, really cheap. I'm sure that's why it was routine at our house.
  11. I grew up with typical meatloaf and never really cared for it. I decided to give it another try as an adult and after trying a number of recipes have come up with both turkey and hamburger recipes we really liked. The hamburger one has veggies mixed in which makes the flavors a lot more complex. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  12. Liver and onions. And canned peas. M y mom could cook. I just hated these. And we had to take at least three bites of everything.
  13. I mentioned above we never replanted our former garden space for that reason. It was great. In fact the kids have all moved away but we still haven't planted grass on that space. My husband doesn't care much for digging. He likes backyard fires.
  14. Lemon sponge cake with light glaze sounds lovely.
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