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  1. To be fair to my kitten that appeared in our backyard one April morning, he was much too young to manage the stairs. I was only going to keep him until the bottle feedings were over, but he had other ideas.
  2. If you're still looking for recipes, this one gets really great reviews. I used a similar brine today but I'm going to try it with the pork roast I have in the freezer. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/220989/maple-brined-pork-loin/
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I'm extremely sorry to hear this. I wear their cotton sleeveless tees every single day to under tops , and it's basically the last place left in my town where I can usually find something in a pinch. Off to place a big order.
  4. We really like this Stuck Pot Rice (without the lentils). I usually serve it with turkey meatballs. https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/02/stuck-pot-rice-with-lentils-and-yogurt/
  5. These preparation method for pork chops is super fast and makes the best chops I've ever had. It does require getting the chops into a simple brine ahead of time. https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-cook-perfect-pork-chops-in-the-oven-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-194257 Crockpot chicken with black beans https://www.food.com/recipe/crock-pot-chicken-with-black-beans-cream-cheese-89204 My mom's old sheet pan chicken dinner recipe is fast to prepare, once you've done it before. It works best with a whole cut up chicken if you can find one, but parts work too. The key to making this rec
  6. Praying for your daughter, both for her physical and emotional well being.
  7. We love Risi e bisi--Italian rice with peas. There are many variations that you can search.
  8. The chances were very high it would be a house finch, but happily it was a downy woodpecker, trying to get around the icicles on the suet feeder. I could take this as confirmation that even more perseverance will be required in the coming year. But I think I'll stick with thinking it was a good move on my part to put the suet feeders up earlier in fall instead of waiting for frigid weather like I usually do.
  9. Mine have been a little slower than normal, but not overly so.
  10. I can't take full credit for the worst gift I was in on, because I was a sidekick shopping with my friend for her mom's birthday gift. We found a pretty flower arrangement that we were sure would look nice with the decorative pillows her mom and dad had on their bed. We wrapped it up and were so excited to give it to her. Well, she opened it up and it didn't go how we thought. All the grownups burst into laughter, but her mom laughed so hard she was in tears. It turned out the pretty flower arrangement was a Memorial Day grave pillow. As you would expect a good mom to do, she gamely displ
  11. Because nothing says "I really like you" like a stuffed blowfish! Actually...I would have liked a stuff blowfish. I once got a case of gift wrapped motor oil for my birthday from a boyfriend. I broke up with him after that, but did wind up marrying him later.
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