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  1. Been there, done that. I agree to push for a multidisciplinary evaluation, including OT and speech. So many things that weren't obvious to me at the time were obvious to trained professionals. You probably have as little time right now as you did when you had an infant, so give yourself a break and stock up on paper plates, disposable silverware, etc. Anything you can do to lighten the daily load like you did back in those days will help you.
  2. You could call corporate and let them know the front desk was informed of a child swimming alone in the pool and that they did nothing about it when reported. That will put some pressure on them to stop allowing this unsafe situation.
  3. Zest of 2 lemons is used Jamie Oliver's Chicken and Milk. (We love this recipe.) I haven't tried Marcella Hazan's recipe which uses 2 lemons, but I hear it's good.
  4. I was bit by a feral kitten and ER reported it to the health department, who reported it animal control and the state Health Department. They were unable to trap the kitten, but the state didn't recommend the vaccines since rabies was not indicated outside the bat population in the state.
  5. I went to college during years when it was so much more affordable. We had fees. I remember complaining about them. What we didn't have: Slick promotional materials Multiple campus visits & orientation weekends with goodie bags Multiple food service locations, and the one we did have had few options and was closed on Sunday nights Apartment style living Layers and layers and layers of administrators Study abroad Campus buses or city bus passes Campus rec center/gym Parent loans Competitive tuition rates for out-of-state students
  6. Me: I came from a low income family so my undergraduate degree was mostly paid through grants, loans and work study. I had tuition waivers through work for the majority of my master's degree, and mostly just paid books and fees. We were able to pay off both of our student loans and still save significantly for a house before we had kids, even on modest salaries. We always told our kids that we'd help if we could, but not to count on funds from us to put them through college. We also told them we wouldn't be co-signing loans for them, so to plan with that in mind. Honestly that was very frustrating to them as they saw many families make other choices, but they all are thanking us now that they're coming out with what should be managable amounts of debt. They all had about one semester of tuition from a grandparent set aside. We live in a state with really high tuition and all left the state for college. They all worked and when needed, took out federal loans. One did an associates degree at a local community college, and then moved to a lower tuition state, established residency, and worked 30+ hours per week until finished. One was offered an in-state tuition scholarship in a lower tuition state, plus did work study during the school year and worked over the summer. The third needed more help from us the first year, but has done well and was offered undergraduate research assistantships which pay pretty well. The last thing I'll add is we didn't plan on this up front, but helping them as we were able has looked very differently for all of them, based on their needs and my work status. I started out thinking it would be ideal to help them all equitably, but wound up realizing it was best for our family circumstances just to get everyone through as we were able.
  7. Last year at this time I would have said save the money if it's too big of a stretch. But after losing my mom unexpectedly I now say use the wedding as an excuse to spend time with yours or schedule something together that is mutually affordable. Funds have always been tight, and one positive outcome of big family/friends events is that it forces the get togethers we otherwise think we can't afford.
  8. Minor - Suckerpunch pickles. $6 per jar, but very close to the home canned pickles I grew up on. I'm a fan. Less minor - Bose noise cancelling headphones. I bought mine at a time it wasnt minor, but I've had them for years and love them. Worth every dime. Regret - my most recent would be the fried chicken I bought at the deli last night. It was so fatty inside that I threw it in the trash.
  9. When I adopted from our local Humane Society, I filled out some advance paperwork for preapproval, but they didn't have me fill out the actual adoption papers where the rules were spelled out until after the cat was in my crate and in the lobby. It was then that I learned of the no outdoors, no transfer of ownership, etc. rules. Even if I was preapproved, that should have been made clear up front in the application process. I did take the cat because by then I knew he was my cat, but I wasn't happy with how they handled it. And from everything I've heard this is a reputable shelter.
  10. Those schools sent mailings, and some mentioned automatic scholarships based on class rank and/or ACT scores, but only those my kids applied to sent a full financial aid offer.
  11. And that's now when it's SO much easier because it autofills with last year's info and can share sibling info. Plus now you use the previous years completed tax info instead of having to use the current year when you haven't even filed yet. Whoever dreamed up that system where we were all filling it out then most of us had to resubmit revised forms should have a special place in FAFSA hell. I thought that even before the year I had three kids in college. I'm usually one of those parents who shifts responsibility to kids when they're able but the stakes are so high when it comes to financial aid and it's so complicated to navigate that I do the FAFSAs and am looking over their shoulders when they accept their aid offers. Last year one of mine was out of state when it came time to accept the offer so did it on their own, and didn't think it was necessary for me to have a look to verify. Turns out they didn't click all the way through so when it came time for the billing in August there was no aid attached at all. The loans were still available but work study wasn't. We were sweating it until we heard because it would have made the difference between graduating on time within an in-state tuition scholarship window or dropping to part time and trying to establish residency.
  12. Agree to let it go. I once spoke up about what I felt was an overabundance of gifts from my mom. She was so terribly hurt.
  13. It mostly just takes time. Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment helps mine.
  14. I'm looking for ideas for read alouds for 8th graders. I need something that fits this criteria: -Primary objectives = focusing attention near the end of the day while getting some reading in. -Be something that's still followable if some reading days are skipped and/or students aren't present -Preferably avoid trigger warnings for big issues such as family deaths, abuse, cliques, -Appeal to a group with a wide range of interests and reading levels -Not be something most students would have read in public school I've considered a lot of books and keep striking out. I keep thinking maybe I need something that's off the beaten path, but maybe that's just because I tend to prefer those books.
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