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  1. 😃I gave my daughter the choice of how she wanted to celebrate her 18th birthday, and she chose to spend it with me going to the zoo and having a picnic lunch in the part just like we did during her growing up years. It made me so happy that she wanted to commemorate the end of childhood in that way. My oldest son did something similar--wound up watching his beloved Star Wars movies while eating his favorite childhood foods (goldfish crackers, Kraft mac and cheese, etc.).
  2. If she goes this route you're probably looking at a laptop that will get her through this year until she knows what the requirements of her university will be. My daughter's roommate was an art major and she said all the art majors needed MacBooks once they were accepted into the program in order to handle the required software for digital design . All the art computer labs were Mac as well.
  3. Every holiday I treat my kids to Elvis' Blue Christmas. I sing along. Loudly.
  4. My cat eats Instinct by Nature's Variety Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Real Turkey Recipe-- 1/2 a can in the morning and half at night. No kibble but he does get Lysine treats which are chewy. He was eating Evo turkey when it was suddenly discontinued. I tried a number of other foods and they all caused some digestive system problems. It was a relief to find a comparable replacement.
  5. I know someone who had a raccoon get in and do major damage to her summer cottage.
  6. Palmer College here as well. But I think mine must incorporate some more modern methods. For instance, on some patients they incorporate a computerized sensor/activator that is gentler, but effective.
  7. Could add rain to that camping trip for extra impact.
  8. I haven't read the other replies but when mine was doing the all day long complaining, the one thing that finally worked was to immediately drop everything and listen. I mean, I literally drop what I was doing, grab a piece of paper and pencil, and sat myself down at the kitchen table. Sat the kid down across from me wrote down DS's Complaint List followed by #1 and looked him straight in the eyes and invited him to explain his complaint to me. Then I mustered up the most sympathetic voice and expression I could manage and told him I heard him and was really very sorry he felt that way, etc. Then I asked what else was bothering him...and what else....and what else, all the while recording and expressing my concern. By about #5 he was really wanting up from the table so I let him up, but the next time he complained I grabbed my notepad and repeated the whole ordeal, then read it all back to him to make sure that I truly understood him. 😉 I don't know how long it took exactly--probably under a week--until he started cutting himself off when he saw me reach for the notepad. It didn't totally end complaining but reduced it to a normal level.
  9. You could make a nice ham and potato soup with it.
  10. Fly into Indianapolis. Either stay there or go by rental car to Turkey Run State park. There is a covered bridge festival in fall you'd want to schedule around.
  11. One of my adult kids just was at a wedding that had succulents as favors. There were so many left over that he brought several extras home. A caution though: these were in much too small glass jars filled with soil up to the rim so they are difficult to water. They're also so small they're easily overlooked at watering time. I know a lot of time and effort went into them, but honestly I can't imagine many survived long.
  12. Locally it's common for brides to resell some decor, tablecloths, lights, etc after the wedding. Check ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. I know a bride who used a local florist for the bridal party and family members and altar. All other flowers were purchased in bulk from Sam's Club and put together by a team of friends and family the morning of wedding. The Sam's Club flowers were very fresh and looked great. They also do wedding flowers, although I'm not sure how prices compare. I was at a winter wedding that served breakfast during the dinner hour. It was a lovely, comforting meal that guests loved and it cost less than typical wedding fare. I f favors are done, I always prefer a small edible favor at weddings, because of the waste but also due to practicality. I currently have glasses with the name of a bride and groom in my cupboard from a recent wedding I attended. They will likely wind up in recycle.
  13. Fly into Indianapolis. Either stay there or go by rental car to Turkey Run State Park. There is a covered bridge festival in fall you'd want to schedule around.
  14. The house we live in had 70's disco era red and black carpeting that would have outlived us had it not been for the basement flood. I can't remember the name of the company, but the installer for our new carpet said it had been so durable the company went out of business because no one needed to replace it.
  15. Both of my kids had mattress-related problems when they were young teens. My oldest started complaining about back pain when he was maybe 12-14. He'd been sleeping on my old full size mattress that I bought cheap when I first got out of college and when we replaced it, the back pain went away. My daughter had been sleeping on a pricey mattress that we'd bought for her and it was under ten years old. She was having jaw problems and had a referral to a TMJ specialist. We never even considered mattress/pillow to be a cause, but while she was sick she slept on our sofa for a week and her jaw pain rapidly improved. We bought her a new memory foam mattress and pillow and it's no longer an issue for her.
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