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  1. I dropped my kindergartner off for the last day of school, not realizing that K's didn't attend that partial day. Went to pick him up at the appointed time. School didn't even call for me to pick him up or I would have.
  2. I think the food contest would be fun to do with appetizers! Your ideas sound so fun, love it.
  3. Earbuds power banks for phones nail polish press on nails My students really like Thinking Putty type stuff.
  4. What would happen if you gave her unlimited tries to work through the homework, then made her tests 100% of her grade? Practice mistakes wouldn't count against her, and her final score would be reflective of what she learned.
  5. It's time to replace my 1973 Tappan range. I planned to replace it back in the 1990's when we first moved in, but it turned out to be a workhorse at a time when all my friends were going through multiple ranges and repairs. But it has multiple problems now, and it's time to shop for a replacement. It needs to be electric and freestanding. I originally was just going to replace it with a GE Profile so it would match my other appliances but I'd like to broaden my search beyond that. I like the heavy duty feel of my current range. When I looked at the GE's they seemed really flimsy in comparison---flimsy broiler drawer and racks that I'd not feel comfortable putting my big cast iron roasting pan on. My kitchen is short on storage space so I use the broiler drawer for storage of cookie sheets. Any ideas?
  6. Super easy crockpot chicken with black beans recipe: Crockpot fajitas Fajita seasoning if you don't have any on hand: We love this chicken recipe with or without the bbq sauce. It's flexible--white meat, dark meat, boneless/skinless Jamie Oliver's Chicken with milk (I serve with egg noodles)
  7. Quaker Instant oatmeal packets--the plain only--have 40% of daily requirement for iron. Flavored packets have much less.
  8. I would suggest letting the detective handle obtaining any potential video from her apartment building, instead of you asking. You don't know for sure who (if anyone) was involved. Don't give anyone advance warning of official request for video or even a criminal investigation--let that come from law enforcement.
  9. In my relative's CJD case, they kept mentioning hospital delirium compounded by steroids, but in reality the just didn't know and they should have transferred her.
  10. Definitely call the police. Her apartment should be treated like a crime scene.
  11. I'm so sorry! I had a family member who had rapid onset dementia and it turned out to be Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. I will say in my family member's case it wasn't quite overnight, but from the time she had a significant episode to the time she didn't recognize anyone was probably under two weeks. She also had erratic emotions and back pain that couldn't be medically explained in the months leading up to the dementia. It was shocking to watch the rapid change--I had a completely lucid phone conversation with her one week and two weeks later her mind was nearly all in a totally different world and she was mumbling a great deal. It was difficult to diagnose in the local hospital. Once she was transferred up to Mayo Clinic they recognized it right off.
  12. 😃I gave my daughter the choice of how she wanted to celebrate her 18th birthday, and she chose to spend it with me going to the zoo and having a picnic lunch in the part just like we did during her growing up years. It made me so happy that she wanted to commemorate the end of childhood in that way. My oldest son did something similar--wound up watching his beloved Star Wars movies while eating his favorite childhood foods (goldfish crackers, Kraft mac and cheese, etc.).
  13. If she goes this route you're probably looking at a laptop that will get her through this year until she knows what the requirements of her university will be. My daughter's roommate was an art major and she said all the art majors needed MacBooks once they were accepted into the program in order to handle the required software for digital design . All the art computer labs were Mac as well.
  14. Every holiday I treat my kids to Elvis' Blue Christmas. I sing along. Loudly.
  15. My cat eats Instinct by Nature's Variety Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Real Turkey Recipe-- 1/2 a can in the morning and half at night. No kibble but he does get Lysine treats which are chewy. He was eating Evo turkey when it was suddenly discontinued. I tried a number of other foods and they all caused some digestive system problems. It was a relief to find a comparable replacement.
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