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  1. I have no idea if these would work for you--or even if you could switch out the insert--but I bought a pair of these Birdies for my daughter who is on her feet all day and she said they are the most comfortable flats she's ever had: I also bought her a pair of Everlanes. She has the heels and says they're incredibly comfortable. They do have flats that get rave reviews and loafers that run narrow:
  2. I take the inserts out of Vionics and put in my own. I haven't been super wild about them though. I have several foot issues and I've had good luck with this Keen shoe:
  3. Also check into your car insurance. Most regular policies won't cover accidents that occur if the vehicle is being used for work purposes. It's a dirty little secret that the fast food places don't tell perspective employees: they aren't covered on their own policies and the business doesn't cover them either.
  4. My friend and I would sneak out and toilet paper houses.
  5. You have to have a referral from a physicial to a physical therapist. I'd see whoever I could get into first--GP or an orthopedist. Some shoulder injuries--ie rotator cuff---are more serious than I'd want to leave in the hands of the chiro alone so definitely get checked out. Also, icing will help reduce inflammation. 3-4 times per day for 10 minutes, and put something between the ice and skin.
  6. I don't know where you'd find these for under $25 but nothing keeps my feet warm and comfortable indoors like my Ugg boots. Maybe sale knockoffs?
  7. I was just going to post that's what I'd suggest! I prefer these over the waffle weave. Base layer sets: or fleece: 4-20 BASICS&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=google&utm_product=30395614&CID=shopping15&utm_campaignid=196834412&pid=googleadwords_int&af_channel=CSE&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkPrs7NDP5wIVS5yzCh1j8w2HEAQYASABEgKVO_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds And hoodies with the thumb hole (I prefer fleece over sweatshirt fleece). This one isn't cheap but along these lines:
  8. I bought all my college kids fridge thermometers just to be on the safe side.
  9. If he wants Meals on Wheels, I also would just roll with it. He's making good dietary choices and it will be good for him to be self-sufficient and not to have to rely on you. There may come a time in the future when he isn't able to handle decisions and will be more reliant on you, so why not let him handle it now? If I were to do anything, I'd cook up grilled chicken and slice it up and freeze so he can add to salads, pasta, sandwiches, etc. And take over an occassional meal that we normally eat.
  10. I think they had to do more than just count at each precinct in that they had to calcluate the delegates according to the formulas that start on page 3 here: :
  11. Unless it were an extremely close friend or family member, I'd be skipping that shower.
  12. I'm a big fan of Twinings tea. I like decaf Earl Gray the best, but keep English and Irish Breakfast decaf on hand as well. I think the water temp makes a big difference. I've ditched the microwave and use an electric kettle instead. I don't like flowery or scented flavors of tea either, but I do really like Stash Peppermint.
  13. My mom's old standby sheet pan chicken and potatoes recipe is excellent. Melt 1 stick of butter in a jelly roll pan. Dredge a cu-tup chicken in flour that's been seasoned well with salt and pepper. Lay the chicken around the pan. Cut small to medium sized potatoes in half lengthwise and set them cut side down into spaces between the chicken. Cook in a 350 degree oven until the chicken is tender. (Sorry I don't remember how long I cook this--probably about an hour). Don't use skinless chicken--the butter, chicken fat and salt make the potatoes amazingly good.
  14. I've tried it both ways and we prefer the lid on @ 350. The meat is braised and very moist.
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