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  1. Also, there's a National Geographic series on Amazon called Continent 7: Antarctica. I haven't watched it all but what I've seen has been good. Some short clips are here:
  2. You can access a lot of PBS videos by becoming a supporting member through PBS passport. I think contributions start at $5/month. The Earth from Space video is here on youtube: NOVA Hunting the Elements The Pluto Files Suggestions below are science/engineering related youtube videos, but not full length documentaries. Mark Rober New Ideas Science Engineering (Be sure and check out the fluidized air bed! Veritasium videos are really good! Physics Girl PBS Spacetime Periodic Videos: NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs, usually not lengthy though : National Geographic How to Survive Quicksand and also BBC Earth Lab Cinema Science One Strange Rock (Netflix) Not a documentary, but satellite tracking is pretty cool:
  3. I actually had a difficult time finding the burial location of an ancestor because it was listed with given, maiden, married #1. Husband #1 had been out of the picture due to separation, divorce and death for decades by the time of her death and Husband #2 was alive at the time of her death so it was unexpected.
  4. Haven't read all of the responses but I'd suggest considering given, maiden, married #3 and then below her name in smaller letters list something along the lines of "Loving mother of ______ (kids with surname #1 included)." That way it honors the names of the family who gave birth to her, the family she had children with, and the family she lived out the remainder of her life with.
  5. KC Masterpiece Baked Beans
  6. I also should mention that my son's sinus infections and ear infections were related as well. The ENT worked with us and his treatment plan wound up being if he had any kind of respiratory infection that didn't clear up after two weeks, he'd start him on Augmentin and prednisone. That also was after sinus surgery and he very rarely has had sinus or ear infections since.
  7. I had tubes put in as an adult due to chronic ear infections and ear drum ruptures. For me, the key was 1) getting my allergies under control and 2) having sinus surgery to clear out the chronically inflamed tissue and give the sinuses and fresh start. I wound up not needing a second set of tubes because I was well along in treatment and had the surgery while the tubes were in.
  8. Ditto. It would be worth getting custom if you can't find them elsewhere to fit. I prefer open toed. You can find them on Amazon. Search compression stockings women plus size.
  9. An aside, some time back I bumped into a few twitter feeds of ocean/wildlife photographers in/around Shetland that she might find interesting. I check fairly often. Because sea otters make me happy.
  10. Allergra-D is my drug of choice for allergies.
  11. It's possible your allergies have caused a sinus infection. Hopefully your doctor will help get you back on track. Have you had allergy testing done? By the time I was a young adult I had days when my allergies were so bad I'd spend the day in bed. It wasn't a quick fix, but allergy shots, meds--and eventually sinus surgery to give the sinus tissue a fresh start--changed my life.
  12. If I had to "prime the pump" I might give these Whisker Lickins treats try. These are like cat crack.
  13. Take the mattress seriously. My daughter was having neck and jaw problems to the degree that we had a referral to a TMJ specialist. One week she was sick and slept on our sofa and noticed how much better her symptoms were. We bought her a new mattress and memory foam pillow and her symptoms were 95% improved and easily dealt with by the chiro. We had an elderly relative who spent several days hospitalized for severe back pain the doctors couldn't find a cause for. Finally someone thought to check her mattress and that turned out to be the culprit.
  14. Chicken baby food for mine. And canned pumpkin.
  15. The Great Big Pressure Cooker Book: 500 Easy Recipes for Every Machine, Both Stovetop and Electric Paperback , I bought this then forgot I had it until recently. It has great reviews.
  16. You would need to order a certified copy of his birth certificate from the state he was born in. If Delaware, it's this form. I'm not seeing information about correcting a death certificate, but there are phone numbers for various offices of vital statistics that you could call.
  17. So glad to hear the good report. My doctor--now retired--told me that his patients that stayed on top of the pain and took it easy the first two weeks recovered faster than those who didn't, so please go easy on yourself.
  18. I agree. I do a lot of genealogy and know to take records that were filled out by informants with a grain of salt. I also know to verify through multiple sources whenever possible, and in your father's case it's possible through marriage records, military records, etc. However, out of curiosity I did check in my state to see what was required to make the correction, and here it looks to be a simple and relatively inexpensive process. A certified copy of the birth certificate is required, copies of ID of the individual making the request, and filling out a request form and having it notarized. Plus a 15 fee.
  19. My kids just keep a few plastic bags in their backpacks. I use a 2 gallon Ziploc around the laptop sleeve if I think there might be risk of it getting wet.
  20. My mom's dog chewed up her new porch carpet, and he ate a good amount of it in the process. It was a looped carpet and it took several days to clear his system. He did feel pretty crummy for a few days, and at the beginning at least had red carpet coming out both ends. Riley wasn't the brightest dog, but he never did eat another carpet.
  21. We used space saver bags for packing bedding and winter clothing. I also left a few for DD as she'd use them for trips home.
  22. DD's freshman year roommate was a stranger and the two of them became like sisters. Rooms were a little bigger than what you describe. But no AC.
  23. DD's dorm is on the edge of a large campus. She has pepper spray and an emergency whistle attached to her keychain.
  24. Laundry hamper with wheels and handle, along these lines. My daughter likes this desk lamp because she can adjust the amount of light. Surge protector/extension cord Rapid charger: In addition to a multi-tool, I packed a few tiny screwdrivers. Everyone used them on electronics, glasses, or both. My kids all sent the printer home. I use it now. 🙂 I set up a small (coupon size) expandable file for each kid that we called the Important Docs File. Inside I put copies of a few documents such as contact info for a lost debit card, a few checks, stamps, a few envelopes, insurance cards, etc. Also added in some emergency cash. They all got in the habit of putting important receipts or documents in there. They kept it in a lockbox at school, but they'd pack it when they came home for vacations so they could empty and/or restock. (It's also a good idea to scan or copy their driver's licences, debit cards, and car registrations, etc. and keep those on file at home). An aside, for those whose kids are turning 18 and/or going off to college, I would urge you to have your student take care of the legal paperwork that would be needed in in case of emergency ASAP. I say this as a parent who didn't, and we wound up having to have a power of attorney for healthcare drawn up by a chaplain in the hospital for our college student at the onset of a serious life threatening illness. As soon as the first round of treatment was completed, we used Quicken Willmaker to help him draw up another power of attorney for healthcare, a will, and a power of attorney for business. We had it witnessed and notarized, and then we scanned and made copies. I think it was about $50. I pray you'll never need it, but when kids turn 18 you as a parent no longer have any legal say in their medical care. You need that document in order to have access to an adult child's medical information and to make decisions should a serious medical situation ever arise.
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