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  1. Expensive, but a way to grow plants inside:
  2. I wear a mask out in public because it makes people more comfortable and it's a social kindness thing. I don't believe they work to stop the spread. Here are the latest guidelines for homemade masks by the WHO. Basically, the mask should have three layers. The outside layer should be somewhat water resistant. The middle layer can be as simple as a Kleenex or a plastic bag (how people are supposed to breathe through a plastic bag is beyond me. The inside layer should be some moisture wicking fabric. How may people have masks that are even close to being water resistant on the outside?!?!? And then there are a bunch of other standards about the fit of the mask and how to treat the mask which include washing your hands after touching it. How many people actually do any of this?!?!?!?! I can't see any of this being reasonable and most masks sold out there or homemade are not compliant enough by the WHO.
  3. During one class while the teacher was teaching, a kid was taunting my daughter (while the teacher was teaching...did I mention that? Let’s just say his classroom management was horrible). She stood up and hit him. Nothing—I found out from my daughter who is super honest. No note home, no discipline for either child. We have brought this among other things with the principle to have her smile and nod and just explain their policy.
  4. Have you ever heard of this? In my kid’s current school, the teacher who gave the detention is supposed to facilitate the detention. So, if a kid is horrible in class and the teacher gives them a detention, the teacher has to sit after school with the student they gave the detention to. According to the principle, it is supposed to encourage a relationship between the teacher and student. What I think happens in reality is that the teacher doesn’t want to be punished also or stay later and just doesn’t give the deserved detention. My daughter deserved quite a few by her own admissions. The principle chalks it up to “a teacher not buying into the school philosophy” if they don’t give the deserved detention. And some kids are clearly out of control with nothing being done to discipline them. I’m just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this.
  5. We are trying to social distance due to having a child with special needs who already has blood circulation issues. My daughter is an extreme introvert and gets a ton of joy from playing with friends. We have kept her playing to one family group next door. For a while there, she would want to ride her bike. Inevitably, she would wind up with a large group of kids playing in a field area. She just didn't feel like all that social distancing should apply to her. So, we told her she could play on our front lawn or the next door neighbor's. The large group of kids would congregate there. At this point, she was trying to follow the rules and everyone wound up where she was. So, she's been reduced to playing in our backyard only - no bikes, no front play. It's horrible. I would have no problem talking to one mom if it was only one. It's just so many families. I think just let the mom explain it to her son. He's most likely not going to really understand anyway. Really, how much can a young child understand this whole situation?
  6. We had MAJOR disruption this year for our school. They were building a new building which didn't get finished until 1 month after school was supposed to start. Then, we had a bunch of early snow that used up all the snow days for the year by November. The school got permission to start doing e-learning to try and make up snow days. E-learning consisted of 30 minutes of work and somehow could be counted as a full day. Then, influenza A and B decided to wreck havoc on the school to the point that easily 50%-70% of the students were out with the flu. They closed the school for a few days to disinfect. Then Covid hit. It was a HORRIBLE learning year.
  7. I don’t want to, but it’s getting to the point that we are considering it. My problem is that I am trying to get some solid answers about a few things and no one seems to be able to answer my questions. Part of it is summer break and people are just not in office full time. We are right now, going back in August to full time school, but they have all sorts of contingencies if COVID gets started again. one of those contingencies is a two day a week schedule. I’m just trying to figure out if a two day a week class schedule (rotating kids half time) means they only go to school half time or if they will have full time work assigned. That seems to be too big of a question right now for people to answer. I did find that learning was supposed to happen 4 days a week per the district last year, but our charter school only did three. I have serious questions about the principle's ability to run the school which has been going on for a year before all this anyway. I feel like they did fairly well considering with e-learning, but a three day a week school schedule is not full time school. I decided to homeschool math and ignore their khan academy nonsense for math with my 6th grader. After three years of being behind grade level math, in three months I have caught her up. Common core math is a joke. Unfortunately, if i remove my daughter from this school(which is better than anything else out there for various reasons), there's a decent chwnce she wont get back in. I'm less concerned for education since she's in 7th grade.
  8. My 15 year old will be a sophomore in high school next year. He has been going to a charter school the past two years and has done well. He is mildly autistic so the mandated social piece has been really good for him. When we homeschooled, getting him to do stuff outside the house was like pulling teeth. We tried, he resisted. When Covid stuff hit, his charter school went to a three day a week e-learning schedule despite the district recommendation of four day learning. For almost a semester, he went to high school 60% of the time. Next school year, they would split the grades up with the students going two days a week and possibly not at all and go to e-learning if Covid reads it’s ugly head again. I don’t know what to do. School has been very good for him socially and the academics are decent. He likes his teachers and they think he is this great kid. But, his education is suffering due to Covid like most students now. I could homeschool him again with online classes but his social interaction would be compromised. Also, I really don’t want to homeschool again. Finally, anyone with high schoolers in public school this past year. What was the standard? I’m trying to figure out if we’re the norm or the exception.
  9. A chair lift for a straight staircase will probably set you back $3000-$4000. If you have a curve in your steps—any curve/ twist at all, add $10,000 to that cost. This is what we were quoted five years ago. We have a chair lift that set us back $4000.
  10. Just an aside, when I go on this type of restricted diet (I only eat fruits, vegetables, and meat—no beans or grains), initially I am super hungry for carbs. More of a craving really. Eventually, I get to the point where I’m not as hungry anymore and almost have to force myself to eat something. For lunch today, I wasn’t hungry because I ate a lot of good fats for breakfast. I ate a can of salmon and a large salad. It’s now five hour later and I’m only starting to get hungry again. I have trouble keeping on weight though.
  11. Look into Pegan. It uses meat that is grass fed or organic. That type of meat is much better for you. I am mostly vegan due to food intolerances. I do eat meat, but not a lot. I find that eating healthy fats like coconut oil helps with the hunger thing. The Keto diet has things called “fat bombs” that may help. Also, the Wahl diet has some good suggestions.
  12. Also, my 15 year old is slightly autistic so he's pretty particular. He's happy to wear sports pants that are no kidding six inches too short. I'm OK with it around the house, but he has to change into his scratchy/itchy jeans if we go outside. I have no problem finding chinos or jeans in his size (30 waist, 34 inseam), but athletic pants are horrible. And he LOVES his athletic pants.
  13. I have been searching and searching. I've checked a ton of places and they are sold out of the tall athletic pants in size small or medium. has some but they are pricey. This is SOOO MUCH a marketing niche. Why hasn't someone figured this out? Reasonably priced athletic pants for the teen guy who shot up like a weed overnight and hasn't had time to pack on the pounds. Last year, I had to find him shorts for gym. They "had" to be mesh dark blue and not be over 2 inches above the knee. They provided a web site where if I had bought them there, he would have missed the 2" above the knee by about 4 inches. I finally found some basketball shorts that fit him with a proper length but they weren't mesh and weren't dark blue. I was almost daring the gym teacher mentally to challenge me on it. She didn't care too much as long as no one was "booty" sexy.
  14. Does anyone know where to find tall men’s athletic pants at a reasonable price? I have a 15 year old who is slim with a 34 inseam. I can find pants and jeans, but all of his athletic pants are easily 6 inches too short.
  15. I think part of it is that we are just trying to wait out June and see how things are going overall. We can't tell our daughter that yet since she'll be let down if the count starts rising again. She goes back to school in August and they are even talking about how to keep kids away from each other there. I feel like writing the governor and telling him what is happening all over our state with kids playing with each other now and how ridiculous it would be to do anything other that what is already happening.
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