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  1. I have this one also. It replaced a plastic one that broke followed by a glass one that broke.
  2. I had a set of pots where the handles eventually came off. I started slowly replacing pots and large pans with All Clad. I'm not sure I would have if my old pots and pans were still intact. BUT, I will say that I do love their versatility. They work like Dutch ovens. I make sourdough in one of my medium pots and can fry up a one dish meal and put it into the oven to finish it off. I could not do that with my former pots. I wound up waiting for sales at William and Sonoma and tried to squeak out money from my grocery budget to pay for them. All Clad are heavy. I have a large 12 inch (m
  3. Large retaining wall? You have to dig down and fill with sand so it doesn't move. Brick patio in back? Same thing.
  4. The stupid simple answer—-we had to get a new dishwasher and it doesn’t fit in the slots! They’re too close together. We still use the bowls because they are a good size for soups. So, moral of the story? Fiestaware is nice, but make sure it fits into your dishwasher.
  5. I did the meal plan thing too. I have 21 meals that I have in a ring binder with page protectors. On the list, I have what meals I can easily double so that I don’t have to cook for the next food cycle at least some of the meals. I also have the shopping list for those meals. I can just copy the shopping list and cross off what I already have. It’s just one less thing to think about.
  6. I have a very disabled child (low mental age/wheelchair), a child with mild autism, a very typical child, and an adopted child with adoption related mental issues. It’s hard hard hard. Dh and I are exhausted. We do just look at the day in front of us. People used to ask me what we would do with ds when he turned 18. We didn’t know then and couldn’t figure something like that out so far in advance. He’s 21 now. God hasn’t shown us yet what his life will be or who will care for him when we can’t. We only have today. One thing that has helped us is getting away for weekends. W
  7. I too got a bunch of fiesta ware 3-4 years ago and have switched it out again with my white Corelle.
  8. There were us 6 kids growing up. We had a large bathroom with three doors in the bathroom. When you walk in, there was the sink. One door led to a shower/tub, one door led to the toilet, one door led to a shower. So, realistically, two people could be taking a shower and one kid could be on the potty while other kids are brushing their teeth.
  9. My daughter had a cleft lip/palate so she had a severe underbite. When she was 8/9? she had an appliance that had forehead and chin plates with a bar connecting them. Attached to the bar were rubber bands anchored to her top jaw. It did work. I am watching her as she grows and so far, the underbite hasn’t returned. She may need braces again though. We were looking at jaw surgery if it didn’t work so it was worth a try for us. This was the appliance she used. I was super thankful we were homeschooling at the time! https://www.polarisorthodonticcenter.com/orthodontic-appliances.html
  10. My son had a group project in a communications class where they were supposed to use three references in the paper. My son was the only one who used references (he used three so everyone else felt like they had a pass). He told me the writing was horrible by some members and unedited. The group got a “C”. I told him that if he had wanted an “A”,he should have edited everyone’s work. He was a junior in high school at the time and was working with high school graduates. He was disgusted that in order to get the grade he wanted, he had to do a ton more work than everyone else. Thankfully, t
  11. I have a Lands End down coat also. It worked well for MN winters. If I had stayed living up there, I would have invested in one that covered down to mid thigh, but we moved to a place where I can use what I called my MN fall coat. When we moved , I got rid of what I called “my huge honkin’ Minnesota coat”.
  12. We have twice for two nights each. Once in August and once in October. We brought our own pillows and used our own blankets because we felt like they cleaned sheets in between guests but not pillows and possibly not blankets. No air circulating since each room was on its own air system.
  13. I am about the same. My feed is mostly health related groups and gardening groups. I unfollowed most of my list last election and haven’t gone back. If I’m thinking of someone, I can just look them up. I have a sister in law that I like a lot in real life, but not on Facebook. She’s very very very political and pretty caustic to my personal belief system. I want to continue to think well of her so I don’t read her Facebook posts.
  14. I so agree!!!! We do judge the fake redhead. I have always felt like red hair is something you have to endure as a child so you can fully appreciate it as an adult. My childhood was full of wishing I could have hair everyone else’s color and getting so many tomato head and carrot top references (yes, carrot tops are green but just try and explain that to a kid). My sisters and I were a blaze of color whenever we were out in public. We’ve all faded quite a bit as we’ve gotten older, but we’re still redheads.
  15. I did start vegetable gardening again and added a perennial garden—somewhat for my sanity and somewhat for dd. Now I’m at a loss. DH and I are completely wiped out. We have taken a couple of weekends away from the house and kids and it was wonderful. Not nearly enough. We have secret desires to run away from them for a month.
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