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  1. We also have the snow down the mountain on the east side. It will be 60 degrees tomorrow and 70 the rest of the week. It was 80 degrees yesterday. I don't know about Margaret, but we wave to snow, say "hi" and say "goodbye" pretty quickly. It's the nice way to experience snow. On the other hand, no one knows how to drive in the stuff here. The license plates I see most often other than Colorado are California and Texas. I just avoid driving when it does snow because I don't want to be hit.
  2. I had bad anxiety when I was in my mid 30s. I actually went on a prescription for anxiety because it was affecting my sleep. It calmed my brain down and for the first time I realized how warped my thoughts had become. I knew they were irrational mentally, but somehow when I was on the anti-anxiety medication, I was able to feel it. I was shocked to realize that "normal" people could think calmly most of the day. Now, I am almost 50. I am having some panic moments that I am learning to attribute to perimenopause. They don't happen all the time and I am able to recognize that they will go away in a few days/week. That being said, I too take Ashwaganda in a tincture form 3X a day and it does help. It takes some time to adjust the anxiety levels though. I, like others, take a B complex - methylated form. I'm not anti-anxiety drugs, but do try to exhaust all possibilities before I go that direction. It's not a horrible direction if you need it.
  3. bethben


    I hate the upgrade. I am looking for ways to make my undo that poor decision.
  4. Also, we tend not to do a lot of outside activities. That adds to the chaos in our lives. Just having one child in a sport twice a week at night added to the stress of our family in a HUGE way. That was when one child was in a public school one block away. That’s additional driving. Maybe think about your outside activities also and assign priorities. Which is more important—school or outside activities. That may also help you think about your next direction.
  5. Both my school aged children go to school. They would prefer to be homeschooled but they are both thriving at their school academically and socially for the most part. Their school is only 15 minutes away. My husband drops them off in the morning before work. Is that a possibility for your DH? Can you park at the school and walk to collect them after school? I am able to do this. I’ve avoided long carpool lanes that way. When I did the carpool lane, I made sure they knew I would not be early because I didn’t want to be in that line so early. The main reason we are not homeschooling is also my health. Having the additional responsibility was too much for me. I still have my high needs very young mentally disabled child with me always, but not having to homeschool on top of everything else and having all my kids with me has really helped my health. It’s not just the time spent homeschooling that was that stressful because that was pretty minimal as they got older but also having my kids with me all day that added to the stress.
  6. I broke my foot after misstepping and twisting it on my welcome mat.
  7. I always apply the rebate to the cost of my membership. For example, my membership costs $110 and anything over that amount is fun money.
  8. I found a great Baggalini bag at TJ Max and More. I think it was around $30.
  9. What are the studies about memory changes? I went to the doctor yesterday who basically said I may just have a sleep disorder—here are some new drugs said to help. I’m wondering which would be worse?
  10. bethben


    Thank you! Off to get tested!
  11. bethben


    Does the basic $99 test give raw data? I really want the test to see if I have the MTHFR gene craziness. Thanks!
  12. We have a prepaid account through Verizon since that's the carrier that works really well in our city. It's $65 for two phones - unlimited talk and text and 3GB of data each. We have an automatic withdrawal so that drops the price even more.
  13. I give my kids Kefir smoothies every day. Homemade Kefir made from something called "Easy Kefir" or a Kefir starter culture which you can buy on Amazon. I put about 1 cup of Kefir, some vanilla protein powder, a banana, and some strawberries or blueberries into the mixer. Last year, both my kids went to school. My daughter was the only one who got sick. There was a nasty flu virus going around that was knocking people out for 1-2 weeks. My daughter had it 1 day. Lately, even if my kids do get the flu, it lasts about a day. I can't remember last time they had a really bad cold. We also tend to stay away from sugar for the most part and reserve it for special events.
  14. So, all the parents are getting convicted. We’re there people on he other side taking the bribes? What about those people? If some kid gets recruited to play tennis by a large donation from his parent, where are the college employees who took that “donation”? You can’t bribe someone who refuses to take the money.
  15. I hit the side of my garage. The garage trim just needs a paint job and my car bumper is slightly off and scraped up a bit. It's just going to be like that forever now. We never filed a claim since the bumper is still attached and I was able to kick it into place well enough. I was also pretty sleep deprived. When I was a teen, I had a taillight go through the back of the garage (I was backing up and couldn't figure out where the back of the car was). This was 1986 and the car was a "boat" with a large almost diamond shaped taillight. I knocked a hole in the back of the garage. My dad made me repair it. The car was no worse for wear because it was made of 1970s good american steel.
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