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  1. The stuffed dog was found. I'm not against a child having a special toy and being devastated when they lose it (my 47 year old sister still has part of her blanket that she sleeps with from when she was little), but it seems she really believes that this dog is alive. She doesn't like him when he plays hide and seek. She felt like perhaps her dog ran away from her and that is why she couldn't find it. She'll talk to the dog in her room and laugh at its antics even though she is the one making those antics happen. I just thought that by 12, this extreme imagination would stop. It's like she's placing on the dog the feelings of abandonment she has felt from her birth parents. I want this dog to be just her special toy that gives her comfort instead of this alive thing that would choose to abandon her also.
  2. My daughter lost her favorite stuffed animal (at least temporarily?). She feels like he ran away from her or is hiding purposely. She is 12. Emotionally she is much younger to the point that when her 9 year old friend comes to play, I feel like her friend is more mature. She was adopted and has mild attachment issues and is seeing a counselor for this very reason. I'm not sure what to do about this. In her head, she knows it's a stuffed animal, but in reality, he's her best friend. I sure hope we find this thing.
  3. I was 20 when that started. Sigh...I never really got into it because I was in college and rarely had time for it.
  4. I have a table and a bookshelf that I want to finish first. The table especially will be my practice since it has varnish and stain on it. I think I figured out what I would need to use on the cabinets so I’ll just go with those paints and see what happens and how much of a pain it is. I just have some time on my hands and a desire to make things pretty.
  5. I would like the paint the cabinets white and the island some fun color.
  6. I almost hate to paint them. They are only nine years old (we’re the second owners) But they are dark brown and the floor is dark brown- almost the same color. The whole house was so dark when we bought it. The walls were a dark greige/olive color also. I painted all that, but the kitchen is so dark to me also. I also have my son in the wheelchair who tends to scuff one cabinet and I have no good way to cover that up. All those furniture correction pens can’t really mask it.
  7. If you have done a stained wood cabinet to painted, what kind of paint did you use? Did you sand them first? How has the paint lasted?
  8. Why seal them and not just take them out? Sealants don’t last a lifetime and wear down. I rarely hear of people with wisdom teeth who haven’t had problems. My sister for example never got hers out and now has a rotating infection in one of them. She has a chance of getting nerve damage if she gets them taken out now because wisdom teeth can really be invasive so she just goes on antibiotics when it flares.
  9. The woman may also be in the "flustered" leadership stage. There are rules and regulations that they are supposed to follow (like perhaps "teachers get priority for classes" and "registration fees are non-refundable") and then get into a situation that is an outlier and don't know what to do. I've been in a homeschool leadership position where I probably did the wrong thing, but was listening to leaders up stream from me so I did what they suggested because I was a newbie. I would try calling her back. Tell her that since your partially disabled son did not get into the age appropriate grade (per his social nuances), you didn't feel comfortable putting him into an older grade class where he couldn't do as well. If she still gives you the non-refundable registration fee thing, I would ask to speak to whoever is over her or who else serves on the leadership board with her and ask to contact them. The more appropriate response for the class mix up is that she should have told the teacher the class was now full and there were no more openings. She obviously had some confusion as to what to do since she prayed about it. She most likely heard her own anxiety about it all.
  10. I have a kitchen table with black chairs. The chairs have a lot of turned spindles with a lot of groves. Sanding everything down is not going to happen just because there are so many crevasses. Can I just use a chalk paint spray paint without a primer? How would I finish this? It needs to be pretty durable. I'm looking to paint it an antique white. I would have to refinish the top of the table because it's had 15 years of scuffs and scrapes. I would also keep the chair seats the color they are which is stained wood.
  11. Not that what she did is "evil" but this video explains "Taking the name of the Lord God in vain". What she did is going down that road a bit.
  12. Is this one of those kitchen gadgets that I will use a few times and then put in a closet only to forget about it? I've been thinking about it because I bought some spiralized butternut squash (it was not cheap considering how much butternut squash actually is), fried it up with some butter and parmesan...SO GOOD! I thought to myself that I'll just cube veggies and it will taste the same, but the thinner texture really helps. I figure I could make coleslaw cheaper and my own french fries easier. But will I? I'm getting some cookbooks from the library to see if the recipes in them tempt me.
  13. My son is in the very/ obviously disabled category. We had gobs of paperwork upon application and had a "random" review a year later where I had to provide more paperwork. It's not like I've been purposely dishonest or trying to fly under the radar. With the questions this person was asking initially, it made me think somehow the law changed and they failed to tell me.
  14. Never mind--- It got cleared up. She actually read the paperwork before talking to me this time around. Does anyone get benefits for their adult disabled child? We are under SSID review (they flag random people). On a brief call that will be followed up later, they seemed to suggest that we shouldn't be receiving benefits. In their files, my husband left the house (never did) and he's not working (always has). This could really stink since we purchase equipment for him and do house modifications based on his benefits.
  15. I'm GF already and have been for a while. I've had sleep issues starting when I was 36. It's been 14 years and during that time, there have been more times than not that I've had medication of some sort to help me sleep.
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