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  1. I wish it could be just get used to the new normal and everything will go back to people just upset that their guy didn’t get in. I’m crying daily. The rate at which non confrontational conservative voices are being kicked off of facebook and Twitter is scary. A whole new group of them happened today. The national dialogue of opposing viewpoints is being shut down to only one viewpoint. Also, I have never heard multiple voices from one side saying that one side should be silenced altogether and re-educated. This is what is freaking me out. I’m honestly scared and not just disappointed
  2. I don’t have a lot of sensory issues, but some. I’m sensitive to loud noise and smells. I’ve been told that I take a normal concern over something and then internalize it to an uncomfortable place. I self talk to myself about what response I “should” have rather than what I naturally do. I make conscious decisions to look people in the eye and then have trouble with the conversation because I’m wondering when is the right time to look away. Over the years, I’ve had to ask my husband what is the socially acceptable response to some things. Being in public can be overwhelming and I generall
  3. I am starting to wonder if I am on the spectrum. I have wondered for years. Today, I started finally diving into it. I just may be. It would explain my stress levels and my anxiety/depression. This world was already overwhelming to me before Covid. It has become much more so and I’ve retreated further.
  4. Right now, I am grain free and mostly sugar free. It hasn’t helped much other than my eczema went away. Also, my slowly creeping moderate genetic cholesterol problems also went away. I have the sleep wake up/heart racing thing happen almost nightly. I will fall asleep most nights will wake within 5-10 minutes with my heart pounding and having a mild panic. I have to concentrate on my breathing to fall asleep again and calm down again. I wonder how much of this is peri-menopause symptoms. I do take magnesium and when I don’t, I get muscle twitches. I haven’t had any for a whil
  5. My trauma was only since my disabled son was born. I was diagnosed with attachment issues. I watch my adopted daughter who I know has attachment issues and see myself in her. We are amazingly similar in our emotional response. I’m not sure if my childhood was a response to attachment issues, but I remember being a very anxious child.
  6. I am starting to realize that I have been depressed/ anxious most of my life. It’s really manifesting itself now. I have gone through counseling, gratitude journals, exercise paths, Christian disciplines and inner healing, EDMR therapy for trauma, diet...basically, you name it, I’ve tried it. I had trouble with anti-depressants in that the ones I tried gave me weird side effects. The anti-anxiety pill I took made me pretty jumpy. I have trouble with stress. Anything beyond my normal sends me into high anxiety. Honestly, the only thing that keeps me going is responsibility to my family.
  7. We are on our second child doing TPS. My ds 10th grade is doing American history, English 3, economics, and algebra 2. My older child has done a bunch of English classes, a science class, and some worldview classes. I wasn’t as impressed with their science classes, but I feel like it makes homeschool high school doable. My ds will continue with an almost full schedule next year.
  8. I guess college guidelines. I don’t want to hamper his chances if he goes that direction. I guess I need to look into state guidelines. Forgot about that one.
  9. I guess I’m trying to go more for his interests instead of trying to fill spots for college admission. Sure, physics is next in the sequence, but he’d rather do a ton of programming classes.
  10. I’m thinking toward next year as some places around here are starting to get kids enrolled already. My ds will be in 11th and already have two lab sciences by that time(chemistry and biology). Can programming be considered a science?
  11. My ds 10th grade is doing four online classes through Potters school right now, a Jay Wile chemistry course (not online), and a construction class (home building) that meets for four hours a week. He’s a decent student and an extreme introvert—on the spectrum a bit. He can be social but would much rather choose to get out of the social altogether. He was in a small high school program last year. He is pretty lax with the course I have him taking. He doesn’t do the quality work that I see him doing online. I don’t know what to do with him next year. He does pretty well with the
  12. Did they test abnormal bacteria levels? All I know is that the test I had not only tested overgrowth but what would things would stop the overgrowth —what herbs would kill it and what antibiotics would kill it. It also tested good bacteria of which I had none. They couldn’t even grow it on my sample.
  13. Eliminate grains (this includes wheat and corn), eggs, and dairy for sure. ALL dairy. If things don’t improve, try eliminating legumes and nuts. The most prevalent intolerances are eggs, wheat, and dairy. I feel better when I don’t eat grains. If he still doesn’t get better, I would find a naturopath in your area (or not since most are zoom calls right now) and get a stool test. I personally, had all kinds of tests that turned up normal and was declared healthy. I had such gastointestinal pain and no one knew why. I went to a naturopath who gave me a stool test. She found huge issues
  14. Go on an anti-inflammatory diet. Amymyersmd.com has some good recipes. Basically, you can eat fruit, vegetables (not peppers, tomatoes, or white potatoes), and organic or grass fed meats. I’ve been on this diet for three months. I am trying to add things back and am finding my eczema flare when I eat something my body doesn’t like. Before, I started healing my gut, I would eat some foods and get extreme painful gas. I looked pregnant. I had my gut tested and it was a mess. Most likely, your son has extreme gut dysbiosis and has become intolerant to a lot of foods. Has he had a lot of
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