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  1. Even books about how friendship is good for health. My son is a tad on the spectrum so he could really care less about people and sees no need to get to know anyone. We had done a lot about romantic relationships and sex ed so I feel like we have that covered for the most part. I can see some of that being a section anyway, but I have that aspect covered.
  2. I am asking here because of the wider audience. I am trying to pull together a health curriculum of sorts for a 1/2 credit for high school. I am thinking I learned way more about health through books and documentaries than I ever would through a textbook. I am one of those eat very little sugar, whole grains, whole foods type of people (this is how I cook for the family) and want my son to know why his mother is so weird in the hopes he too will be weird.🤪 So, what are your favorite documentaries and books about health? I am thinking documentaries along the lines of "Supersize me" and that type of thing. Also, books about health. There was one book that I can't remember the name of which documents why big food lobbies congress so much and how the goal of them is to find out how to make us all addicted to food not good for us (I figured it out--"Sugar, Salt, Fat" just in case anyone is interested).
  3. No, she doesn’t have asd. No, she doesn’t have ASD. She was adopted at 2 1/2 from China and has “trauma brain”. In a classroom, she could be diagnosed as having ADD because she’s half paying attention. She was constantly scanning for perceived danger. She was always trying to make sure her surroundings were safe. If you add this with problem solving issues, her first instinct is to beat up the next door 7 year old neighbor up for throwing a rock at her rather than walk away or ask his parent (who would do something about it—it’s the bad apple kid in a very kind family) to intervene. She also was hitting/kicking kids who misbehaved in class so she could control her world and feel safe when the teacher was not addressing the misbehavior. If you met her, you would think she’s a sweet girl which she is. Get her into a situation where she doesn’t feel safe and you will see a fighter (which is bad and good at the same time—we do talk about when is an appropriate time for action all.the.time. Bad problem solving skills here also). I have thought about math u see because the problem set seems so much easier. I have to think about that one and call a rep and talk it over.
  4. Just from an hour ago. She wants watermelon. So she grabs the butchers knife because she knows she’s going to need that and then while holding the knife, she gets the watermelon out of the fridge which is a two handed procedure. So, we have to tell her to put the knife down and then get the watermelon. She’s 14.
  5. Her reasoning/problem solving skills are lacking. Per her standardized tests, other than math, the only places she tested low were in those logical/reasoning type skills. It shows up in her general life also. We are constantly teaching her on cause and effect.
  6. Well, the three years she went to school, I re-taught her math nightly. For fourth grade, she turned in homework, failed every math test and was awarded an A+ because paying attention in class was a good portion of the grade. In 5th-6th, she was put into the lowest level math class and was given all the new teachers who didn’t know how to teach math. The known good math teachers taught the advanced students. So, in my public school experience, they basically ignored that she struggled and hoped she passed. The only suggestion was to get her a math tutor when I asked how they could help her. But, considering only 1/3 of students in my state test at grade level math, this is no surprise. She has always struggled with math. It took years just to memorize addition and subtraction facts. I stuck with Saxon for the early years and used math u see concepts. Flash cards, songs, fun books...for some reason multiplication facts were easier for her to memorize I think due to skip counting songs. She’s been using Saxon for 1 1/2 years basically since she was sent home from public school for covid and I told her math teacher that khan academy videos were not working for her and I wasn’t doing them anymore. Then last year we homeschooled again. She still has trouble with subtraction with regrouping I believe only because she’s a messy writer with math and “just wants to get it done”. When I organize her mess, she can do them no problem.
  7. I am trying to do Saxon 8/7 with my soon to be 8th grade dd. She gets it after weeks of repetition, but I am losing it. She forgets most concepts and needs the constant repetition to actually learn it. If we miss a week, it takes her a week to remember weeks of material she had previously understood and problems she was consistently getting right. She doesn’t test as having a learning disability (professional testing)but her computation skills test at around 3% on standardized tests. She tests really poorly in math and I know her computation skills aren’t that bad. I “can” teach her and have the skill base to teach up to Algebra 2, but the constant frustration on her part and the constant yelling inside my head has got to stop. I have no problem with her not being great in math, but I do need to teach her math. My goal for her is to make it possible for her to take college algebra in college if she decides to go to college as that becomes some sort of requirement with most degrees. I have a feeling it will take two years of pre-algebra for her to get it. I’m not confident she’ll get to algebra 2 in high school. How do I get off the hamster wheel I find myself on?
  8. Sigh...common core math so messed her up. Whoever thought a 10 year old should learn a concept in four different ways and then pick the one that makes sense to them never met a non-intuitive math student. She mushed all the concepts together in her head and never understood it. I tried to teach her the correct way to do math, but it was undermined daily. Our state has under 40% testing at grade level math. One school she went to tested lower than that. The teachers and the administration hated common core math. The parents hated it. It was a Charter school so they could have easily changed it. We left before I could figure out why no one was doing anything about it.
  9. My 14 year old daughter has trouble with math. She is still having trouble with subtraction with borrowing. This concept was taught in “the public school years”, so it’s become a gap in her understanding. I don’t want to buy a whole kit of base 10 blocks because I think once she practices a few times with them, she’ll get it. Are there apps? Or do I do the dreaded paper pieces?
  10. I find it interesting that the more countries get further away from God's ways and God's moral order, the more women are oppressed. Look at what has happened to women's rights in just the past six months. Women now may have to compete against biological males in sports thus threatening equality for women's sports that were fought for. There are no safe spaces for women - women's shelters, women's locker rooms, women's bathroom can now be entered by males who only have to say they identify as women (not saying this is not true, just saying that a predatory man now has an excuse). A trans man just won Miss Nevada thus making even a beauty competition not just for biological women. Women are starting to lose the right to be called "mothers" (birthing person is preferred) or use the term "breastfeeding" (for the preferred chest feeding). Jobs specifically saved for women (due to sex based quotas) can now be taken by men self identifying as women. I have taught my daughter that if she sees a man in a women's bathroom to leave. I am not going to teach her to be accepting of biological men in a space where she is supposed to feel safe. Teen girls already have trouble changing in front of other girls. Having a biological male in a girl's locker room? Nope. I will not willing to throw morality out the window in favor of "tolerance". I am teaching my children to be kind to others regardless of how they identify because they are humans made in God's image and He loves them. I am not teaching them to agree that all of this is morally right. And yes, all of the above is oppressing women. I'm not seeing the same assault on men. I know this is not the politically correct response on this forum. I've been on this forum for 14 years. It's changed. It saddens me.
  11. My daughter just got hers out today. The oral surgeon said to just give them the recommended pain medication for the first day every four hours as suggested and then just as needed. I am a big proponent of kids not being in pain after medical procedures so I will give medication that is prescribed. She's my last one of my four to get them out. She's doing pretty well right now and just inhaled a bowl of mac and cheese. Hers hadn't fully developed roots yet were starting to get near nerves and they were all impacted. I also make sure to keep the ice packs coming like others have suggested. All of my kids did pretty well.
  12. We have natural gas. Is your generator a whole house generator? Who would I even contact to find out how to hook all this stuff up? Sounds expensive! We’re just really getting unsure about a whole bunch of things that seemed stable.
  13. We are thinking of getting a generator. We would like to be able to use it to keep the upright freezer and fridge running in the summer and have ability to plug in heat during the winter. I have a few questions. We’ve never been around anyone who has used one— 1. How much fuel would you need to store? Where do you store it? 2. If you’re running it in winter and the generator is outside, how can you plug stuff into it without having cords running through partially open doors? 3. Can you run it an unlimited time if you have fuel for it?
  14. I’m not sure how long anti-bodies stick around in the blood, but the absence of them does not show that you have lost immunity. You are looking long term for T-cells. They did studies on people who had SARS back in the early 2000s. They were showing immunity to the current Covid-19 18 years later.

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  16. I did listen to that podcast episode only because I have not gone back to church since last March (OK twice). I just couldn't do it anymore. I wasn't making real relationships there and everything was so rushed. As an introvert who is more interested in substantial relationships than just a lot of "how are you" relationships, I felt like church for our family was more of a drain than fulfilling for me. I would think during the sermon, "I think that person needs a bit of prayer afterward. I will go and pray for them once the sermon is done". More often that not, the people I wanted to talk to or pray for zipped out of church before they Amened the end. And then when you have two services a Sunday and a church that is too small to actually chat with anyone afterward, you are essentially going for 5 songs, two prayers, announcements, and a sermon. No one stays after the second service because people are hungry, and the staff is tired and turning out lights on you. The first service has to leave to make room for the second so no one sticks around for that one either. And if you want to get more involved, you have the wonderful choice of children's church or nursery. I have volunteered for the nursery only because it gave me an opportunity to talk with people and actually get to know them. I have gotten together with some women weekly to pray and chat, and am willing to try small groups to actually "be" the church to each other. Church is people - not a building where you go to hear a sermon. I have found the prayer group and the small group to be infinitely more valuable and meaningful. My son is 20 and desperately wants community. He is trying churches (because we want him to take charge of his own faith) and getting the 5 songs, announcements, a prayer, and a sermon with people leaving right after. It's really difficult to try and find community in the current church model and he's getting frustrated. His generation is crying for community and real connection and the church is giving them basically a sit in your seat, don't talk, and go home model. My mom goes to a traditional Lutheran church and is a church organist. The pastor is starting to worry because they have opened the church up again for services and no one is coming. They are all very content to check the church box off sitting in their pajamas drinking their coffee. The Sunday church thing really needs to be rethought.
  17. All that I know—if someone dies of a heart attack and happens to have covid, it’s listed as a covid death. If someone dies of a heart attack after getting the vaccine, it is listed as “just one of those things—people die of heart attacks all the time”. I’m not convinced these gene therapies (they are not vaccines per the definition of a vaccine until they changed the definition) are safe. And no, they can’t really determine cause/effect in anyone who received the vaccine. I just feel like this is one big science experiment on a large scale.
  18. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/02/23/covid-vaccine-children.aspx?ui=7cc52ff02cbb5d444da83652e53ed821b4423936ef009934bd68ad59233eb359&sd=20121220&cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1ReadMore&cid=20210223&mid=DM812648&rid=1091232800
  19. But, the proteins are attached to your cells. The protein is not separated from your own body cell. It is using the RNA of your cell to create the spike of Covid protein that now becomes part of your cell. I have gone to original sources on this vaccine because I’ve lately not been a fan of accepting what is being distilled out there lately. Unless there is new research (which there could be), I’m sticking with what I’ve learned. Last time I checked, the cdc had given this scenario as to how these rna vaccines work.
  20. All I know is that when I last checked, they were still requiring vaccinated people to continue wearing masks and social distance because they can still get it. My mom just got her first shot and was basically told she can still get Covid.
  21. From what I understand in general, the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting Covid, but reduces the symptoms so people could technically be asymptomatic or get Covid mildly. IMO, that makes the vaccine more dangerous for the elderly population. Basically, a person who is carrying Covid would come to work because they feel fine. If they were sick, they would (in theory) stay home. But because they are now asymptomatic because of the vaccine, they are now carrying it to vulnerable populations? Also, from what I understand of the vaccine, it is newish technology in that it causes your own cells to create a Covid spike of sorts —I know it’s a lot more complicated than that, but this is the skinny. Then, instead of your cells learning how to defeat an inactive or weakened outside invader, the invader your body is destroying is your own cells. That sounds like an autoimmune crisis just waiting to happen. When your body destroys its own cells, that’s an autoimmune disease. My thought is that the nurses who are rejecting the vaccine have a decent level of education in biology and very much understand why they are rejecting the vaccine.
  22. I am looking for my 11th grader next year. I am looking into having him do a half credit course on the constitution and also a half credit course on apologetics. He needs something that is engaging and interesting. For example, he is completing the Dave Ramsey course for high schoolers and is always telling me interesting facts about it. I like the Sonlight Government course in some respects because I can grade it easily. I have also looked at the Apologia government course and even Hillsdale. Hillsdale looks interesting in that it includes readings and quizzes (not the most rigorous I know). I can also have him take multiple Hillsdale courses to get the full 1/2 credit. I am looking at a pretty obvious conservative slant considering the places I'm looking. What about Apologetics?
  23. Where would I go to figure out if I am dealing with aspergers? I have wondered since my son was diagnosed since he is very much like how I was as a teen. I didn’t figure out teen social interactions until I was 17. I find the world very overwhelming in general and the housing boom that is my area of the city even more so. I’m just needing some answers. I know it won’t change much but understanding would help.
  24. I wish it could be just get used to the new normal and everything will go back to people just upset that their guy didn’t get in. I’m crying daily. The rate at which non confrontational conservative voices are being kicked off of facebook and Twitter is scary. A whole new group of them happened today. The national dialogue of opposing viewpoints is being shut down to only one viewpoint. Also, I have never heard multiple voices from one side saying that one side should be silenced altogether and re-educated. This is what is freaking me out. I’m honestly scared and not just disappointed.
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