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  1. Does anyone know of any curricula or materials that promote language and syntax development using rhythmic music, and movement? Preferably non-childish materials. This is for use with a young adult. Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much Pen and Peterpan. Lots to look at!
  3. Yes, my son already did Corrective Reading B1 level. That brought gains for sure and he's not forgotten the material
  4. Language for Learning and Language for Thinking are for younger kids Im looking at the DI programs for teens and up. High school level
  5. Can anyone recommend picture books for older students where the illustrations and contract are not so childish? Looking to develop narration skills in an older learner
  6. Ok, I don't know anything about Reading Mastery, it sounds like it is more for learning to read versus reading to learn. My son is more on the hyperlexic side, so learning to read was/is not his issue. His issues are languagecomprehension, auditory processing, and expressive language, especially syntax. I found it interesting that the study I linked cited not only gains in reading, but language. I've used direct instruction myself with him at home, so one on one.
  7. I have used Corrective Reading before with my teen, and found it to be quite effective. I'm probably going to bump him to the next level this year and see if we can get further gains. I'm also looking at Reasoning and Writing. Both of these programs seem to be helpful in older kids with learning disabilities. I'm just curious if anyone is using them or has used them. They are very teacher friendly and easy to implement. Can often be found used for a substantial discount. How effective was Reading Mastery for your child with autism? What age did you use it?
  8. Has anyone used SRA's Direct Instruction Programs (i.e. Corrective Reading Comprehension) to remediate your autistic child's language and comprehension skills? "Teaching Reading Comprehension and Language Skills to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities Using Direct Instruction" This study was encouraging:
  9. What is Anatomy and Physiology for artists? That sound interesting!
  10. Thank you Flor. I just found out that this teacher is new to Big River Academy, so there are not any videos that one can watch. I have an email into her though to ask some questions about coming on as a Spanish 2 student to her curriculum.
  11. Thank you so much 8Filltheheart! Very useful information. I appreciate the time you took to write this up!
  12. 2Peanuts, Thank you for your wonderfully encouraging comments. I think for my son, an OTA would be a good way to start out. He can always choose to pursue OT later if he so desires.My son was considering a degree in art therapy, but it requires 6 years of schooling vs 2 for OTA. I’m not sure he even wants 4 years of college versus 6. He’d rather get started with life and earning a good living sooner than later.Im hoping OTAs could do art therapy with clients in schools or in the home. This article seems to indicate that OTAs can use art therapy. I think my son would be great at this given his aptitude’s and interests. My son would love to shadow an OT or OTA for a day. Anyone know how to set that up? DS is little concerned about the science required to get the OTA degree. But on first glance the classes don’t look that difficult to me. Anatomy, medical terminology, health, etc. Not chemistry, physics, etc. Right?
  13. Has anyone’s child pursued an Occupational Therapy Assistant degree?. It is a 2 year degree with excellent pay (average $60,000) and benefits. Our local community college will be offering this degree in 2020. My child graduates in 2021, so good timing. My kiddo is interested in art therapy, but that is a masters level degree and the average pay is $45,000, which is $15,000 less than on OTA , and requires more years of college.  I have read that occupational therapy assistants can utilize art therapy in their job. True?  Would love to learn more about this degree and career.
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