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  1. Thank you for the reminder that many of my kids' behaviors are age appropriate (and especially frustrating). They are supposed to push boundaries in the teen years - that is what I keep telling myself. At times, I feel like I have failed because they keep pushing and pushing, but it is normal. It is my job to stand strong and hold firm while also being open to discussions with them. It is not easy, at all!
  2. When Breath Becomes Air The Running Dream A Year of Yes Make Your Bed
  3. Everyone, I am looking for a list of Online AP Classes. I reviewed the Master List of Online Classes but did not see a section for AP classes. Does anyone know if such a thread exists? I searched and did not find one (but 'AP' is short and hard to search). If there is not already a thread - can you post the 'school's that offer AP classes? Online AP Classes are Offered Through: PA Homeschoolers Memoria Press Athena Academy
  4. Another good resource is home-storage-solutions. I have found resources only work if I actually do the hard work of cleaning, throwing out and organizing. I sure wish reading about organizing made the house magically tidier!
  5. Sorry .. to derail the thread Homeschool Spanish Users - are you having trouble scheduling classes. When I try to schedule a class almost nothing is available. Thanks.
  6. My Dr. said it is absolutely menopause related! It will get better, eventually. I am still waiting! I normally experience 5 - 7 days of this nonsense monthly or every 6 weeks. Her recommendations were: (however, she also said, it just is what it is ... there is no real 'cure' but a few things may help) Take a tiny does of melatonin (less than 1mcg) Cut back on carbs - they cause insulin spikes/drops Exercise Magnesium
  7. Is Veritas Press listed? I did not see it. They have both self-paced classes and live online classes.
  8. s/o question ... which of these(s) online providers formed out of the Landry collapse? Are Big River and Excelsior using old Landry Teachers? I guess I would feel more comfortable working with a new 'school' if the teachers have been teaching online for a while. I have found the teacher will make/break the class - or the fit of the teacher and the student.
  9. Thank you for the wonderful post. I guess all us Moms of boys should be encouraged by the original post and the fact that so many of us needed to hear this. When we feel alone and as if our children are wayward maybe, just maybe, it is part of growing up. It is all part of the process.
  10. Wow a big thank you to everyone's thoughts here. My DS is a huge challenge - stubborn, unmotivated, a little lazy and at the same time, a competitive perfectionist. Nothing seems to consistently motivate him, and as his parent/teacher I feel as if I am in over my head. I have constant thoughts of putting him back in school - I dream of it being easier than our current battles. I have found the more I stay out of the way but set defined expectations with clear consequences, the more he steps up to the table. However, I often fail at enforcing the consequences. (That is hard to write,

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    Writing & Rhetoric: Book 1, Fable (Student Workbook & Teachers Manual) We used the workbook for 2 lessons, in pencil. I have tried to erase all the pencil, but you can see bits of it. However, it is very usable, and the rest of the book is untouched. $20 ppd Send me an email if you are interested. kathy_overman@yahoo.com


  12. I stumbled across Debra Bell while looking for online French lessons, and don't think I see it posted. I am curious if anyone has experience with these courses. Has anyone put this list in a .pdf? http://debrabell.com/online-classes/course-schedule/
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