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  1. What about Peace Hill Press? I have been waiting for their sale the whole year.
  2. UPDATES, UPDATES! Picture books are wonderful and we read a good bunch of them aloud everyday. What I mean by "baby books" is those chunky board books. I think he's in a stage where he just want to be babied like his sister. I started her on picture books this week and she is not tearing the pages (hopefully for good). Guess what? I noticed DS reading them (LMNO peas, 123 peas, 10 Little Fingers and 10 Little toes...). Maybe that's the clue! Hiring his sister as a marketing agent ;) For Bedtime, he's still reading Nat Geo Chapters and we got Roald Dahl and a full bag of picture books/ nonfiction for our read-aloud. I hope things are going in the right direction.
  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your post is rather humbling and full of hope. I now realize how important it is to respect his choices and will take advantage of those "baby books" and talk about them to enrich his experience. I definitely choose the first path :)
  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'd also like to add two books and website from which I hope to incorporate new ideas to our schooling: Marshmallow math Kitchen Table Math Natural Math
  5. Do you mind sharing resources you used to build your reading list? We're currently selecting from MENSA, Trelease, and WTM for fiction, as well as from Living Math, SoTW and BFSU for non fiction.
  6. I am a bookworm myself, so I can't help going to the library at least once a week as well as purchasing books regularly (we own thousands in different genres and languages). My son likes to be read to but and reads to himself only at bedtime. I am just hoping for him to get to the next level: loosing himself in books as his favorite pastime... Well, gotta keep trying all the suggestions given by the hive :)
  7. LOL, this is happening to us as well, so we do our best for him to go to bed between 7:30 or 8 but that's the only time when he can really focus and read.
  8. My son is currently reading National Geographic Chapter books as a light reading before bed (he loves animal stories) while enjoying cuddling with me buddy reading Dahl during quiet time.
  9. Your blog post is very inspiring. The books you suggested are already on my to-read list and I definitely agree with you on the no-junk reading, even though Trelease is in favor of reading Junie B. and alike "as long as they are reading..." I value his book but disagree with him on few things.
  10. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your insights are truly valuable. I just finished reading Trealease's "The read aloud handbook" and recommend anyone interested in the subject to do so. There is also another book written by a father who was fascinated by Trelease's ideas: "Little Miss: a Father, his Daughter and Rocket Science" I realized that I have a portable DVD player with a broken screen that I can use just as a CD player, listening time isn't just for the car anymore :) Plus, I don't like using the laptop for that purpose as my DS will immediately ask for his favorite DVDs (all educational, but will just be distraction from listening). DH is currently reading the Martian on paperback and yes I am reading the Game of Throne on Kindle app :ph34r: but borrow parenting/ homeschooling books from the library.
  11. I have an accelerated 1st grader who took a 2-month break from school as we traveled abroad. When we came back, I noticed he lost much, oh so much of what we learned. To give you an idea: we were working on topics like division and algebra (with hands on equations) and now we are reviewing ADDITION and SUBTRACTION. Worst of all, he is now reluctant to do any math. Last week, we just dedicated our math time to games, and it has been working so far, but still not good enough. Then I realized the problem might be deeper than I thought. So far, math has just been part of our schedule, we just finish whatever we have to do and move on. This is NOT how I wanted things to be. Math IS a focal point in our schooling. The problem is that my attitude doesn't reflect that. I don't discuss math throughout the day for example. Any thoughts? Any helpful books to give me and my DS the math-itude? Thank you.
  12. I have been reading to my now 1st grader son since infancy, surrounding him with books, taking him to the library every week, providing a reading lamp for awesome bedtime books, limiting iPad time (no TV at home), etc. He just doesn't take any book by himself unless I ask him to. Sure he can now read and understand at a very advanced level, but he is just lazy and chooses his sister's baby books instead -_- Does the hive have any suggestions for instilling the love of reading? Thank you.
  13. I have an advanced 4y old and following a traditional path which is kinda slowing him down. This post opened my eyes to the plethora of possibilities to let him thrive in math without the pressure of workbooks and such (even if it's SM/IP/CWP). Thanks again Quark!
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