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  1. They love him because you’ve set expectations and he has to meet them.
  2. My dad's uvula got really long and started causing him to choke. He had a quick and easy surgery to clip it and has been fine since.
  3. When you say you are cash-payers, are you saying that you pay the self-pay rate and don't have it applied to your deductible or that you are paying towards the deductible, but never make it and that makes it feel like you don't have insurance?
  4. Do you have an insurance broker you trust? They may be able to help you navigate the system to find something.
  5. Chances are, this will be dealt with at the local level and with much less draconian consequences.
  6. Nobody wants those things for this man and his family. The current situation is unsafe, untenable and illegal. There is a minor child also in the home. Honestly, if the kid doesn’t want a felony conviction and the dad wants his job, they should stop the dealing right now. It’s no-one’s fault but their own. There are many court diversion programs for those with non-violent offenses, especially first offenses. There is no guarantee that he will end up seeing even one day in a jail.
  7. It is very convenient. We do have people come through the neighborhood on trash day in trucks taking large items they deem usable. So, half the time it doesn’t even end up in the landfill.
  8. We have a reason the car dc drive isn’t in their name. It isn’t their car. It’s ours and they are allowed to use it. They share cars, so it doesn’t make sense to put the car in the kid’s name, especially since they don’t own it.
  9. Seconding the advice to check with your trash hauler, if it’s separate from campus services. If it’s not, then check with campus services. Ours allows one bulky item per week, but we have to call in advance to let them know it will be there. Half the time the dumpster divers grab it before the trash truck does.
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