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  1. scholastica

    Can I beg more prayers and good thoughts please ?

    Praying for you, your ds and all involved.
  2. scholastica


    I’m an independent, too, and I think that’s why I find it amusing and frustrating at the same time. And I totally agree with you on the overwhelming ignorance being the biggest issue. I am flabbergasted at the lack of ability to analyze information.
  3. scholastica

    A Hiver helped me today IRL

    Shuddering over here. You just gave me the willies. Cannot.stand.pens.without.their.caps.
  4. scholastica

    A Hiver helped me today IRL

    That is so great! @garga is a gem. I can tell from her posts!
  5. scholastica


    Except that when Mitt Romney came back from a trip to Poland during the 2012 election and said that Russia was a huge threat, everyone on the left, including his opponent and the opponent’s Secretary of State laughed and made fun of him. Now that it turns out he was right and they are a threat, everyone in the Left is all up in arms about them.
  6. scholastica

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    You mean like this? That's just one area's CC group. They are widespread across the US.
  7. scholastica

    Spices without politics?

    Olde Town Spice Shoppe has great variety and I've never seen them get political. My mom orders from them frequently and says they have great customer service.
  8. scholastica

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Be careful there! You're stating the Catholic position! 😉
  9. scholastica


    This affects anyone how? Also, I don't generally consider a policy institute's "news outlet" to be an unbiased trustworthy source. I really don't care what HSLDA does. I am not a member, nor have I ever been. If they want to sponsor homeschooling conventions overseas, that's their business. Right wingers working with other right wingers is not exactly shocking.
  10. scholastica

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    A practical note on those books with cds. Maybe import them to iTunes or wherever you store music and store the files that way. Then, when CD players are no longer available, your grandchildren will be able to share in them. On the paths closing down, I totally get what you are saying. I’ve realized over the past few years that I am honestly never going to grad school. It makes me sad. I will be in my mid fifties before last kid is done homeschooling and at that point, it would be pointless.
  11. scholastica

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    Could you “thank it for what it taught you about your child” as Marie Kondo would say and then donate it?
  12. scholastica

    How do you choose a child’s therapist?

    Do you trust your pediatrician and do hey know your child well enough to make a recommendation? I would start there.
  13. scholastica

    What could this be a ssymptom of?

    We have a locking metal storage cabinet. I once left a cup of tea in it while putting some stuff away.
  14. scholastica

    Frustrated in my job search

    I'm sorry it's hard. Do you know what you do want to do? If you are serious about getting into programming, can you take classes over the summer?
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