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  1. Seconding TMS. You are likely a candidate for this. It helped a loved one of mine when nothing else did. It’s outpatient and covered by most insurance.
  2. Also look in Ballwin, Manchester, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield in St Louis County. You would be within 30 minutes or less to most of what you'd want to do, and there's nature nearby. Creve Coeur Lake park(county park), Shaw Nature Reserve, plus state parks and conservation areas are close by, too.
  3. Praying. I am so sorry your family is dealing with so much.
  4. I have had good luck with this one MethylPro. ETA: Link
  5. Do you have COBRA as an option, like a cushion of savings to pay for it? Definitely look into the ACA. They have changed a lot of the rules and it’s easier to get affordable coverage. I’m sorry this happened to your family.
  6. You are normal and a lovely person. If you are happy, don’t give it a second thought. I am like you, prefer to be home doing quiet activities. We live in an extroverted society where endless people and excitement seems to be the default good. Whenever I get asked a question like that, I say my plans and confidently add “and it’s going to be lovely..” with a big sigh of relief.
  7. Gently to all of you suggesting watching at another time, the OP specifically said the kids are not open to that.
  8. I heard this evening that the IRS backlog is something like 30,000,000 returns right now.
  9. Praying! I am so sorry for all he is going through. And you, too!
  10. It is possible for Chris to hold the same idea of what the problem is as someone with whom she would disagree about the solution.
  11. I meant better in terms of the vitriol and polarization in politics today, most of which is being driven and fed by social media. There used to be a sizable middle ground of moderates who were the bridge between the extremes. Now there are two extremes who yell at each other, call names and get nowhere.
  12. Absolutely right. As soon as one party picks a side the other finds a way to be against it. Even on the flimsiest of arguments. It’s pathetic. We used to be better than this as a nation. The WTM is less polarized in general compared to people I know IRL. However, there are a few posters who are glaringly partisan.
  13. Christian Scientist and Scientology are two very different things. I don’t currently know anyone irl in those categories but have at different points.
  14. Your last paragraph would need clarification. Purgatory is a process of purification for the baptized who are not yet perfect (pretty much everyone), so when the end of the world happens, those who are baptized and in the state of grace, yet not yet perfect will be instantly purified and able to be in eternity with God. I hope he wasn’t trying to say that those in the state of grace but not yet perfect would be sent to hell. That’s not how that works.
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