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  1. Our regular carrier, who is awesome is off on Mondays. Her fill-in put all of our held mail from a vacation hold into our neighbors box. Our neighbors check their mail like twice a week. It took multiple phone calls over multiple days and our regular carrier found it in the neighbors box and brought it back. Bank statements, bills, etc. in there. We always pick up our held mail now. My ds takes a prescription vitamin and it got all the way from Florida to the city nearest and then went to Maryland. Another package recently did the same thing-came close and then went on a trip somewhere else, e
  2. I wear a mask for others and myself. Mostly for others. For others, My dh compares it to driving vs driving drunk. Yes, we take a risk every time we drive that we could be hurt or hurt others, even if we drive responsibly. Driving drunk puts the driver in a much more likely position to hurt others, it’s just irresponsible and there’s an easy solution. Masks for others fall in the same category. In terms of the mask protecting me, I think of it like a seat belt. It’s not guaranteed that it will protect me, but it’s very likely to in the event of an incident and I like to increase the odds of a
  3. Definitely get an electric kettle. A few out there can be set to different temperatures for different kinds of tea.
  4. Wow! That is totally brilliant! The apple obviously doesn't fall far from the tree!
  5. When you are done, I suggest The Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. It is the story of Bertha, Rochester's first wife. It turns the whole thing on it's head.
  6. Watching Hoarders does that to me.
  7. Once they are out of college, they may want to start again. You might hold off on that. That stuff gets expensive!
  8. You can’t change the fact that it came in and now it’s going out, you’re trying to do better in the present and the future. Cut yourself some slack. You’re doing great to give yourself and those you love a lovely environment to live in. Guilt over the past is a waste of time, especially if you’ve resolved to make changes and are making good on those.
  9. Congratulations! Still praying for sil.
  10. If you’re going to cook it again, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it smelled or tasted off, I would pitch it.
  11. Catholic ladies don't have what? Bearing each other's burdens, gathering together? Of course we have that. And yes, there is getting to know one another going on before and after Mass to a greater or lesser degree depending on the day and the person. Name tags would be untenable at my parish. We are large and there would be no way to get name tags to people in any kind of orderly fashion. We have 7 Masses on a weekend. Mass is communal worship. We also have small groups, scripture studies, ministries to the poor, sick, elderly, etc. all kinds of places where people get to know each other more
  12. If you were covered by an employer-based plan and went to another employer-based plan, pre-existing conditions were covered., as long as the coverage hadn’t lapsed. If the employee did not take COBRA, that counted as a lapse.
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