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  1. Praying for all of you, Quill. Having part of your heart living on another continent is a challenge. Having her go and supporting her decision is such an Awesome-Mama thing to do!
  2. Professional help is much more likely to help your son than redecorating. If he really is getting worse and worse and this is his senior year of high school, please get him help yesterday. You do NOT want a depressed young man going off to college. I cannot stress this enough. Please get your ds to a professional. Redecorate if you’d like, but please take him in. Start with your regular doctor, get some names of good therapists and make an appointment tomorrow.
  3. Does the car have Bluetooth? Can you play it through the Bluetooth and have one of those dashboard attachments for the phone if you want the visual? That would seem like the cheapest, easiest way to do it
  4. I would agree with your xh. He is being immature. You, as the owner of the home and the person subsidizing the expenses, have a say in what goes on under your roof. He's venting his anger at his own helplessness and inability to live as he wishes at you and your dh.
  5. Ugh. Just ugh. Would almost be better to not know this and be surprised next week. I am so sorry.
  6. This is not cheating on a test. Students with legitimate LDs are now going to be looked at askance for having accommodations. Qualified students may have lost slots at these universities. The damage they have done in abusing the system goes far beyond cheating on a test.
  7. I’m so sorry! The judge should just make him give you everything and be done with it!
  8. Sorry about your dog. Please don’t assume that because you are a plus sized 50 year old that you aren’t a target. Predators don’t limit themselves to society’s arbitrary standards of beauty. These are often crimes of opportunity.
  9. A friend of mine often says that a mother is only as happy as her saddest child. I find this to be so true, especially as my kids get older and so little is under my influence.
  10. FedEx and UPS give me a USPS tracking number once it’s passed off, so I can continue to track it.
  11. OP, sign up with FedEx to get delivery notifications. They’ll let you know when something is on its way and give you very detailed tracking on anything coming to your address. I have often been notified by FedEx that something was on its way before the actual shipper.
  12. That’s not true here. Smartpost isn’t marked as delivered until it is actually delivered. It will say “out for delivery” until it is actually delivered.
  13. I can often be heard apologizing to my sweet dh for that very reason. 😊
  14. I wouldn’t. I didn’t even leave my 15 and 12 yos home for the day while we dropped their older sister off at college 4 hours away and that was only for a long day. Too many things can go wrong. With your ds, I’d be worried that some kids at school would get wind of you guys being gone and decide to use your house for a party. This story and others like it would make me hesitate.
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