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  1. scholastica

    the environment and economic growth

    What experiences have little environmental impact? And it’s not like the wealthy, Warren Buffet aside, generally live in small homes with least amount of necessities, and then only spend on experiences.
  2. Being the parent of children who seem to take pride in ignoring my recommendation to wear a coat, I wouldn't always assume the kid walking down the street doesn't have one, either. If I knew the kid and they didn't have one, I'd probably see about helping them get one.
  3. scholastica

    the environment and economic growth

    Are you seriously going to argue that rich people consume less? Because massive multiple houses is what everybody "needs" right? Because that's how the people who have long ago had what they "need" live. They just acquire ever more gadgets and gizmos. Or a massive collection of expensive cars (Jay Leno anyone?). Sure they travel and attend arts events. But that's in addition to consuming all kinds of goods. Just look at the hundreds of pairs of shoes some people own. No-one, no-one needs hundreds of pairs of shoes, or expensive cars, or whatever. People don't stop consuming when their needs are met. They just move on to wants, lots and lots of wants.
  4. scholastica

    the environment and economic growth

    It organic isn’t what it used to be. It’s now from huge farming operations trucking the stuff all over the country. That uses fossil fuel and pollutes the environment.
  5. scholastica

    the environment and economic growth

    I don’t think the OP wants to see people unemployed. She is concerned that an economy based on ever increasing consumption will continue to wreak havoc on the planet. Which it already is.
  6. scholastica

    Surprised? Bishops told not to vote....

    There's always chaff with the wheat. And there's way more chaff than wheat when you harvest. Not all bishops are moral and not all are immoral. Some are truly holy, some are truly profane, but most are a mix of both, just like the rest of us. The RCC seems to survive in spite of us, not because of us. Maybe it's of divine origin or something? 😉 Katie, I don't think it was an accident that all of this came to a head during the point in the Lectionary cycle where we have four Sundays dedicated to John 6. It was so good for me to hear Peter's words yet again, "You have the words of eternal life, to whom should we go?". It was a reminder to focus on Him and His promises. Please come back to Mass. Jesus wants you there, close to Him and His heart. I agree that it is going to take a lot for the Church to move forward. The bishops need to hold each other accountable as does the Vatican. I actually took it as a hopeful sign that the Congregation of Bishops slowed the train down. I think the Vatican is taking this very seriously and wants to act in a unified manner.
  7. scholastica

    Surprised? Bishops told not to vote....

    This is one of two regular meetings per year -June and November. They only discussed this at this meeting because of the information that came out this summer. The meeting wasn’t called to discuss it, it was being discussed at the regular meeting because they felt they had no choice.
  8. scholastica

    Surprised? Bishops told not to vote....

    This isn’t really about whether or not to report to law enforcement. They do that now and have for 15+ years. The two bishops who didn’t in that time period have been removed from being bishops and one faced legal repercussions. This is about a lack of transparency about allegations and accountability of bishops who covered up past abuses. It is also about bishops who abuse adults and were not removed. This needs to be addressed.
  9. You really need to speak to an attorney well versed in these matters in your state. They are the only ones equipped to answer all these questions. I'm so sorry you are going through all this and shouldering the knowledge of what this could mean for your family. My heart breaks for all of you and you are in my prayers.
  10. scholastica

    Is this 2018? Someone tell this woman

    I think this was her point. I don't think some people actively realize that they are thinking of others as less than fully human. They have attitudes that are culturally ingrained about various people or behaviors and have never examined them.
  11. scholastica

    Surprised? Bishops told not to vote....

    It could be they want a stronger policy in place than what the US bishops were going to do,or, at the meeting in February, the Vatican is going to put a uniform policy in place for the universal church. It’s really hard to know, and it’s easy to read it negatively. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s not like they’re telling them not to have a policy ever, or wait 10 years and then we’ll talk, it’s 3 months. What would be the point of a non-binding vote? Then people would complain they’re ineffective and not willing to change.
  12. Google filial responsibility laws and your state name. 28 states still have these on the books. They have really only been used in one recent case in PA.
  13. If it's been that long since you had a period, and you've started bleeding, you need to make an appointment with a doctor. You are considered to be in menopause once it's been a year. The advice is that any bleeding after that warrants a doctor visit.
  14. scholastica

    Are you part of the "sandwich" generation? (Sort of a vent)

    Are you hearing it straight from them or from her telling you that is what they said? Because she may just be saying that they think this. Your family comes first. If you can help her out around your kids' needs, do it. If not, help her find the help she needs from paid caregivers.
  15. scholastica

    Ways mom talks to baby JAWM

    Whenever anybody asked if my baby was a good baby, I always said “Yes. She eats and sleeps and and pees and poops and cries on a regular basis, just like she should. She’s a very good baby!” I couldn’t be around your friend. Ever. Her poor children. It’s sad that she’s so clueless about children.
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