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  1. Back to the original post, I would also reach out to CLRC. They sometimes change the schedules.
  2. I don’t think it’s a crisis if your timing doesn’t neatly match up with semesters, but I did want to say that my local public school runs two types of Algebra in middle schools: one that is a full year of Alg 1A and then a full year of Alg 1B, which can be taken in high school, OR the normal single year type. If you are in that situation (half/half) and you really want to reflect it, then put one semester in 8th and one in 9th. I would definitely NOT skip the end of Algebra I. You can overlap with Geometry, or just wait to start that when you finish Algebra.
  3. Yes, I did notice they say about the Student Self-Reported Academic Record, which is a self-generated transcript substitute: Do home-educated students complete a SSAR? Yes, if you have followed an educational curriculum patterned after the traditional U.S. system. If the curriculum followed cannot be represented on the SSAR, call the Office of Admissions at 352-392-1365 or contact us via our Contact Us page for further instruction.
  4. Also I thought AP classes are supposed to be hard so students can pass the exam. It seems like an easy AP physics C class would not lead to an impressive AP score. It is my suspicion that the reason AP Physics C has such a high pass rate is because the group of students who take it is already strong. Otherwise why would a higher percentage of students get a 5 on Physics C than Physics 1?
  5. Wow. I just wouldn’t apply anywhere like that.
  6. https://pe.gatech.edu/courses/online-russian-elementary-russian-i ? https://modlangs.gatech.edu/online-courses/enrollment High School Students Aspiring high school students may also enroll through Georgia Tech Professional Education with instructor's permission if spaces are available. On the professional education homepage, browse for "foreign languages” to find available courses. High school students cannot earn academic credit from Georgia Tech through this program. However, if you successfully complete the course, the professional education office can send a letter st
  7. I got a ❤️ on an eight year old post!
  8. I just found out recently about Write at Home and Lantern English from Lori D.; both have 8 week classes all year including the summer. WAH has 8 week classes starting this week still available. Bravewriter sells individual book guides. Also this IU High School course’s booklist: Braun, Lilian. The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts. Jove Books, 1990. ISBN 9780515102659 Christie, Agatha. The A.B.C. Murders. Berkley Books, 2011. ISBN 9780062073587 Du Maurier, Daphne. Rebecca. Avon Books, 2002. ISBN 9780380778553 Fforde, Jasper. The Eyre Affair. Penguin Books, 2003. ISBN 9780142
  9. Thanks so much to all of you for the ideas. If anyone else comes across this thread, please feel free to add to it. It’s very much appreciated!
  10. Are the classes from Lantern English (besides Faith & Literature) religious?
  11. Ambleside has a page comparing various versions of King Arthur. This article also has some interesting comments about adaptations, including film/tv. @Lori D. 🤣“ye olde” style Don’t forget the King Arthur flour! It’s named for its “purity, loyalty, honesty, superior strength, and a dedication to a higher purpose." https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/about/history
  12. In my case, this type of thing never gets done. Ha! But I appreciate the suggestion!
  13. Thank you! The trouble with ASU is that they seem to offer a TON of classes starting in June and not any other time. 😯
  14. If you could please share summer school ideas that you have experience with and would recommend, I would appreciate it. Could be online homeschool type places, or suggestions for online dual enrollment. My local community college offers summer school, and I am looking for additional options. I have looked at quite a few, but am starting to get overwhelmed. I have seen lists and found some on my own, but I would like particular recommendations. Can be for any core class; we don’t need health/PE/foreign language. (This is for accelerating HS purposes.)
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