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  1. Clonlara doesn’t require students to be US citizens or live in the US. They have an international wing. https://www.clonlara.org/international-services/ I don’t know how it works with the local authorities, but Canadian universities do have options for students with high school diplomas from other countries, so that part shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. Are you able to send your kids to Ontario? Apparently a HS diploma is not actually required for ON university. Just a thought. https://universityadmissions.ca/information-for-homeschoolers/ and https://ontariohomeschool.org/university/ are useful sites.
  3. Also Clonlara, or anything else that oversees your classes and considers you a private school student and issues HS diplomas. These would provide structure, although not necessarily the coursework. The clock is certainly ticking for this year, though.
  4. I am going to suggest some non-book resources. Some PBS related suggestions: Asian Americans. There are other broad documentaries, such as Henry Louis Gates’s Many Rivers to Cross, on African Americans, and We Shall Remain, about Native Americans. The show POV highlights a variety of perspectives, but typically much narrower, but worth checking out. Maria Hinojosa’s Latino USA could also be a useful resource. I would recommend any local or semi-local museums whenever things open up, and also a trip, if possible, to DC to the various Smithsonian museums. In the meantime, you ca
  5. This is why it’s so important to find out what the situation is where you are, in any schools or districts you have available and might realistically consider. The options may surprise you, and they certainly will be helpful in making your decision. Don’t assume anything one way or the other.
  6. I met someone recently who told me that her granddaughter had been alternatively educated outside the country and then moved to my area at 16, where one school system administered some sort of exams and placed her in tenth grade. So it could happen, but you might consider either using an online school with some sort of accreditation, including those offered by the public school or paid for by taxes (not something like the Well Trained Mind Academy), or a private school like Clonlara, which will essentially allow you to complete your homeschooling but will document it so as to qualify your chil
  7. I would recommend she read lots of trade books about things of interest, be it computers, the history of technology, math, codes / cryptography, women scientists/mathematicians, etc. such as (just random ideas) anything by Simon Singh, Coders by Clive Thompson, Code Girls by Liza Mundy, Black Hole Blues by Janna Levin, Underbug by Lisa Margonelli, The Information by James Gleick, biographies of mathematicians/computer scientists/scientists, and the Science section of the NYTimes (published weekly on Mondays) or interesting science-heavy magazines. I would have her write things that are not “ar
  8. We didn’t find that the free trial was particularly representative of the courses. The teacher did very simple things, like counting, and I was worried that my child’s lack of enthusiasm would translate into a low placement. It turns out that that had zero significance, and the real placement test took place in the first lesson and my child placed as expected. We found them to be fine, but they do have a refund policy so you can try it out. Also you actually DO have an option to buy classes in smaller intervals, although at a higher per class rate than the packages. This was a relief when
  9. Clonlara offers classes from another vendor. They told me they hope to develop their own content in the future, but at least some of the classes in their catalog are from Apex Learning. So it is possible to through someone else who offers the classes a la carte and this may be the same experience for a lower cost than Clonlara because of needing to enroll as a student and also pay for the course.
  10. I like the term "opportunistic shakedown ventures" to describe this activity https://gigaom.com/2012/09/19/copyright-trolls-2-0-image-sites-embrace-righthaven-tactics/
  11. Another reason not to take random internet images... http://www.nationmultimedia.com/life/Definitely-one-way-to-get-students-attention-30242979.html
  12. But without linking, it wouldn't be much of a web. I think it's entirely different to post a link to something versus passing it off as your own. I read about some CM curriculum that was just AO or something. Obviously idiotic. Also as has been pointed out, there are ethics involved in where images are hosted, on both sides. If it stays on your server, am I really stealing it? And also, I am accessing your bandwith or whatever, and maybe that's obnoxious.
  13. My guess is it's either a threatening letter from Getty, which they apparently like to send out (per this article that someone linked to https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20140820/18020328272/getty-threatens-wrong-ip-law-firm-its-copyright-trolling-efforts.shtml )or to do with the hacked naked celebrity pics.
  14. The drawing in my avatar was done in 1848.

    1. mathnerd


      Who is it? Someone famous?

    2. Violet Crown

      Violet Crown

      Dead public domain celebrities. The new WTM fad!

  15. http://www.forbes.com/sites/emmawoollacott/2014/09/08/reddit-gives-mixed-messages-after-pulling-leaked-celebrity-photos/ I didn't think we had any of *those* type of photos on here, ugh.
  16. Some members may be on vacation or, alas, no longer alive. I wouldn't want every post of theirs to be deleted. I think Moira used to post kilt photos, and I remember Myrtle posting her own pictures of her kid's work, but those may be gone by now. It is possible to "report" other people's posts, anyway. I have done this a few times in the interest of just getting this over with.
  17. We've lost a lot of old and good threads; some were set aside by special request when the site was recently updated, but I've tried to access some old threads without success. I'd hate to have more lost. Because I really do go back and read old threads. I had this happen but with someone else's post; the image was of a topless woman and it seemed to be adult themed spam.
  18. Ok I just did a search and my first result is a photo of a topless woman. When I go to the thread, it's not actually there. So... Er.... Are the deleted posts still around somewhere?
  19. http://gifsoup.com/faq/Q: What is GIFSoup? A: GIFSoup is a free GIF creating and sharing service that lets you easily create your own animated GIFs from Youtube videos and share your gifs on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, social networks, blogs and message boards. http://gifsoup.com/terms/ For Copyright Owners If you are the copyright owner of certain material and want to block the conversion and download of this material, please contact us by e-mail at copyright@gifsoup.com.
  20. I searched Educatiom and Lounge. I think I just don't post many pictures. I found other people's, but I've just gotten sucked into the lice thread and half an hour went by and I've got another page to go.
  21. I have had periods when I didn't visit the forum for weeks or even months; I am sure I'm not the only one. I am relying on my memory and my habit of getting graphics from wikipedia and not posting kilt photos or whatever, but the initial request not to post any text that's not mine and remove it if I did, for example, is overwhelming. I've posted tons of short excerpts, including just phrases, that weren't mine, but were clearly attributed to their source, and I go out of my way to include URLs. But if it's huge swathes of texts, or copies from other sites, or photos of celebrities, or scans
  22. Ooh, thanks, I found the girls in the dresses that barely cover the rear from old books; I think the threads are long gone but I never knew how to get rid of these! What's left is some photos I took with a digital microscope! Re the avatar, I went for obvious, maize. I think we match, conceptually.
  23. What? What jumpsuit? You mean...prison jumpsuit? Oh no you didn't.
  24. Not only don't answer, but can't. I can't tell you how many threads I've pulled up with lovely book suggestions from Moira, and words of wisdom from Kalanamak and Myrtle, and so on.
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