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  1. Thank you so much for the course info you provided and for the free trial suggestion; that is a really good idea. And I love hearing that about your son! I can definitely see how GC could just become a staple in our homeschool. Thanks for all of the ideas!
  2. Wow; thank you so much for providing this! Much appreciated!
  3. I checked out The Great Courses Master Class List thread above and it's inspiring! (I'm new to The Great Courses.) One course I'm considering is European Art History. (This would be for a fine arts credit--art history.) I can see that the course includes 48 lectures (about 30 minutes each) and it comes with a downloadable guidebook that is 376 pages in length. (I'm not exactly sure what happens in the guidebook? Is it like a textbook with additional readings, or is it more for guided notetaking? It's not very clear in the description. Are there assignments in the guidebooks?) I guess
  4. Thank you for raising this point! Good to keep in mind. I haven't thought that far ahead yet, so I'm not yet sure if I'll organize her transcript by year or by subject. (Is there a particular benefit to doing it one way over another? Do colleges prefer one? I'll make a note to search the High School Motherlode to see if there is a discussion of the pros and cons....) Thanks!
  5. Oh, this is great, too! Thank you so much for sharing the description! Super helpful.
  6. Thank you for the examples! So the course descriptions will probably be redundant, but this makes a lot of sense. I love the different ways you've laid them out. Thanks also for the Beautiful Feet explanation! Like I said, I am new to Beautiful Feet, so I didn't realize it was a religious curriculum provider. (In the "About Us" and the FAQs that I read, there wasn't mention of religion, aside from a Charlotte Mason viewpoint.) We are secular homeschoolers, but Cathy Duffy's review says it's not specifically a Christian course, so I think it could still work well for us.
  7. The need for co-signers for student loans and/or apartment rentals. (My parents were not in a position to co-sign for me when I was young, and trying to get my first apartment without a co-signer was a nightmare.) Discuss this with your kids (let them know if you will/will not be able to co-sign for them on things like this). If you will not, I recommend getting them a credit card when they are 18 (you could help them manage it), so they have enough of a credit history to rent an apartment independently when they graduate. (I never got a credit card until after college, so I had NO credit hist
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