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  1. True, but in all honesty I have only ever had fever with flu. So if it doesn’t eliminate all the possibilities, it really helps to narrow then down! 😉
  2. I usually never do (laziness), but I did this year. I don’t want to come down with a flu and then try and guess what I have - flu or Covid. Plus I worry hospitals will be overwhelmed this year, so I am doing my part to minimize potential illnesses. Also I have gotten older and my health isn’t what it used to be.
  3. You had enough restrain to come post here first. I know you did the right thing. Once I turned 40, I lost all ability to self regulate. Really. I lost all filters. I would have gone over and in five sentences let her know exactly what I think. Without screaming.
  4. We are still in high school, but so good to see you!!! Glad your boy is happy at Bard. I hear nothing but positive about the college.
  5. What is his intended major? I wouldn’t use MUS for a STEM bound kid, but otherwise, I don’t see a problem. And Statistics can be taken as an elective in addition to a regular math course. Also I am not sure what would be the purpose of MUS calculus. If I were to put my kid in Calculus, I would go with an AP version or DE. If you really want him to have Calculus, why not work hard on a solid Algebra 2 and Precalculus sequence and then take Calculus at a CC the second half of his senior year? Which brings us back to his intended major. Does he even going to need a calculus cou
  6. I think this is why in some respects homeschooling has been great. Removing the outside element, it’s easier to teach kids to concentrate on being the best they can be so they can maximize their opportunities even if their best doesn’t cut it in the competitive environment. It’s much harder to drive that message in the classroom though.
  7. It does value them, just not equally 🤣
  8. So if I understand the argument of luck correctly, it is used here as also a proxy of nature. So you went to MIT because your intelligence (call it IQ if you want) is something you were born with and that gift from nature allowed you to overcome circumstances that the rest of us with much lower IQs would never ever dream about. So no question you worked hard, but no amount of hard work would have helped you if you weren’t “lucky” and born MIT intelligent. I have one exceptionally musically gifted kid. He did in 2 years what kids with hard work do in 8 years. It’s not fair. It’
  9. Yes, that we are all somehow layers of onion with talents to be discovered and each is gifted in something and hard work can get us all on pedestal. I mean that’s what schools are pushing here. Pedestals matter though, because that’s the way you get to success as society defines it. But there is only one first place and for the 99% trying to get there is futile. Yet I am not against competition, because for many, those are very, very motivating. so how do we tell kids the truth and keep them motivated? Truth being they can work extremely hard and still fail.
  10. I agree with this absolutely. I also agree that schools have terribly low standards. Those are different arguments.
  11. Right, so we don’t want the society laying on its back saying everything is predetermining by genetics anyway. I have no answer to this. I think the reason there is so much drug use (both legal and illegal) is because so many of us feel like failures.
  12. Did you ever feel you were failing at finding your special talent? Or a special passion? I think so many of us are searching endlessly and never finding. It’s a form of torture if you ask me.
  13. I think also belief than we are all good at something is false. We can be relatively better at certain things than others, but most of us have no hidden talents. I am firmly in a nature camp. Does nurture matter? Absolutely, but only as much as nature supports it. And nature is brutal. The reason any of this matters is because our society only values academic success and good looks, both things we can’t excel at without tremendous endowment from nature. I have no idea what message to give our children. In my house I say at least hard work puts you into the lottery bin. Otherwise you aren
  14. I was just having this conversation with my friend yesterday. Locally growth mindset has been interpreted as “work hard, believe in yourself, and amazing results will follow.” It’s a terrible message because what happens when you do all those things year after year and you fall flat on your face? If your successes are yours, then so are failures. So how do we move on from those failures. You see this in school because how kids define success is very straightforward- grades, award both academic and athletic. Kids bust their butts but all the trophies still go to a handful of the same kids year
  15. See in my culture at a time I was growing up we didn’t have children’s books to read. We had children’s literature (think Wind in the Willows), but nothing to read on a level of Frog and Toad or books designed to teach reading. Maybe that’s the difference. Grade 1 had a textbook and by the time you were through with it, you could pick up and read literature. Different culture, language, literary tradition, and most certainly economy (no private book sector at a time in existence).
  16. I will say that it’s unlikely others will be modest about their accomplishments.
  17. Does the app give you an ability to qualify your answer? If I think it’s most rigorous, I would check that and give context with a sentence or two of description. But yes, overall it seems a strange thing to ask.
  18. I hear private schools are arranging SAT/PSAT/ACT testing in house and not letting outsiders in.
  19. Oh wow. I hear Santa Clara is starting to open up schools. Maybe just rumors?
  20. This is what we have been told as well. I do wonder though if that will be different given the lack of SATs this year. It does seem unfair though that a kid who scored a 1 and a kid who scored a 5 gets same treatment. We have ton of kids at our PS that get A’s and fail exams (get 1s and 2s).
  21. I wish they had sent this directly to all AP coordinators a month ago. I wonder how much misery it would have saved us all.
  22. Yes and yes and yes. Add to that “your child is reading at this and that grade level.” Never understood it. I call a child is reading when he can read what interests them. In K it was frog and toad and whatever mouse was in motorcycle. And oh Shel Sylverstein poetry (over and over and over again). Can’t remember. In third grade it was entire Lord of the Rings. Isn’t reading level more of an interest level?
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