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  1. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Forget it. I will take a barn though. Or an industrial building.
  2. I will be dealing with music auditions with one of my kids. I have long ways still, but the thought of it is terrifying and expensive (plus instrument needs a separate ticket). I don’t want to even think how we will deal with this.
  3. Just reading this thread makes me feel sick. Hugs. Lots of hugs.
  4. I am footnoting, but I don’t know what others are doing.
  5. I think that if you change the grade the provider gave you, you can’t attribute that grade to the provider, so it will have to be a home taught course. Just a thought on your comment. Not directed at you.
  6. I am only going to do that (add honors designation) with AoPS. Just coming back to add that I have been musing this question now and I think the answer isn’t that simple. If I think about the local PS, the only kids going into “regular” courses as opposed to “honors” ones are struggling students. Of course, we aren’t public schools, so that honors designation makes little sense to me (I don’t have hundreds of students at home that I need to sort into appropriate levels) unless one is trying to make a comparison with PS, in terms of course rigor. So maybe it does make sense to give honors designation to more courses. I don’t know. This is a great question though.
  7. It has always been arbitrary. One of our local private schools told us if we wanted to go to state university system, we were better off in a local public high school because the latter gives As easily and graduates kids with much higher GPAs. That doesn’t deter parents from going to the private though since they know they are getting a better education for a number of reasons.
  8. School profile will have a section on grading. you can also include on transcript your grading scale.
  9. Oh that. Same here. But I do recall that some PAH aren’t secular. I wish I had saved the info, but I have vague recollection of somebody complaining about US History one, but I could be wrong. It was a long time ago. Also they added teachers since, so who knows. Maybe it was Swimmermom’s old post. Maybe.
  10. I plan on using A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), D (60-69), F (<60) grading system. If your kid gets 91% in a class that considers it a B, you could bump it up and explain your grading scale. as far as rigor is concerned, I don’t try to normalize anything. My kid takes AoPS math and it’s a hundred times harder than a normal class, but he will get a grade he gets from them. We chose a tough class and he knew going in.
  11. I would love to know which classes their aren’t secular. I am glad to hear Econ is secular.
  12. Did your DS need to do any extra prep or doesn’t he weave test prep into the course? I am curious how it works since the class wraps up in January, right? So how did you prep before the exam? Or does he run a review session before?
  13. Any reviews? I see there are two different teachers. I would love to know what your kids thought of the class and how prepared they were for the exam. Also would love to know daily workload.
  14. Post on Facebook sales page and say it’s free. Somebody will message you for it.
  15. I would do Earth Science. It’s fascinating and hard to get to in high school.
  16. She should know they will spend 45 minutes on instructions before the test. That way she isn’t overly frustrated by how long it’s taking them to get to the test.
  17. This is a high school class that’s equivalent to our school district’s honors physics class. It can be done in middle school by gifted kids, but this is not a middle school course. I would check Athena’s Academy for middle school classes.
  18. Typing on my phone results in some hilarious writing. Off to go fix my post. 😳
  19. Since you just started a month ago, it’s too early to draw any conclusions. Keep on working on it without any supplementing and trust me, you will know if it’s a right program for your kid within the next 3-4 months. If it isn’t, then you can switch out, but you definitely don’t need any supplementing.
  20. Yep. I find it abhorrent as well. and AP/DE is a perfect match for my kid, so no matter how “boring” it looks, he is most likely to thrive with that.
  21. i think it's all knowing your kid and being realistic on what we are comparing. Lewelma's advice is extremely valuable for parents who have similar kids. There is somebody out there wondering if they really need to do DE and AP if their child already has national and international awards. I think your experience could be just what gives them permission to "do their thing." But for a child without any awards, no real hooks, that DE or AP course could be the way to show their academic abilities. For OP, talking to sports moms, like alewife, is the most valuable. I think the sports hook is a very powerful one, and sports commitment is a very intense one, so your child's homeschool will and should look different.
  22. I like what AoPS does. They give you 7 points for getting a problem right the first time, 5 points on a second try, 3 points on a third try, and 1 point if you solve it eventually.
  23. Test for allergies. Mine is off the charts allergic to dust mites, and as soon as we got the special cover for his mattress and pillows, and got rid of all the carpets, his asthma improved tremendously. My DS also had to quit swimming, because chlorine in the water made his asthma really flare up and he ended up with pneumonia several times. So staying away from the pool and dust has been a savior.
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