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  1. Oof... Just visited the website for the middle school science prof. You were not kidding. Yiiiiiikes. Okay then, good to know. I'm not recommending his classes to anyone, lol.
  2. Thanks again for your help in throwing out some options for consideration. I always love hearing about new (to me) classes/providers. Sometimes, even if something won't be a good fit for my family, I can pass it on to friends who may be looking for something different.
  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. We have definitely learned that it's not just the teacher or the curriculum but also the general clientele. My kids got enough exposure to conspiracy theory promoting kids this year (a vocal minority) in one or two of their WTMA classes, so I'm really not looking to put them in a situation where the demographics would skew any further right. Maybe it would work for something like math, but anything discussion based would probably be a hard no for us. It can be hard to get this kind of feedback about the student base, so I really appreciate the inf
  4. Thanks for the additional suggestion. It looks like this is a Christian provider, yes? (I'm seeing lots of mentions of Christian Classical and Hillsdale College). Does anyone have CLRC experience and could speak to how much Christian content might be in their classes?
  5. Re: Maya Inspektor's college admissions essay workshop My oldest son took this in the summer after his 11th grade year (rising senior), and it really is for working through a final version of your Common App/Coalition App admissions essay. Students who were only looking at Christian colleges worked on a similar (but different) essay for their admissions processes. I don't think it would make much sense for a rising 10th grader to write a college admissions essay. You would want them to have matured in their writing over most of their high school career. They would also benefit from having
  6. Awesome... yeah, it sounds like Caro is a big hit with a lot of kids, so we're going to go for it with government in the fall and econ in the spring. And if your ds found the class to be easier than others, that's a huge plus in my book. I'm not looking for crazy rigor, just some nice exposure to determine if either of these subjects is something my son would want to do another year of at the AP level.
  7. Thanks for expanding on your thoughts about Gilbert and his classes based on what you've heard. I am definitely not looking for AP prep at all--just initial, gentle exposure. That said, the Penny Candy thing threw me off of my original plan, and I think it's likely that it will not be a good fit, especially for this kid. He got a practical crash course in a lot of politics and government topics over the last few years. All of my boys were obsessively following lots of aspects of government recently, but not really from a healthy place of interest, more from a trauma/anxiety impetus. It so
  8. Thanks for the input. It's sounding like he's a good teacher to go with. I'm still torn about throwing government into our already busy fall semester. Maybe I should just go for econ in the spring and then consider government for next year.
  9. Thanks for that review! We've really liked our WTMA classes thus far, so now I'm wondering if we just do both government and econ with them (we've already paid the yearly technology fee/etc. anyway). I can try to free up space in the schedule somewhere else to make room for the extra time that will be required for reading/writing for those classes. It's great to know that the teacher was a hit for your friend's daughter 🙂
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. I definitely went "ugh" when I saw the AIM text, because I had been thinking of just doing both classes in the year-long option over there. Which led me to the "maybe I can mix and match" idea... Yikes about your WTMA experience. I want the opposite of that perspective, so ehhh.... I'm probably not going to love whatever we end up with, but maybe it can be good enough if it's not so extremely providential. Supplementing with alternative perspectives is easier than doing it all myself. I really need to outsource these, or they won't get done with the rest of our lo
  11. I'm deciding between AIM Academy or WTMA for these two classes for my middle son for next year. This kid is extremely STEM oriented, and will be simultaneously taking a fairly heavy DE load (calc 2, calc 3, stats, and higher level CS classes). I'm not expecting him to love government, so I'm more interested in a relatively light exposure to the subject. That said, I want a slightly more rigorous economics course. I think he may be more interested in that subject and want to determine whether he might like to subsequently take one or both of the AP Economics classes. He's already tak
  12. My DS16 is also doing MMSS this summer (Cryptography and Number Theory). You are the first person that I've seen mention the program. My older son took the college admissions essay workshop the summer after his junior year, and getting the common app essay ready to go over the summer was the best decision we ever made. It was really awesome. Hope your daughter likes it!
  13. Yeah, this is exactly the impression my older son got in his admission interviews with some schools. He had one interviewer ask him if he'd ever taken any tests (I guess she encounters lots of homeschoolers with no testing maybe? I don't know, but he was kind of taken aback by the question). Once he told her he'd done a few AP exams, then she was happy to move on with a more normal interview. I think that you can show coursework rigor a few ways as a homeschooler. I've been loving all of these customized courses that people have been posting about over the last few days. Those are really
  14. I think a lot will depend on what kinds of schools you are looking into... in-state residency qualification requirements, how competitive admissions are, etc. etc. My oldest son is currently taking a gap year after deferring his acceptance for a year (deferral at his university was very easy). Lots of the hoops that we had to jump through in the admissions process assume that you are a current senior. Plenty of people apply to college during a gap year, of course, but I wonder how many little annoyances might pop up because the process is geared primarily towards high school seniors? It w
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