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  1. I have the Kohler Whitehaven white enameled cast iron farmhouse sink, and it’s been great. So easy to keep clean with Barkeeper’s Friend. They sell a sink rack that is a perfect fit. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FYZBSM0?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_asin_image
  2. Oh those are cute! I'm too tall to want any more height added though. I bet DD15 would like them. You did remind me that I forgot to post my new shoe addiction too. I have never been into shoes, but then last year I fell in love with Lucky Brand Emmie ballet flats and Blowfish sneakers, and I now have an embarrassing number of each. The patterns of the Blowfish are so much fun. The cactus is my favorite.
  3. When we moved into our new home last year, we bought two Aberdeen sofas and two Raleigh high leg recliners from La-Z-Boy, and we have been so happy with them. The Aberdeen sofa in particular is so comfortable that I am considering buying another for the upstairs loft. We did upgrade to iclean fabric which has been a breeze to keep clean.
  4. About fizzy drinks, my favorite La Croix flavors have always been Key Lime and Pamplemousse (I just love that word, LOL), and someone in my family likes just about every flavor (even coconut, shudder!). But we recently discovered Waterloo brand Grape and OMG how much we absolutely LOVE that flavor... It's hard to find around here though. I've got four boxes coming today for an Amazon Prime Now delivery and it's kind of silly how excited I am.
  5. Oh, I also subscribed to the Let’s Make Art journaling box to do with the kids and Spice Madam for hands-on human cultural geography.
  6. I rage purchased my dream printer a few weeks ago. Does that count? I was so mad at my junky printer that I yelled at it the whole time I ordered its replacement. 😆 I have subscribed to Boxycharm for DD15 and me. Those boxes are so much fun! We don’t wear a lot of makeup but they send a fun variety and some skincare stuff as well. My biggest splurge was a nugget ice maker at the beginning of the pandemic. How do I love thee, Olaf? The whole family loves it. In fairness, we live in the desert, and the fridge just can’t keep up with the needs of a family of 5 in lockdown, especially
  7. The Aveeno masks are pretty darn good! I have used them a few times. For my feet, I make sure to file down any callouses beforehand, and I gently massage the mask around my feet to get the mask “juice” 😂 in all the nooks and crannies. My feet are baby soft when I’m done. You actually reminded me to put them on subscribe and save on Amazon.
  8. My weekly Bloomberg Businessweek for August 3 had a cover article called Not in the Mood. For sure. LOL Americans Aren't Making Babies, and That's Bad for the Economy I remember this because the cover had a couch with what I thought was a potato (aka couch potato, of course) and a...snake, which was just so weird. I mean, what? DH had to tell me it was an egg and a sperm. "Oh. Yeah. I see that now..." 🤣
  9. This is the most fun. I am working yet again on a History of Current Events! ETA: and to answer the actual question, lol... I like the idea of picking several themes and following them specifically as you go through the general outline. So if you think of history as a tapestry of many different themes woven together through time and illustrated by the contributions of different people through the years, you should see those themes over and over. One thing we enjoyed doing was reading simultaneously through two general histories, a conservative and liberal choice, and comparing i
  10. My DS14 has always been interested in animal behavior, especially birds. Last year he read almost all of Sy Montgomery's books and loved them all, but particularly the last one he read, The Soul of an Octopus.
  11. I have not always had the time for the news that I have now. My kids are old and ignore me unless they are hungry. LOL It has always been in the news though. Moreso now for sure, for obvious reasons. But what you read determines what you are aware of. I spent years reading middle school history to prepare for homeschooling as well, so I've been there. I do, however, have a very diverse past with a very diverse group of friends and have lived all over the world (retired Army brat, retired Army wife). So that helped. I never had the idea that people weren't treated differently from me becau
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