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  1. Alte Veste Academy

    One Strange Rock **Mind Blown**

    Oh, thanks so much for this! It's perfect for DS12. He loves all things science and nature and does a DocuWalk every day (watches a documentary while walking on the treadmill, LOL). They did make a curriculum guide for it. And you can get slides, too, apparently.
  2. Alte Veste Academy

    Cowboy pinball? American stupidity reaches new heights

    It is disturbing. I have high hopes for spectroscopy technology, which scientists have been working on.
  3. Alte Veste Academy

    Jill Lepore’s These Truths...

    I bought it thinking I might use it, but oh my gosh is the language flowery. I don't know if I can get past it.
  4. Alte Veste Academy

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I have a new VW Atlas with the bench in the middle, and I love it. I had a VW Passat wagon until my third baby’s car seat forced me into something else 13 years ago, and I was happy to find another VW that meets our needs. My kids are very tall and the leg room in all rows of the Atlas is absolutely amazing. ETA: and the 2019 is the second model year, LOL
  5. Alte Veste Academy

    What is everyone doing for science next year?

    I have not. Odd. Neither of the intro bio classes (general and for majors) at our cc has a prerequisite, I think. And they have many more follow up bio classes after the intro. I’m pretty impressed!
  6. Alte Veste Academy

    What is everyone doing for science next year?

    I’d love a synchronous AP Biology for DS. In the absence of that, he will either do Bio with WTMA or DE. He will also do a homemade Forensic Science course I’ve been putting off.
  7. Alte Veste Academy

    What's your house salad?

    Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green onions, and radishes topped with s&p, red wine vinegar, and olive oil.
  8. My oldest absolutely loved the edX Astrophysics Series after wanting to learn more after taking Physics. The men who teach it are brilliant, hilarious, and humble. And one of them won the Nobel Prize in Physics! ETA: oops...confused astronomy with astrophysics...again... Will leave this up for interested folks anyway... Signed, Humanities Mom
  9. Alte Veste Academy

    Craft or something for teens to do on new year’s eve

    If they're into it, they could prepare calendars for next year (write down goals/schedules, note holidays/special event/family birthdays, etc. using stickers, washi tape, markers, etc.).
  10. Alte Veste Academy

    Human Geography Course

    Thanks so much for posting. I googled the PING Project and it looks awesome.
  11. Alte Veste Academy

    What are you go-to everyday shoes?

    Crocs slides, year round (I live in the desert).
  12. Alte Veste Academy

    Help name this German Shepherd puppy

    Bridget, but I am a big nicknamer and would probably call her GiGi all the time. Lol
  13. Alte Veste Academy

    House slippers for Florida?

    Haha! Yes, I imagine it’s similar to Arizona, the only place I know of that has flip-flops and dress flip-flops, sandals and dress sandals, crocs and...ok, not dress crocs but put on your dress flip-flops or dress sandals. Crocs are my house shoes.
  14. Alte Veste Academy

    Calling all Cat-Loving Readers

    Also, the Bad Kitty books are hilarious. They are mostly highly graphic chapter books (the series also has some picture books for younger kids).
  15. Alte Veste Academy

    Calling all Cat-Loving Readers

    Jenny and the Cat Club! Someone here recommended it to me years ago and DD loved it. Very sweet stories. Start here: I would wait on Warriors. My cat loving DD loved them, but she is not sensitive, LOL, and the cats fight, descriptions are graphic, cats die, etc.
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