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  1. ...tube of superglue... ...which is weird, because every time I need one, I buy one, but then poof. No tubes of superglue. ETA: For worriers, I'm positive no one is a huffer. LOL
  2. Thanks so much! I can’t believe I didn’t think of these. My DS14 is practically living on The Great Courses Plus these days. The woman in the Russian Culture one is really good!
  3. DH got his first Pfizer at the VA last week. DS18 and I just got our first Moderna (still on allergy watch, actually, 😂) and are already scheduled for our second shots. I am taking DD16 to get her first Pfizer later this afternoon. I am walking on air! Soooo happy and relieved. Now for shots to be approved for the under 16 crowd, for DS14.
  4. Thanks! I have a thing for "further reading" sections. LOL I'll have to see how much focus DD wants on China vs Japan and Russia. I've wanted to read the Genghis Khan book every time I've seen it mentioned. I think I've had it out from the library before too and ran out of time. I'll definitely give it a thorough look at this point. I think The Star Raft looks amazing, and I'd love to bring some Africa into the study because of current events involving the geopolitics of China making serious inroads in business there. I had actually just been looking at more recent books to incl
  5. I would love history and some literature. Folklore in particular would be well received. Modern books that could be pleasure reading to tie in would be good too. For example, she loved The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden for its references to Russian folklore. In that vein, I've already ordered The Red Winter Trilogy, which incorporated Japanese folklore. But those are just for fun, and I need some school-worthy choices for lit and history. This is for my DD16 who is a strong reader and dreams of living in Japan. She wants to study Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. What are your fav
  6. Oh my! Forgot about the upgrade cost. We paid earnest money, at which point we secured the lot and had to commit to the structural upgrades we wanted. The big cash out-of-pocket was a month or so later, when we visited the design center to make the design choices and had to write a check for 50% of the cost of all upgrades over (I think but can't precisely remember) 20% of the base price of the house.
  7. Something like 90% of houses and house plans DH and I have looked at in Arizona don't have bathroom doors. The house we rented while he was still active duty and then again when we were building did not have a bathroom door. Pity me, ladies. LOL And, I kid you not, if you were to step out of the master bath into the master bedroom, just outside what should be the door, you would have a view straight through the hall to the FRONT DOOR if the master bedroom door was open. Bad design that was NUTS. I do not understand this manner of craziness. When we built, we put in the "optional" door. No
  8. I can't remember the exact name of what was installed, but samples were brought and I researched it at the time. One that is supposed to be good if Phifer. You should be able to get all different sizes. When I searched, hits came up even at Home Depot, not necessarily the Phifer, but something you could look at maybe. My kitties have climbed, and hung off it even, including our biggest guy, and you can't see any signs of damage whatsoever.
  9. YAY! When we had our house built two years ago, DH and I had corner sliding glass doors put in at our patio, which opens on one side to the living room and the other side to the dining room making one open-air room. When we moved in, we had cat-proof screens installed at the patio openings. This was all for the cats. We have five too. This catio was the priciest upgrade we made to the house by far. 🤣 Fur baby happiness is paramount here! We have five kitties too. 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 My small thing is it's spring break for two weeks starting today. It's planning time for the rest of the year and fo
  10. Just wanted to say, when we were looking at floor plans and then during the building process, I had soooooo much fun with this!
  11. And add extra insulation wherever you can, for noise control between rooms. Generally they will put it in anywhere you pay for it. We paid for extra around bathrooms, the master bedroom, and the garage in particular.
  12. I just remembered that you said in another thread that you might get a pool and that he's working from home full-time from now on, meaning he'll be working even after the end of their school days and on school breaks. So forgetting about the kids being busy with school, yeah, the downstairs might be too noisy for him to work, even with french doors at the front of the house. I hear you on xBox noise. Gosh my kids could scream playing Wii and xBox at those ages! (Not gonna discuss now... LOL) So I still vote a door from the Master to bedroom 3, school room in flex area, xBox in living roo
  13. The front of my downstairs is similar to yours, with the garage/foyer/powder/den instead of flex room. That den is mine and has french doors which have privacy glass, and I absolutely love it. It's the quietest place in the house for me to work, but I have teens who mostly stay upstairs, which is just their rooms/baths, a loft, and a game room. If they were younger, louder, in and out of the front door all day, etc., my office would not be so quiet. If you guys are not in and out of that front door all day, I actually think that front room could be ideal for him. It's actually the most tucked
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