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  1. I use Great Decisions from Foreign Policy for our current events studies. We use the guide and videos, but there are groups around the country that come together to discuss the issues that are selected each year. Maybe there is one near you? Great Decisions Groups
  2. DS13 is taking intermediate grammar after having taken basic grammar last semester. Mrs. Otto is amazing! Calm, sweet, patient, and so knowledgeable about grammar! She makes the class fun. My older two kids both took Lukeion's Barbarian Diagrammarian, which was wonderful, but my DD15 then took advanced grammar with Mrs. Otto, and there was plenty more to learn. It was truly advanced grammar. My kids found the BD diagrams too easy after the initial learning curve was over.
  3. LOL, yeah, I wouldn’t be that brave with salmon either!
  4. Was it a sous vide preparation? DH has done lots of sous vide stuff which has all turned out amazing. Your post made me wonder and I think we’ll try this! This site is kept by a scientific mastermind of cooking, so this is the one I would try first.
  5. Our favorite is grilled on a cedar plank, either with lemon or a soy sauce glaze. I can’t find the original soy glazed salmon but I’m sure any good one will work.
  6. I have stalked these threads on and off for years, and I've resolved to participate this year. I haven't come up with a solid plan yet, but I'm currently rereading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen with Just Mercy and The Goldfinch on my nightstand waiting for when I finish that. Technically, I am also in the middle of reading Les Miserables as well. I stopped that one about six months ago after the first act. 😂 I might listen to the musical (again) for inspiration and forge ahead with that. A Little Princess was my favorite childhood book. I read it over and over again. Any of the Ramona books were favorites as well.
  7. We put F&D’s wide plank NuCore in our new build in May, and it’s held up beautifully. One Labrador and 5 skittering, fully-clawed kitties. No dents from dropping things, and no furniture dents. Sooooo easy to care for and 100% waterproof. Like another poster, I put a piece in water for days and zero change. I also soaked one in hydrogen peroxide because that is the main ingredient in my kitty pee cleaning solution (no one is naughty, lol, but we had a kitty with a blockage followed by a uti). The cork on back bleached, but did not swell, and the top looked perfect. I love this stuff. At 9” x 6’ they look amazing. This is the one, and it’s not red like it looks online. More like a walnut.
  8. Target has a toy special, spend $100, save $25. At $55 apiece for the Melissa & Doug Unit block sets, you could get one for both kids for less than $100.
  9. We still have them. I am storing them for grandkids. They are definitely heirloom quality.
  10. The best toy my kids ever had was unit blocks. They played with them for years and years. I would buy the biggest set possible and add to it every year. They work beautifully with the Haba Ball Track later as well.
  11. DD15 wants to take both of these languages. Does anyone have any feedback on WTMA's classes? I'd love to hear anything about them, good or bad.
  12. I highly recommend Mrs. Otto’s grammar and writing classes at WTMA. She is wonderful and makes her classes very interactive.
  13. A great universal way for a Marvel fan to complain: “I am Groot.” Just vary inflection to achieve the desired tone!
  14. I am currently reading This Land is Our Land: An Immigrant's Manifesto in preparation for DS16's continuing current events education. It is illuminating, to say the least. And I will look at these as well. Thanks for posting them.
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