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  1. Regarding *shudder* irregardless, there is this note in the FAQ section of its Merriam-Webster page: "Remember that a definition is not an endorsement of a word’s use." I choose to take some comfort in that.
  2. I agree with all of this. ((((((MercyA)))))
  3. I think you're misdirecting your anger here. You're asking people to make charitable assumptions about things you intentionally leave unclear. So they should do the work of parsing and understanding what you yourself admit are deliberately incomplete explanations of your positions? And of course you don't owe anyone here anything. You're just shooting yourself in the foot, judging by how mad you have gotten over some of these threads.
  4. You basically admit in these first two posts that you are not completely candid, not 100% honest about your feelings and thoughts. And that you participate (apparently guardedly) in some of these discussions against your better judgment. So why the anger about feeling misread? Participate fully so that people don't have to "read" your thoughts or intentions or break your bad habit of diving in halfway and risk being misunderstood.
  5. There is an entire series of these Voices from the Pandemic. The first one I read was about the woman who blames herself for giving it to her mother. 😭 They are all heartbreaking.
  6. Well in the clip it seems he is joking. But he does actually confuse more testing with more cases. Last week, he said, "If we stopped testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any." Politifact discusses his confusion here.
  7. This isn't a "take." This is something he has explicitly stated himself. No inferring required.
  8. Seeing you mention "they" a lot. I always wonder what your antecedent is. You seem really frustrated that we do not have data and standards, and I'm guessing "they" should be working on it. Again, who? If you want science instead of sentiment, you're going to have to convince "them" that it is a good idea to put some money into science and production of standardized masks for the people. I can get behind that!
  9. It's a "Students for Trump" rally, and it will be in Phoenix on 6/23. I don't see info on a site, but it's all over the news here. Masks are not mandatory statewide. Rather, the governor allowed each city to make a choice and said he wouldn't interfere with that choice. Phoenix has made them mandatory, and so far it seems like most larger cities have as well, although some haven't announced. Even the mandate for Phoenix doesn't begin until tomorrow morning. We have 1/3 of the Florida population, and our positive cases were 3200ish compared to the 3800ish they had today. We are spiking, and it will be interesting to see where we are next week.
  10. No, he did not recommend hooking up or claim it was safe. He stated it like he states everything else, that all interaction comes with risk. Certain unethical outlets twisted his words by saying he "endorsed" hooking up. 🙄 He advised against it and mentioned other ways of combating loneliness. I do totally agree with you that the people in this crowd don't care about what Fauci or the CDC or any other public health expert says, at least in part because of constant consumption of misrepresentations of the truth like the one you claimed above.
  11. I mean, right? And that's apart from the fact that he says outright they're not a good look and disparages others who wear them. And that is all despite the fact that the official position of the CDC is to recommend them. Leading by example is not really his strong suit. LOL/not The only reason I can imagine him recommending people wear masks at his rallies is if he sells them himself for his own personal profit.
  12. Hey there!  I just tried to PM you about online piano lessons, but it says you can't receive messages. 😁

    1. dmmetler


      I just cleaned out my box, so there should be room now. 

  13. There is a set on Teachers Pay Teachers, with 6 per page. I don't know if that can be adjusted to make each card bigger.
  14. PA Homeschoolers is offering an intro to computer science class for 6th grade and up. I don't know about it personally, but it will have a teacher as a guide, with a live weekly class. She is going to use resources. I'm looking at Creation Crate as a fun electronics/STEM add-on for science this year.
  15. Just to be clear, Clover Creek Physics is amazing, the best online class my DS17 has ever had, but it is algebra-based physics. She does use the Conceptual Physics book, which is non-math based, but she adds lots of algebra-based problems to it. The homework and tests are actually pretty math intensive.
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