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  1. I write thank you notes religiously. I write thank you s for all my children and am looking forward to handing more of that responsibility to them. I will personally sit on them until appropriate thank you’s are written until they are 18. Hopefully by then it’s rubbed off on them. As far as gift giving? Of course I appreciate an acknowledgment of a gift. But I give because I enjoy it and love the recipient, so I try to make like Elsa and let my expectations go.
  2. medawyn

    "Oh No! We better fix it or mommy will be SOOOOO mad!"

    You could be a millionaire if you find an answer to this question.
  3. medawyn

    "Oh No! We better fix it or mommy will be SOOOOO mad!"

    My morning was fine. Last night, however... I had the 2 yo and the baby in the bath, when my 3yo comes in sobbing "I don't like it when my fan has steam." Uh... neither do I? I fling the poor baby out of the bath, who spends the rest of this endeavor screaming on the floor in her towel, because she's tired, wet, cold, and abandoned. I race into my daughter's room to discover that she and the 5yo have been throwing clothes at the fan, and a camisole is happily smoking away tangled in the light fixture. One ladder dragged through the house later I untangle the camisole, add the burn holes as a visual aid in my lecture, air out the house, dry off and diaper the 2 naked kids, and wonder why my DH is always out of town on nights like this. When I came back inside from putting the ladder way, the 5 yo immediately says, "Mommy, I think it's bed time." Good idea, son.
  4. medawyn

    Halloween costumes

    My big three are going as Owlette, Catboy, and Gecko. The baby gets to be a ladybug, because that’s the baby costume I have stashed.
  5. We’ll, mine are a little younger (5, 3, 2, and <1) but Magnatiles and (Duplo) legos get the most play here. Like a PP, I add to the communal collection at gift giving occasions. Also unexpectedly but played with just as frequently are tubs of plastic animals from Target. A little more annoying to pick up (they seem to travel more places) but tons of play time gets clocked. We have several variations of these: Magazines are also a favorite gift. We receive and frequently reread Highlights (Hello and High Five), Ladybug (plus Babybug and Click), and Zoobooks (Zootles and.... can’t remember). Lots of grandparents/aunt/uncle gifts.
  6. Not in my experience. And I didn’t even have to give a presentation until I defended my undergrad thesis, which was an elective honors project. I went on to teach in various level classrooms for 10 years, so I seem to have managed without any kind of public speaking class.
  7. medawyn

    Introducing our granddaughter, Emma Claire

    Congratulations! She’s adorable!
  8. medawyn

    Just for fun- baby names you loved but never got to use

    We have a Josephine, and it’s still one of my favorite names. I can’t wait to introduce her to Jo March.
  9. medawyn

    Just for fun- baby names you loved but never got to use

    I would have been a Dagny had my father gotten his way. Lola is my “missed” name. Lola was my great grandmother and she was lovely. Of course, DH, who never knew great grandma, couldn’t get passed the Kinks and Damn Yankees. I look at our 7 month old all the time think she looks like a Lola Jean.
  10. Yes to all of this. There really is such a thing as a comfortable bra. They might not come cheap, but they are out there. And if you’ve been measured at a 36DDD, I can pretty much guarantee you are not wearing the right size. I had been told at several popular US stores that I was a 38C/D. But turns out I was a 34F! Huge difference! If you can manage to find a boutique lingerie store, you’ll probably get the best results. I usually buy two and rotate until they are worn out, and then I get remeasured. Your size fluctuates more than you think; even 5lbs can change your size. Woops - sorry it’s so long! Women being forced into uncomfortable, ill fitting bras by the American fashion industry is a bit of a soapbox issue for me.
  11. medawyn

    Talk to me about podcasts

    I hear this! (Or don't, as the case may be, lol.)
  12. Technology first: how do you listen? How do your kids listen? Explain technology to me like I’m your 95 yo grandmother, please. What do your kids listen to? Particularly the K/pre-K set. What do you listen to? I’m obviously a homeschooling mama, and I’d love to indulge my passion for reading, cooking, and traveling in my hectic, sleep deprived world.
  13. I would never assume that anyone who was not addressed on the invitation was invited. Yes, it is unusual not to include a means of RSVP. Is there a wedding website? Often those include RSVP options. Of course, the old (old) fashion expectation for RSVPing was that you would write your reply on your own stationery; as much as I love that level of formality, I can’t imagine that would ever work in today’s world.
  14. medawyn


    He used to drive, but then we moved. 😛 The tow truck is picking it up this afternoon. It was a two hour wait, and I just did NOT want to stick around Target with my littles that long. I love Target, and all, but that seemed like a bad idea. So the very nice Tow Truck Man told me to shove the keys under the wheel well, and he'd pick it up by three. I called my mechanic, and they are swamped, but he's sending the car to someone else he trusts to at least get a speedy diagnosis. Hopefully it's a quick fix, and I can get it back before the weekend, but I'm bracing myself for the long haul just in case.
  15. medawyn


    He flew, or I imagine he would have been turning around. This is a huge annual family (guy) tradition, and even his 90-something grandfather will be there. He's only missed it one year since he was 12, so I try to keep the significance of the weekend in mind. This particular year might be pushing my limits! Fortunately my neighbor is going to watch the kiddos for an hour while I Uber to the airport and pick up DH's car. The problem with his car - and any loaner offered by the dealer, etc. - is that I can't fit in four car seats. BUT if we have an emergency, I can manage to transport the kids. The forecast is for rainy weather Fri-Mon, so chances are we would have stuck close to home anyway. My only "planned" outing was a park trip this afternoon, because our weather is fabulous, but the kids didn't know about that, so they will happily run around the backyard or we'll scooter around the neighborhood. Certainly not an ideal weekend, but we'll make it work. I'm a little grumpy (maybe a lot), but I'm going to try to look at it as a forced weekend of household projects.
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