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  1. Yup. And I feel especially bad for parents of kinder kids who aren't even legally required to attend, but since they are enrolled face truancy charges for their offspring not being in live Zoom meetings for 6ish hours a day 😞 They are being encouraged to hang in for another few weeks for the funding for the school. I have no idea why my state didn't freeze funding from last year, not that it was in an awesome place to begin with. I don't feel like this year will bring any clarity to the multitude of issues plaguing education(al funding).
  2. Oh, I get it. 2020 was going to be the first year we had no major life disrupting events, and gee... To be fair, some of those were *good* events, but it feels like we’ve just been steamrolling ahead without a chance to breathe, and we were looking forward to the calm. It’s totally okay to appreciate and even support your husband’s career opportunities while acknowledging that you hate your “office” and have been looking forward to a change that’s being back burnered once again. Vent away.
  3. I know one has been offered, but our favorite keema recipe is https://wellnessmama.com/5228/pakistani-kima/ I love that it's all in one pot, and I don't have to do anything else. Makes yummy leftovers, too.
  4. It’s why my neighbor’s kids are joining my homeschool this year. They were very much on the fence in general this year, but as soon as the kinder schedule came out, it was a big no. 6-7 hours of meetings via a screen is really not possible for anyone, let alone a little five yo person.
  5. @DawnM, I’m sorry your district is being so stubborn. If it’s the district I’m thinking of, rest assured that many of us in surrounding districts have been fighting for you. Your BOE is.... well, nothing appropriate springs to mind.
  6. So the only non abusive story I know related to this is a family with several daughters. The dad was driving the van with the two older girls (probably 7th/8th grade) and several of their friends for a spring break trip. The mom was behind in the car with the younger sisters. Apparently one of the daughters was having an extended teenage moment, including but not limited to be rude to dad. After several warnings, he called mom, asked her to pull over at a specific mile marker, pulled off and made daughter drive with mom. Obviously she was never in any danger. I imagine my parents had wish
  7. That's definitely the set up we had in the early 2000s. And since then only three dorms have been built on campus, so the majority of the dorms still have the one bath per 20-40 students. I assume they would use the other dorms as quarantine buildings if they were to have such a thing, but even then, private or semi-private bathrooms are much rarer. And if you are attending an older, smaller college, their ability to expand and modernize the dorms has already been a challenge when competing with larger universities creating basically luxury apartment style dormitories. Perhaps the smal
  8. There are two separate products: First Language Lessons Levels 1-4 which are intended for the grammar stage, and Grammar for the Well Trained Mind, which is much more recent publication and is intended for Logic and perhaps early Rhetoric stage. The latter is probably not mentioned in the Well-Trained Mind because it wasn't published at the time of the edition you are referencing. Other people can give reviews on which is "better". I imagine it depends on your goals and what kind of learners you have.
  9. My kids really have no problem with masks, including the 2 yo. She actually loves her the most and wears it without complaint. My 4 yo is my sensory kid, and it took a few styles to find one that didn't bug him too much to wear for longer periods, but he definitely knows that whatever mask he is wearing has to stay on for the duration. Much of my area seems to have given up on kids and masks, since now in person school isn't happening, but I think it's possible for the majority of kids to learn how to wear a mask and wash their hands with appropriate, consistent scaffolding for a few weeks.
  10. Obviously I’ve heard a lot about it since I have recent ties to the area, but I’ve also seen it mentioned on several print and video news sources. FWIW, I understand the “no one is covering this” mentality, but it’s really hard to understand how horrific a major weather event can be if you are not on the ground. I lived through the the most amazing ice storm in Oklahoma years ago; it felt like Armageddon in the city. It was all consuming for those of us struggling without power and with extensive damage to trees/homes/vehicles. There was national coverage, but it didn’t feel *enough* f
  11. Mine, too. Funny but unfortunately there are too many unicorns out there right now.
  12. I think there are lots of thoughtful conversations to have about the ramifications of a cashless society. I just don't have "End Times" on my list of discussion points.
  13. See, this is why I can’t talk to certain people. Now I seriously want to know the connection between a cashless society and the mark of the beast/end times. I mean, not enough to actually spend any more brain power on it, but it’s going to tickle for a while.
  14. Thanks, all. It really is much better for my mental health if I don't engage personally with some of these folks over various... beliefs. The Hive to the rescue, as always.
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