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  1. Give Your Child the World by Jamie Martin is organized by country and age group and has a wide range of titles.
  2. I love Christmas cards! We send out around 150 and receive 75-100 every year. I’m picking my cards this week, in fact. Fun!
  3. Coming back to add that I grew up with grandparents in close proximity, so holidays always involved large extended family gatherings. DH was similar. We talk a lot about the example we are setting for our kids - small, nuclear family holiday - but we still think we are making the best decision for our circumstances. I certainly hope that our small family Christmas turns into a big, chaotic Christmas with my kids and grands, but I acknowledge that our choices might impact what our children choose.
  4. We do stay home alone for Christmas. We extend invitations to our parents (but not our siblings), but often it’s just our nuclear family. We made the decision to stay home with just us with the expectation that it would always just be the six of us, and we have a lovely time. It’s peaceful - I control the pace of the season, which I can’t do if we join in the family fray.
  5. Be flexible. Acknowledge that not everyone will be able to make it to all holidays. Plan non-holiday times for full family get togethers. Hopefully be the kind of in laws that make our kids want to come home occasionally. We don’t opt out of family holidays because of drama but simply because traveling hundreds of miles with four young children is expensive. We do try to alternate sides of the family for Thanksgivings, but we stay home for Christmas. I miss our big family Christmases, but staying home is much nicer for my kids. We invite my parents and in laws to join us, and some years they do. They have more disposable income and fewer people to fly. None of our siblings or parents live in the same state as any other.
  6. Steamed until crisp tender and then pan sautéed with butter and julienned ginger.
  7. Just as a word of encouragement, I have recently moved to a largish metropolitan area, and I am on a zillion homeschool FB pages. I almost never see anyone advocating for the plug ‘em in curricula choices. Lots of encouragement about a wide range of curricular options, but almost all require hands on “old fashioned” parental involvement. I do see lots of people offering advice for K12 and similar when people are frustrated with public school on the moms groups (NOT HS groups), but I assume that 99% of that is venting and leads nowhere. The moms who actually venture onto the HS pages are encouraged to look broader and while people are sympathetic to challenging schedules and non-traditional hours, I really don’t see anyone suggesting that you can stick a kid in front of a screen, head to work for 10 hours, and successfully hs. I’m not saying this attitude isn’t out there, but I do think there’s a huge chunk of us hs newbies who are willing to put in the work and don’t plan on having technology educate our kids.
  8. Thunderstorms. Watching the brouhaha on the mom’s FB pages has been hilarious. If the forecast is right, we’ll hunker down with some hot dog mummies and little kid friendly Halloween movie and eat some candy.
  9. So just for future ideas, starting at age 16ish through college, I received a full set of really nice kitchen things. I was resistant at the time (I hadn’t yet learned that often gift giving is a pleasure for the giver), but I will say it was really nice to start my post college life with a fully stocked NICE kitchen. Nearly two decades later, and I still have and daily use my All Clad pots and pans, my good knives, etc. I was super spoiled as a 21 yo with such nice cooking tools, but I know you know they are worth the long term investment. It could be a gift she doesn’t need now but won’t be an inconvenience in her young adult life.
  10. medawyn

    New veggies

    Celery root, roasted or puréed is a favorite here. I also like roasting fennel, and the family tolerates it. I didn’t see sugar snaps or snow peas, both of which I frequently steam or stir fry for a quick side dish.
  11. I would have been nervous to Google “peaknip” 🙈
  12. I have a problem with dishware. I have several sets, most inherited. But our truly every day dishes are Portmerion’s Botanical Garden. I’ve used mine for almost 20 years, plus my mom gave me hers when she got remarried. She had had most of hers since she graduated college.
  13. Yes, patrons have access to the hold shelves, which is usually super convenient for the times I need to dash in and grab books. All holds are shelved spine up, so it’s difficult to read other’s book titles. Tags are sticking out with last name and last four digits of our library account number. I’m glad I paid attention, because my stack of mostly picture books is usually pretty distinct. Now I know! If it becomes a problem, I’ll definitely chat with the librarians; in the meantime I’ll just be sure to double check my stack.
  14. There is another family at our local library who shares our last name, who also puts lots of books on hold, who also has young children, and who might possibly even homeschool. No more grab and go from the holds shelf!
  15. I miss the big ear smilie. I’m super curious and waiting for my birthday to get mine. Keep updating us.
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