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  1. I hear this about my own kid (who is 6, not that advanced, and seriously not in any danger of outstripping even my personal body of knowledge any time soon) and reflected in others' conversations about gifted or advanced kids. It's as if there is a finite amount of learning in the world and what on earth will advanced children do if they max that out before they graduate high school? Does anyone else run into this attitude/concern?
  2. This is a very unattractive dish, but yummy:
  3. Nope. I mean, it’s fine, but I wouldn’t necessarily get another. The washer, otoh, I might just leave in my will to my favorite child. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Most recently, I've had people come to the house. We were in the middle of moving, and I didn't want the added hassle of arranging meetings away from home. Otherwise it depends on the item, how badly I want it gone, how difficult it might be to otherwise sell, and if I'm going to be home with my kids alone or not.
  5. Just some more preschool programs, in case something sticks: A Year of Playing Skillfully Timberdoodle’s programs (it’s silly expensive, but I love their Farm Math Mat) Build Your Library Level 0 Torchlight’s Pre-K Blossom and Root’s Early Year’s program
  6. Busy Toddler’s Playing Preschool?
  7. Just chiming in to say that I would certainly wait until after Jan 1 to see what the new benefits are as a consequence of the acquisition. My impression is that there are going to be some significant changes, but that is probably largely based on scuttlebutt. We’re in the process of navigating a job change between the two companies, and let’s just say that it has not been seamless. You have so many complications in this decision, that hopefully the new year brings clarity about what might be more necessary.
  8. I definitely have a super power. When I take a shower, everyone in the house has a sudden need to tell me something or use the toilet in that bathroom only.
  9. Ongoing problems, lol! He’s unfortunately out of town (and mostly out of the country) from now until our move date, but I’m getting the cost per pound estimate tomorrow. We’ll see if that changes his mind!!
  10. Chiming back in, because one of our other big dilemmas is actually getting rid of things. He’s sure everything has value, and we can’t get rid of it without selling. Setting aside the fact that he has absolutely no time to sell things, he has ridiculous notions about what we could get. We’re moving soon (like half the board, it seems), and I don’t want to move our (very heavy) patio set. He literally pulls out the EIGHT YEAR OLD receipt and wants to list it for like 10% less than we bought it for. Um, no, that’s not going to work. I’m at the point that I’d practically pay someone to take it away for me. Usually I just designate space for his things and let him cram in whatever he wants, but with a move coming up, I’d really like to be a little more aggressive about divesting ourselves of some belongings.
  11. T shirts from last century! Some are more holes than shirts but all are apparently precious.
  12. We wouldn’t have smashed, but we side stepped the issue by deciding a cake was unnecessary altogether.
  13. I just walked downstairs to find my 4yo DD holding scissors and surrounded by hair. To my “What happened?” exclamation, she answered, “I didn’t cut my hair!” We had a nice chat about honesty and have an appointment tomorrow to see if they can do anything with the fact that she has basically no hair on the left side of her head.
  14. I actually went to college in CT, so getting around the state is familiar. But things like homeschooling, buying houses, and family life wasn't exactly on the radar then. It will be interesting to revisit CT for a few years if that's what ends up happening. I'm sure it looks different on this side of parenting! Thank you for clearing up the regulations. I was a little confused reading the law itself; it did read as a suggestion, but then it looked like some groups recommended submitting letters, etc.
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