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  1. medawyn

    torchlight vs wayfarer vs BYL

    I can’t speak to all of your choices, but Torchlight’s curriculum currently only goes to Level Two (roughly second grade), so I don’t imagine it would fit your needs.
  2. medawyn

    What are you doing for Valentine's?

    Ugh, me too, except DH started it and is still down with it, and all four kids got hit today. With luck there's a lot of tv and naps tomorrow for Valentine's Day. If there's no luck, DH might have given me the flu...
  3. medawyn

    Wedding Invite Question

    My cousin got married last summer, and We received an invitation to a rehearsal dinner-type party with NO NAMES. I was so confused. It was from the groom’s parents (whom I have never met), and it didn’t mention the couple or the wedding at all. I had to read it a few times before the location (destination-ish) clicked. Later I discovered a reference to the couple’s wedding website in small print on the back, but names on the front would really have helped! First name only invitations don’t bother me, but it is helpful if they can be worked in somewhere - return address, reply card, etc.
  4. medawyn

    Baby timing

    So I have a Feb, Nov, May, and Jan baby. The last two I’ve had in the chilly Midwest. The May baby was great, because toddlers one and two were able to play outside while I sat on the porch and nursed. But the Jan baby was unexpectedly great. I baby wear, so there was a lot of wearing baby while my older three played at our winter outings. The biggest difference between the May baby and the Jan baby is that for the May baby, the second summer was rough, because he (like all my babes) was a late walker. All he wanted to do was be down and crawl every where, so playgrounds, etc. were challenging. In contrast, my Jan baby looks like she’ll be walking soon, so while she might need me to be close, I won’t have to wrestle a not walking but wanting to go tiny toddler all summer again. We’re done at four, but I’d consider a winter baby again if we weren’t.
  5. medawyn

    2019-2020 1st grade planning

    Hmmm... I guess it is time to be thinking about next year. Math: continue with RightStart, probably C but we'll see how this year finishes out, and adding in some word problems with Singapore's CWP. He spotted Beast Academy at homeschool meet up, so I'm also looking at BA2, probably as a supplement. Language Arts: copywork and narration, possibly AAS1 depending on his writing stamina, continue encouraging independent reading Science: We've been using BFSU the past month, so we'll continue with that if it keeps working. Otherwise interest driven books from the library and nature walks. Social Studies: We're traveling around the world right now, loosely using Barefoot Books Around the World with Picture Books. We'll just keep up our tour, spending 4-6 weeks on each country. Music and Art: SQUILT for music and art history lessons from Art History Kids
  6. medawyn

    Favorite Chili Recipes?

    Well Fed Paleo's chocolate chili - flavorful but not spicy. I serve it over roasted butternut squash cubes. Moosewood's vegetarian recipe - a classic that even my meat and potato DH will eat
  7. medawyn

    What are you eating if...

    Sorry - committed a cardinal WTM sin and posted without a recipe. Well Fed Paleo's chocolate chili. I usually serve it over roasted butternut squash cubes. It's not spicy (unless you want it to be) but very flavorful.
  8. medawyn

    What are you eating if...

    ... you are in the path of this lovely cold front whipping through this week? I'm in need of new cozy recipes. I've already made shepherd's pie and chocolate chili in the past week or so, thanks to our mountains of snow.
  9. medawyn

    afternoon rest time

    Rest time is mandatory in our house (kids ages almost 6, 4, 2.5, and 1). The timing isn't quite perfect, since the baby is still a twice a day napper, but in theory the world stops from 1:00-3:00 here. The 2.5 yo actually goes down at 12:30 (he's my super early riser and is just over it by then). The older two usually spend 30 minutes doing an activity with me that's challenging with a toddler, and then the 4 yo goes to her room. Honestly, she still falls asleep most days. The almost 6 yo gets 30 minutes of time with mom - we do "thinking math" or work a challenging puzzle or play games - then he has one hour of quiet time. He can read himself or listen to an audiobook and play with a few quiet toys; he usually does some of both. With luck, the baby goes down when he does (if not earlier). And then I have ONE WHOLE HOUR to myself. What I do varies with the day and my energy, but whatever it is, it doesn't involve kids. This does take a little training, particularly if you've not done quiet time before. Everyone goes through phases where they want to pop out of their room or quiet time space, and I just consistently redirect. I start waking everyone up between 2:30 and 2:45 with the promise of hot tea and a snack to ease us all back into the afternoon activities. This is year round, by the way. Last summer I made it clear to the neighborhood kids that my house is CLOSED between 1 and 3, so that all my nappers actually get a nap. I gave my oldest the choice to play with friends 1-2x per week instead of resting during the nice weather months, but I have observed that a little quiet alone time makes everyone's day better.
  10. medawyn

    How often do your kids bathe?

    The baby gets at least one daily bath, often more. She’s really into self feeding. The others (ages 2-5) usually get one every other day; we have a girls’ night and a boys’ night. The baby and 2 yo also frequently shower with me; it keeps them busy, and it’s easier to actually clean them in there. The 4yo (girl) gets in about 2-3 times a week. I make the 5 yo get in the shower once a week, because I know his hair actually gets clean in there.
  11. medawyn

    Baby pic

    Precious! My littlest celebrated her first birthday on Tuesday; it’s a good day to have a baby 🙂 Congratulations and wishing you much rest!
  12. medawyn

    Spices without politics?

    Everyone’s favorite Penzey’s alternative?
  13. medawyn

    recommend kids snow boots

    We wear Bogs. I buy neutral colors for all winter wear except coats, and just pass ‘em down. We’re outside daily unless the windchill is in dangerous digits, and those boots hold up. I also super duper love that even my two year old can put them on himself.
  14. I started that with one of my pregnancies and it never went away (joy). Google “geographic tongue” and see if the description fits. Beware there are lots of tongue pictures when one does this, though.
  15. medawyn

    Anyone doing a Whole 30 this month?

    I just saw this! I am. Thursday was rough bc DD age 4 woke up at 3 am with the stomach flu, and I just didn’t have a nice stash of leftovers being day 2 and all. I muddled through, but I was extra crabby all day. Gotta love it when your own life choices make you resentful. Back on track with my attitude today (day 4) and with a nice trip to the grocery store to stock up on a few more “grab and go” foods. Hopefully this weekend will see a few more meals ending up in my freezer. People around here keep eating more than I think they will! Kayla pork and chocolate chili are on the make/eat/freeze agenda for next week.