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  1. medawyn

    Maybe I am not meant to be a minimalist

    I have totally embraced this about myself, and it is so freeing. Bring on all the mugs!!
  2. I am so thankful my mother kept books that I loved as a child. Many are out of print, and I love sharing them with my kids. Some came to my house, and some stayed at Grandma’s. I have a book hoarding problem in general, so I’m sure I’ll keep too many. I can’t even imagine purging now, but I’m thick in the picture book years and liable to stay there for a long while. I expect that in years to come I will prune the collection, but my kids will probably know that Mom will have everything BUT books decluttered in my declining years.
  3. Definitely Kiwi Crate or Koala Crate. I also really love Ivy Crates for this ages.
  4. Assuming a lesson of RSA usually takes us 10-15 min (not counting games), how much of a “jump” is B? And worksheets - about the same or more? And yes, we play games, but I let those fill whatever time we have until interest wanes, plus odd moments and daddy outsourcing.
  5. medawyn

    Getting Stains Out of Stored Baby Clothes

    Yup, OxiClean and sunshine are your best bet. That worked for getting the stains out of the clothes that I just pulled out for my youngest. My older daughter was a spitter, and you would think I packed all her clothes without washing a stitch. *sigh* But OxiClean and sun got almost all the old stains out. Good luck!
  6. medawyn

    Hello Hive!

    She’s beautiful! Enjoy every new baby moment.
  7. medawyn

    Losing weight--for me

    Listening in, because you’ve described my situation exactly, even down to the numbers. Well, I’m not 40 quite yet, and I only had 4 babies, but man have they taken a toll on my body!
  8. You can apply to both US and UK universities in the same year, but you cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year.
  9. Oh, I agree purple’s not the best choice for her brick. But I did want to confirm that the (relatively small) effort of painting the front door something fun makes such a difference when you are used to driving up to your house multiple times a day and thinking “Hmmm, baby $h!t...”
  10. We, too, had a baby poop brown door. I painted it purple last fall, and I’m happy every time I pull up to my house. I have enough baby poop in my life, tyvm; I don’t need anyone in my life getting decorating inspiration from the front porch. I just asked the paint guys and followed their directions. The pic is the best one I have of the color. Ignore my then-baby being strangled and/or dropped by his sister. And the too-small mat.
  11. medawyn

    Magnatiles, bristle blocks, or waffle blocks?

    Magnatiles and BToys bristle blocks get played with daily here. I’d probably choose Magnatiles for longevity.
  12. medawyn

    pelvic floor issues - ladies only

    Going to a PT for abdominal and pelvic floor issues has been the BEST decision. A good PT can do so much to help, even in the TeA department (although bf hormones create the same problem here, and I’ve been nursing the last five years). My insurance has totally covered my PT under preventative care, so you might be surprised how much is covered. It would have been worth it to me even out of pocket. And just an FYI, find someone you are really comfortable with because you are going to have frank discussions about uncomfortable things and hands in potentially intimate places. Some of my appointments are similar to a GYN visit, but that’s my choice. I’m comfortable with my therapist and have opted for treatments with the highest level of efficacy for my situation; internal work with her has always been optional, though, with alternatives offered.
  13. medawyn

    Sending kids to bed filthy

    Heck, I bathed all four of my kids by myself last night, and 24 hours later I'm still thinking I deserve a medal for not letting anyone drown and not losing my mind. Pretty sure I'll be sending them to bed unbathed for the majority of the nights for the next two weeks, since DH is out of town. I do love showers, though. I accidentally started putting my oldest in the shower with me as soon as he was sitting well, and it was such a happy accident. None of my kids fuss about a shower (although, apparently, water in your face in the bath/anywhere else is catastrophic), and I can chuck them right in if the mess is overwhelming.
  14. medawyn

    S/O...Amazon Prime...What's in your latest package?

    Birthday presents for my two year old ( a shave like daddy kit and cars) and Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1. Unusually, that's it. It's definitely a slow Amazon week around here.
  15. But what if you honestly don’t know enough information to send an invitation early? This wedding is in a location where guests were well served to know a year in advance to book hotels. My cousin knew that there were venues available her desired weekend but hadn’t booked anything specific when she sent the save the date cards.
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