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  1. Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale right now, and Math Mammoth is available for 25% off.
  2. I'm actively looking for daytime lessons for my kids. I currently have 2 kids who I would put in lessons, but I'll have two more coming up. I would also like to take lessons. It would be so convenient for me to be able to bring my family in and do an afternoon lessons all in one go, and of course a 10% tuition break would be awesome. I probably wouldn't do group lessons, but that's because I have dubious experiences with groups of homeschoolers.
  3. DH and I gout our second Pfizer shot at 2:30 pm on Tuesday. Both were fine the rest of that day. DH woke up with a low grade fever and serious body ache on Wednesday and was down for the count. I felt very slightly “off” but had a completely normal day. By Thursday morning we were both 100%, not even a sore arm.
  4. I should have known someone would ask! The Bicycle Spy by Yona Zeldis McDonough DS8 has devoured all things WW2 for the last year, so I knew he'd like it, despite the fact that apparently the first 30 words were unsatisfactory. 😜
  5. I'm still undecided for my upcoming 1st grader. She's my second, but so different from DS8 that she might as well be my first. Math: Math Mammoth 2, maybe? Lanugage Arts: lots of reading aloud, working to fluency and hoping to move into early chapter books, Dictation Day by Day for spelling/copywork/beginning grammar Science: SCI 0 with kinder DS With the family: Geography (Asia), 50 states, lots of read aloud, poetry, art and music appreciation
  6. Finally have enough pulled together to put something here... that will no doubt change. Math: Beast Academy, maybe 3D? definitely 4A-C/D, Hands on Equations, MM blue series as extra practice when needed Language Arts: MCT Island, CAP Fable and Narrative 1, Dictation Day by Day, finish Mensa K-3 and start 4-6 History: OUP's The World in Ancient Times Science: SCI level 3 As a family: Geography (Asia), 50 states/capitals,
  7. I rarely require, because he reads fairly prolifically and widely but this book was so exactly something he would like (and fit so nicely with the history HE requested) that I didn’t feel guilty leaving it on the to do list. Is he going to give me the benefit of the doubt next time I suggest a book I think he will like? Nope 🙂
  8. ... has been refusing to read a book because he read the first page and hated it. Alas, today reading was the only thing left on his history to do list for the week, so he had no choice. Whattya know? He’s still reading over lunch because, “Mom, you are right! This book is awesome!” Who could have guessed?
  9. Just under that age, but my almost 3rd grader is allergic to pencils if required for school. On his own, in the past two weeks he has written a list of birds he has seen in the yard with an ongoing tally. At my request, he added some features for male/female, ostensibly so I or his siblings could identify the birds and add to his tally. He has made a bracket a la March Madness for his paper airplanes that he has made this year (he has a plane of the day calendar). This took him three days, but he wrote the names of 64 planes and created the bracket. He likes to draw tanks and mi
  10. I understand about punishing 😞 My DS would feel the same way. I have a bonus kid this year who is at a completely different level of math than DS, even though they are the same grade. I've been using Singapore Dimensions with him, because he will be returning to a classroom next year, and Dimensions was a good fit for that. However, he definitely gets invited to read the guide books with us, and he's been working some of the puzzles in the Level 2 puzzle book. If another curriculum is necessary, would maybe being able to read the guides and have 1-2 puzzle sessions a week be a possible bri
  11. You are a little ahead of us in BA, and I do think BA flies through the concepts of division and fractions. My kid thrives on BA and it gives him access to puzzles and much more challenging problems than I would easily be able to create for him, but I'm trying to really pay attention to how they introduce concepts and slow down/put away the books when I think it jumps too fast. For example, in the division chapter (which I've recently just paused), I think BA leans to heavily on the notion that kids can automatically do division if they can do multiplication and doesn't spend any time having
  12. As others have said, mostly eggs. About once a week I toss veggie odds and ends into a frittata and eat that for the next 3-4 days. I also freeze pieces of frittata to pull out on hectic mornings. When I’m in the mood I make salmon patties from canned salmon and eat that with a salad in the morning. Not breakfast-y but it works for me. I always make double and freeze some. These pancakes are delicious with nut butter and a few slices of banana. I especially love them with Trader Joe’s Mixed Nut Butter, which I don’t share with my children. https://balancedbites.com/content/paleo
  13. No advice. I’ll have those exact grades some day, so this thread is a timely reminder to enjoy these years when they are little and sweet and school is much less pressure.
  14. That is offensive. I tutored in NYC more than a decade ago, and I never worked for less than $50 an hour for short term, generic tutoring. Plus, if I charged that low, I usually knew the family or situation. My specialty tutoring ran $125/hour.
  15. Honestly, the school I was attending at the time used Spalding and just whipped me through most of it in a year. I have all.the.things and will probably use Spalding for DS. It’s easy to accelerate as needed. Especially if she’s already had AAR 1-4, I imagine she’d be fine. We review phonogram cards daily, because my kids are 3, 4.5, 6, and 8. The oldest doesn’t need it, and I don’t care what the 3 yo knows, but I find the review is great for my learning to read kids. DS8 has definitely tuned into the more sophisticated spelling rules attached to the cards in the past six month
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