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  1. Cynthia Rylant’s The Lighthouse family series, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Beatrix Potter, and Tumtum and Nutmeg have all been audiobook hits with my 4s here.
  2. medawyn

    White elephant gift you actually want

    Post it notes staples and paper clips fuzzy socks, mug, and hot cocoa or tea
  3. An 11 month old... she obviously needs nothing, but her big siblings (4 and 5.5) are already so excited about her first Christmas and Santa bringing presents. They will definitely notice if baby gets nothing or hand me down toys. Santa brings 3 presents, and I already know she’s getting a little pack of Magnatiles, because all of them are (yay for deals). ETA: We have 4 kids under 6, and I’m literally counting down the days until I can donate the baby toys.
  4. medawyn

    My daughter's Senior Pics with the red hair

  5. medawyn

    US people: Who has voted?

    DH and I took the kids this morning and then took them out for donuts. DD3 went tearing through the house this morning yelling, “I’m so excited about voting!” Followed by a quieter, to herself “I have no idea what voting is.” ? I guess my chats about the election process need to be revisited in a year or two.
  6. For the one in your life who loves Scotland... or Scotch:
  7. medawyn

    Gregory eats scrambled eggs!

    One of the many reasons I love Gregory! Yay, mama!
  8. medawyn

    What do you keep?? Clothing

    I’ve kept one or two sentimental outfits for each kid, but I honestly don’t know how long I’ll even keep those. Definitely kept the christening gown my great grandmother made, but that’s clearly special and gets passed along to all the cousins, etc. When I’m having trouble parting with things (this is our last baby, too), it helps me to imagine handing my future DIL a bag or tote of 30-ish year old baby clothes with those spit up stains that magically reappear. Those things get passed along to someone who can use them promptly.
  9. I’m seriously considering it, but baby will be just past one and still nursing. It’s an awkward time to leave. I’m basically waiting until the end of the week to decide, and if it’s sold out, there’s my answer.
  10. I write thank you notes religiously. I write thank you s for all my children and am looking forward to handing more of that responsibility to them. I will personally sit on them until appropriate thank you’s are written until they are 18. Hopefully by then it’s rubbed off on them. As far as gift giving? Of course I appreciate an acknowledgment of a gift. But I give because I enjoy it and love the recipient, so I try to make like Elsa and let my expectations go.
  11. medawyn

    "Oh No! We better fix it or mommy will be SOOOOO mad!"

    You could be a millionaire if you find an answer to this question.
  12. medawyn

    "Oh No! We better fix it or mommy will be SOOOOO mad!"

    My morning was fine. Last night, however... I had the 2 yo and the baby in the bath, when my 3yo comes in sobbing "I don't like it when my fan has steam." Uh... neither do I? I fling the poor baby out of the bath, who spends the rest of this endeavor screaming on the floor in her towel, because she's tired, wet, cold, and abandoned. I race into my daughter's room to discover that she and the 5yo have been throwing clothes at the fan, and a camisole is happily smoking away tangled in the light fixture. One ladder dragged through the house later I untangle the camisole, add the burn holes as a visual aid in my lecture, air out the house, dry off and diaper the 2 naked kids, and wonder why my DH is always out of town on nights like this. When I came back inside from putting the ladder way, the 5 yo immediately says, "Mommy, I think it's bed time." Good idea, son.
  13. medawyn

    Halloween costumes

    My big three are going as Owlette, Catboy, and Gecko. The baby gets to be a ladybug, because that’s the baby costume I have stashed.
  14. We’ll, mine are a little younger (5, 3, 2, and <1) but Magnatiles and (Duplo) legos get the most play here. Like a PP, I add to the communal collection at gift giving occasions. Also unexpectedly but played with just as frequently are tubs of plastic animals from Target. A little more annoying to pick up (they seem to travel more places) but tons of play time gets clocked. We have several variations of these: Magazines are also a favorite gift. We receive and frequently reread Highlights (Hello and High Five), Ladybug (plus Babybug and Click), and Zoobooks (Zootles and.... can’t remember). Lots of grandparents/aunt/uncle gifts.
  15. Not in my experience. And I didn’t even have to give a presentation until I defended my undergrad thesis, which was an elective honors project. I went on to teach in various level classrooms for 10 years, so I seem to have managed without any kind of public speaking class.
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