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  1. Probably, but everything will be in a one day drive. We’re hoping to visit all three sets of grandparents. It’s about 6 hours for each drive, and when there we’ll be staying at their homes and just playing. We’re renovating our house, and part of the project is refinishing the hardwood floors in the 1st floor. We can’t be home for that, so we’re trying to make plans that get us out of the house in a healthy for everyone way.
  2. +1 I mean, I didn’t know pre-marriage that this should be a requirement, but I had good fortune despite my ignorance and am wiser now.
  3. The kids had pancakes. From a mix. I didn’t even make bacon or eggs for some protein. And now they are taking an hour long bath because syrup.
  4. DH and I have a cheese tray for date night in at least once a month, so I usually have 3-4 fancy cheeses running around my cheese drawer. After date night, these get turned into gourmet grilled cheese or macaroni (or sometimes just a mini cheese plate for mom's lunch). Our "standards" include a block of sharp cheddar, shredded cheddar, shredded mozzarella, provolone slices, a block of feta, goat cheese, and a block of provolone.
  5. Send them to me? 😜 I love china. I have my set from my wedding. I have my mom’s set from her first wedding. I have a set from each of my grandmothers. I have Christmas china. I use them all frequently. I wash all but one set (with gold leaf) in the dishwasher. I also use my fine crystal and my sterling regularly, too. What’s the worst that happens? It gets broken? That’s what happens with dishes. It won’t be important enough to my kids to pass down if they never see it. And honestly, we don’t break things with such alarming frequency that my sets get ruined quickly.
  6. I second Ivy Kits. A three month subscription or just handpick a few favorite titles from their previous boxes. My kids have loved Ivy Kits.
  7. I put the rice in the rice cooker and never turned it on tonight.
  8. We've had extremely rainy weather this week, but I've still managed a morning walk 5 days in a row. I was positive it was going to be rainy this morning, and I was up with kids, so I was not enthused when I woke up to heavy grey skies but no precipitation. I forced myself out the door, though, and managed a thirty minute walk with only a sprinkle. I hate exercise of any kind, so five days in a row of something is really good. My current motto is "something is better than nothing", since I tend to get discouraged if I'm not doing something 100%. My macros have been on track this week, too, despite being really lazy about cooking/going to the grocery store. I'm not weighing for a few more days at least, because if I weigh too soon and see no progress, I tend to have a week long carb fest to console myself. If I can make it 10 -14 days, if I see no downward progress, I'm more inclined to troubleshoot instead of eat Ben and Jerry's. Fingers crossed! DH is off work for five days this weekend, and it's harder to stay on track with my diet but easier to get out of the house for a long walk.
  9. This thread has inspired me, and I’m now 2/2 on getting up and walking before the kids get up AND hitting my macros (20/20/60). I’m 50 lbs away from my “dream” weight and definitely the heaviest I’ve ever been outside of pregnancy. I stopped breastfeeding for the first time in almost 7 years, and that didn’t help at all.
  10. In that situation, I’ve paid my competent adult caregiver the same rate whether I’m there or not. I think of a mother’s helper as a young teen who requires the presence of the mother in the house. What you’re describing falls more under a “nanny for a work at home parent” situation. It doesn’t matter that your work is homeschooling older children.
  11. The Rockefeller cabin is tiny, but the hike to Phelps Lake there is lovely. It’s the first hike I take my kids on every summer. Get there early - the parking lot gets full and there can be a long wait. There are lots of accessible hikes in the Teton National Park - flat-ish around lakes or short and steep up to view points, as well as more serious hikes but that don’t require technical knowledge. Jackson Hole is definitely an expensive town. There’s lots of high end restaurants, but also some great local hole-in-the wall burger joints, etc. I’m not much help on lodging, but there are a variety of price points. Camping sites do fill up fast, although who knows what this year will bring.
  12. @Quarter Note, Snow Treasure arrived at my door this morning, and he's already finished it! Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. My kids have loved the Alphabet Peas books. My older kids enjoy Take Away the A and play “If I take away....” all the time.
  14. Size 3 or 4 get the longest use in my house. I have heard that size 6 is often hard to come by in donation scenarios, but I don't have first hand knowledge.
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