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  1. I’m right there with you that FIAR is so much fun! But time is at a minimal with having many older ones. So lik PP mentioned we have used IVY KIDS! They have been a lifesaver for the fun and I add in library books as I want to gain more on the subject. Also, look into Beautiful Feet. The around the world appears to be similar to FIAR and we will be using that next year! Lots of books with lessons based on them.
  2. This will be my fourth little guy to do K. I'm still thinking it through Math- Either MUS Alpha or Math for a Living Education Reading/Writing/Spelling- IEW PAL continuing from where he currently is History/Geography- Around the World with Picture Books, lots on hands on things Literature- Sonlight P4/5 and A as we want since we have all the book Handwriting- HWOT K and 1 I'll probably grab some Ivy Kids boxes once our current ones are done and possibly another kit club for fun
  3. I am looking for a class online for teaching my 5th grader writing. When I googled it, not much came up, so I thought I'd see the advice of other homeschoolers here.
  4. After many years of wanting to I finally started up a homeschooling blog. I have already posting some topics I’m interested writing about, but I’m curious what readers like to read. Or what other than freebies brings them to a blog in general.
  5. I don’t think there is anything specific. It will all depend upon the child. Mine with adhd can’t handle mm and we use mus with him since the pages are clean and not cluttered. The amount of problems have been good for him. BUT it may also be a frustrating for an adhd kid being that it’s mastery. It also depends if the child is interested in math and has that as an strength. If the child enjoys reading a nice gentle approach would be masterbooks math for a living education- this does have Christian content. Ive been tempted to switch mine to TT because of the video lessons which he enjoys but another but for mine math is a weakness and he would struggle without the one on one help
  6. Bummer. I was never crazy about Gymboree since it was too themed for me and more than I wanted to spend on messy little boys. But crazy 8 has been a favorite.
  7. We have had the same struggle with Science. I'm guessing it doesn't help in my case that I don't enjoy teaching it. But since we all love literature we do a lot of reading to make up for the lack of science instruction in these years.
  8. We loved doing the Hidden Mickeys. It was a fun way to keep busy. The book was inexpensive and a highlight of the trip for my kids.
  9. We are thinking of getting an au pair for a year. Has anyone had experience with having one? Agencies to go through (or not)?
  10. Have you considered seeing a naturopath? They tend to look for the reasons behind the issues and address those (typically in a natural approach of diet change, supplements, exercise, etc). I am/was having similar issues and doctors weren’t able to help. I went to a naturopath and we’ve been finding the root of my issues. After about two weeks of supplements and changes I’m starting to feel so much better and the weight is beginning to come off without change to my exercise or diet (I’ve actually been eating more than before). She has also ordered tests that previously doctors wouldn’t and have brushed off my concerns. It may be an option you can look into. I’m not sure if insurance covers them ( the office visit wouldn’t have been but tests she ordered would have been. )
  11. Can I hug you?!? I forgot that homeschool in the woods was on my list of maybes! I think that is just what I need! Thank you!
  12. I was going to put together my own, but I'm just too tired! I'm looking at a 1 year American History that covers the beginning into modern times. Preferably living book based. I've looked in Sonlight, but it isn't the best fit for us. Any other suggestions?
  13. Thanks for the information! It sounds like it won't be the best fit for us either. I will be looking more into TLP! And ELTL! I'm trying to get my boy who loves reading, but hate all other language arts to gain better LA skills.
  14. Anyone use this? I've only seen the small excepts in the samples, but it looks interesting as it also covers some books I was going to use with my kids next year anyway.
  15. We take probiotic pill that is df. You just need to search for one that you like best as there are several out there. We also do elderberry daily as well as raw garlic raw apple cider vinegar and raw honey.
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