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  1. We are currently using Around the World and while I enjoy it, it is not an open and go curriculum. We have enjoyed the majority of the literature suggested and I would highly recommend looking at them. The guide was pretty, but IMO the lessons are not organized and there is not consistency throughout. There were some aspects of the countries that we wouldn't have pulled in ourselves, but just note that it is a guide and not a manual which outlines a lesson for you. There is the expectation you will be picking and choosing what you add. Occasionally videos are suggested. I have some o
  2. My oldest (currently 6th grade) has been using MUS with success, but has a really difficult time with word problems and application of the math. Any supplemental suggestions to help in this area?
  3. I'm pretty sure last I checked that Applegate's Organic hot dogs and Sam's Choice (walmart) Organic hot dogs are corn free. I have one with a corn allergy and we've used those in the past when we've had hotdogs.
  4. I have been thinking about this...but then when going through my storage room I remembered I have Mystery of History. Now to decide! But one reason I'm still thinking about World's Story is because of the artist studies and architecture studies. Are these in depth or just a mention? I couldn't see in the example how these are handled and if they are worth it or if I could find something to add to MOH to cover this...especially the architecture. I haven't heard of this and will tak a look! Thanks!
  5. We have tried using both IEW and BW. Here are my thoughts: IEW is very well done, easy to implement and has great methods for repetition and building upon it. I like how it teaches and teaches great organization. But even so my reluctant writer hated it. He found the videos boring and overwhelming. I still needed to help quite a bit to make it more interesting for him. So we put it aside in hopes we can revisit it later. It's a program I wish had worked for my kids since I LOVED the ideas and methods taught. It leans more towards formal writing vs creative. I picked up BW and
  6. Thank you! This helps so much. Some of these we have used and others I've never heard of.
  7. I'm looking for history which begins with the Middle Ages for my 6th and 7th graders to work on next year. Any suggestions of curriculum that can be fairly independent? I was also looking at History Unboxed as an add on for this, but I'm not sure as it is pricey and since I can't see the content I wasn't sure if it was worth the price. Anyone use this before?
  8. I have a middle school child who is VERY interested in architecture. We already have grabbed many books for him, he has a hands on kit and computer program. I do want to give him a better understanding of architecture- mathematical, structural, etc. Is there anything out there for kids to learn about this subject?
  9. All the toll roads I have used in IL have been with ipass system or stopping at an actual booth if you don’t have the system. I haven’t gone on 88 recently so I can’t speak with certainty that’s the system along there but for 90, 94, etc that’s the way it’s always been. So if that’s the case for 88 as well, you’d pay tolls as you got on or off and possibly along the way as well. And some places do not have manned toll booths so you may need exact change. I’d check if you can find if this is the case.
  10. You can actually use the reservation finder for free 🙂. You just need to register for touring plans but don’t need the $10 membership to see the crowds
  11. Oh and if you really want the Disney experience it’s all Magic Kingdom imo. Although the rides are fairly the main attraction it shouts Disney to me and the fireworks show are wonderful!
  12. We just got back from Disney World. Youll need to check the parks hours- some parks offer after hours parties and close early. The Halloween party will most likely be over when you are there but there are other things that could cause a park to close early. There are tickets good for after 12pm which are less expensive and would be great for you it seems. If you’re not big on rides I’d suggest Epcot. It’s wonderful to walk around and see everything around you. With the Food and Wine festival it was a little more busy but not bad. We were easily able to walk around and grab so
  13. I had my cholestrol skyrocket after being on keto. My doctor suggested going vegan to help with the cholesterol. It wasn't great for my fat loss, but it did drastically drop my cholesterol.
  14. I haven't heard of these before! Thank you for sharing. If these don't work for DS they will work for another who is doing an Around the World Study. Plus the library has a ton! I haven't dived into these yet, but I do have one child who loves science and textbooks who will start using it. Unfortunately, ODS already looked at them and gave a flat out no. He is the exact opposite! Thanks for sharing! These are great! I'm definitely saving this as a great resource while I dive into planning his science specifically.
  15. Thank you! Yes, I should have mentioned that we have actually already done these before. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that they've continued writing them. It's been a few years without any additions. That's why we picked up Sassafras for other topics.
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