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  1. We're not Catholic, so I can't offer any curriculum specific to that. But we do extensive Bible as a part of our learning. We begin our daily with Morning time together and then this is when I fit it in. I choose a base that we do daily. Right now for us that is reading and discussing the book of the Bible we are reading (or Bible Study) and Apologia's Who is God (worldview). We also do Bible Memory daily. Then the rest of the things we do (another 3-4 Bible related studies) are cycled through. Monday and Wednesday we do our missionary book, Wednesday we do Answers for Kids and Friday w
  2. We used the History/Bible/literature last year. There are a lot of great books in it which are quite enjoyable. For us it was too much reading to juggle since I had other kids to teach (Some with SN and a toddler) and we also had science, writing, etc. I ended up taking the books and intertwining then with my other kids around the world studies and sing Notgrass as their base for individual work. Although I love Sonlight it was a lot for me personally to keep up on with them at this point. We began the first few years of our homeschooling going through SL.
  3. My current 3rd grader does a lot of writing on his own. He loves writing short stories and has a series going on right now that he "publishes". He also writes comics, magazine, brochures (for businesses he wants to start) and recipes. Occasionally he will write letters to friends and family too. We also get to view many skits he and his older brother write together...which typically ends up in them giggling the entire time. I have not done any formal writing lessons with him, it's all be through freewriting and his own questions about how to improve. He began before being able to wri
  4. I actually ended up doing that for the most part. I liked it much better. For Around the World I’d suggest checking out Guest Hollow. Im pretty sure she has a curriculum either free or paid (and it’s super affordable) It’s more of a loose plan with books from the library, video suggestions hands on and such. Also I used Beautiful Feet’s Around the World with Picture Books to plan our Around the world study the past two years. It was a good beginning for us and then I made my own notebooking pages, grabbed extra resources, hands on, etc. I’ve found for me personally there is no perfect
  5. I don’t give my kids the end date that I have in mind since it is always changing based upon opportunities we can take during the year. For our family homeschooling gives s the flexibility to change things around. For us if grandparents whom we don’t see often want to come visit I’d rearrange to the best of my ability. If there isn’t anything that requires you to be done by the date you set Id take the time off.
  6. We tried Sea and Sky a few years back when my kids were at the low end of the age range and it was way too much for them (mainly the reading). So we shelved it a that point. I pulled it out again this year and while they enjoyed it, like others said it was all over the place. it lacks editing. They would assign a page out of their student workbook and it was incorrect page. The student notebook wasn’t in order of what was assigned either which baffled me as they created both the lesson plan and the student books. The reading levels were all over the place from the different material.
  7. I've been working through Barton with one of my DSs whom needed remediation. He did well with is, completing about a lesson a day through level 3. I plan on going through level 4 with him as I have it and have seen him grow in both his reading and spelling since beginning. While he will still have skills he'll need to work on after level 4, I don't think I want to continue with Barton. So with that said, other than doing the placement test, does anyone know where he'd best fit in AAR/AAS at that point.
  8. IMO the Home Art Studio resembles a traditional grade school art. It's definitely more cut, paste, paint crafty type of stuff that my kids of all ages found fun, but didn't learn from like with Artistic Pursuits. So if they enjoy doing crafts it would be fun for them to do along with but they don't require much skill or instruction.
  9. My 8 year old is quite creative with his writing, often writing stories and such on his own. We have postponed formal writing and he just requested using WriteShop. I have been using it with an older child and he loved the look of it. The projects have been enjoyable for him and it does focus on creative writing. We modify where needed to suit us better. I wouldn't say that it teachers formatting paragraphs or sentences, but does help guide in writing creatively.
  10. I’d suggest using Give Your Child the World by Jamie Martin. It lists literature from around the world by country and age. I used it along with Beautiful Feets Around the World like the PP suggested to add literature for my older kids (6/7th). Before we went to Europe we studied more specifically about the countries we were going to. We read a lot of literature, my history buff dove in more to the history and we also learned about the culture. It was interesting for them to compare what we read to their actual experience.
  11. I know I can do these on my own bum it currently I need something open and go. I’m looking for something similar to a the Good and the Beautiful. Shorter units that I could do 2-3 during a year. Preferably Christian and covering geology, weather and dinosaurs (3 separate studies). The topics are flexible But I’d need them for a 2nd and 4th grader.
  12. I’ve always eyed those systems but I personally don’t think just one would Work. I’d need at least two. We enter through our garage (Into laundry room) and put hooks up on the wall. Each person has their own and there is enough spacing between them that things fit well without falling or being crowded. They can hang their enter coats and snow pants there. In the summer it’s their backpack for outings, swim gear and a lite jacket. Winter boats and wet or dirty shoes go on boot trays along the wall and since we have an inside door in that hallway I use an over the door shoe organizer for fli
  13. This is very much what it currently looks like in our school day. I was thinking of having the whole day look more like the second hald, but I do think there is value in instruction. This is what I'm trying to sort through.
  14. Thank you for all the thoughts. The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing is I'd prefer child-led and it is already much of what we do. We aren't the types to throw all the curriculum away as I have a couple who request it. There is still much we value is parts of a structured school morning and so I think I'll look into child-led more than unschooling.
  15. We are currently eclectic leaning more Charlotte mason of anything. I do see more joy in learning from my kids when it is purely interest led and self directed and less dread of schoolwork when we attempted a more classical education I’m not sure if it’s more desirable but may work better for the rhythm of our family I already see my kids exploring their interests on their own through what they play, their library choices and what they talk about. I’m wondering if I should allow more of their education be like this especially as they grow older. I suppose we already do this for elem
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