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  1. They have a sample on their site. https://www.intoxicatedonlife.com/store/product/the-talk/
  2. We used The Talk series by the Gilkersons. I liked it a lot and it was easy to use. It allowed us to be age appropriate and go as in depth as needed for all our boys. The youngest was 5 and the oldest 9 at that time. We did one book at a time, the first all together. Then we did the next two as the aged and needed that info.
  3. We spread our read aloud time out through our day. I usually do one for 10-15 minutes during our morning time and DS 7 and 3 play and wander. We do another at lunch for 20 minutes and they all sit and listen since they’re eating. And then separate ones at bedtime. I get each then for another 10-20 minutes. my older ones can listen for longer times at a sitting but they get irritated with the younger ones interrupting so the split schedule works for us. As the younger ones learn to listen longer well make the times longer too.
  4. Mine went in person all last year, obviously unvaxxed. He will go again this year still unvaxxed
  5. For us it has depended upon the child. My current 2nd grader/7 yo. He’s not one to sit for long periods, so I cater to his needs. He is required to listen in to our morning time with includes Bible, geography and read aloud. He doesn’t sit this whole time but will often walk around the room, play legos, color. He does 20-30 minutes of math (this is his strength and he enjoys it, otherwise it would be much shorter) 20 minutes of reading lessons 5 minutes of handwriting 20-30 minutes of hands on activities related to Five in a Row. This is split up through our school day and he takes a lot of breaks to play with his younger brother while I work with my older ones he will sit in on their science and history and pick things up there when interested I’ve had two others who desired to sit down and do formal lessons beginning in K and still do. My schedule and expectations of them were much different.
  6. I primarily use NASB for study occasionally ESV. For just reading I’ll use NIV or NLT. For memory work we use ESV.
  7. When I go coffee free I usually drink teas. When craving the cream and sweetened coffee I’ll do roasted dandelion root. Not the same but it helps me.
  8. Could using the book list from a guest Hollow work? The spine is Apologia which would probably be too much but they use a lot of lit that may fit for learning. Then we added in a chem set from Home Science Tools which came with experiments. You may be able to just buy the simple booklet from them for those ideas
  9. Jamie c Martin has a wonderful book Give Your Child the World with suggestions of good literature for different countries with a summary. It was super helpful. We also enjoyed the booklist from Beautiful Feet’s Around the Works with picture books (I used the program for k-6th). I wasn’t thrilled with the actual guides. Atlas crates are fun too
  10. We have done EEME and Mark Roberts class. They are completely different IMO. EEME is great for beginning to learn electronics, how to do simple projects. rovers class which he recommended using the arduino kits is more taking an idea froM beginning to end, problem solving and implementing it. It is more process. My kids enjoyed both. EEME is more beginning knowledge and I would suspect that 42 electronics is a step up from them (we haven’t tried it yet).
  11. If doing online I’ve seen group buys for Beast Academy online. They may be those for the upper levels too.
  12. Five kids here- first was early. Next three late with two needing to be induced at 42 weeks as my docs wouldn’t let me go longer. Fifth came naturally on his due date. I thought he’d be late and they already set up. A date for his induction since it was by the holidays.
  13. Nope. Music is on constantly here. We have a Bluetooth speaker they use for listening so its also not just them in their own world.
  14. For our kids the majority of toys are in their bedroom. The toddler does have a few things downstairs since he’s usually where I am. So for Legos they do each have their own sets in their rooms. Although there are Certain toys that stay in their rooms to be played there only, they will often migrate around the home when they play. I’ve been okay with that as long as the toys end up back in their home (in the bedrooms). All. Video games and board game stay in the common areas.
  15. We tried IEW in 3rd, but it wasn't a good fit for us then and we chose to use Writeshop during the elementary years. Now that ODS is in middle school he chose to do IEW and I think it's a better fit. He grew with an enjoyment of writing using Writeshop and now he'll learn more technical writing with IEW.
  16. I’ve made mine like that in Word, but Trello is another option if you’d like electronic vs paper.
  17. We’re over an hour away and can clearly see the smoke from our home.
  18. Guest Hollow uses apologia as a spine and then has additional items added in.
  19. Thank you for the detailed response! I do plan on giving him the pre-test but also have a good idea of where he is at. I already plan on pulling in separate problem solving things as I know mus lacks in that. I used to teach ps math so I have an understanding of the demand such as the written explanations and words problems. I can also do the remediation as long as he lets me...that’s another story but currently he says he is willing. I’m in the place right now deciding what is the best approach since I’ll only have two months to cover many concepts. I’m leaning towards MUS to lay a foundation and give confidence, realizing he won’t master it in this time period. Sadly when His teacher mentioned algebra next year I was surprised. Her reasoning was he was on par or beyond the kids there...and I know for a fact he’s not ready for algebra and hasn’t covered many of the topics in the 7th grade book he missed at ps. I’m also not a fan of pushing all kids into algebra by 8th grade. MUS has done a great job with a foundational base for him which was my plan for him had he stayed home.
  20. Would you say that MUS did a good job of laying a foundation for the next year? He’s be skipping over two levels of MuS to get to the Algebra 1 book- the decimal book I’m not as concerned about as we’ve covered it in other ways and he had some of that this past year at ps.
  21. I haven’t decided yet as I’m still thinking through it. Why would you suggest not to use the ps text?
  22. ODS went to ps this spring. He has an IEP so I feel I have a bit more say in what he is learning and his sped teacher has listened to my guidance about where he should be. Math is not his strong subject. He dislikes it, struggles with word problems and more complex ideas. This isn’t a surprise and what I communicated and he was working on math a grade level below his actual grade. Well, next year his teachers recommended him to go on to Algebra BUT I know there are huge gaps from Where he is and where he’s need to be. She gave me the textbook I can work through with him over the summer but to him it’s overwhelming. We were using MUS prior to going to ps with much success but he hadn’t hit prealgebra. So with all the said, I have three choices 1) Hold him back in math but he’d be in a class a grade below 2) Go through the ps text over the summer filling in the basics and tutoring him during the school year- Math is my strength so I’m more than able 3) use MuS prealgebra over the summer since he’s found success in the past knowing it’s not equivalent to the ps Prealgebra and again tutor through the year as needed. DH and I have a disagreement over what I should do, so I’m looking for outside opinions.
  23. We say rooster and hen since we have chickens and it makes a difference to us. But they are all chickens.
  24. Yes I completely believe God answers prayers but at the same time it is clear in the Bible that it’s according to his will. Looking at how Jesus modeled prayer, it’s so much about submitting to Gods will over our own. God sees our hearts and knows our motives and desires. We may think the answer should be one thing, yet God in his infinite wisdom will answer as he pleases. Also when we ask we need not to doubt, which I do believe many do either by putting God in a limited box of what he can or should do.
  25. Notgrass has a curriculum the 50 States. I’m using that along with America the beautiful next year. 50 states will be a family subject (geared towards grades 1-4). I’m adding in a state information sheet my older ones fill out and they will also be planning a fictional trip across the us. They will research places to visit, cost of the trip, etc while we learn about the state. We will also be adding Trail Guide to US Geography for my older ones to map. And lots of games- Top Trumps, professor noggins and a few more we have on hands. They will also be learning about the national parks (which I believe is a small, part of the curriculum) using additional books. To culminate it, we will be doing a state project on our state, hopefully visiting places and my oldest writing a report about our towns history.
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