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  1. I did use EIW with one of my 6th graders. It's in the back of my mind.
  2. My 4th grader does decently with writing, as in she can usually think up what to say and get it on the paper without struggle. She doesn't LOVE writing, but is generally okay with it. However, the more hands-off I am with her, the more positively everything goes with school. So online or independent-style curriculum is always our friend! Any suggestions as to a writing I program for her this year? Up until this year I've just had her write short paragraphs from writing prompts.
  3. What do you consider to be the educational priorities of 4th grade?
  4. So many wonderful suggestions here! Thankyou! Some if it's in my Amazon cart now. Loving the looks if the Beautiful Feet curriculum in particular, but so many good pieces from the others too!
  5. What would you recommend for a world cultures curriculum for a 4th grader and tag-along kindergarten? I'm looking for something that will spark there interest in other places and the realization that not everyone lives as we do.
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