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  1. Okay, please don't throw rotten tomatoes. We are using a mishmash of two different curricula. One says that there are 4, and the other says 5 (with Southern added in). My FIL said he has never heard of the Southern ocean. So, which is it? Are there 4 or 5 oceans in the world?
  2. I'm just waiting for someone to update this thread and share how they are liking it! There's a good chance I'll do both the 8th AND 7th grade texts next year...but I need to get some positive feedback first, and I just can't find anyone who's using it. You are out there, right? Please share!
  3. My oldest is in 7th, and in PS prior to that for the past 2 years. I needed to combine him for some things with his 6th grade brother, but he is above average with most academics. Math-BJU Fundamentals of Math Literature-6th grade selection from MP Spelling-Seton Spelling 7 English/writing-BJU 6 History-Famous Men of MIddle Ages (dovetails nicely with lit) Science-MP Birds and History of Medicine Geography 1 from MP and States and Caps review Latin-MP First Form Christian Studies/Theology-MP's Christian Studies 1 and Faith and Life 6
  4. I can relate to what you're talking about. When I turned 40, a similar thing happened. I had just had my last baby and I seriously felt like I had just fallen off the side of the mountain. You know, especially for those of us who knew we wanted to be moms....the first half of your life feels like climbing up that mountain. And then, after you have the last child (for me at least), it feels like the climb is over and you are heading back over the other side. That was a scary realization for me. I have no advice because I'm still dealing with it, but you are not alone.
  5. That is a tough one. I think I move heaven and earth to be there for my BEST friend. And, as someone who has lost a brother, I still remember the people that came to my brother's wake/funeral. But a LOT of people (even in town) didn't. I don't hold it against them, but I certainly appreciated and noticed the people that did. As someone else said, I wouldn't expect it, but would appreciate it. It really doesn't have anything to do with how well you knew her brother-it's about your friendship with her and her parents.
  6. There's at least 3 of us :-) That's a huge rule in our house too. You better be on your seat unless you ask to be excused, or have a really good reason to get up.
  7. OR-if anyone has stayed at a VRBO that they really loved, I'm open to that too. This is harder than I thought! (And more expensive!)
  8. We want to vacation in Chicago next spring. Can anyone recommend a hotel or area of Chicago that would be safe and close to transportation? We want to do the normal touristy things. Bonus would be a Holiday Inn because my husband can get a corporate discount. But for now, I’ll start with area. Thanks! ( and yes, I’ve looked at Airbnb and VRBO...the fees they charge are ridiculous in Chicago!)
  9. Hi Meadowlark!

    Long story, short: I'm a travel writer and -- finally -- have started my own blog. I use questions from readers like this one: and I'd like to write a post on your question -- except no identifying info at all!

    Let me know if this sounds good!


    1. Alicia64


      One more question: can you tell me what state you're in? That really determines so much. Again, I won't use your real name or your state -- I'll just call it the Midwest.

      Also, I grew up in San Fran, and it has changed drastically re: crime. It was a beautiful place to visit at one time, but I would not recommend going now. If you want more info., just let me know.

      Please don't think I'm charging for anything, this is totally free.


  10. Great question! We live in the Midwest, so have done most things in Missouri (but not Branson), Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois. My kids have never seen the ocean so if we flew, I’d prefer we go to one. What I think I’m looking for here, is somebody to say something like “We just got back from “xyz”, stayed at this Airbnb, and had a fabulous vacation. I could do that for somebody looking to go to Duluth or St. Louis for example. clear as mud?
  11. So, we're bringing the kids back home to homeschool. I really, REALLY want to take advantage of this newfound freedom and go on some sort of family vacation. I feel like we've been everywhere within driving distance, and I'm not afraid of spending a little money. But where? Ultimately, I'd love to find a last minute deal but know those might be hard to come by for 8 people. It could be something as simple as renting a condo on a beach OR even a cruise. I just don't know where to look to even get prices or ideas. Heeeelp? Thank you.
  12. Thanks for putting this into perspective. This is exactly the honest reality check that I needed.
  13. YES! You hit the nail on the head. Too bad we didn't see what was going on until it all became too much and we lost our cool at the wrong time. It's funny but yes, I do believe he got exactly what he wanted out of this situation. The goal all along was probably to treat these few kids so poorly, that they would leave. What's really sad is that again, this was not supposed to be a super competitive team. When they recruited us, it was all about family. They didn't care about the player's ability-they just cared about good families, work ethic, and commitment. That was said over and over again. But obviously after 3 years of losing over 60% of the games, they changed their tune. Funny thing is, they didn't lose the games because of the kids who never played. They lost because of countless errors of the golden kids (coaches kids!) who never sat out an inning. Ironic.
  14. Funny you say that because my husband and I both agree that we should've walked away after the first year. It was corrupt even back then. It IS hard to go from competitive ball back to rec league ball. But, I see the value in it too. Just for FUN, right? Unfortunately, we started down this travel path and it's hard to go back. On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice to have my weekends back again? Oh, I don't know. We have a love/hate relationship with it. I do think it would be relatively detached, however-no doubt we will see this guy from time to time at fundraisers, etc. I guess it's about getting over our pride and doing what's best for our kid, OR standing up for what's right and showing our kids that we walk away from idiots who treat us like that. But then again, my younger son's coach is so far, everything we want.
  15. Each and every response is bringing perspective to this difficult situation. My dh is leaning towards walking away altogether. He just doesn't want to support the organization at all, given that it's headed by this man who has really shown us his true colors. I don't think I mentioned that he axed our son in a TEXT. And, he wasn't even at the game. And, my husband asked if he could speak to him in person and his response was that he didn't want to meet and he didn't want to talk about it at all. This, after 3 years of total dedication to the team that he created. Not once did we ever question him, or not show up, or not pay, or not be supportive of the team. He hasn't even been around this summer to see what this other coach has done, and how he's treated a few of the players. There are about 3 of us in this predicament because this coach decided that the only way he could win, was to rotate right field among 3 players. So that meant that each kid played only 1/3 of every game. And every other kid played every inning of every game. This might be fine and dandy if we were a tryout, elite team. But we're not. And furthermore, the team is not even good! Their record last year was 7-15. So it's not like we're so competitive that this is what we have to do to win the games. That's why it truly felt like they were pushing us out. Who would stand for that? Traveling and paying that much to go see our kid sit on the bench? Ridiculous. We would be fools to accept that. And, this head coach didn't even know the full story and why we might have "popped". At the last minute last year, he emailed us and told us that he would be handing off the coaching duties to the assistant coach for this past summer, because he wanted to coach is oldest son being that it was his last year. So he hasn't even been around the entire season to see what this other coach has done and who has played. Not saying our behavior warrants a pass, but if he a tiny bit of knowledge or even was willing to meet-he might not have been quite so eager to dismiss us. But then again, 2 other people got the same fate and so it probably wouldn't have mattered. And I think his decision tells exactly how valuable he believes me son is to the team. Regarding my younger son-he cares. Initially, we told them both that we were moving on. That we were a family and when someone kicks one of us, they kick all of us. Both boys were very sad, I was crying and the younger guy was crying. It was a tough few days. I know that he would jump for joy if we told him we'd changed our minds. But, he has moved on in his mind and would never expect it. But then the older son...I have no idea how he would take it. He tends to be an Eeyore anyway and his disposition is quite negative. Not to mention, lots of change here since we're bringing him home from school too. He probably feels like his whole world just turned upside down losing both school AND baseball. Mama guilt to the max. I totally get the idea of putting them both in the local rec league. After all, the old saying goes "don't complain unless you're willing to step in". I get it. Heck, it's 5 minutes from our house! That's the league we did prior to joining the travel league. It was...okay. Not great. The issue is lack of commitment and kids who didn't really want to be there or take it seriously. It bothered the kids and it bothered us. So that's why when this travel team was forming (and our son was asked to be on it!), we thought very hard and agreed to take it a year at a time. The first year was okay, but it was very clear that there were 6 kids who had played together the previous year and who all went to school together. We were kind of the outsiders from the start. Plus, my son is a lefty and so he is already limited to 1st, pitching and outfield. We don't even care where he plays, just that he's not on the bench 2/3 of every game. The next year was a little worse-farther travel, playing the elite teams which we obviously lost to. And then this past year was the absolute worst-different coach, not playing, etc. So, all in all, there is really nothing about this kid's experience worth saving. It was time to move on. But this next kid has a pretty good little team, a dream coach, and well, he will play. Plus as I said, the travel won't be as far. It could be a great opportunity for him. I guess it's the issue of whether we ALL need to move on, or put our pride aside and stay with the organization. Part of me says "to h$** with them" there's NO WAY we're staying. But the other part sees 5 years of really great baseball for the younger guy. Ugh.
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