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  1. I need recommendations for a science program for my kids in grades 2,3,4 next year. For obvious reasons, I want to combine them and do one program. Here is what I’m looking for- 1. 2-3x/week max 2. Christian but not in your face YE 3. low teacher prep time 3. minimal experiments Things I’ve already ruled out are TGTB (gives me a heart attack when I look at the supply lists!) and Nancy Larson. We’ve dabbled in Mystery Science but want something a little meatier and book based. Thoughts?
  2. Hi, It's been awhile since I've sold anything on Paypal, and I have a question. I just sold a few things, and got an email that the buyer paid. However, the money is listed in my account as "pending" even though it's been several days. It has a button to "verify" or decline the payment, which I don't ever remember doing in the past. I do have a credit card linked and I usually just keep the money I make in my Paypal account, which is what I want to do this time. But my account says I have a zero balance, even though 2 people have paid. What am I missing? Did the money get transferred to my credit card? (I can't look because I don't have online access). How can I get those monies to be in my PP account? I do NOT want to link bank information, which is what they're asking me to do to verify. Thanks so much.
  3. Interesting. We have only done up until grade 6 and I wondered if 7th and 8th started with the literary elements a bit more. But, I also want my kids to really delve into reading all of those classics, and with the slow pace of MP (and I get why the slow pace), it seems they're pretty limited to just the 4 books a year. Mostly because my kids just aren't going to pick up Sir Gawain and the Green Night or something like that, and understand it without my involvement. And being that I have 6 kids, it's hard to find the time for that you know? That's why I considered CLE (and Mosdos actually) because if it just gets done, than that's better than nothing I guess?
  4. I'd actually like to hear more about this. What do you mean when you say "their nonresistant views"? That is one thing I'm concerned about and I'd like to know just how it presents itself. We are Christian, but not of the same beliefs as them so I have wondered how much that would filter into the reading. I'd love to hear you elaborate on that if you have the time!
  5. We are doing the lit guides from Memoria Press this year, and while I like some aspects of them, it's getting pretty rinse and repeat. I'm looking for something deeper-somewhat varied/creative activities instead of just answered 5-8 questions every day. Nothing too crazy-but just something that introduces literary elements and gets them ready for high school. I've considered CLE but the reviews there seem to be mixed. What gem is there out there that I haven't found yet?
  6. My husband just returned, and they are now under a mandatory "self-isolation" for 2 weeks. Just curious if other companies around the country did the same.
  7. That is a good point. I've been so focused on closing the holes that I saw that I haven't given him much input into school at all. He's just not that academically motivated. He's not into science or math at all, and doesn't seem to jive with history either. He loves to fish, farm and cook. Oh, and be around anything that breathes. So what could I offer him that would fit into one of those categories? And I've searched and searched for a local farm that he could work or volunteer at, to no avail.
  8. Well-the only thing he's getting to do because I'm not paying private school tuition, is Farm camp. I do run a pretty tight ship (kind of have to) with 6 kids, so I admit I'm pushing him pretty hard academically and he knows it. After 2 years in school, he had a lot of holes. He kind of resents any kind of grammar study (says public school kids don't have to learn it) and then there's Latin, which *I* can see is doing wonders for all of my kids, but again, he doesn't see it. When he was in school, he literally loved it. He couldn't see any drawbacks-he loved being gone all day and never had a negative thing to say. He's the type of kid that wakes up early and has to be busy busy busy all day every day. i'm the opposite, so I just can't understand that kind of extrovertism (if that's a word?). One thing we did this year was buy a ski pass so there were a few times that he went early, around 2:00. But not very many because we just don't get done with school that early. We have gone on some field trips, but again, that doesn't really do it for him. I'm not sure what else I could do? He would love to get a job so that may be an option when he turns 14. Next year is his 8th grade year, and I have him enrolled with 1 online class which I think he'll love. I'm hoping after he gets a taste for it, maybe he'll see that taking 2-3 online classes could be acceptable. He's also doing a literature discussion group which I think will have the same flavor.
  9. I went through this "sweetening" thing last year too, and he's not buying it. I even offered Disneyworld! But like I said, he's doing fine being homeschooled but sometimes I think he's just biding his time. I actually think if he did 1/2 the day in HS, he would be fairly satisfied. Gosh, idk. I just had someone tell me I was crazy that I wouldn't consider HS because after all "I went there" and I"m fine. (We live in the same city as I grew up and it's the same HS). But obviously, we know how things have changed.
  10. I think it sounds like a pretty great option too. Problem is, he wants to go full-time. Where we live, there just aren't very many homeschoolers and the there is no such thing as coops and large gatherings. I think he just finally wants to feel like everyone else. He just doesn't understand why his few good friends get to go to school, and he can't. No matter what explanation I give, he rolls his eyes and thinks I'm being overly protective. Sometimes I second guess myself and think I am..but then I run into someone who tells me the horribleness of high school, and then I rethink that. And funny thing is, those kids want to be homeschooled! But my kid doesn't (and never has) drunk the homeschool juice, sadly.
  11. I appreciate you all chiming in. Here's where I'm at- I'm thinking that he WILL go. A little background-this kid is as social as they come. I mean, he used to wait on the curb at age 2 for the school bus to come and if the little neighbor girl didn't come over to play, he cried and cried. He's just wired to be around people. He was homeschooled until 5th grade and went for 5th and 6th. He loved it of course but each grade had some serious negative consequences. One was a newly born technology addiction/manipulation and another was just a watered down Catholic School that I was paying a lot for, and I was constantly disappointed in the leadership's choices. And so, because of a number of factors, he was brought home for 7th. I will say, things are going pretty well. I feared him to be a total monster because of the way he acted this summer when we broke the news to him. But all in all, it's been pretty darn okay. He's even working hard at Latin, so that's just a bonus. Now, our school does have dual-enrollment, which was mentioned above. Here's my hesitation with that (along with the fact that he's counting the days until he gets to go to HS)....someone told me that he thinks kids would have a really hard time fitting in, finding their "group" when only going 1/2 the day. What do you all think about that? Do you think there is any validity in that? It's a pretty awesome thing that we have here and I think it'd be the perfect compromise-unless I really am stunting his high school experience by doing so. Sometimes I think I just need to "let go" and pray for the next 4 years. Other times, I wonder what in the world I'm even thinking when I'm considering sending him there. I never set out to homeschool high school, but oh how things change. We have the added bonus of him being the oldest of 6, and so whatever precedent I set for him-I most likely have to follow for the next in line-who might surely sink in HS due to his low self-esteem and not so great social skills. Ahhh, decisions are never easy.
  12. What has been your experience? I must admit, nearly every.single.person I talk to locally has horrible things to tell me about high school here. Everything from identity crisis to drugs to depression to low teacher expectations to no consequences...the list goes on. I'm pretty darn scared. Does anyone have an experience to share?
  13. I'm trying to put together a serious, yet fun study for my two boys in 7th/8th grade. They haven't had much American history so I definitely want history, but with it being an election year some civics would be fun too. I tend to prefer things that are streamlined and simple, but like I said, I kind of want to bring history alive for them. This will be our 1 year sweep before they go to HS. I will definitely use Memoria Press's 200 questions to cement whatever program I go with. Also would love to hear about supplemental resources like documentaries or any other visuals that could add to our study. So, what do you love? And thanks :-)
  14. I'm thinking this must exist, but I just can't find it. I want to be able to search out flights from our local airport to ANYWHERE (domestically, that is). I don't want to have to put in the destination because quite frankly, I would go just about anywhere if the price was right for all 8 of us. I'm seriously just trying to plan the vacation around where we can get to without breaking the bank. I know Southwest has a low-fare calendar, but I have to put in the destination. So...does such a think exist?
  15. Okay, I think I've narrowed it down to either Novare's physical science OR Rainbow Science. I would love to hear from anyone who has used either!
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