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  1. I will never stray from Corelle! When we got married we got 8 place settings on beautiful, but heavy dinnerware. Then came kids. I bought Corelle on a Black Friday whim and LOVE it. I will never go back to anything that is heavy and bulky again.
  2. I bought the 8th grade book this year for my 7th and 8th graders. It was a gorgeous book, but I opted for the Memoria Press American history program instead because I just needed a more focused (smaller) book that wasn’t an every day thing. However, I’m seriously considering the 7th grade Western civ book for my 8th grader next year. I love the idea of a total history review before he goes to public high school. I’m not worried about the reading level being too easy or anything. It’s the content that I want to stick and I know that I personally learn better when things are below my reading lev
  3. Wow, your first three points really hit home. You know that old kid song 'I won't grow up!"? Well, today I was kind of singing it around my 8th grader...."I won't grow up (I won't grow up), I don't wanna go to school (I don't wanna go to school)...and out of the blue he says "I do". I laughed because he really does want to go. That was my first realization. He would not have a good attitude because he really does want to go. Second, our state is this way. It is all or nothing, which is very scary. Third, I fear that I won't have the time or energy to give him the kind of education he
  4. So, I am college educated and used to be a K-6 teacher. But. as my 8th grader approaches HS (not entirely sure he's going to PS or not), I am starting to at least think about our options. I feel totally out of my league! Not only am I not really equipped to teach HS subjects, I have 5 other ones that need my time and attention. Not to mention the fact that he wouldn't WANT me teaching him anyway. Which begs the question-how do you all afford the outsourcing? I've looked at things like BJU, Memoria Press, Kolbe. $500-$600 per class for the live classes times 5 equals a LOT of money. A
  5. I know this has been talked about before, so feel free to link me to any previous threads. Now that the weather is getting colder, I am once again trying to find clean movies that interest my 13 year old all the way down to my 3 year old. Here's what I DON'T want -Children being disrespectful to their parents or siblings -Bad language (inc. idiot, stupid, loser, etc) THIS IS A BIG ONE that really bothers me -sex or any reference to We've already watched a lot of the classics including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Red Velvet, Parent Trap, Pollyanna, Wizard of Oz, The Lo
  6. So, from a financial point of view-my plan makes no sense. If I do IEW with my kids in 4th and 5th, then I'm stuck because I will buy Level 2 Years 1 and 2 (for my older kids). Part of why I didn't mind buying it was because I thought my younger kids could use it (in 6th/7th), which would make it very worth it only to have to buy the additional binder. But now, it looks like I'd be buying 4 years of IEW. That's what I'm concerned about-4 years of IEW. I guess it's only $300 or so, but my husband won't be happy if we don't use it after paying for the forever streaming.
  7. Hi, So, to make a long story short, I needed a "get er done" writing curriculum for my 7th and 8th graders, to take them from a sorry state of writing ability-to a pubic school ready state. We chose the new Structure and Style by IEW, Year 1 of level B. We are in week 6 and are loving it so far. Seriously, it's so easy for me to monitor and I love the DVD teaching by a teacher that is much funnier and clearer than I could ever be. Mr. Pudewa is quite entertaining and I hear my boys laughing from the other room quite often. I know I'll get Year 2 next year for my then 8th grader. The
  8. I forgot to mention that I'm trying to not drink as much pop. My big puffy heart love is Cherry Pepsi.
  9. I'm just wondering if you are rethinking that plan at all? My son really wants to go to High School, and that has always kind of been the plan. (Although now that I'm homeschooling 8th grade, I feel that HS is totally doable whereas it scared the bejeesus out of me before). However, my husband is doubtful that the world will be back to normal by then. Remember, we're talking a year from now. And I'm realizing that the curriculum choices I chose for him this year are not the same choices I'd make for him *if* he were to stay home for 9th. But, it seriously never occurred to me that
  10. I don't drink coffee, and that's what most people I know have in the morning to get going. I emerge from my bed (even after a shower) pretty half-asleep with no desire to get things rolling. And yet, i need to emerge fresh and energetic (or at least that's the dream!). OR, around 3:00 when I feel like I need a nap-maybe something then would help me? I don't really want something unhealthy per se, just something with some natural caffeine or something to get me going-for the love of God. So, hit me with your favorite good-tasting drinks that give you some energy.
  11. Hi, I could use some advice from those of you juggling 4-5-6 or more kids. I will be schooling 5 kids plus the 3 year old. Here are my biggest concerns that I really need to change this year, for my own sanity. 1. Chaos and noise. This is the biggest one. It seems like my house is very chaotic from morning until night, and the older I get, the more it's starting to drive me batty. I need order and calm at least some of the time-especially when I'm teaching someone 1-1.. I have 6 kids constantly mulling around the same two rooms distracting each other. 2. My two older kids (6th/
  12. I'm looking at using this next year, but just can't find very many people who use it. Right now, we mostly use book guides from MP. I like doing a few of these every year, but also like the variation that I see in anthology type programs. I'd love to hear your experience if you've used it-to sway me one way or another. Also, if anyone has any to sell, please let me know. This is one expensive curriculum!
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