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  1. So sorry it's taken me an eternity to get back to you! Basically, not really. I'm finding it really really hard to find reviews of the Aquinas writing program. Sarah (from MP) and I chatted a bit about HC, and she was interested in checking out the writing program too-and maybe some other classes. I guess my question is, what do you omit from the MP cores? Science? Classical studies? With not very many reviews, i'm really scared to try HC. Have you come to any conclusions about it? I thought about just trying out some classes for $1, and then going from there.
  2. Did you use the Tiner books for his only science curriculum? I was wondering if these books could stand on their own for science. What grade level was this?
  3. This is a fun thread. We switched gears a bit this year so here are my thoughts for grades K, 1, 2 Hits: AAR (now used for 5/6 kiddos!) CLE math for 2nd/3rd MP recitation MP Prima Latina So So: BJU Science 2 DL-I didn't have to teach it, but not sure they learned a whole lot really. MP's Traditional Spelling 1 and 2-wasn't super impressed but then again, it's spelling so not sure what would impress me CLE math grade 1-don't like nearly as well as upper grades Misses: Rod and Staff Math (grades 1,2,3)-waaaay too easy and boring for my kiddos after public school
  4. This is an old thread, but I'd love to resurrect it! Now that CLE has a new 7th grade book out, I'm very curious to hear how people are liking the 8th grade book. Thoughts please!
  5. I keep coming back to this thread because well, something about it is intriguing me. But then I keep thinking that it would probably be boring, or religious...but you've all addressed this so I don't know what exactly I'm afraid of. I keep thinking that being that it's CLE, something will be swayed in a way that I don't like. But I can't figure out what that would exactly be....So let me ask you this, what intrigues YOU about it?
  6. I’m hoping there’s someone on here that has stayed at a nice rental in Chicago. Not being familiar with the city, I don’t even know where to start. This is for 8 people who want to spend 3-5 nights exploring major attractions in Chicago. Needs to be really close to a bus line into the city. Thank you!
  7. I recently heard about their writing program and so have been looking at the recorded classes on their website. I wonder if anyone has any good or bad experiences with these classes?
  8. Does anyone see a table of contents here? I really need to know which era of history this covers, as my son did Ancients in 6th grade (in school) and so wouldn't want to do the same time period. Where can we see a TOC?
  9. Could you share a little bit about why you loved the 8th grade text? Just curious in general how this curriculum works. I am familiar with the Lightunits but generally find textbooks for history to be fairly boring and have low retention. Was it independent? Did you add anything to it? Was it engaging?
  10. Having kids in PS now, I would ask: 1. Testing. What tests do they take, what do they measure and when will you get the results? (my kids test results aren't available until October!) 2. Technology. How much will he be required to use, what subjects use it, will he have real textbook or chromebooks, etc? Then assess how you feel about that.
  11. Hi, Well, the answer is no. A lot of comments kind of reinforced my fear-that they just would not want to work down there. When I really thought about it, I realized that they don't even really like to PLAY down there, so I had my answer. We are fortunate in that we do have a sunroom off of the kitchen. It has furniture and a TV in it, but it also has a bit of room that I could put desks in if I wanted to. It is bright, airy and where I would want to work too. It will just not be the pretty living room area that we had before, but oh well. The littler kids can continue working at the table because that's what works for them. And, I realized that they might just want to take their work kids did their math downstairs in the "fort" today. We may be updating the basement soon but it will more resemble a preteen hangout space. Thanks for all of the comments!
  12. We did MP 2nd lit. guides this year. As for specific writing skills, there is no dictation per say. The students are NOT expected to form sentences on their own. We would do the reading and then talk about the discussion questions. I would usually choose about 1/2 to actually write the answers to. We would discuss the answer and I would ask him to formulate a good, complete sentence and then tell it back to me. I would then write it above his lines, and he would copy it with correct spelling, punctuation etc. It's not a writing program really. MP uses copywork and cursive for that. Writing doesn't really ramp up until 3rd, but the student IS learning good sentence writing through the lit. guides. I've also used WWE and I would say it's totally different. Just depends on what you want. WWE wasn't for us.
  13. Can I ask why you want to switch? I've asked this on the FB page and the answers I got satisfied me. The 7th grade Fundamentals was described as being very solid, kind of like a K-6 wrap up. People have said that it's very well done (incl the DL) . Someone even said that the brain can't really even do prealgbra before 8th grade anyway, so why push it earlier.
  14. Do you know you can buy just the First Form Latin lesson plans from MP?
  15. I did the first level years ago with my 1st and 2nd graders I believe. None of us really liked it. I didn't like the scripting (and I generally do appreciate scripting). It felt very contrived, simplistic, and just boring to us. And, years later, I can say that my kids remember just about nothing from it.
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