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  1. That’s awesome the President wrote back. When my daughter wrote to Trump she got NO response. That deflated her and any hopes of remotely respecting him.
  2. My 11 year old would like to learn Greek. I assume she’d study it leisurely and is interested especially in pronunciation. I cannot afford a tutor at this point. Therefore I’m looking for some decent self-study resources for a young beginner. Non-screen items are preferred. Thanks!
  3. Do you count ‘listening to music’ on the phone (w/ headphones) part of your kid’s daily device time? This is a new one for me. I say 1 hr per day (& I’ve allowed 2 hr daily for summer) of device time for my 11 year old. However, she also wants to listen to music while drawing, etc. I’m not yet sure how I feel about that extra time. I’d like to hear your opinions and what your household does in order to get ideas and better formulate a solid policy here.
  4. This is a new thing in my house. My 11 year old has always been an avid reader but she’s recently reading books at dinner and in the car. I’ve had to put limits on those times since I believe it’s rude to not engage in conversation then. She’s become intensely involved in a few book series so I understand the passion, however being socially adept is important too. Anyone else have this situation?
  5. Howdy. We’re planning on seeing a live production of Pericles this summer. Can anyone recommend a tween-friendly book version of it? My daughter’s pretty visual so an illustrated book would be ideal. She likes Shakespeare so text that’s retold but still laced with original lines would also be great. Thanks in advance!
  6. Is the dramatized version by the same author? I’m having trouble finding it on Amazon.
  7. She has had ‘Percy Jackson’ for years but never got into them. However, after watching her read ‘Sisters Grimm’ for the umpteenth time, I suggested them. She read all 5 in 3 days! I ordered the next set per her request. LOL
  8. I’d say no. I think it’s like others said—not liking something & so rushing through it to get it over.
  9. It started with timed tests in 3rd grade in b&m school.
  10. Howdy. My child is a 6th grader who started hating math in 3rd. She’s come some ways in both attitude & computation but still struggles. I’ve noticed that while she applies algorithms correctly, she nonetheless makes errors in computation. For example 6/6 = 6. Once she goes back (I point out the error) she knows immediately the issue. How do you get an 11 year old kid to slow down, pay attention to detail, & review work? I feel like I’ve been at this forever. Thanks!
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