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  1. Yes, exactly. I believe the next step when she’s older would be a baby sitting class. Righr now I’m looking for books, articles, vidoes, online resourrces, etc. to make sure I cover the basics of safety. I want stuff that’ll spur discussions & role play.
  2. I’ve got my 10 yr old at a local 2 hr ‘safe at home’ class. I’ll go over her booklet but am wondering if anyone has good ideas for similar resources. As an adult, you take so much for granted & I’d like to get her moving along in this respect. Know what I mean?
  3. We’re driving because my aunt doesn’t like to fly. Plus, we made a pit stop in Savannah last year, which was nice. I’m going to see family in Ft Myers so will have lodging, etc. there. We’ll probably do Discovery Cove as a day trip or (most likey) overnight during our week’s stay in FL. I’ll see about the other parks since they get pricey! We could do Savannah going down again & then something else heading back up. I’m excited!
  4. Has anyone stopped by Crystal River to swim w/ manatees during December? If so, any opinions, etc.?
  5. She has ‘Wreck This Journal’ so I’ll be sure to toss it into the car crate. I’ll also look into the MathMania & Lego lunchbox you mentioned. Thanks!
  6. Gotcha! I’ll look into all that! Things such as these (interactive mental stimulation) keep me from losing my mind during the long dreary months of winter.
  7. Thanks for that suggestion & I requested it from the library. I hope it’ll provide us as much entertainment as it did your family!
  8. Hey, my daughter & I are soon driving from the DC area to SW Florida (Ft. Myers). I’m going to break up the drive both ways & am looking for interesting pit stops along the way. Any suggestions?
  9. OK, I’m not sure exactly what I’m after but I’d like some intense, ‘out-of-the-box’ science experiences for my 10 yr old. I just may have the late fall/early winter blahs but I’d like to spice things up a bit around here! I’ve got an animal lover w/ tons of pets. We’ve done TONS of live animal kits (including renting chicks & eggs) & I’ll get her another ant & worm farm. What else is out there, ‘up & close’? Other ‘wow’ science ideas are welcome. We live in the DC area & explore the Smithsonian a lot but any other local gems are welcome along w/ overnight adventures. I need an educational adventure myself, LOL! We’re driving down to SW Florida late December & have some family stuff planned already but I’m open to hearing about unique experiences there as well. I’m thinking of an extended trip out west—Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, NW, & then Alaska. That’s summer stuff & dependent on funds. Should that happen, I’d be eager to hear travel tips. I need to dream a bit now to keep me going, LOL!
  10. I’m driving to Florida with my 10 year old. I’ll break up the drive into 2 days. I need reasonable entertainment options for her. We listen to podcasts, the radio, & audiobooks but I’ll need things that can keep her busy with little to no direction from me. The 2 day return trip will be the same situation. She has a phone & can use it periodically but I honestly want her screen-free most of the drive. Sticker books didn’t seem to work last time so I’ll pull those again to see if they hit the spot this time but I’m doubtful. She’s highly imaginative & worked well with ‘free form make-it’ materials (for lack of a better term). We have a set of interlocking ‘burrs’ she played with for an eternity. Any suggestions on more ‘you make it’ portable creative kits? What else can we bring to keep things running smoothly? I’m OK w/ her being bored for a stretch but think she also deserves some fodder for entertainment.
  11. Can anyone recommend historical fiction titles? We’ve really enjoyed the ‘I survived ‘ series.
  12. Super neat looking & I just put it into my Amazon cart!
  13. The CD you mentioned I just ordered from the library. I’ll look into the others as well!
  14. Any suggestions for history board games? With winter coming & more indoor time I’d like to stock up on games (since we love them so).
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