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  1. We just came back from NF & had a great time. They light up the Falls at night & shoot fireworks so don’t miss that! The Skylon revolving restaurant was a unique experience & is on the Canadian side (walking actoss Rainbow bridge to get there was cool too). In Lockport there’s a 2 hour boat tour of Erie Canal we didn’t get to but looked educational. Don’t forget the local Native American resources.
  2. She just started w/ a tutor who had her working just a tad out of a Latin Language Exploratory workbook I got from school (I teach). I also have a picture dictionary (first 1000 Latin words) & a box of Latin vocab. words. We also have ‘Getting Started w/ Latin’. At this point, since it’s so new, we’ll see if we’ll continue with any of those. I’m going to follow the teacher’s lead but would like a ‘pick up when you want’ aural resource to keep her engaged between lessons.
  3. Hi there. We’re just getting started with Latin—a bit of self-study & a bi-monthly tutor. I’d like ideas on Latin audio options (preferrably CD) so we can listen to the language. I have a 10 yr old & she wasn’t interested in Song School Latin but I can try again. What else is out there that’s not too dry for such a young kid?
  4. What’s everyone doing this month for Halloween? I’m looking for quick & fun Halloween-ish ideas to do w/ my 10 yr old. We’re going to ‘Death Weekend’ to celebrate Poe & there’s a local October garden glow festival. We’ll make a scarecrow for our town’s contest & go to a pumpkin patch. My friend told me about ‘poison apples’ & so we’ll also probably make those treats. I’d like to get dry ice or liquid nitrogen & do some fun science with that—any ideas? Since I’m short on time, I need super quick but high interest at-home activities we can do! What ideas do you have?
  5. Please give details on Socratic methods! I’ve been trying to figure this one out & what it’d look like with a 10 yr old. Thanks! PS Any links or other resources on its delivery are much appreciated!
  6. Howdy. I’m looking for a decent retelling of Gulliver’s Travels for my 10 yr old. We have the original & an audiobook but they’re just not hitting the sweet spot for us right now. I read an Illustrated Classics version of it but now want something more thorough than that but we’re not quite ready for the original. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks for this. I took a quick look but will do so again more thoroughly this weekend.
  8. I have a 5th grader & would like to teach her logic but not necessarily through just books on the topic. I’m pressed for time with her (I after school) so need a list of question or discussion prompts that are applicable to everyday life with this bent. I hope this isn’t too tall an order but I figure it’d maximize our time together, if that makes sense. Many thanks!
  9. Hi. I’m looking for a science kit, links, or ideas on bringing to life (via hands-on activities) the concept of Earth’s various spheres. I’m not science-y so need something pre-made &/or easy to supllement some readings for a 10 year kid. Thanks!
  10. I’d like to have my (soon to be) 10 year old conduct her 1st research project. How would you teach research skills?
  11. I after school because I want my child to retain her heritage languages. I also see gaps in PS & try to fill them. I have a bright kid & see she requires the challenge. I place a high value on education & lifelong learning & self-study. I want to expose her to things outside the realm of regular curriculm. I like spending time with her.
  12. They’re called open classrooms & I don’t like them either! We have a quiet household so my daughter finds them distracting & I, as a teacher, did as well. Yuck!
  13. I do a lot of afterschooling. I clarify, reteach, & extend PS material when needed. She got turned off from math in 3rd so I’m still working on turning that around. The rest is interest-led and reflective of our family culture. I place an emphasis on heritage language learning (Spanish & French) and music & the arts. History & geography are also important. Since she’s getting older (an incoming 5th grader) she resists too much ‘mom work’ so I catch her quickly when I can. Many topics arise organically & those are some of the best moments! I am a PS teacher—now Spanish but previously ELL, math, G/T, social studies & elementary. I think it’s absolutely wonderful parents want to extend and supplement their children’s education. It’s pretty rare I get asked about working in tandem with parents/students but I revel in the opportunity to do so! I believe PS does not allow kids too much time to own their learning & I’m currently figuring out how to incorporate a ‘genius hour’ into my Spanish classroom. Ultimately, I believe in being proactive & also following my spidey sense as to what she’s missing & needs in order to get a well-rounded education that encourages passion.
  14. Can anyone recommend a book for young natives (say 9 yr old) to teach grammar, vocab., literacy, etc.? If you know French, like the Hachette or Magnard programs....except for Spanish speakers? I’d need it through Amazon or another company in the US.
  15. LOL! I have those bookmarked already but had forgotten them until you mentioned them.
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