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  1. Is the dramatized version by the same author? I’m having trouble finding it on Amazon.
  2. She has had ‘Percy Jackson’ for years but never got into them. However, after watching her read ‘Sisters Grimm’ for the umpteenth time, I suggested them. She read all 5 in 3 days! I ordered the next set per her request. LOL
  3. I’d say no. I think it’s like others said—not liking something & so rushing through it to get it over.
  4. It started with timed tests in 3rd grade in b&m school.
  5. Howdy. My child is a 6th grader who started hating math in 3rd. She’s come some ways in both attitude & computation but still struggles. I’ve noticed that while she applies algorithms correctly, she nonetheless makes errors in computation. For example 6/6 = 6. Once she goes back (I point out the error) she knows immediately the issue. How do you get an 11 year old kid to slow down, pay attention to detail, & review work? I feel like I’ve been at this forever. Thanks!
  6. Based on a friend’s recommendation I ordered this book too. Has anyone worked with this?
  7. Oh, then yes I have seen this before. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. Sorry but could you give more info. on Blockout? I donmt seem to get anything when I search online. Thanks.
  9. Blackjack sounds like a good idea, especially she’s asked anout that game recently. I’ll look into Blockout too. Thanks.
  10. Good ideas. We’ve touched on some more interesting mathematical ideas in the past. I can review such things again. Playing with math is definitely a priority. We also have played lots of math-based games (like Prime Climb & Sumoku).
  11. Mainly, I suppose. I’m trying to rekindle mental flexibility & at least some level of pleasure with math. I can’t really acurately verbalize better than that for now.
  12. Math facts are not the focus. Continuing to strengthen her facts fluency is important though. My main objective is a sense of comfort & confidence with math & flexibility in solving problems.
  13. It started in 3rd grade when she was timed on arithmetic at public school. She’s still working on math facts, in fact. I think that ‘perform on demand’ environment turned her off. However, she’s coming around slowly as she’s recently said math was getting a bit easier.
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