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  1. Excellet ideas!! I shall look into our local zoos and rescues right away. Thanks for the head's up about the 'too graphic' nature of some resources--good warning.
  2. This summer, my 9 yr old daughter would like to learn more about endangered animals. Other than books & videos on the subject, do you have any other learning ideas--perhaps hands-on or basic research ideas?
  3. Hey I looked on the Kids Art Hub channel but couldn't find those paid lessons you mentioned. Any more specifics on how to find them?
  4. Thanks! I tried to look on their site for these free games but had no luck. Do you know under which tab they'd be?
  5. I'm looking for a series of (free) online vidoes that teach drawing techniques in a fun & simple format. My kid likes Kids Art Hub so something like that but with explicit instruction in technique (shading, etc.). We tried the Virtual Art Instructor but he's too verbose & serious--it fell flat. Anything less talky, more showing geared to kids--9 yr olds (& me, a complete novice)?
  6. Can anyone recommend any science board, card games, etc. for 4-5th graders? I'd love to supplement my child's science education with some fun games/activities.
  7. I may be late coming to the party but I just acquired a set of base 10 blocks for my 4th grader. I'd like to know how I can use them with thpical 4th grade math topics. Most online guides are geared towards primary. Can you suggest both pertinent activities as well as additional online ideas?
  8. Thanks, folks! We're making some progress! Now, any simple but concrete ideas on converting fractions to decimals & vice versa?
  9. I'm looking for historic fiction chapter books-novels for a 9 yr old who loves action. We're going through a rough time in life and so I don't want heavy topics (i.e., Holocaust, etc.). She has no preference as to time periods or events but she adores suspense & action. Suggestions please!
  10. She is still cloudy on decimals so I need additional ideas please.
  11. Thanks so much for getting back to me on this. Wow, looks wonderful! I will search for something like this in my area.
  12. I have used these visual rotation puzzles with my daughter. I initially scaffolded them by making paper models of the questions. There's a 4 square rubix cube out there too. Color code is fun as was Castle Logix. How about getting 8-10 piec puzzles & pencilling the shape pieces on a puzzle frame? These ideas may not fit her needs right away but keep them in mind as her ability grows.
  13. Carmen Sandiego. My 9 year old likes & learns from it (esp. if I follow up certain things when they come up in real life). Also, I 2nd or 3rd Night at Museum--that series has provide lots of fodder for additional learning. National Treasure too. In fact, I referenced it just today when reading about Archimedes & his time in Alexandria (Alexandria scrolls were mentioned in movie & that was the only 'hook' she had to bridge into Archimedes' material, LOL--whatever works, right?). Watch TedEd Talks too.
  14. Since multiplication 'Kaboom' was such a hit, I believe I'll make a division one. We're a games-loving family so I'm betting this'll help. We also have 'Tri-Facta' which never really piqued her interest but I'll try it out again too.
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