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  1. Thanks for these ideas! Adolescence is certainly a hot topic around here right now!
  2. Sounds like a weird discussion thread title, I know. However, my 10.5 yr old daughter is beginning (just beginning) the stage of puberty. She has sooo many questions. We go through them of course. I have educational books on such a topic too. We recently read ‘Are You There, God’ & she loved it. Is there any other appropriate book I can hand her over. Along that same vein, what about a movie? I’m not looking for too graphic or divulging material, since she’s still only 10. I just want to satisfy her insatiable curiosity. Thanks!
  3. Howdy. I’m asking this again but slightly differently. What Netflix shows does your tween like? My kiddo has finished ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’ & likes ‘Stranger Things’. She’s looking for a new series but IDK what’s out there. I’m looking for something witty with a strong storyline that’s not too graphic. She likes adventures & mysteries with a tiny bit of romance (not over-the-top though). Any suggestions for her next binge watch? Thanks!
  4. Howdy. I’m looking for ideas on incorporating some easy math during movement or exercise breaks. I’ve got a 5th grader who’s not too hot on math. During this shutdown, we’re playing in the yard a lot & have a nice driveway (w/ a hoop & chalk) at our disposal. We also go on hikes regularly. What are some simple yet fun & educational math ideas I can use during these moments?
  5. I got NetFlix yesterday & so will do a search on it to see what’s offered. Thanks!
  6. I knew there had to be a whole subculture out there on this, LOL. Thanks & I’ll look into all that you mentioned!
  7. I just got NetFlix today and so am totally new to it. Before now, I’ve heard good things about various shows and I’ll need to peruse its offerings. However, we’re cooped up inside for at least 1 mth. and I’d like to know of any recc’s that are somewhat educational. I’d be watching it with a 10 yr old. Thanks in advance!
  8. I am not sure about Curiosity Stream—is it usually offered through the library? Anyhoo, I’ll try to figure it out. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! We’ll make use of the suggestions while the world’s hunkered down from Coronavirus!
  10. Hi. I’m looking for ideas on a movie about Ancient Rome. My 10 yr old takes Latin classes & I’d like to supplement the cultural aspect of her lessons with a movie that’s age-appropriate and informative yet entertaining. Any ideas?
  11. Yes, exactly. I believe the next step when she’s older would be a baby sitting class. Righr now I’m looking for books, articles, vidoes, online resourrces, etc. to make sure I cover the basics of safety. I want stuff that’ll spur discussions & role play.
  12. I’ve got my 10 yr old at a local 2 hr ‘safe at home’ class. I’ll go over her booklet but am wondering if anyone has good ideas for similar resources. As an adult, you take so much for granted & I’d like to get her moving along in this respect. Know what I mean?
  13. We’re driving because my aunt doesn’t like to fly. Plus, we made a pit stop in Savannah last year, which was nice. I’m going to see family in Ft Myers so will have lodging, etc. there. We’ll probably do Discovery Cove as a day trip or (most likey) overnight during our week’s stay in FL. I’ll see about the other parks since they get pricey! We could do Savannah going down again & then something else heading back up. I’m excited!
  14. Has anyone stopped by Crystal River to swim w/ manatees during December? If so, any opinions, etc.?
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