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  1. Hi there! I was reading an older thread and appreciated your answer. You mentioned Spalding Handwriting...Can you direct me where to find that to have a look? Thank you!

    1. Rosie_0801


      Hunter isn't on here much at the moment. Try Ellie.

    2. Petrichor


      spalding. org or search for "The Writing Road to Reading"

  2. Welcome to the forum!! We are all unique people/families. Don't be afraid to be unique. Don't look too hard at what other people are doing. Packing up and traveling seldom is more efficient than staying home and doing SOMETHING for the subject. Schools and other for-profit supports only stay in business if they create dependency. They do not strengthen you and teach you to do things for yourself. They focus on themselves not you. They are the center; you orbit. One tactic is to overcomplicate something and then sell the product that they can provide using their strengths and resources that are different than your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you know what your priorities are. Humans are social creatures. We are designed to absorb the beliefs and customs of those we interact with. Spend some time deprogramming yourself, and get back to YOU and YOUR beliefs and take stock of YOUR resources and limits. Get the priorities done and accept that all the details don't get done for most families: homeschoolers, public school, private school.
  3. It is very easy to get distracted away from your priorities. Some people are lucky that there is plenty of time to accomplish their priorities and their priorities are listed in a popular book and they are fully equipped to run down the checklists without any problems. And then there are the rest of us. We can lose our focus and our confidence, and run around trying to do everything without the resources to do even some of it. And in the end not even remember or know what our priorities are anymore. What are your strengths? Your resources? Your beliefs? Get centered and grounded, and teach from where you ARE rather than where you have been told that you are "supposed" to be. Make your HOMEschool an extension of YOUR home.
  4. Burgess Animal Book and Burgess Flower Book are popular books with homeschoolers. Googling will bring up some nice things, like these free coloring pages.
  5. Some alternative ways to teach poetry Simply Charlotte Mason Enjoy the Poems Ambleside Online Poetry Ella Francis Lynch was a huge advocate of teaching Longfellow, and used memorization of Hiawatha to teach a child how to read.
  6. I do not think it is backward to enjoy any of the arts without analyzing them through the lens of AP/College curricula. There are many lenses that we can use to look at something. And sometimes we don't want to use any lens at all, but just want to let beautiful things wash over us, and feel what we feel, as play not work. Dragging AP/College techniques and skills down to younger and younger ages is ONE way of schooling. Not all of HOMEschooling needs to be "school" in its most rigid and literal definition. At least not for ALL families. Think about what YOU do with poetry. Teach YOUR children with YOUR strengths, and with acceptance and attachment to where they come from. You do not need to change your LIFE to do "school" "right". HOMEschooling is not a one sized fits all approach. Homeschooling is an extension of the home, and each home is unique. You COULD postpone your poetry study until you feel self-educated enough to do it entirely differently than you have been living your life. If that fils you with excitement, go for it! But if you feel disappointed and overwhelmed, find a list of famous poems and dive in and HAVE FUN. Life is short. All we have for certain is today. Seize the day, YOUR day, and do it YOUR way. And make sure you ENJOY it.
  7. One of my law classes allowed open book tests. No notes, just the textbook. We had a short timed test EVERY class on the assigned reading, which hopped all over the several chapters and was often odd questions asking for a precise answer to something that was only vaguely discussed in the book. I had the textbook color coded by test, and all marking were geared towards helping me to quickly lift the information from the text that I expected to be in the text questions. Those notes are distracting when later reading the text with a different purpose. Notes can freeze the text to an individual and the moment of time it was being read by that individual. Some humans are comfortable taking up more space than others, and some of us can be more or less comfortable with how much space we take up at different times of our lives. Some of us are more comfortable marking one type of text, but not another. WHY we do or do not mark a text is interesting. Sometimes our choice is reflective of the culture we come from, or the events taking place at the time we read the book, rather than reflective of ourselves.
  8. Hardcover books are actually easier to rip apart than paperbacks. They have less glue. LOL.
  9. Not only do I write in books, but I sometimes tear them apart into chapters. My law books were often over $200.00, but the classes were a lot more than the books. And books are cheaper than a prescription and doctor visit for pain from carrying around entire books, when the chapter is all I need at the moment. Textmapping is meant to be done on COPIES of books, but I often to similar things to a book itself. Books are TOOLS. I use my tools. When the pressure mounts, I use my tools harder, even if it means replacing them, afterwards.
  10. There are a couple printable pdf's that I never hear mentioned. I prefer blank notebooks to worksheets, but I learned something from both of these authors. TimeFrame Timeline ebook $14.99 TimeFrame Timeline ebook helps student use colored lifelines to record people and events in history so that they can see a century at a glance, and remember who did what when. It’s quick and easy — even boys will do it! Interesting Sample Page PIPEline Book of Remembrance - eBook Color-coded timeline journal to correspond with our PIPEline of HisStory™ above. 4 continuous lines span the 22" page spreads, labeled from 4004 BC to 2030 AD with plenty of labeled pages for each time period. Journal the names/events and dates as you study them. "To scale" color-coded timeline page for reference. Permission to print one book for each member of your own immediate household. Replaces our Book of Time. More info. - $30.00 Special $20.00
  11. Sword Searcher is PC software that uses the KJV and mostly public domain reference books. Priced at $60.00 your money is spent on software development and not copyright. The library list is a good list of the best of the best of public domain books. There is a free 30 day trial of a limited version. Logos has a free basic package that I did not know about until recently. It is enough to learn your way around logos and download some really good free resources and take advantage of monthly sales on eBooks that make them far cheaper than from Amazon. But buying the resources included in Sword Searcher for Logos would cost SOOOOO much more, and I am not sure they would be as good. The developer of Sword Search went all out to maximize the use of this public domain content. I am so glad that I did not invest in any of these titles for logos!
  12. Tonight is warmer than most of the day. It was sunny, but cold and windy. The warmer air has blown in, so it is actually warmer in the dark. I went for a walk to burn off some anxiety. We still have a couple more weeks of potential snow. The first week of April is sometimes the biggest storm of the year. I want rhubarb pie. People from down south do not share the same excitement that northerners do with our perennial vegetables that are all we have in April for fresh local produce. The first asparagus and rhubarb that push through the ground are so exciting to harvest. Even if I cannot harvest any myself this year, I still want to eat the spring perennials. It is time to pull out the Nature Study Handbook. All the Burgess books start about now.
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