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  1. Kindle Unlimited has some Haitian Creole ebooks. There is precious little that can be purchased for Creole that is not available for free through Unlimited or library subscription. Creole is one of the most commonly SPOKEN languages in my city, but often does not make into the the top 50 languages TAUGHT. I am totally hooked on Haitian history and the Creole language right now, and all the misinformation and politics involved. I was up to 1 AM in the morning watching Creole lessons on Youtube.
  2. I have unlimited Kanopy through my college right now. There is an app for the KIndle Fire, but I am unable to see what a subscription costs. They have a lot of Great Courses. Hmm, maybe instead I would sign up for a Great Courses subscription, if I didn't have this through my college, unlimited. I think one of my library cards has 10 items a month through Kanopy. I'd probably mix the free limited Kanopy and pay for unlimited Great Courses.
  3. Okay, I am going to think about if I had nothing but a single 7inch Kindle Fire that frequently goes on sale for $39.00. Nothing else, but that, and paper and pencil. It only has 8 GB storage and no card slot. I have never paid a subscription fee for online storage, but I would explore my options for storage at Amazon. And I would sign up for Amazon Prime and Amazon Unlimited. Prime has documentaries. Unlimited has whispersync for voice sets for the classics. I would install both Olive Tree and Tecarta Bible apps. When you purchases books and Bibles, they are available on any type of device, not just Amazon devices.I think Tecarta has a free KJV and free KJV dramatized audio that reads along. I would see what my library had for offsite online content, and make sure that I checked out any or all libraries that I might be able to use. Look for Muzzy, Little Pim, Mango, Hoopla, Kanopy, and Overdrive. A lot of this content can be downloaded and taken home after briefly using a public hotspot. I think I would sign up for some type of newspaper subscription, if I could. Which is also something I have never done. Math, I would need to be able to copy problems onto paper for each student every day. The files would need to be small -- so have few graphics-- and display on a small screen. I'd need to do some research on this. A device with so little internal storage would force me into subscription services which are something I have not used much in the past. With the increased amount of subscriptions. I would need a nice little notebook to keep all my log in information. If the entire family shared the same device, and we had nothing else, except paper and pencil, we would be spending a lot of time together. And would need to be able to access the device for a short period of time to then be able to copy something quickly to take away to work on independently. I'd certainly focus on composition skills, and handwriting for the year. And drawing. Lots of journaling. Awhile back, I worked hard to train myself to write in a consistent hand that I am confident about. It was one of the most helpful things I ever did. I can create a handwritten worksheet on the fly, and flash cards, and copywork. I guess I would work on learning to cook that year. And hand crafts. It would be a good year to do Waldorf style learning. Pdfs are storage hogs. I would have to use more Kindle books. There are some decent Kindle art books. I would want nature study books. In kindle format, not pdf. It would be a year of mastering content. Once I took the time to copy content on paper, I would expect students to take full advantage of what I gave to them. They would be expected to memorize more.
  4. The audio books will be on something different than the eReader? Or do you mean a Kindle Fire? The 7 inch Kindle is on sale for $39.00 this week. I do not like textbooks on an eReader. When I have been dependent on an aReader or cellphone screen for hours a day, I have transitioned to more narratives. Narratives are better for audio, too. Audio really relieves eye strain and can be listened to while doing handcrafts or drawing.
  5. Hunter

    How to teach English to an adult Arabic speaker

    Sometimes you cannot do worse than the local ESL classes, just like sometimes you cannot do worse than the REALITY of YOUR public schools. I just finished my last college final today and am taking the summer off. Another student has no classes being offered in his major over the summer. We are going to trade intensive English and Creole lessons for each other for the summer, and both tackle Spanish again in the fall. Blumenfeld has come in SOOOOO handy for my classmate. When he is badly mispronouncing a word, I don't just correct the word, but bring up a group of words with the same sound. We search for the word on the page that he knows best, and alternate saying it with the word he knows least, until he successfully applies what he knows to what he does not. A good hardcopy dictionary is necessary. Google translate is not enough. Many libraries have a subscription to Mango languages. Hoopla has foreign language instruction videos Pimsleur is good to start with and can often be borrowed from the library. Kindle Whispersync sets are helpful. The 7 inch Kindle Fire is on sale for mother's day.
  6. Hunter

    Considering a Geography Year

    To add a little history into a geography year, the most concise curriculum I know is Homeschool in the Woods Great Empires
  7. Hunter

    Considering a Geography Year

    Have you seen Teaching with God's Heart for the World? It is a little dated, but free.
  8. Hunter

    5 th grade geography

    If you are a Christian, Operation World is an awesome resource.
  9. Hunter

    Chemistry and Physics help!

    Layers of Learning is a great supplement to almost any curriculum. There are plenty of hands on projects for chem and physics. Mr Q Science goes on sale for 1/2 price very January. It is worth the price of the curriculum just for the ESP labs. Free ESP lab worksheets Bill Nye the Science Guy videos are not to be missed. The demonstrations and labs can often be repeated at home. Those that cannot are even better to watched.
  10. Hunter

    Drawing - Do at home program?

    An old post of mine. It looks like the free pdf version of the Drawing textbook is no longer available, unfortunately.
  11. If this were my kid, I would never let him see any curriculum that I was using to prepare ME to teach him. I'd only let him see the pieces, not the whole. I would make up stand alone units on individual topics, to give him a sense of completion. If I had money to burn I'd want these. Math on the Level Math Mammoth Blue The topical ungraded workbooks Math Worksheet software Ray's Arithmetic Strayer Upton Arithmetic Aufmann Basic College Mathematics. I'd make sure to have him work an occasional problem from a "college" textbook to increase his confidence. Many students that are "behind" get exponentially more "behind". Some students never "catch up". These students have their other strengths. Humans are not made by cookie cutters. Our society acknowledges differing abilities in the sports and arts, but does not afford individuals the same consideration in math and reading. We waste potential. We are inefficient. We all suffer for it, not just the misunderstood students.
  12. Some of you ladies are doing Spanish, too, right? Have you checked your library online subscriptions and seen if the capital city and/or neighboring towns offer free cards that give you more? Some libraries have online Muzzy, now. The city north of me has online Muzzy. It is stupid, but a nice supplement, even for me. Many libraries have Gale courses and the Speed Spanish is good for mom and teens, but not the little guys. Gale's Speed Spanish uses the same method that Spanish with Paul uses in his ten-part free youtube mini course. You are taught a bunch of starter phrases that set you up to use infinitive verbs to drastically reduce the need to conjugate verbs. Ogden is the first person I know to play around with ideas to reduce the need to teach a lot of verb tenses to beginners. Spanish with Paul PART ONE
  13. I don't think there is a "better". Just different roads that lead to the same place or some other place. Right now, I have read more of the Benny Lewis stuff than the Fluent Forever stuff. I am having to be careful not to spend too much time on theory as it interferes with the time I could be spending actually learning. I am hitting the Spanish REALLY hard! A couple times I have not left my room the whole day, and in an 18 hour period did nothing but study, take a quick shower, and eat whatever scraps of food that were already here, leaving the dishes on the floor to make sure I didn't get them mixed up with all my papers and books. I had a chance to speak a little Spanish with a friend this morning, and had the opportunity to get it confirmed, that yes, I told the weekend janitor that I was "hot" in a very explicit and inappropriate way. The weekend janitor would not explain, but just blushed badly and told me firmly not to say that again. My friend talked quite a bit about the different ways to talk about being hot and it being hot. I think I am more confused than ever. So we need to add the whole formal and informal thing and three different verbs and then the explicit stuff on top what is already a mess. Classical languages are so much safer! I miss that! This Spanish stuff is a whole lot of NOT safe, in so so so SOOOO many ways.
  14. Hunter

    ELTL is secular now

    Good luck with that! :lol: It does happen sometimes though. Seriously. Less often than winning a scratch ticket, does happen.
  15. Yeah, I want credit for stuff. Credit, credit, credit. I'm starving for credit.
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