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  1. might have some videos that are easy enough, if you still have free access to the site from your old library card.
  2. Does Simply Charlotte Mason still have her stuff?
  3. WW1 changed things, in the USA and abroad. The bulk of the best children's public domain literature was published just before, during, and just after WW1. To skip the war entirely leaves the literature without important context. This is only as significant as the amount of this type of literature used, I guess. Ideological points is an interesting discussion. They can differ for different people. The principle approach of history is an interesting example. There are only about a dozen key periods and they are studied every year, with a very rigid worldview of a linear history tightly focused on a few principles. On their very short list, the Bible printed in English is a key point. It is top 10 significance to them, but of no importance to some modern non-Christians. I don't know how to skip WW1. But I guess that is in context to my world and my belief system. It happened. It changed things. Things that matter more to some people than others. With my Mennonite background, the mass emigration of the Hutterite colonies is a significant event that still affects people that I care about. I am having trouble finding the exact dates and people involved, but the USA government made promises to the Anabaptists before they made the choice to move here. Promises that were not kept and that came to a head in WW1. Anabaptist history charts their martyrs as the backbone of their history programs. WW1 must be in the top 3 events for all the different denominations. Hutterite Martyrs of 1918 Of the many accounts of war resistance during the First World War, there are few more harrowing than the story of the four Hutterites who were imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth in 1918. By 1874, most of the Hutterites had moved to South Dakota and begun new communities, or “colonies.” For forty-five years they lived in relative peace. But that peace was shattered by Wilson’s Conscription Act, and by the summer of 1918, four Hutterites living in South Dakota had been drafted into the Army against their will. But the deaths of the two Hofer brothers could not be so easily forgotten, and by the end of the year, the great majority of Hutterite colonies had emigrated to Canada to escape further persecution – including vandalism by their neighbors because of their refusal to buy war bonds.
  4. Can we compile a list of classic Bible reference books that are in the public domain? Strong's Concordance and Dictionary Nave's Topical Bible Vine's Expository Dictionary was written in the 1940's. Did it lapse into public domain, or does someone own the rights to it? Matthew Henry Commentary
  5. War time cookbooks Scroll about 3/4 of the way down and look on the right hand side.
  6. Gutenberg has a category for juvenile WW1 fiction.
  7. I like CHOW very much! It covers just what a student needs to know to understand common literature references.
  8. If a student is reading along, and the names are complicated, I sometimes highlight each name in a different color. Sometimes I give people nicknames. When tutoring another paralegal student about a complicated law case, I highlighted all names for the side of the plaintiff one color. and all names for the side of the defense in another color. This would work for multiple people on opposite sides of any conflict. Create charts Act it out with paper dolls
  9. OG was designed to teach READING to OLDER students in the LOGIC stage. TWTM clearly explains the differences between the grammar and logic stages. OG instruction is a LOGIC level activity.
  10. The students that "need" spelling curricula the most, benefit from them the least. The amount of time expended for insignificant results is not always worth it. Study after study shows that spelling curricula do not improve student spelling. Period. Studies that show that Spalding schools that spend FIVE hours a day on language arts have stronger READERS do not apply to the question of comparing SPELLING curricula with each other or using one at all. The fact is that natural strong spellers just spell naturally. Yes after OG instruction they are able to discuss spelling and show minor improvements in spelling, but improvement is minimal compared to time and money spent on instruction that could be expended elsewhere. It is not negligent to skip spelling. Few of us are comfortable doing that unless we are MAXED out, but it is NOT negligent and is clearly a logical way to triage when triage is needed.
  11. Also, take into account that "ancient history" covers a VAST amount of time. Simply Charlotte Mason spends 3 years on ancient history. Even with a young earth timeline, ancient history covers twice as many years as medieval and modern combined. Depending on WHICH topics are most important to YOU, you might need to divide time differently than SOTW. Young Earth as an example, because it is so neat. 2000 years Beginning to Abraham 2000 years Abraham to Jesus 2000 years Jesus to Now One option with 3 terms a year is to divide the year like this, and supplement the first term with social studies topics and skills building such as holidays, worldview, character/leadership training, newspapers, map drawing, time lines, ect.
  12. Following schedules can be comforting or burdensome. If I was PUSHING through skills based textbooks in math and languages, I used to cut myself some slack by doing content subjects by the seat of my pants with the easiest to digest resources possible. Social Studies turned DVD, NIE (newspaper in education), library books, and living museum first. Science followed the same path soon after I was face to face with how efficient "less is more" is for content. I have noticed that people stay on schedule better when covering the whole history timeline in ONE year, instead of four. Yearly rhythms are about as long as humans naturally keep rhythms.
  13. Composition in the Classical Tradition is a book that I have used when I want to teach writing and have no idea what I want to do. It is a college textbook on the progym that has been around since late oldschool times and was THE progym book, before all the multibook series for homeschoolers were published. Buying the book new is pricey, but not as pricey as a series of workbooks with TMs. And the internet is saturated with used copies. The book is STILL in the first edition, meaning college students are competing with you to buy it. The prices of used copies goes up and down drastically at the students buy and sell their books. If you keep checking, you can get a copy for under $10.00 at peak market saturation. This is best used as a TM for YOU and not directly with the little ones and anyone sensitive. It is a bit gruesome and irrelevant to children at times.
  14. Thank you! I did not know about a couple of these books, and the link to the website is a treasure trove!
  15. It is good to be back. Once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler. LOL. Going to college was fun, and it was NOT my choice to leave temporarily or permanently, but I am enjoying self-education. I am like a little kid in a candy store. I am making the best of THIS and grateful for THIS, and see the whole of the "bad" and the "good" as a package deal. I missed you all and I missed LEARNING. Me going to college was a bit like a picture book of a cartoon character going to school. LOL. I am SOOO glad that I went! It was an experience for me, and probably for others too. LOL. I doubt I will be going back until at least fall, if ever. I have to wait and see what happens now. Sometimes I just watch my life like a TV show and try not to get too involved and attached, as crazy as that sounds. A lot happened before I went. A lot happened while I was there. I expect a lot to keep happening. That is the pattern of MY life. Stuff happens. Period. I love you guys! I missed you!
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