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  1. I was struck by your earlier post and thought about it all day. I did not quote you, because I again was focused on the topic and was afraid of being offensive again. My post was my ramblings after a day of thought on the topic. You made a good point. You have a way with words. You caught my attention. I just wanted to ramble wider about the topic. The Christian response is such a convenient short cut. I am tired of having no shortcuts. I am done with believing some things that I was taught inside and outside the church. It has taken me so long to feel an identity and a conscience that i
  2. It is absolutely critical for opposites to rub against each other. If we all just exist in our niches and do not try to UNDERSTAND the liberal and the conservative, and the new and the old, the rich and the poor, the safe and traumatized, we all get weaker. The rubbing does not feel good in the moment, but the results of rubbing are so important that sometimes they save our lives.
  3. Only expensive water filters remove minerals. The portable ones are still about $200.00 and the companies that sell them at that price don't stay in business to replace the filters, even if the filter machinery lasts that long. No one that rents here installs filters. Filters are for homeowners. Homes are cheap in prices and quality and lot so of people own homes and have full-size filters. But renters and the poor are mucked. For heathy active people that are sweating, the minerals are critical to us not dying with entire weeks at a time of summer temperatures over 110 every day. Unsweet
  4. Procreation during difficult times is a sticky issue, sometimes. In communities that suffered genocide, their agenda is to survive, so I guess the children are foot soldiers in the agenda to survive. I know that people from my old life still resent that I survived and see my survival as selfish and a personal attack on them and their way of life and their reputation. They do not believe that all humans have the right to life. And they think that non-taxpayers that find a way to thrive not just survive are downright evil. And me, I am "disgusting" as well as evil and selfish and grossly "u
  5. Such a change, this was for me. I first understood modern war when I saw Civil War hit Yugoslavia. I was so shocked. But this past year has been equally shocking. Not only do I look back at Germany, but also Yugoslavia.
  6. I'm sorry. I was not reacting to your statement about your feelings, but more to the topic of having children. You were not the only one to post about this topic, but you were the last one to post. Forgive me for quoting your post to make a general comment in a topic. I didn't mean to be insensitive. I really am sorry. I removed your quote from my topic-based statement. My borderline autism is at fault here. Not an excuse, just an explanation.
  7. Efficiency is all about management of resources. Sometimes saving in one area leads to even greater expenditures in another. I think spending $22.00 on large pressure cooker was worth it. I was slow to act, because ... that is $22.00 that I could have spent on fuel or already prepared food or something else entirely. I have some extra wiggle room for time, but time is still limited. Poverty is such a juggling act. And to survive it, one must NOT pinch every penny, or it will cost dollars to fix the mess. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do.
  8. If the only people that stop having children are those that are sensitive to the issues and willing to sacrifice for the greater good, where will we be in a couple generations? If you think you are on the "right" side, the answer is never to stop having children; it is the opposite.
  9. We have control over HOW we live, even when we don't have control to change things. I have learned that this more important than I originally understood.
  10. I think there are people that have something to gain by creating fear. Both the pleasant stuff and the inequality is unsustainable. Things will crumble under themselves when they get too top heavy. Evil and injustice implode; they do not always need to be attacked from the outside. Things are getting more uncomfortable for us all, and fatal for some of us. The longer people choose injustice and short-term selfishness, the worse the implosion will be. So far, people are reacting with more division and injustice. But there is a limit to how long they can choose that option. Fea
  11. LOL to the link to the children's book! I am still in shock at the driving and the people that allowed those people to drive. So much mess was avoidable. But we have to move forward now, and I am curious what people are going to do now. The people in charge of course corrections are the same people that got us here, and ... I am not sure what they will do, next. I am getting harder and harder to shock, but things keep getting more shocking.
  12. I agree. I also think that Covid research will eventually bring about some major more-general medical breakthroughs that are going to be wonderful, but in the short-term ... some bad stuff is about to go down.
  13. I agree with so much of what you said and have been on a similar journey. Our biggest problem right now is that we forgot how to handle reality.
  14. Bone broth research and practice is a great winter activity. It is on the list now.
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