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  1. HI!!! Funny how it can be sooo good to get back in touch w online friends!😊
  2. I am pulling 2 of my kids home at least through the end of Christmas. If I can financially manage to keep them home longer, I will. As of now, I've got 2 months and I want to make the most of them. 1st grader needs intensive reading & handwriting work. I'm using what I wrote for that. She has also missed out on the Miquon style work for the 4-6 yo years. I'm backing her up and doing Miquon. My 7th grader is so used to coasting through with easy A's at school. I want him to experience a good ole fashioned gobsmacking of math problems. Throw him to the wolves & le
  3. I am just smiling ear to ear that your little guy is so sweetly driving you bonkers still. Warms the heart.😊 (hi Gil!!!) There might be something to the drumming. The steady beats & patterns of sound can be calming, grounding. Any musical instrument will do. Then you'll need a teacher... But a cajone is simple enough to learn via internet and is reasonably pleasant to hear. And it's very physical to play.
  4. I am an old long-time poster. It's been a long while though. Danger is 90% past, for those who know me. I'm doing very well. Kids are nearly grown up. My baby is 1st grade. My oldest is a junior in ps doing a tradeschool program in carpentry. Middles are freshman and 7th grades. I'm bringing the younger 2 back home, contemplating bringing the freshman home too. I taught in a private school for a while. I'm a homeschooler to the core.
  5. She needs to be close to people who will physically and emotionally support her. If she is isolated, I'm assuming that is the tip of an icerberg. She is being abused. Financial abuse is typically involved every time. Assume she does not have access to any real money, even if he has it. A good friend can help make some calls on her behalf. Call around for Center for Prevention of Abuse in either her area or your area. Call and ask them about legal aid lawyers, financial help, etc... If she thinks she might keep the home, she needs a center in her area.
  6. My mom did some horrid things, leaving us homeless and unemployed in the middle of the court process. She published a book, a memoir, about what a wonderful Christian woman she is less than a year later. She uses my name and stories about me in the book without my permission. I never signed. It was published anyway. If anyone here knows how to rectify that without being able to afford a lawyer, I'd love to know. I am currently estranged from nearly all of my family. I'm highly tempted to write my own "Mommy Dearest" in response to her memoir. All that said, you really cannot trust
  7. Figure out a lawyer first. Alimony will not be an issue to even worry about if she doesn't have a lawyer to secure her rights. Child support may not even happen. Elective Income Reduction is a thing men do to avoid paying child support by working a part time min wage job during the court proceedings. Then after child support is set, returning to real work. Modifying child support takes a lawyer...which you cannot afford if you are not getting alimony or child support...so plenty of women are left absolutely penniless even though they SHOULD be getting alimony and child support. Unless
  8. I can still convince the littlest to do a bit with me. Happy Phonics. Building with Cuisenaire Rods. Read alouds and oral narration. Congrats to you for a happy retirement from a job well done! Self-educating is a great idea. I may follow that lead.
  9. I have a middle schooler who hates ps. She has always been a self-starter. I think she was 8/9 when I started giving her a list in our homeschool to work independently for the most part. Then she is plunked down in a PS where they micromanage everything. Not to mention, she has read every single book they used in class. The teacher learned not to call on her for literature lessons b/c she would have a great deal of fun spoiling the book for the rest of the class. Life situations changed though, and I cannot be home with her even if she is capable of doing 90% of the work independently.
  10. FO4UR

    Kitchen Table Math


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    Set of 3. Excellent condition. Gently used. $45 ppd for the set of 3. Book 1: Ages 2-8 Book 2: Elementary School Math Arithmetic Book 3: Elementary School Math Beyond Arithmetic


  11. FO4UR

    Mp Lit Guides


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    MP Literature Student Study Guides. New. Never been used. I would like to sell these as a set of 10. $60 ppd. Lassie Come Home The Hobbit Dangerous Journey King Arthur The Door in the Wall Robin Hood The Wind in the Willows Heidi Farmer Boy The Blue Fairy Book



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    Gently used. Excellent condition. $12 ppd.


  13. A mix of low carb and IF and fasted cardio helped me pull off the last of the baby weight, about 30lb. I found that exercise makes some carbs a requirement. Getting those carbs from fruits and veggies helped me, basically going grain free. I fasted from 6pm until after I did an hour long stroller walk, usually 8 or 9 am. Then I usually had eggs & cheese and a fruit for breakfast. I like IF. Timing it can be tricky. You really have to think about your own schedule, not someone else's. The bottom line is calorie intake. If your goal is to stay in calorie deficit, the
  14. Hello everyone! I'm back. Some of you will remember me as 4blessingmom. Some of you know I went through an ugly personal time for a bit, thus the name change and staying off the public forum for a while. Things have calmed down. I miss chatting about everything from toenail fungus to the societal implications of a history curriculum. No one else irl is this much fun. :lol: I'm decluttering too. We are no longer homeschooling, and I have all these books and currics that no one irl can appreciate. iykwim I need to rehome them somewhere they will be loved and used and cared for. Parti

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    Like New! I'm selling both K-2 and 3-5. If someone will buy both, it's $35 ppd.


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