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  1. We have 4 bathrooms there are a couple of rolls under each bathroom sink and a 12 pack of the Jumbo rolls in the garage.
  2. We volunteer at the local mobile food bank. Distribution is not need based but we do have to record some info on every family that takes some (it keeps our funding up and gets more food delivered to our distribution location) .... This program gives families fresh produce, frozen meat, canned goods lots of real food that helps real needy and borderline families. When we started to volunteer I was shocked when the coordinator told me to sign the distribution list as well as the volunteer sign in and to PLEASE take at least something. I protested. We have no need. She made clear (nicely) that not only did we help keep the numbers up but the recipients and other volunteers would think we were snobby, rich people slumming it if we didn't at least take a little.( I mean homeschooled teenagers already get askance looks but around here, most volunteers are senior citizens so a strong young person who can lift boxes is always welcomed!) So taking some may not only be a help to you, but also to the program (which may enable them to feed families with far greater need).
  3. Also, I've never lived within 1000 miles of DHs parents so I haven't ever had that kind of relationship with them. I also often wonder if the "mom/dad" adopters married younger than the non-adopters...
  4. I call my inlaws by first names and so does DH. (Actually DH calls my Mom by her nickname which most people but I have always dislike lol) My DIL calls us by our first names. My mom called my Dad's parents "Mom and Dad" (but my Dads stepmother was always by first name, for all of us .... as a kid we kids pretty much only addressed my Dad's father as Sir) ... My Dad, on the other hand, always called my Mom's parents Mr. And Mrs. Lastname.
  5. I have a box full of Little People that I've kept for many years which I pull out when we have little guests... always popular. We have very large tubs of lego. My youngest has a few Thomas engines put away. There is a castle and a lot of knights tucked away in the attic for someday and some Cars and Disney themed cars (my kids always got these in the Parks when they were little) ... My youngest is 15 so this is all I think there is left.
  6. Each of my kids (15, 19 and 25) got an authorized user card on our account around age 14 - because they travelled out of state without us for various reasons. They have all been severely warned of dire consequence for using our card without our permission except for an emergency. Only one has ever done so (claimed he meant to use his debit card instead and grabbed the wrong card). All (including 15 year old) have been told to use it in authorized circumstances (run to the store/corner store and get some milk ... I'll buy you some gas, just use my card, etc...) it was convenient for me that they had it, and gave me peace of mind when they were in circumstances where an emergency could arise.
  7. Star Trek Star Trek the Next Generation Star Trek DS9 Farscape Brooklyn 99 Downton Abbey Call the Midwife Mandalorian Star Wars Rebels
  8. If I make a list ... I'll need to do stuff.... so making a list is the only thing on my list.
  9. On the first day of school we go to Dunkin Donuts (or similar) and take breakfast up to one of our favorite parks ... we have breakfast at the park, read in the sun, take a few pics and go for a hike.
  10. Ok you're all making me feel more confident about not trying to cover anything.
  11. So I had a scooter accident and went face first into the pavement (I had helmet, no concussion) I cut up my hands and knee quite a bit. I have four stitches above my eye and pretty extensive bruising on my chin and around my eye. As a matter of course, I do not wear makeup. I know how to apply makeup but it has been many years since I've worn makeup. I cannot wear mascara or eyeliner so it would just be concealer. So this is gonna look a mess for quite a while. I dont think makeup really does a good job of covering bruising (generally it looks like you're trying to cover a bruise not like a bruise is covered) . And people are judgy about women with bruises on their faces. I am thinking it is better not to attempt to cover and just to let it be what it is ... thankfully a mask mostly covers my chin so mostly anyone close enough to actually see it, mostly won't.... So, thoughts?
  12. I hate Red Mountain Pass. So much.... no way I'd drive it under construction. Ok no way I'd drive it at all. We didnt have anything but crazy wind and rain in the Springs but DH says there was sleet on Monument Hill yesterday.
  13. We have a variety of things attached to our Alexa system. Most of the individual items require their own app to set up but then just use Alexa for basic usage, thereafter. I think you could delte all those aps but they usually have additional controls beyond what Alexa can do. (Alexa can make the smart lights like 12 colors, the app can do a zillion, my thermostat can control the house fan through the app but can't through alexa, etc). We have smart plugs on a few things, lots of smart light bulbs, a smart thermostat... and we love them. So convenient.
  14. My DH and I got ourselves powered scooters. (Like Limes not like mopeds) such fun
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