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  1. Why does my dang arm still hurt so much 4 days in? Ughhhhh
  2. My state requirement is for 172 days of 4 hours or 688 hours. Starting counting in August - we usually hit that in January or February LOL I don't keep the same count as I once did but I know we are more than fulfilling our needs.
  3. I used to do stem challenges- you have 14 minutes to build a catapult out of these materials. Build the tallest stable structure out of pipe cleaners... I think I have a pinterest board with ideas
  4. I take halcyon for all dental care - including cleanings.... makes it possible for me
  5. I need more solutions in my homeschool that start with "grab 10 chocolate chips"
  6. Had my first Pfizer today. Nobody had a dumb sticker. I am a scrapbooker. I NEED stickers!!!
  7. With my DH working from home lately. We have discussed this as an option... we will wait until middle child moves out and youngest is consistently driving at least (though that will be like a year! AcK!) But it is something we are seriously considering it. (For the two of us - with teen equipped with his own car ... so not a one car family.)
  8. Civil Air Patrol is very popular with homeschoolers in my area. JROTC is not homeschool friendly in my area as it is a class in high school as well as an extracurricular.... might vary by school.
  9. The "The Art of..." books for Ghibli are good: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1569317771/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_EB5STMWWZ943DVQ7320W Her Universe has a partnership with Ghibli for some fun clothing options https://www.heruniverse.com/shop-by-license/studio-ghibli/?CM_MMC=SEM-_-GGL-_-BR-_-21_9999W1_SEM_GGL_BR|HU|STUDIOGHIBLI&gclid=CjwKCAjwpKCDBhBPEiwAFgBzjxpGQfziU-KlNdXPM7zJir9Wkb6nf20Dh0L7kQCfdLmZ_GqEXexMJhoChycQAvD_BwE Kawaii pen shop is my favorite source for fun Japanese stationary and goodies https://kawaiipenshop.com/
  10. My youngest kid struggled for a long time ... til we took off both training wheels and pedals. We spent an afternoon in a large parking lot and he got it. Shockingly easy
  11. My DS did small group piano classes through our co-op and they were a good fit for us. I think that option (45/60 minute small group might be appealing to.parents and allow you to better schedule your time. Perhaps offer both - the daytime discount and the small group option and move promising students toward the discounted private lessons as you see them emerge (the ones who are clearly progressing, practicing etc)
  12. No. I only personally know like 3 people who have actually had it.
  13. It's a reasonable amount of time if it works for the group. I've played with groups that took a full day once a week. My kids currently play about 5-6 hours per campaign once a week.
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