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  1. No sheets at all. Exposed mattress. And other furnishings/toys in photos point to standard middle class US/western homes.
  2. I was just looking at a thing where people posted pics of their kids playrooms/bedrooms. Many of these photos included beds which had blankets on them... but no sheets? Do people serioisly sleep with no sheets? I'm legit confused by this. I have never in my life slept on an exposed mattress that's so weird to me. Do you see things like this online where you are just distracted by something unintentional (who puts ~condimentX~ on ~foodY~ is another one for me) ....
  3. Have you seen a podiatrist? Perhaps they can prescribe customs. Keens make some Mary Jane's that are decent looking and very supportive though not technically "orthotic"
  4. Ok here's a weird perspective on this. I am at heart an introvert. I can paste on an extroverted face and do what needs doing when needed ... I do it all the time when volunteering ... but I'm pretty private given my own space. But I sing with the choir at my large church. Choir is the real spiritual connection for me. And I occasionally am called upon to sing solos/ step out front with worship leaders. So I stand up in front of our large congregation. And everyone "knows" me. People are always doing that "I can't place where I know you" thing ... because they do recognize me. If I were wearing a nametag - goodness they'd all know my name and talk to me. This is my nightmare. Nametags in the regular worship service is a no for me, though I appreciate them in our smaller Sunday School group, cause I'm terrible with names.
  5. My kids have in the last few years participated in martial arts spending about $120 / month /kid (they pursued different arts). Scouts which varies in cost - $300 for camp, $1000+ for high adventure, monthly campouts averaging about $20/kid... plus other activities here and there. Other camps in the summer, etc.. robotics has two away trips costing about $600 plus food, and the potential for another more expensive trip if they win.
  6. Jan 3 to Feb 22 should be all... we are having a fabrication issue that may extend it slightly but we have our first scrimmage on the 22nd so it better be done!
  7. Other recent/upcoming meals the team is having/ had - lasagna, taco burgers, egg roll bowls, chicken fajitas, grilled cheese with tomato soup, baked potatoes, misc soups, meatball sandwiches, nachos, pizza, giant subs... I really appreciate all the team parents making such effort!
  8. Well we survived it and the kids liked it (even though it was more like 45 than 60, I had some leftovers.)
  9. I think they just don't want you calling their emergency line at 2 AM. 🙂
  10. I was seriously about to post about the Loretta one..... ~~~weeping!~~
  11. During Robotics build season, parents step up and provide dinner every day (M-F and Sat lunch) for the whole team. My son has really loved having this social time to connect with the team (As the only member of the team who doesn't attend the school)... and we have benefitted greatly from these meals as we live on the other side of town -- so there's a lot of driving involved. So I wanted to take a day... but I was crazy! It's actually all cooked now (Pulled Pork I cooked on Sunday and Monday because I was supposed to serve them on Tuesday and there's a LOT of it! -- but I ended up freezing it all due to storms that gave the school snow days) So pulled pork sandwiches (working on thawing that!), baked mac n cheese (just finished), and baked BBQ beans (Still also frozen oh no!) (Plus different parents bring fruit and salad every Sunday and Wednesday to add to the meals). I was too ambitious!!! PIZZAS NEXT TIME!
  12. Someone stop me and remind me of this: ORDER PIZZAS! All this cooking is insane.
  13. Have you checked the actual Otterbox site? They offer a lot of different looks for newer iPhones (DH had a Captain America Otterbox).
  14. We use an Automatic Pro in the car DS drives... he called me the other day to look up where he parked lol It is also plugged into the ODB - so it sends us the codes if his check engine light comes on, which us pretty cool. And it tracks gas mileage stuff.
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