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  1. My youngest is 16 now. He gets his drivers license next month. Then I domt have to chauffer him to all the places. That alone seems crazy. This is our last year of full time homeschool. Next year we will still do part time but he will primarily be doing DE for next year and a super senior year (gotta take advantage of those paid college classes!) He plans to go to a local school and commute for two years after that so... we wont be empty nested for a bit but also wont have the full demands of parenting younger children. I already volunteer several days a week at a local museum. And I have hobbies and I travel at least once a year with friends (scrapbook retreats, trip to Disney, trip to Palm Springs) .. Dh plans on early retirement to focus on his hobbies and travel.
  2. I'm using this as a spine for Renaissance and Early Modern but not focusing too much on US History. It's definitely at a challenging level. I'm using the original version and It's not part of a curriculum (it doesn't have lesson or assessment guidance). But there is a more concise high school version used in some AP classrooms with more pedagogical tools. A History of Modern Europe: From the Renaissance to the Present, 3rd Edition https://smile.amazon.com/dp/0393934330/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_fabc_2JJGM5QCC3319T6X2AVK?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I do not think that. I've seen dogs mope (for lack of a better word) when their owner is deployed and do things that show clear memory connections.
  4. I tend to avoid the broad "spine" series like "Ancient History" and deep dive on a side topic like "Ancient Egypt" ... rather than trying to align individual lectures to my overall plan (ie we did the whole Vikings and Black Death series during our Medieval year ... aside from our main topics) .. but I have used individual lectures here and there (especially from like a Great Thinkers series or the Shakespeare lectures that match our topic). When I've used them this way it has been fine, still a load of good info- though there have been references to previous or upcoming lectures. Crash course videos are great but be aware they are FAST paced. There are lots of study guides and things to align to most of the Crash Course options on Teachers Pay Teachers.
  5. I mean I knew it before but it just HIT ME. This is the last time I'll be planning a homeschooled kid's whole year. We're not big on outsourcing and I'm here sorting through lesson planning for the classes we are doing this year. And it hit me. While DS is technically going to be a Junior, and we plan to add a super senior year. After this year, he will primarily be doing school through DE. Ack. Somebody hold me.
  6. Our last couple of new cars we bought through a broker. It was pretty painless.
  7. How can riding a bike naked be comfortable?
  8. Well I'm a high school teacher by background and prefer teaching older students generallr ... and as a homeschooler I've only done middle school and beyond. I think Pre Algebra and Algebra 1 are my favorite. So upper middle school would be my choice.
  9. My county is fairly conservative. We have decently high vaccination rates and the county says that those rates are false due to underreporting by the military bases (ie. A significant number of people were vaccinated outside the county distribution lines - via the US Space Force, Air Force and Army bases in my area- though these people are resident in my county they aren't all in the county vaccine numbers). I work with mostly retired folks (volunteer organization) who are basically all vaccinated and all VERY conservative. I don't have a lot of crossover with my local homeschool community right now so I am less sure about their attitudes.
  10. I don't have experience with AP in the homeschool setting (though I do in a public school setting). You don't have to take an AP class to take an exam, so I don't think that's a necessary step. But I'm mostly just bumping this up for those with relevant experience.
  11. That's why I said "the first question is" about the ownership of the phone.
  12. There is a legal concept of expectation of privacy. You don't have an expectation of privacy in a public place, nor your workplace. Someone can take your photo in a public place. A business can monitor their hardware. If your phone is "part of your workplace" then you don't have an expectation of privacy there. If you want privacy, get a private phone. Don't do private things on someone else's hardware. Don't use it to pay bills. Don't use it to buy things. Don't use it for illicit purposes.
  13. I guess one question would be is the phone his private property or is it provided by the Church? If my employer provides my phone they have the right to everything on it. It isnt mine, I dont have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  14. Theres an online refund option. https://www.ccc-consumercarecenter.com/UCUConfiguration?id=a071i00000zs7tqAAA#etd=::00c?Z9W00Y00MVvu?,TV9Z00ww$
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