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  1. I listen to other things in the car mostly these days but sometimes I do. This week i pulled out my Messiah rehearsal CD and went through it all twice (to the annoyance of teenager in passenger seat who was wearing earbuds anyway!) Just for fun- no performances any time in my future.
  2. So I got my new Shark robot vacuum and today is its second day of running... I was pleasantly surprised by how much stuff was in the cup when it finished running! The bump and turn function makes it feel really random but it runs long enough that it does a good job. We don't have pets or small kids so no opinions on that. It handles our various rugs (kitchen mat, doormats, one larger area rug) really well. My kid learned an immediate lesson about his messy under-desk space that he claimed was cleaned up, then it wasn't really and he didn't push in his chair so... ro
  3. Oh there's a causal relationship there... just not the one they think. LOL
  4. I always say that my kids aren't weird because they're homeschooled... they're homeschooled because they're weird.
  5. We all have these ... I bought some for the kids, then DH and I got some later. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0836CLXR6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fab_7kNHFbK4AG41D
  6. Got some water bottles. Tempted to get a radio flyer tricycle for my nephew for Christmas.
  7. Yeah I'm up there with candy and y'all are like "carrots and apples" lol
  8. Sometime around the time he was 7 or 8 my youngest was tested by the school as "reading on a college level" .... like yeah. He could understand a complex text but we weren't settling down with Dante or Crime and Punishment or something. This is not a meaningful distinction.
  9. When did you sleep??? My Middle Son and Youngest are both atypical in their own ways and we have had plenty of schooling struggles .... Middle is bright but incredibly difficult and defiant. We pulled him to homeschool in grade 9. I regret wasted years but I do not think i would have survived actually homeschooling that kid another week, let alone additional years. He was/is a keeping my head above water kind of parenting experience. Youngest tested as highly/profoundly gifted in a number of areas but he has his own challenges ... we muddle on and y'all help me stay on the general c
  10. Red vines. Not Twizzlers, not licorice. RED VINES.
  11. It's a specific list but it's a really large list and hard to navigate... I started by going through my homeschool wishlist and finding the following label on the ones that were included, and then clicked on the "shop items" link to browse more.
  12. So, the enrichment group we've been involved with in the past has a Statement of Faith for staff members and teachers that is not in keeping with my personal stance and would not allow a Catholic to teach. These things are the reason I chose not to teach or volunteer for a more involved position. ... but to participate you only had to sign an acknowledgement that teachers will be coming from that philosophy not that you believe it or commit to it... since we were taking karate and art and improv classes and things like that, not really doorways for theology, and there wasn't another good optio
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