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  1. It's streaming on Amazon but it might be on the PBS site, too... or someday the begathon will air it, lol - if they ever stop showing endless Downton Abbey. LoL
  2. Sorry SaoIrseRonan as Jo. Florence Pugh is Amy, I think. In the upcoming film not the miniseries.
  3. That's the upcoming film with Emma Watson playing Meg and Florence Pugh as Jo. This was a PBS mini series with Jonah Hauer King as Laurie. Staged by the creator of Call the Midwife... with Emily Watson as Marmee and Angela freaking Lansbury as Aunt March!!! (And Michael Gambon -Dumbledore- as Mr. Laurence.)
  4. Plus Amy and Laurie .... I've never seen it done right. It's right.
  5. If you havent watched it, it is streaming on Amazon. Watch it. I love Maya Hawke as Jo so much more than I thought possible. So much fantastic casting!
  6. My kids have the G7 Power .... I bought them from Amazon on Prime Day. Great deal.
  7. My son has both. He got the laptop intending it to be a replacement for the chromebook but the battery life on the chromebook and ease of use continue to see it getting regular use (when he was carless he especially preferred the chromebook for on the bus) but as a radio and television production guy, he needed the laptop for extensive editing processes. There are definitely things you can do on a laptop you can't do on a chrome! My kids prefer the Google suite to office, I still use office. My youngest can make Google sheets sing and calculate orbital dynamics lol ... it has a lot of functionality. I think that's pretty standard for them, just those of us who learned/mastered office have a preference for it. Theres more functionality in the Microsoft suite, but most users, especially students, arent using those additional functions.
  8. My little warning on frixion pens ... from the scrapbooking/planner community- the writing can be erased by exposure to heat (like leaving your planner full of frixion writing in your hot car). Not an issue for everyone but something to be aware of ... not sure if it would be the same for highlighters (though I totally want erasable highlighters ... though I am currently loving the sharpie clickable highlighters).
  9. So your questions are very California specific, so I have nothing to really add there, except WELCOME TO WTM!!! This is a GREAT resource! You're going to love it here!
  10. What do you want to do with your phone? Games? Wordscape is my current go to - I paid to turn off ads (~$3) Organization? Evernote? Memory Keeping? Project Life Photo editing? Try snapseed. Or lightroom
  11. My kids get calls on their cells about their extended warranty (my 14 year old likes to make mocking jokes about his concern for the warranty on his skateboard) and their student loans (my 18 year old LOVES these because he currently gets mail about student loans EVERY day ... he has no student loans, his current course for certification will not result in student loans, etc.)
  12. I would focus on shopping in stores /brands popular among teenagers (look where her friends shop). I have a socially awkward teen Boy and shopping some place where the styles are "in" keeps him from choosing "old man" styles that he might tend toward... When I first moved to Colorado from Missouri in the early 80s, it was the middle of the school year. I was shocked to discover that girls my age in CO mostly wore pants and jean to school, whereas where I came from in Misssouri, we mostly wore skirts and dresses. After that first few months (when I didn't even have most of my clothes... since our house in MO hadn't sold and we were living in a temporary housing situation) my mom and I agreed to only do a little back to school shopping before school and wait to do most of it after I got to see the fashion trends... I was not really an "on-trend" type but I also didnt want to be wildly out of step.
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