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  1. LLBean has some plus size. My favorite cute coat is Torrid but for warmth I would go another direction.
  2. When we moved to Colorado, we left our rabbit with my grandfather. My grandfather fed that rabbit freaking everything (he especially brought home the various green garnishes from restaurants). That rabbit lived forever and was enormously fat. So ummm might be okay.
  3. I've always said my kids aren't weird because they're homeschooled... they're homeschooled because they're weird. My youngest is currently at a local high school for a robotics meeting- it's their spirit week and today was beach day, so he dug out an Aloha shirt to wear. He attended public school K-5. It was a terrible fit. He is fine with peers of his choosing - he plays D&D with a close knit group (met through the library, some homeschooled, some public schooled). A variety of other curricular and extracurricular activities with peers. Also a volunteer at the WWII museum with mostly retired adults. This kid has made consistently good online decisions. Discord is life. My middle kid was in public school from K-8. It was a dangerous place for that kid, and did a lot of damage. Kid thinks there were definite positives to homeschooling and definite negatives (especially as it is not possible in kid's eyes that decisions we made as parents could possibly right or good). This kid made consistently questionable decisions online and required different monitoring. They are more than 4 years apart in age so I didn't feel I need to have consistent rules for them. There is a place where fitting in is good and a place where it is negative conformity and peer pressure to dangerous acts. We had to make decisions based on that.
  4. I just remembered 7 sisters has a curriculum or some resources. I havent used any of their things I'm just aware of its existence... https://www.7sistershomeschool.com/product/career-exploration-curriculum-bundle-duplicate-2/ And then I see it's in Lori's post already...Lori is a rockstar.
  5. Can she shadow someone in a job? Visit a workplace? Do college research on what is required for the degree she might seek? Visit a local community college or university and perhaps meet with someone in relevant departments?
  6. My AF kid is currently deployed but is quite reachable - even regular WhatsApp... I think that sounds extra hard.
  7. What signs of social maturity is DH looking for that he perceives the kids are lacking?
  8. I already bought them and booked seats... right now a handful of seats in business are booked and a handful through the rest of the plane but I could basically choose whatever configuration I wanted.
  9. I've never had a paid seat assignment disregarded on an international flight. A couple of you have mentioned this - which airlines?
  10. So DH and I both prefer aisles. DS prefers a window but hasn't flown commercial since he got tall! I don't think I should have to suffer in a middle seat for a 14 hour flight because DH doesn't want to sit next to a stranger. I booked three aisle seats figuring one of the middles should be open (it's a 787 3x3x3) and he can have that one or the one with the least offensive to him stranger lol Though we could book a center row and have two aisles a middle I guess... hmmm we picked seats but it's a ways out. I can keep an eye on it.
  11. They're the complete math curriculum that the Arbor school uses for all.of their students for three years of schooling. They're modeled on Jacob's. http://arborcenterforteaching.org/arbor-algebra-textbook
  12. The three arbor books together are perfectly solid prealgebra and algebra 1 and some algebra 2 topics curriculum. If he likes them, why not use them?
  13. And they often don't recline -- this is an issue on a 10+ hour flight! I looked into these options -- seats with more legroom that fully recline and have access to personal item/space would have nearly doubled the cost of the flights! Crazy all the ways they nickel and dime every single thing they could charge you for these days.
  14. Well teen is a pilot... so umm flying isn't an issue. LOL
  15. Ignoring Covid and your personal covid specific precautions as a factor, this is mostly a theoretical discussion I was having with DH and he feels my stance is unreasonable. and of course, I think his stance is unreasonable.. so I'm polling the Hive -- for my own curiosity and peace of mind, not to discuss the Hive's opinions with him Imagine that you are booking three seats on a long flight for three adults (one an over 6 ft man with broad shoulders, one an average sized woman and one older teen 16+ also 6'2" and again broad shoulders)... Would you book 3 seats in one row, no matter the individual preferences, so you could all be together? 3 seats in preferred types (ie. one of you prefers window, two prefer aisle -- book two aisle and one window? Three close-to-each-other aisles so everyone has maximum space? Some other configuration? One of the adults feels that all should all sit in one row, specifically so they can have an aisle seat and not have to sit next to strangers (this is not a covid concern. this person just doesn't want to be stuck next to a stranger, especially a stranger who may not be pleasant to sit next to.) Is your answer different for longer/international flights vs. shorter flights?
  16. This is total Bulls%*t. I would be so pissed. If they have a plan that includes quarantine for the exposed, they need to have a plan for educating the quarantined.
  17. For cooking - can he watch Alton Brown? His cookbooks, too, have loads of info on the ingredients, the chemistry etc... I'm Just Here for the Food was a good one. Cheap used copies on amazon and its older so your library might have it. I'm Just Here for the Food: Version 2.0 https://smile.amazon.com/dp/158479559X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_fabc_BSDNM9PB3V59ZK58SGFY Here's that Engineering fails thing I mentioned up thread. There are also others in the series apparently. The Book of Massively Epic Engineering Disasters: 33 Thrilling Experiments Based on History's Greatest Blunders (Irresponsible Science) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/0761183949/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_fabc_DZAFYZRW1MQ22BN932DM Would he like to build a catapult for Punkin Chunkin? (Small pumpkins like the ones in a bag lol) Rubber Band Engineer: Build Slingshot Powered Rockets, Rubber Band Rifles, Unconventional Catapults, and More Guerrilla Gadgets from Household Hardware https://smile.amazon.com/dp/1631591045/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_fabc_0YXHXEP4262GA8AVXQ1G I remember a snap kit similar to this being a big hit Snap Circuits “Arcade”, Electronics Exploration Kit, Stem Activities for Ages 8+, Multicolor (SCA-200) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00VKRK7K0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_fabc_J6D80QPCQGJ916JN84QT?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 The Knex kit I was thinking of was the Renewable Enrgy one which seems to have been retired. But there's some cool stuff.
  18. Recognizing that other interests can be school rather than just 'hobbies" was a part of my point. Letting kids' interests drive schooling choices is a well rounded approach a lot of people find useful, especially with kids who are challenging to find 'buy-in'. Let them feel that their interests and preferences are heard, that they have choice and a role to play in their education - that can go a long way. Some kids need a hands on real world approach not strict academics. More making and doing, less "assigning". It can be for a season or as a lifestyle. Kind of falls into the "strewing" idea of unschooling - but instead of just stewing books - strew projects and other directional things AND give them time to pursue them. I dont know about Cardboard Box Engineering specifically but I do remember some books called Junk Drawer Engineering or science or something that one of my kids liked at that age. Also something about Engineering Fails or Epic Engineering Disasters? Something like that -- that had a discussion of something that was built and failed then a project to do. And the Klutz lego books like Chain Reactions and Contraptions were something cool.
  19. I haven't been to a grocery store in months (other than a quick stop to pick up one or two things or an occasional Trader Joe's run). Me and instacart- we are pals. Because grocery shopping took me FOREVER. And I hated it. Though for a while I was getting it done at Walmart in under 30 minutes because I was trying to do it while DS was in karate.
  20. It helps me to read something that reminds me what I want - Brave Learner? Wild and Free? Rethinking School? Gatto? With littler kids - maybe sidestep to a unit study you can all get excited and do together about with a fun field trip? I love to assign an audio book kids can listen to while walking and hiking. Then take them out to do that. Does your library have a maker space? Can you buy a model - like theres some cool knex sets tied to science projects that build multiple things or the roller coaster ones - for 9 year old to work on? I just bought a book of paper Da Vinci models for my 16 year old for days when he needs something aside from.books and lectures, there will be a point where he needs something... last year he built a model.of Notre Dame for one of those aside projects. And learned to make Celtic knot artwork... As a sophomore studying medieval history. Can you get 9 year old in a hands on class? I know our forge offers blacksmithing classes that young.
  21. How does your regulation describe it? Can you tell us where or quote the reg?
  22. I think I entered Oldest's dorm room once after move-in during the year he was in dorms. The next 4 years he was in rental apartments and houses. I visited those a bit more but they had common spaces (living rooms) so it felt more normal.
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