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  1. Check at a local native plant nursery; they'll be happy to guide you to something suitable.
  2. Nevermind, hadn't read all the responses and didn't realize it was resolved.
  3. I've not yet experienced this myself, but... people (in general) don't want to wait any longer than they have to for stuff. And I suppose if delivery drivers can be on the road when traffic is light, they can make more deliveries in less time. It's possible that some people choose specific shifts for their own reasons (convenience, childcare, etc). But in any case I doubt Amazon cares a whole bunch about driver safety.
  4. How fun! I also would never pay that much, but I'd take advantage of that freebie! But, I've never had trouble just ordering regular coffee at a bougie coffee shop, including Starbucks (though I generally prefer independent shops). That's crazy!
  5. I agree with you. Except that... circumstances can change. A child may be needy and thus favored over siblings in a will. Then, later, when it's all over, their fortunes may improve while another's take a downturn. The formerly-but-no-longer needy child is not obligated to help siblings, despite the fact of that boost from the parents. In those cases, yeah, the unfavored child/ren have to accept it. People are flawed and make decisions based on what they know, and they can't know the future, try as they might. (I'm not talking about special needs situations where a child may not ever be able to live on their own/earn enough to live on.)
  6. I have one merino sweater that I've had for over 30 years. I love it. It's very soft and while not thick, it's not like the very thin, nearly sheer merino I see in stores now. (I haven't looked into merino from online places like Wool&) Is shearing sheep particularly cruel? I always thought the sheep benefited from the haircut, even though they probably don't like the actual shearing.
  7. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. It's very hard when parents seems to favor one child. When you discussed with your father, did you ask why they are doing it this way? As a pp mentioned, maybe they are setting your sister up as caregiver. Do you know if this is the case? Parents do strange things in the name of "fairness." I had my own situation (which I won't detail here) which "cost" me tens of thousands of dollars when my mother died. Of course it didn't really cost me anything because it was my mother's money. I understood why she did it so perhaps that made it easier. Still, it took me some time to get over the resentment. Anyway, it might help you if your parents could explain their reasoning. Maybe they think your sister will share with you when it's time for her to sell the home/property, but if it's not in the will, it's not likely to happen, especially if your sister is defending this as her right.
  8. I was in the ATL airport waiting for a flight when the verdict was announced. The overwhelming emotion there was joy. I mean people erupted in cheers. Surprising to me then; it wouldn't be today.
  9. This is pretty much exactly me/my husband - but he's probably between 2 and 3. He isn't too much of a weaver. Still, I hate the way he drives, but he has never had an accident and maybe never a ticket either. I've also never had an accident, but had quite a few tickets back in my deep dark past. If I'm really bothered, I just tell him I'd like to drive. He's probably equally fussed by my driving as I am by his. I get a little bit carsick but I can scroll instagram and/or look at google maps on my phone without trouble. I try to have a task - such as, find a good coffee place or whatever - to keep me occupied. I remember that as many things as he does that annoy me, I do at least as many to annoy him. (Not just driving, but anything.) Yes of course driving is a safety issue, but I am not sure I can be objective to be certain that I am safer than he is. ETA: Do you have a defensive driving course near you? You could sign up for lessons - the both of you. Present it as a good thing to do as "we" get older.
  10. I think it's a bit of a stretch to assume that people who weren't into traveling or otherwise going out of their way to view the eclipse as being uninterested in science, the natural world and (apparently), by extension, education. And if we're talking about "not yucking someone else's yum," come on, that happens all the time here. Open up any thread where cheese is a topic!
  11. @Catwoman I guess you should have put "JAWM" in your subject line even though it seemed pretty clear without it. Sorry your thread got derailed. Yep.
  12. Wine Nice cheese (though we buy plenty of run-of-the-mill cheese, depends on the planned use) Next would be tea, I think. I buy a loose leaf masala chai blend that is a bit more expensive than typical grocery store tea
  13. We had 90% totality. My husband popped in and out of the house to look at it. I remember doing this as a big homeschool thing in 2017 (not 100% then either) and it was kinda meh to me. I'm sure I would feel like it would be awesome to see 100%. I would not travel, but as time goes on, I'm less inclined to travel long distances where huge numbers of other people are likely to congregate. As someone upthread said, maybe I'd feel differently if I was a star/space geek. That said, I have a great appreciation for natural beauty and am awed by things like waterfalls and interesting geology. So it's not like I don't care about any natural phenomena.
  14. Yes, I'm all for sleeping freedom too. But, I agree on the duvet. I had one for about a year and couldn't handle the hassle anymore. And FWIW, I'm on team tucked-in-top-sheet. I like it tucked almost all the way up the side, too, with just enough room to crawl in. I couldn't stand to sleep under a blanket - at least the kind of blankets that we have, which are knit, or fleece - without a sheet between me and the blanket. That texture would be upsetting to me. Sleep comfort is very personal!
  15. I don't think anything captures the flavor of government cheese. I have been looking for that flavor since probably 1965. My husband (Georgia boy, but his mother didn't make cheese grits when he was a kid) said he thinks the closest to government cheese would be a mix of mild cheddar and Velveeta, maybe. We usually use the sharpest cheddar we can find. There are uses for "plastic cheese" because of it's supreme creaminess. I know there are ways to get that with "regular" cheese and an additive I can't remember right now (someone will know it I'm sure) but every now and then a slice of American is just what's needed.
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