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  1. Yes but please everyone be sure to leave good reviews when warranted too! People often do not think to leave a review after a good experience, but are quick to do so for a bad one. (I am NOT saying that gardenmom5 or anyone in particular here does that. It's just a general comment.)
  2. Oh, this reminded me that my daughter and I were talking about watching a version of Jane Eyre - this was some months ago! - and I clicked your link and wow, this looks wonderful!
  3. My siblings and I are not close, and my husband is not close to his sibling. I worry that our kids will not be close, and wish they were closer now. Most likely, the day will come that they are the only family for each other (excluding the families they may marry into and start on their own of course).
  4. Fun little quiz! You got: Polyhymnia: The Muse of Song When it comes to romance novels, you like them sweet and pure. The simplicity of the traditional stories, the comfort of a happy ending, and the silly but swoon-worthy tropes are what you live for. I actually am not much of a romance reader, but I'd say this does fit. I missed last week altogether; I have found I must check in on Sunday! Last week I finished book 2 for the year: The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World by Virginia Postrel. It was a short overview of the history of textiles; some
  5. I've added flaxseed meal and oat bran when baking bread. Not too much, just maybe a 1/2 cup total to a 5-6 cup-of-flour bread recipe. I've added some oat bran into an oatmeal cookie recipe as a substitute for some of the flour. Could also add either into oatmeal, or muffins. I've never used buckwheat as the one time I tasted it I didn't like it. I know there are recipes for buckwheat pancakes. But I think that is also something that could be added to a bread recipe. But I add lots of different things into the basic whole-wheat bread recipe. Agreeing that flaxseed meal may be ranci
  6. I move around a lot. I flip from right to left, pull the covers up/push them off. I sleep in layers so when I get hot, I can pull a layer off and drop it so I can reach it to put back on when I get cold again. It is constant movement. And no, I do not wake up refreshed ever.
  7. That pan looks useful for this purpose! I find it's often just as easy for me to make two things rather than set aside plain meat to add later. It depends on the dish of course, but for something saucy, if there is going to be meat, I want the meat to cook in the sauce, not add plain cooked meat later. So, two pans on the stove (or in the oven) with their different components. Once I started doing it when my daughter stopped eating meat, I found I got into the groove pretty easily. Of course the easiest is to have plain roasted (grilled, etc) meat in some form, but I am not a fan
  8. I sometimes make two batches of the same basic chili recipe, but some with meat and some without. Same with simple curry recipes (or even using jarred curry sauce), I make some with chicken and some with chickpeas.
  9. Yes, I can see a lot of things that should be changed here. What is the family life like, that such young kids are out in the middle of the night? What made them decide it was ok to steal a car / go driving around in a stolen car? How did loaded guns get into the car - did the kids bring them or were they already there? So many questions. Sad sad story. I'm sure the police involved feel horrible even though it seems apparent they did not cause this tragedy..
  10. My understanding is that cholesterol is governed mainly by genetics. I eat eggs, butter, full fat dairy, all the things that are supposed to be bad for cholesterol, and my numbers are fantastic. Like, the doc is always super impressed. Do you have a way to find out his health profile? I know doctors can't just give out information to random people, but is someone in the family in a position to get that information? Does he take medications for anything? If he is very elderly, getting nourishment into him is probably most important.
  11. LOL, yes, but we find those! The first time one went astray my son found it in a pants pocket. He reached in and felt something furry... he had quite a moment before he realized what it was. But I am consistently short one even after all the laundry is dealt with. I am wondering if someone has a fitted sheet stashed away with a ball hiding in it.
  12. That is where I got mine. I have 7 but there should be 8. Wondering where and when that missing one is going to turn up....
  13. Mountains by a river, creek, or lake. I find the beach in general boring. But there are vast differences between beach areas in the US. Beaches in northern California and Oregon are vastly different from the beaches I've encountered in New Jersey and Delaware. I love a more "rugged" beach, such as the Big Sur or Pescadero areas of CA, or the beaches of Oregon which never seemed crowded. Ocean City NJ and other beaches like that, which in summer are crowded with people and their big umbrellas crammed together, are not my idea of a good beach.
  14. I am very happy to see you back - have missed you and wondered how you were doing.
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