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  1. I'm sorry. I am in a long slog of badness that started pre-pandemic but just got worse since it started. For stress relief I have started taking l-theanine, I try to walk daily, I pray and read the bible and short devotional type readings, and I give myself as much downtime with pleasurable pursuits as I can. I've also gotten better at insisting that my people at home leave me alone when I need it. I hope things get better for you soon! ETA: like Jean, praying while crying in the shower where no one can hear me can help. Crying is a good tension release for me.
  2. I am generally not very sensitive, don't take offense easily, but.. your comment was pretty jarring even to me. Light-hearted can be difficult on a serious topic.
  3. I am so sorry; I get it. For years I dealt with one kid's ADD and now am realizing that my other kid is showing symptoms of it as an adult. My husband also has seemed to have it for years, though till recently he could control it fairly well. Well, and then I read this: This blew my mind today. I thought I had done a good bit of study on ADHD but reading this brought a whole new level of understanding. I have been so frustrated that my husband misreads me in a negative way so often. Not just words but also facial expressions. As in, he reads my surprised face as a mad face, and
  4. I did not know or remember the back story. Yes, bite your tongue, see and enjoy the baby on Saturday. I know it is frustrating/heartbreaking to have restricted access to a grandchild.
  5. First off, I agree with Ausmum. I don't think there's anything wrong in your thinking. Visiting elderly family members can be difficult for a lot of reasons. I have known people who just stopped visiting altogether. (One woman I knew told her mother she was moving away, even though she wasn't, and could never visit again, and that was that.) I was wondering if it is important to go once per week? Would every 2 weeks do? Obviously if your mother is lonely and looks forward to/needs your visits, then that's that. But if I recall correctly from past posts, your mother is very shy/introvert
  6. We have something similar hanging in our living room over a doorway. It's hanging by a single picture hook (it's not heavy), at the top center of the piece. For something heavier, could put a few more, as Katy showed.
  7. How high is the mileage? A 2004 Civic is old, but it's a Honda so it should go a good long while. I've known people whose Hondas have gone 300,000 miles. My family's practice is to keep repairing until it's completely impractical, such as when our Suburban blew the head gasket. (And TCB is correct to wonder about that, based on my experience.) Right now I hear there is a shortage of used vehicles so that would factor into my thinking. For reference, we have a 1997 Escort that we recently put $800 into to avoid the difficulty of looking for a car for our college kid. The mechanic said t
  8. Well, tonight we are making this grilled chicken recipe; we use boneless thighs: https://keviniscooking.com/how-to-make-pollo-asado/ Alongside goes Esquites, (corn salad) which at this time of year I make with frozen corn: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/07/esquites-mexican-street-corn-salad-recipe.html I also made some tomatillo salsa today which is great with chips, but which I also discovered is delicious for simmering eggs in, shakshuka style: https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/tomatillo_salsa_verde/ We often grill a bunch of plain chicken (seasoned just with
  9. 3 of the 4 of us watched a streamed church service. Before that we enjoyed breakfast together. We are preparing a nice early dinner. Our away-at-college kid came home for the first time this semester so we are enjoying getting caught up. Heading back to school later today, so it's a very short visit. I wish I liked Easter hymns more; we don't listen to special Easter music as we do on Christmas. But there is a lot of noise anyway - mixers running, talking, laughing. It's a good day.
  10. In my experience the cooking method has less to do with easy peeling than what happens after cooking. Immediate ice water bath, then when ready to peel, crack and roll the eggs as bibiche says above. I roll them between my hands gently but firmly enough to dislodge the membrane with the shells. The shells usually come off in fairly big pieces; if I skip the rolling I may be picking little tiny bits of shell off the egg. And I will be in the minority about the instant pot. I have one, and never could get the eggs right despite trying many "fool-proof" methods from various cooking sites. I
  11. I had no idea that knives were right- or left-handed. Look into Kevlar gloves for protection when cutting (if you don't find knives that work well for you). I am left-handed and I do cut myself, but only when I am moving too fast or using poor technique. Note I am not accusing anyone else of poor technique. Just saying that there are lots of reasons people cut themselves with knives.. and kevlar gloves are very helpful.
  12. I think I would skip it this year, because if people are worried and/or there are lots of new rules around it, it probably won't be very much fun. I have been exposed to cascarones a few times via friends, and I love it and think it's a great tradition, but it seems like a bad year for it.
  13. I think there are a lot of reasons: general anger, feelings of hopelessness and needing someone to take it out on, feelings of being wronged and needing someone to blame/punish, severe mental illness, evil. For some, all those might include a desire to go out in a blaze of "glory" because, hey, that might be the only way to get one's name in the news. And of course there is the copycat component. It grieves me, of course.
  14. I have a relative who does not apologize and also does not say "thank you" for help, favors, etc. I *think* this person only acts this way toward family, though. This person also has a different philosophy with regard to how to treat family members than I do. Such as - if this person were coming to my area for a visit, they would not ask if they could stay with me - they would assume that they could stay, no request required. And it would be completely unexpected/offensive if I indicated that they could not stay with me for whatever reason. As for apologies, there would be no reason to apolo
  15. I agree with this and am just using this post as a jumping-off place. I am starting to wonder if some people just have to comment on blogs/review recipes they haven't made or have made completely differently because... they want to be listened to. I imagine in some cases it's people who have their own blogs who comment on a lot of blogs to generate traffic coming back their way. But it might also be people who just want to say something, anything. Maybe also people who want to look smarter/more sophisticated/a better cook? I don't know. Like, you know how there will be questions
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