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  1. We don't throw out too much. Fresh vegetables is my problem; I can buy large amounts at a low price at a local produce market, but often it is too much for us to use. Composting has become a way of life now; that helps me feel better about it. If there are small amounts of leftovers, I badger my husband to help me eat them. We try to keep a list of what food we cooked on each date, and when it has to be frozen or tossed. I've gotten a lot less picky about things like salad that's been sitting around - if it's safe to eat, I'll just eat it for lunch. A bigger problem for me is brea
  2. He could be trying to get access to her bank account for money laundering / fraud purposes.
  3. I can see the photo without clicking any links. Nice! A frame is not necessary. I think unframed art is a newish trend? As Katy said, if the canvas is such that the staples are not visible, it's fine to be unframed. I think it's a very clean look.
  4. I don't have a regular schedule. I generally do a shelf/section at a time, either when I notice it's dirty or there is a spill. I am fairly good at keeping stuff moving. Condiments are a problem, though, because my husband does not believe that certain things can ever go bad. But he is also the only one who will eat those things, so he's the only one at risk from them.
  5. Huh. I have never heard of Bookoutlet. So now instead of cleaning out the pantry, I am going to be browsing.... 🤣
  6. Just tagging along with this... we had our kid tested at age 8 for various issues that we saw. Almost as important as the diagnosis was the feeling of relief my kid felt at knowing they were not stupid. Because that's what the kid believed - that they were just stupid. No, you have this disability and that disability and ADD (inattentive) and that's why you aren't great at these things, and can't concentrate. Priceless information.
  7. I have a 7 year old Kindle fire. My kid's are 4 and 5 years old, I think, but they don't use them much. Before I had a smartphone I used it for stuff like posting here, browsing facebook, and such. I am not a game player but there are games. Mostly I have used it for books or watching movies. It is finally getting old (slow to download books, lower battery life). We did not go "no ads;" the ads have not bothered me at all. Like, I think there is one add when we first turn it on. I did buy the higher memory but I don't remember what it was. I think someone already answered this
  8. I'm sorry you are struggling. I have two out-of-the-box children and it has been hard. I am not a patient, kind, nurturing mom; I'm not super-bright or creative. I expected but didn't get children with conventional brains - you know, like their father and I have! I agree with those who say that God may very well have specifically given you those children to raise even though it is hard for you. I mean, I don't know. But I do believe that a lot of things come into our lives to make us more the way God wants us to be. My experiences have taught me to abandon my expectations of how li
  9. I don't understand this. I mean, in general, every female not past childbearing age is a potential mom, right? Just as every male is a potential dad? What part of 'society' is looking at every young woman as potential moms? I get it that individual parents, grandparents, inlaws, etc., may look at a particular young woman specifically as a potential mom, but.... society as a whole? What am I missing? ETA: came back to add, after thinking about it some more - also subsets of 'society' would probably looking at all women as potential mothers. Certain religious groups who believe it is
  10. I feel sad for anyone whose kids are saying they don't want to have kids due to the state of the world. Neither of my kids has articulated that to me, though I have no idea what they are thinking. I would be devastated, though of course there would be nothing I could say if they did come to that decision. But, I remember saying that myself in high school and college in the 70s, when Zero Population Growth was a big thing, and many of my peers did as well. I didn't keep up with any of those people, but at least some of them had kids pretty quickly out of high school and college. Of course
  11. I have gone through some very chaotic periods where my homeschooling was much more relaxed than at other times. Basically we would have times (weeks, months...) in which math and some small amount of writing were the only things we did as 'subjects.' This was because I knew that my particular kids were not inclined to want to learn math on their own. One of mine would have learned to write - oh by the way, I mean "write" in both senses here, the physical act of writing and composing sentences/paragraphs/etc - but the other would have happily not. Besides those two things, we read and pla
  12. I'm sorry you had a bad day. I remember from other posts/threads that you love to sing. But, saying this very gently, you need to find a way to stop worrying about everyone around you. The choir, the pastor... you cannot control those people or their actions. You can pray for them with the knowledge that God cares for them more than you ever could - so you have no reason for worry about them.
  13. Huh, I never knew there was a specific ratio. I would have said "some of each."😄 I mix Dawn with borax and vinegar, or barkeeper's friend and a little water. I've no idea the proportions! Gets the tub really clean of body oils/soap buildup.
  14. OK, it's not a party, it's a get-together over several days. What does that change, really? The choice is still yours to go or not go. But re: the bolded: I am sure they would feel grief, but why guilt? It would not be their fault. Are you projecting your own anticipated feelings of guilt on them? And why are you anticipating that anyway?
  15. Will you be any more comfortable if you stay at home? Or will you be worrying about them anyway? And then, when the gathering is over, will you end up ruminating over whether you did the right thing or not? If your MIL gets sick anyway, will you blame yourself for not forcing everyone not to go to the gathering. Whether she gets sick or not, will you regret not going? I don't expect you to answer the questions, but those are the things you should be thinking about, because you seem like someone who has the potential to do a lot of second-guessing.
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