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  1. Cooking turkey and editing an audio book. Nice day all around!

  2. "I think there's a whole lot of magical thinking going on in the US"


    I think its fairy dust spread through those pretty clouds that blow across the country. ;)

  3. We have a 17 yo going on 18, too. Chores - same as always until work or school intervenes. However, if he started eating elsewhere (at school or work) I wouldn't expect him to clean up dinner, for example. He does trash, so that can be done just about any time, and we'd expect him to pitch in with big projects now and then. No curfew. My son doesn't go out a whole lot, so it's not an issue, but I guess if he did, he'd have a curfew through the remainder of 12th grade of 1 am, and the "no curfew" thing would start at the beginning of summer. I do expect the courtesy of being told if he
  4. Thanks to everyone who answered so far. The cost is definitely over $100 if you look at the website, and makes no concessions for homeschooling. They won't be able to "evaluate" our transcript anyway. I will call the school and find out what we should do.
  5. Faith - sounds like a money-making scam to me, too. You should see the WES website. It tells foreign students that EVERY college in the US demands that they get their transcripts evaluated. Baloney! I will call in and try to be very calm and nice to verify we actually need to do this before I fly off the handle at someone. The website says we have to furnish both the transcript AND the diploma before they can verify anything. Hmmmm. Now how are you supposed to supply the diploma before the kid graduates? Grrrr.
  6. So many answers - I kind of lost track of this post. Yes - I agree. I SHOULD have said something. Thank goodness her dad came and dealt with the issue. I'm pretty shy, though, so that kind of thing is difficult for me.
  7. DS just got a form in the mail from St. Cloud U saying that we have to pay over $200 to get his transcript "evaluated" by WES evaluation because we live in Canada. Seriously? Our transcripts - both the homeschooling portion AND the public school portion are in English, use the same kinds of titles US schools do, GRADE THE SAME, and so on. What exactly are these weasels going to evaluate? Hmmm. Chemistry. That means "Chemistry" in English. Pre-Calculus. That translates into "Pre-Calculus" in English. I have to pay some jerks $300 for THAT? I'm so mad I could just spit. H
  8. I second this - I loved, loved, loved this book - amazing! Made me want to run off and join a nunnery, LOL, and I'm not even a Christian.
  9. This situation sorted itself out, but I found myself wondering what other people would have done. I take my ds13 and dd9 to an indoor archery range each week. A 13 yo girl we know goes there, too. She is very sweet and a little socially clueless. This week she had on a pair of skinny jeans that rode fairly low on the waist. She was standing next to my son when I noticed that every time she pulled back to shoot an arrow, her t-shirt rode up and exposed the top half of her butt. Seriously - the entire top half. She needed to hike up those jeans! Her butt was in plain view of my son.
  10. Thanks, everyone! I don't know if it will help with scholarships, but I sure hope so. This is our first child, so we're complete newbies at the college thing. Our income is low, but we own property, and although I've done the financial aid calculator, I felt like I was guessing wildly, so I don't know if the answers are accurate. We're in a very weird position with our 3/4 homeschooled/1/4 public schooled high schooler who will not get a regular diploma and is a US citizen, but lives in Canada. It's very hard for me to get a read on what schools will offer him.
  11. Well, now I'm so glad we did! Ds scored a 2120! He got an 800 on the reading section! This is after he spent the last couple of years mostly doing project based schooling, like computer programming. I was so sure he'd fallen behind in everything but he decided to attend senior year at the local high school this fall and he is getting all A's on this report card (Math 12, Chemistry, SS 12 and Sustainable Resources) as well as doing so well on the SAT. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief! We homeschooled for a decade and have had no support group for the last six years. It really felt
  12. Hey Rose - How are things going? I was thinking about you today. I don't have that kind of red wine allergy, but I am really sensitive to the sulfites in wine, so I rarely drink it. It isn't worth the headache. Getting headaches from garlic just stinks, though.
  13. Great! Submissions are starting to trickle in, which is a relief since this is so last-minute. I know we're going to want to do this again for Valentine's Day - I think I'll put out the submission call for that on December 1!
  14. Yes - NOVEMBER 15. That was a typo above. I'm off to see if I can still change it.
  15. A couple of years ago I made a big effort to break the habit of moaning about my spouse to friends and start looking for ways to celebrate him instead. I realized I was copying other people and had never learned to see good in my own family. It's really changed things in my house and I love it. I think my family (my mom and dad) just really suffer from low self-esteem or something. We didn't celebrate ourselves much and I had to teach myself how to do it. Still - he protects me way more. He's just good at it.
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