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  1. Thinking of you, Rose - hope things smooth out for you guys. Lots of hugs - this isn't about "fault"; this is about what do you do today. Or what does he do today. Ultimately, it is his life.
  2. Cooking turkey and editing an audio book. Nice day all around!

  3. "I think there's a whole lot of magical thinking going on in the US"


    I think its fairy dust spread through those pretty clouds that blow across the country. ;)

  4. Hi, do you still by any chance have the Harold Jacob's Elementary Algebra? If you do, please let me know at


  5. I checked out your son's blog & tried to leave him a message on it. But, I don't have any of the 'required' accounts to post a message. I do know that some blogs let you set up 'anonymous' as an option (not sure if your son wanted to do that in his case) for posters like me (who read a lot online & comment once in awhile, but don't have all the bells & whistles of internet life, lol).


    Anyway, just wanted to mention it & let him know that I tried to post, lol.

  6. Jennifer it turns out that most likely we won't make it to Terrace until next week. If anyone in my extended family goes before I do I'll send along the books with them.


    If the plan changes I'll let you know.



  7. :cheers2:50,000:cheers2:

  8. :grouphug: Nice post to Joanne.

  9. Hey - you won my blog book contest! - and I need to send you your book (The 100-Mile Diet). PM me your address, okay?



  10. Wow! Great comment... I love it when you name it so clearly!


    "Anyone who has the time of day to think for more than a second about someone else's hair style is definitely NOT working hard enough to contribute to the greater good."

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