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  1. I think it's one of those things that is going to push people's buttons no matter what, because we all have different ideas about what is a need and what is a want, and when it's okay to ask for money and when it isn't. I fall into the "never ask for money" camp. But I got a gofundme email from a friend who thought it was perfectly fine to ask me to donate so she could attend an out of town wedding. I simply didn't answer it; my personal belief is that I would never ask a casual friend for a donation for that kind of expense. (I'd like to have seen my nephew graduate across the country, but I
  2. What's wrong with working for five years and then going to school when you're 23? At that point you are considered an adult and you can get your own financial aid. Meanwhile, you can work a few jobs and find out what you actually want to do with your life. Considering how long we all live these days, that five years is a flash in a pan. A kid this spoiled rotten isn't going to get a darn thing out of college right now anyway, and I doubt she's getting anything out of high school, either. She can take some time to grow up, live entirely by her own rules now that she's out from under her ty
  3. Oh, gosh, Rose - I think about you guys a lot. You are definitely in my prayers and good thoughts. So glad you guys have another chance in court coming up. Isn't raising teenagers grand? I know that feeling when your life suddenly feels like Jerry Springer show.... I hope things look up.
  4. Thank so much and keep it coming. I want to get started right away so we don't "waste" it. I'm in Canada - is there anything special I need to know?
  5. Edited: I originally started this thread as a "How should I Use Prime?" thread after my son gave me Amazon Prime for Christmas. Then I went onto Amazon this afternoon and found out it doesn't even work for me. I live in Canada. So does my son. Why would the site even allow him to purchase a service that can't be used on our country? So I checked out Amazon Prime on Amazon.ca which is completely stripped of any usefulness. No movies or tv shows, no free lends on books. But it still had the two-day shipping option so I thought I'd try to get my membership switched. Nope. No can do. M
  6. Thinking of you, Rose - hope things smooth out for you guys. Lots of hugs - this isn't about "fault"; this is about what do you do today. Or what does he do today. Ultimately, it is his life.
  7. Thank you for all the sympathy and support! I swear, I have never come on here asking for "prayers" and not had it work out in the end. We didn't make a big fuss today, since it is Christmas. He came over on time, and has been a joy to be around. The day has gone smoothly. Dh told me he will have a "word" with son on the way home tonight to let him know NOT to do that again. Seriously, as I was getting up and dressed this morning I nearly threw up I was so worried. I think tonight when everyone goes home I will have a good cry, LOL.
  8. Argh - found him! In bed. With a cold. He "figured I would call" and then he'd tell me he wasn't coming to dinner. Was too sniffly to make the call himself. Or answer emails, or.... Would it be bad to hit your kid with a 2 x 4 on Christmas morning????? I barely slept last night!!!!
  9. Still nothing. It's only 8:30 am here so we're waiting a bit longer, then dh will go and ask the building manager to open his door if he doesn't answer it. I'm about to start calling him every five minutes. I've held off in deference to 20 year old sleep patterns. I've asked one of my other sons to start asking around online to his friends to see if he can locate him. We're all supposed to get together at 11 am for brunch and presents. I'm still sure this will work out fine and am also still totally panicking. Time to put on my happy face and stuff the turkey so the littlest one doesn't p
  10. I don't want to say "missing" because I don't want to over-dramatize, but I saw him last night - we went last minute CHristmas shopping together - and he was in a good mood. I asked him to come to dinner tonight (Christmas Eve dinner) and he said yes. Then he didn't answer emails or his phone all day. I've emailed repeatedly asking him to just drop me a line and tell me everything is okay. So far nothing. He's 20 and has been on his own for over a year. We don't micro-manage his life, but this is weird behavior. I'm mostly posting because I feel like if I say something publicly (here) it w
  11. Abandonment is huge and real. The only good treatment of this I've ever read is actually in a marriage counseling book called Getting the Love You Need. THat author expresses the fact that things that happen to us even in really early times can have a HUGE affect on us. The fact that this child lost both mother and siblings in one shot is big, big, big. Is he seeing a family counselor or a psychiatrist? A family counselor might be more helpful because of their "bigger picture" viewpoint. The upshot is that one of the things the kid will do is test to see if other people will abandon him. I
  12. I believe Amazon made this available to every author who had qualified books; you just have to choose to opt in. So when an author or publisher adds a new book to the catalog they can choose to opt in, and you can go back and opt in for books that are already published. I imagine what you'll find is more new books coming online with Matchbook activated. And probably the big publishers will take months to figure it out, like usual. :) I think it's tough for them to adopt new technologies and sales options than it is for smaller ones.
  13. It's interesting to see this from readers' points of views. There's been a lot of discussion about it on the author boards I frequent. Most authors I know are opting in for their books, and most are choosing to make the ebook free, (that's what I'm doing) although some are choosing 99 cents because they think customers can buy a paper copy for a friend and keep the ebook for themselves. Since I hang with romance authors and we tend to publish ourselves, it's easy for us to opt in to the program. It's a whole different matter for big publishers to do so with their books - they might need to
  14. Interesting answers! As I edited to say above, the comment about the concert/plays was because she knew that sitting on the aisle toward the back is something I do in those situations because I find them really stressful. I have to admit when she said that I hoped she was right and there were tons of other stressed out people sitting on the aisles for the same reason, but I guess not! :) While I find that people on forums talk about anxiety, I don't find that people in real life do, so I feel very strange about my own anxiety issues, which are most like Cindy in FL above. I've dealt
  15. Someone in the counseling trade commented to me last week, "You wouldn't believe how many people struggle with anxiety. Just go to any play or concert and look at all the people sitting on the aisle in the back." Her comment stuck with me. How many people do suffer anxiety? How severe is it? Obviously this is a really informal poll, but I'm curious because anxiety runs in my family with sometimes uncomfortable results. Try to pick the answer that's closest and feel free to comment on particulars. Is anxiety really that prevalent? Edited to add "other" choice to section one!!!!
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