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  1. He took a Virtual Virginia class for Spanish this year in his private school, and it did not go well. It would count his answer wrong if he added an extra space or made the slightest variation. He hated it. I fear distance learning through the public school will be similar. He really needs the accountability of a classroom to really thrive. This whole thing stinks.
  2. Thank you! It sounds like it would be very difficult to switch him back. We could do private in the future, but there is the cost aspect. Lots to think about....
  3. After 6 years of homeschooling, we switched to a private K-8 school last year. My oldest was set to go to public high school for 9th this fall. They just announced they will only do distance learning this year. Their track record with distance learning is dismal. I am considering homeschooling him for 9th grade. Can I return to public school for 10th in Virginia? How do I best keep track of his credits? Would he need to take a placement test? I want to make sure I don't remove any future options for him. Thanks for all of your help!
  4. I don't love everything from A Beka, but I love their grammar. It is very solid and has a lot of review built in. My son hated the oral component of FLL/WTM too. He is a get it done type who loves the workbook. All you need is the workbook and tests and maybe the curriculum guide. The curriculum guide has more than you need, but it has the writing assignments. If you are doing writing elsewhere and are strong in grammar, you can do without it. The workbooks have a text box at the top of the page that goes over the concept. We felt it adequate since I know grammar well and could help wit
  5. We have used it without the student manual, but it is really helpful. There are several fill in the blank or circle the correct answer questions or cross out the..., and it's a lot easier to hand the book to the child and let them work rather than sit and do each question with them orally or in a way where they can't see the answer.
  6. I have a 7th grader this year, and I am looking at Warriner's grammar for his grammar homework. I was thinking of getting the complete course and taking two years (7th and 8th grade) to go through it slowly with his other writing work, etc.. I know there is also Course 1 and beyond. He's pretty bright in language arts, and grammar is grammar. Is the Complete Course really only suitable for grade 12? I don't want to do just Course 1 and 2 and miss covering concepts. Is there a specific version that is better than others? P.S. I searched through the forums first and had a hard tim
  7. Thank you all for your responses. It will actually be Dad teaching him this year, so I should get his input. I just saw that there is an IEW Ancient course at our co-op, and I think that could be an option because then it is done for me. I know it is a good program. As far as the time investment and all that, I guess IEW just doesn't really jive with my teaching style whereas I LOVE Writing and Rhetoric. Maybe it's because my husband and I have more confidence teaching writing. My husband is a professional writer/editor, and I am no stranger to academic writing. Watching videos on h
  8. I have always stayed away from IEW because it looked complicated with many moving parts, videos and formulas, etc. I love Writing and Rhetoric for its user friendliness. However, my fourth grader is going to be attending school next year, and they are starting IEW this year in fourth grade. I am wondering if we should do IEW for my fourth grade son at home this year so he is on track with his class. I have always thought he would be my kid who might like IEW the best. Then I go their website, and it's so overwhelming. I find the pathway, but do we honestly have to start with the gi
  9. My oldest is my math dawdler, and he was going through it very slowly. We actually switched to a more traditional curriculum this year for 7th for greater accountability with him. The BA website says some may go through a few pages at a time, and some days might be a problem or two that is challenging. They recommend 45 minutes a day.
  10. Mindbenders has some fun logic puzzles, but they are different than your examples from BA. But Critical Thinking Company (the company of Mindbenders) has a lot of puzzle type books you might like. Zacarro has some challenging thinking problems too, but again, I dont know if they are what you are looking for.
  11. Third grade is when language arts is just grammar/composition and not phonics. It starts with types of sentences. I would definitely start by fourth grade as they go through comprehensively with language A, B, C in 4th, 5th and 6th, respectively. We started with the third grade book this year after a different phonics program. It has been a smooth transition. We also do WWE.
  12. I am going to present a different perspective. I think the wild popularity of curriculum options, online classes, co-op communities, homeschool resources and programs such as charter schools, CC and WTM would not be there if the homeschool community was largely practicing neglect. The fact that there is such a growing market is evidence that most homeschoolers want a robust education for their children. I would posit that there are some people in this community who may use homeschooling as a cover for neglect, but I would also posit that this percentage is not significantly greater than tho
  13. We use MCT and CAP. They both have writing, but in different areas. My next child is doing abeka grammar because I did want diagramming. CAP has a WOL grammar program that includes diagramming and complements their writing. There is a diagramming book I got for my son who does MCT to supplement diagramming. https://www.amazon.com/Diagraming-Sentences-Deborah-White-Broadwater/dp/1580372821/ref=sr_1_14/147-1423809-5495430?ie=UTF8&qid=1519504456&sr=8-14&keywords=diagramming+sentences+book
  14. It sounds like they are more natural spellers. My oldest was like this and found many lists to be unchallenging. We switched to Building Spelling Skills from CLP bc they had more challenging words on their lists. Another approach we successfully tried was holding Spelling bees out of the McGuffey speller. The first ten words missed became his list. However, my son hated getting any wrong, and they had some obscure farming words included. So BSS was a better fit and less time consuming.
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