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  1. you're right..... i am not sure where i got that figure from..... ... i still don't get his surprise......
  2. The thread has moved on a bit, but I am just catching up and was baffled by this Okay, I am looking at what this guy is saying and it made me do some research. I am not mathy nor any kind of expert on anything. But I do not understand what he is saying in terms of COVID not really being any worse than other epidemics and that the response seems out of proportion. Some googling turned up these figures SARS killed about 774 people over the span of about a year and half. https://www.cdc.gov/sars/about/faq.html#global MERS killed 858 people over a span of about 8
  3. My foster son who has lived with us since he was 18 months old is flipping out. He absolutely cannot seem to understand social distancing. He keeps running off to visit friends, who stupidly let him in. We tried to explain he is risking our health, as I already have respiratory issues, and the health of his friends family., who are none too healthy. He either doesn't understand or doesn't care. His aggressive behaviour has gone through the roof. He refuses to do any of the work his teacher has sent home. He refuses to accept any consequences for his behaviours but simply escalates mo
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but they have closed the border between US and Canada. ( except for trade) I honestly never thought they would really do it.
  5. Just desperately needing to vent to people who don't know me. I live in Ontario, on a remote First Nations reservation. We had a big meeting yesterday at the Nursing Station of frontline workers ( anyone really who deals with the public-- store manager, mental health workers, teachers, nursing staff, chief and council, etc.) They were basically running through a list of what actions we are taking to protect people , and which departments/ people would be responsible for what. All of that is great, and it was wonderful to hear. What was not so wonderful to hear, was the nurse respon
  6. On the other hand, here is a different point of view written in Maclean's , which is our major news magazine: https://www.macleans.ca/opinion/covid-19-has-the-potential-to-become-as-severe-as-the-spanish-flu/
  7. In our area ( remote north of Canada), there are very few people who know how to run the water operating plant. One time when a guy went on vacation, his replacement did not understand the importance of chlorine so when they ran out of the additive, he told no one. Yes , this is a true story. Lots of diarrhea that month! If this hit our area hard, it would be entirely possible for all staff who know how to operate the plant to be out with the virus. Also power goes out a lot up here during the spring , which immediately affects the water system. It would not be at all surprising for both ev
  8. Thank-you so much for all the ideas! I had forgotten about Bad Kitty-- that might be perfect for him with all the graphics. I am going to look into some of the other suggestions at the library. I wanted to grab some new books as we head into the holidays!
  9. Yeah, he mentioned Warriors as a possibility. I think we tried it a year or two ago and he found it too scary at the time, but we could try it again. I had forgotten Socks-- I just remembered Ribsy!
  10. My ds loves cats and all things cat-astic. I am trying to think of fiction books about cats, that are written at the early chapter level that he could read or slightly harder that could be a read-aloud. He loved the Catwings series by Ursula LeGuin. We read Cricket in Times Square and all its various sequels over and over again. I was not a big cat lover as a kid so this is not really a genre I ever tried to locate. He loves funny, light-hearted stuff, and fantasy. Deep, dark, scary and serious are out. If any characters die like in Bridge to Terebithia, I will have an extremely unhappy
  11. Phew!!! ok, I was freaking out there for a moment. I gotta go buy some groceries before lunchtime. Thank-you for providing so many ideas.
  12. Yeah, I saw you mention this in another thread and have just been sniffing around the idea wondering if I am crazy for thinking about taking it. Same thing here for tokens. Right now our big motivators for school are that if he gets up early he can play video games before school ( which I would normally not allow in the mornings!) and we go pick up his best friend who would normally take the bus and we drive the both of them over to school together, so he has someone to walk onto the playground with.
  13. oh my goodness-- the way to A book is only available from one buyer for $399. For a picture book???
  14. Problem is-- officially I can't get anyone to even test for autism. I re-asked him counsellor about it and she basically said yes she still thinks he has autism or a collection of symptoms that are causing much the same problems autism would cause. She is experienced like crazy and watching her try to do traditional talk therapy with him is so eye-opening. If people could see that-- they might see what I am talking about. He is talking to her with a pillow over his face, completely ignoring her questions and talking about completely off-topic conversation, without worry about whether anyon
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