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  1. I think I would have used Math Mammoth as a fill-in year if I’d needed it. They have Gr. 6 & 7, in blocks rather than spiral, and reportedly pretty well scaffolded. My oldest just finished BA 5D, but the book rather than a class. What is working in strands? Following one topic as needed?
  2. This gave me the idea of making paper or cardboard unit squares, at least 1 sq.in.in size, and then drawing shape outlines that could be perfectly tiled (rectangles to start, then moving to more complex shapes gradually) that he could fill in with the unit squares. I’m wondering if drawing shapes on graph paper could feel like a special case of “graph paper rectangles” being countable by squares rather than having to build up your own tiling pattern tangram-puzzle style, for someone who doesn’t find area intuitive. Perimeter is a bit more obvious because the lengths just stay lengths, w
  3. DH did this unit (as with the majority of our homeschool work), and he said that it was manageable to get the materials and get things set up. He got everything for the first 4 chapters for about $60 Canadian on Amazon, though he said he bought cheaper versions than those on the suggested suppliers list, and they weren’t the same quality. He only did those 4 chapters because he does block schedules and that is what fit in the time available. He liked the program, and thought that it was well done. I found it, along with about 6 others I sent him as options, ranging from Waldorf to Ellen McHe
  4. We used this for my Gr. 7 daughter this year and it went really well.
  5. Yes, this seems like the most likely choice for middle school too- I don’t know The Great Divorce, but I can’t really picture Mere Christianity, Screwtape Letters or Till We Have Faces being that relatable for middle schoolers. Out of the Silent Planet seems like it could work, though.
  6. I loved this book when I was around middle school age and recently found it in a little free library and read it again. Just as good! I’d also be interested in hearing more about it.
  7. I also got here looking for info on math options, just way more recently! I hadn’t actually thought of using MUS without the blocks, but it sounds like it can be an effective intro to Algebra while making a transition to books needing more maturity. I will have a look at both this and Foersters.
  8. For adapting to it, I assumed that you did use the blocks and your kids then built everything, so it would take some time for them to get used to the blocks. But if you don’t use those it wouldn’t be as different from what they did before. Thanks for giving some more details on this! It sounds like a useful way to introduce the two topics. What are the biggest advantages you see of the MUS material?
  9. I’m interested in hearing more about this. Is this the only time in your sequence that you use MUS? How easy was it to adapt to and how long did it take your kids (typically) to go through each of the MUS courses?
  10. We haven’t tried Pericles so I don’t know if it would be suitable, but my 12 year old daughter and I have read through two Shakespeare plays in full, splitting the characters between us and then reading all lines by each of “our” characters. It might be possible to simply read the play, if she likes Shakespeare.
  11. No, of course not, I was just intrigued that the GCSE levels (British secondary school, roughly) covered it all!
  12. From counting and place value on up? Or maybe there is something even more beginning-ish than that?
  13. Yes, please do, it seems like the conversations are as important as the questions, and the questions wouldn’t make sense without them.
  14. Maybe Watership Down, Anne of Green Gables, and Twelfth Night?
  15. Medium. She can do it fairly quickly and she can clearly explain why it works, but it’s likely not to the ‘without thinking’ stage.
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