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  1. Thank you all so much for all the advice. I really appreciate it! As a quick update, we took her to a developmental optometrist this afternoon (someone cancelled, so our dd got bumped up) and everything there seems ok. We are getting her some prescription reading glasses with special lenses to help her reduce eye strain and headaches while reading and using the computer. At this point, we are planning to start her on meds. We agree that she really does need them to help her not feel like a failure and to help her focus better for her school work. I’m guessing she will have to have testing done to be put on meds. I have some basic info for a place that may work with our insurance. We will see. I am planning to ask her therapist if she can continue to do sessions with our dd after we return to Kenya. That is one blessing we have had through this pandemic-being able to do her sessions online! It would be a huge comfort for our dd if she could continue her sessions after we leave. Her CAT test results weren’t great (we do that online as it’s what we could do while in Kenya), so my head is swimming with how to change some of her curriculum. Her math scores weren’t great, but she does well with MUS that I hate to change that on her. I’m trying to keep things the same as much as possible due to her anxiety, but I also realize we need to change up some stuff. History and science are two of them. Also lit. I’m at a loss for lit. But, some of this may need to wait until we do testing and see what the results are. Thanks again for all the time everyone has taken to offer advice and thoughts! I am listening to you all and processing what you’ve said.
  2. Thank you SO much for both these replies. There is so much I need to process. I really appreciate the detailed responses and help!! I have never heard of developmental optometrists, so I have started looking for info about this and to see if there is one in our area we could get in to see. This could definitely help us learn more about our dd’s issues. I have often wondered if her headaches were related to her eyesight, but at her dr appt this past spring, the dr did a basic exam and she passed, so I figured that wasn’t the issue. But maybe there’s more going on than we know. It may explain a lot. We are not opposed to meds, but would rather try to avoid them as long as possible. We hate to start her on the meds as we would prefer for her to learn ways to cope with the ADHD and anxiety naturally, but if she needs meds, then she needs them and we will get them for her. We do not view any of this as a “spiritual crisis” or having any spiritual basis. We believe that meds are useful when needed. Anxiety definitely runs in the family. I am on meds for it, as well as my mom, dad and sister. My husband also struggles with anxiety, but is not on meds at this time. My other sister (I have 3) probably has ADHD but was never diagnosed. My dad has aspergers (diagnosed as an adult), so we are aware this could be an issue for our daughter as well. In fact, her therapist suspects she may also have some ASD and conducts their sessions on this basis, but again, nothing is “officially” diagnosed. Another “issue” in all this is that we are missionaries. We are in the US right now on our furlough “time off,” but plan to return to the field in Sept. So, we don’t have a lot of time to figure out a plan for all this. Our field home is in Kenya and there is limited help for these issues there. We have a lot to process and try to figure out and resolve before we need to return. Regarding curriculum, I’m glad to know that BJU science really ramps up in high school. Better to know that now, rather than later!!! She’s enjoyed life science this year, but maybe we need to start looking for a new program. Same with history. She’s never really done American History. She’s bounced a lot between programs and seems to always do the ancient/middle ages cycle, but never going beyond year 2. We’ve done some TOG, some MOH and this year, BJU. We really need for her to have American History and do some geography. I’d considered MOH, but I’ve read that it’s a bit “light” for HS. Is that correct? BJU 8th grade history is the American Republic, which I was excited about because it would give her focused American history for the year. Should I still plan for this, or reconsider? And for science-I’m lost. We’ve always done BJU, but Peter Pan confirmed what I’ve suspected about it ramping up in difficulty. We are trying to lower our dd’s stress, not add to it. As it is, we’re finishing the year without doing tests. Just reading, lessons and the section reviews in the chapters. What other science should we consider? I will take a look at what Timberdoodle uses. Would Apologia be a good option? I think they have an audio book option with their books. My dd has difficulty focusing on her reading, so maybe the audio option would be good for her. I just feel lost in all this. This has all thrown us for a loop. I will continue to think about all this over the next few days. I definitely see the benefits for the testing and evals suggested. Thank you for allowing me to just “throw this out there.” We desperately want to help her and feel lost in navigating through all this. Please let me know any suggestions for history and science going forward. I was thinking about Excellence in Writing for....writing. Her writing skills are a bit below level. Not bad, but she hates writing, and so it’s a battle getting her to work on it. And we were considering MP for lit next year rather than BW. I need a bit more hand holding than BW provides. Thoughts on these options?? Thank you so much!!!!
  3. Hi- I’m writing because I need some help. Our 13 year old daughter was “diagnosed” with inattentive adhd and anxiety by her therapist. I say “diagnosed” because we haven’t done official testing with a psychologist, but her therapist has said this is what the issues are. She has difficulty focusing on her coursework and finishing her assignments in a timely manner, probably because of the difficulty she has focusing. She is an extremely anxious child who fixates on things in the past and has difficulty changing her thought patterns. She also complains almost daily about having headaches while doing school. She wears blue light glasses for her online classes to help with the headaches, but it doesn’t seem to help much. She gets very stressed out while doing her work. We use a mix of curricula right now for her-math u see, BJU for history and science and bravewriter for lit/grammar. She does fairly well with her classes, basically solid Bs, but can’t seem to get anything higher and is very anxious about tests. I’ve been wondering if we should switch her curriculum for something else. Wondering if something different would help her feel less stress about school. I’ve looked at MP, but she’s getting older and I’m not sure it would work for her to start it now going into 8th grade. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do for her? Should we look at switching curriculum, or would that cause more anxiety? Would she be stressed regardless of the curriculum we use? I hate to see her have headaches so much (she’s been to the dr twice and the dr says she’s fine) if there’s a different way we can do school with her. Any advice would be appreciated! TIA!! Carrie
  4. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for all the help and resources! I appreciate all the time you took to write it all out! These ideas look great! So much more interesting than BJU😉. That’s just what I was looking for. I’m excited to start looking into all this! Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for your thoughts! I would love to hear some other options for HS history. We need geography, US history, world history and then Econ/gov’t. If you have some options, that would be great!! Thank you!!
  6. Hi! I need some help planning history. My dd will be in 8th grade next year (she will be my first high schooler and I’m nervous about planning her classes!!) and I’m trying to look ahead and make a “loose” plan for high school. Right now I’m thinking about history. We’ve done a variety of curricula-tried TOG (way too intense), did a few years of BJU textbook type history and recently 2 years of MOH. For HS, our state requires geography, US history, world history, and then Econ and gov’t. I’m wondering if we did MOH III next year (8th with my 5th grade dd also included), would MOH IV then be sufficient for HS credit in 9th? Would it be enough to call it a year of geography? Or would it be considered US or World History? Does MOH have “enough” to consider it a full year of any of these? How would I label MOH on a transcript? BJU does a year of Cultural Geography for 9th, but my dd isn’t crazy about textbook history. She thinks it’s boring. I don’t really want to do MOH III next year if we can’t finish MOH IV in 9th. We’ve done too much jumping around as it is. I really didn’t like TOG. Does anyone have any other suggestions?? I would appreciate any help someone could give me!! Thank you!!
  7. Thank you so much for this! It was very encouraging to me. I really appreciate it! You gave me several things to think about, and that’s good! I would say I lean towards wanting more hand holding, but I’m not sure that’s what will work best for our daughter. So I may need to break out of my comfort zone a bit and learn some with her. I’m overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, but I’m so thankful for this forum to ask questions and find answers. I also don’t like a school dictating our schedule. We need a very flexible schedule to get our traveling done in the midst of ministry. So that’s definitely a downfall of online schooling for us. Writing definitely intimidates me, especially grading it, as I want her grade to be a realistic mark of her skill. I’m very concerned I will give inflated grades in this area, simply because she’s my daughter and it’s hard to know what “typical” written exercises look like from her age group. I tend to have rose colored glasses with my girls at times.😉 But, I will look into IEW and see if that would work for our family. Thank you for your insights!!
  8. Hi! Thanks so much much for your response! No, we don’t “have” to do online. I’m just feeling very inadequate and overwhelmed for teaching the upper levels, as well as all the planning for college (transcripts, testing, etc). We thought it might “look” better to schools in the US for her to have an accredited program as we aren’t accountable to any state while overseas. I don’t feel I would do a good job teaching/grading writing and the sciences get too advanced for me. Maybe I’m just feeling very nervous.
  9. Hi! I am wondering if anyone can help us/give us advice. We are missionaries serving overseas. Our oldest daughter will be in 8th grade this next school year and we are trying to decide the best course of action for her. If we are going to use an accredited online school for high school, we would like to start her this next year so she has time to adjust to the different style of learning. However, we aren’t completely sure a fully online education is best for her. She struggles greatly with math. She’s been using math-u-see, which has been a good fit for her. If we switch to an online school for accreditation and accountability, we will have to use their math program. She takes several distance learning classes now for her other subjects, but she uses an actual textbook and then watches a teacher “teach” the lesson. From what I’ve gathered of fully online schools, the textbook is online so the students read the text and then complete activities and homework online, so there isn’t any actual teaching done by a teacher. Is this correct? She struggles staying focused while reading her textbooks, so maybe reading the information online and doing activities interspersed in the lessons will help her? We’ve looked at schools such as Alpha Omega, Enlightium, Liberty University Online Academy and a few others. The other options we are considering are the Veritas Press Omnibus class (self paced) and the apologia science classes (self paced), continue with math-u-see as she does well with it, but would need to find classes for grammar/writing and electives. These would all be included in an online school, but again, we would be locked into their classes. And finally, we travel some and I’ve seen schools such as Alpha Omega and others have set schedules with end dates. Maybe there are others that are a bit more open ended?? Anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone has used online schools and would have advice for us as we try to figure out the best way to proceed for the future. Thank you!!! Carrie
  10. Thank you for this! The comparison of Rigorous Reading and Garlic Press was really helpful! I love the idea of using parts of different guides-get the “best of both worlds.” I think that’s what we will do going forward! Thanks! Carrie
  11. Yes! This type of lit (the analysis/elements/etc) using real books is just what I want! Thank you for the heads up on PP. I will check out Rigorous Reading. Thanks! Carrie
  12. Thank you for this! I’ve really liked BJU’s curriculum from k-6. Hope 7th grade is as good!
  13. I have used BJU reading for both my dds up through 6th grade. I really like the variety of genres, the discussion of literary elements and all that BJU encompasses in their program. My dd12 has needed help improving her reading comprehension and critical thinking. However, BJU changes the format of their classes starting in 7th grade and I’m not sure about continuing. We would like to use the online option for our BJU classes, but from the sample, the teacher looks rather boring. Has anyone else used it? I’m looking for an alternative and wondered if anyone has thoughts on Progeny Press’s literature guides? It would be quite a bit different from what we are used to, but maybe it’s time to change things up a bit? I love the idea of studying a few novels next year, but I also wonder if that becomes overkill and then the child doesn’t just enjoy reading anymore? Anybody use either of these programs and have some advice for me? I would appreciate it! Thanks! Carrie
  14. Yes, gap fillers would be wonderful. I’m taking all advice right now as I don’t know which way to plan for. We are really hoping the mail opens again soon! It’s been shut down since mid-March, so it’s been quite a while! Can’t see that they could keep it shut much longer, but then, this is all new territory, so who knows?!
  15. Great! Thanks! I will check it out!
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